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URANUS in TAURUS (Starts May 15) – Wake UP, Earthlings!

12 May

Whoa – a huge shift comes with the TAURUS New Moon on May 15 (just 3 1/2 hrs after):

URANUS, Archetype of the Awakener & Paradigm Shifter changes Zodiac signs, from ARIES where it’s been since 2011(!) into TAURUS!
For the first ‘test run’ phase, that is, until Nov 6 when it retreats back into AR, before it goes from March 6, 2019 on fully into TAU (until 2025 / 26 – yep, 7 years!).

And what a BOOM effect on top of it: 
On the same day, MARS moves from CAP into AQ which URANUS rules, to go into square with MARS in the following night (May 16 at 12:04 am PDT).
Quite a cathartic and catalytic stress / tension release, to set FREE what’s been held in for long.


For starters, check out the URANUS into TAU 2018 chart:

  • You can see in it also that the URANUS shift happens just after the TAU New Moon!
  • MERCURY will have just passed URANUS too, on Sunday May 13, at the very end of ARIES – ‘catapulted’ into TAU by URANUS.
  • Of course the square from MARS entering AQ also on May 15 (where it will be for a long time this year (due to retro this Summer).
  • And LILITH / PLUTO (‘higher octave of MARS) close together – LILITH will pass PLUTO on May 18 (once every 10 years)! A powerful pointer to be naturally empowered.
  • So yeah, all in all a power house – primed for surprises and breakthroughs.


I call the AR – TAU cusp the ‘Settling Point’ in the Zodiac. Usually the fresh original ARIES start-up energy settles here, fresh shoots take roots, and we find our ground and comfort. 
Rather un-settling with URANUS appearing, squared by MARS, you bet.
Let’s be with the energy wisely and creatively rather than resisting. TAU is the expert in this, that’s why URANUS isn’t ‘well placed’ in TAU, or rather: rocks the boat to shake up what’s too fixed.

URANUS entering TAU squared by MARS shifting into AQ feels like a liberation from slavery – literally: Freedom from ownership.
Freedom from what uses up our time and resources (CAP) that can be repurposed much more fulfillingly…
Where have you enslaved yourself / let yourself be enslaved by something you own / that ‘owns’ and occupies you, your time, your energy / money / resources?
And how can a movement towards collaboration and community (MARS in AQ) propel us forward?!


So cool – just saw that on May 14 would be Che Guevara’s 90’s (only!) birthday.
He was born on May 14, 1928, and of course became super instrumental in the Cuban Revolution of 1959. Born revolutionary warrior – with URANUS in early ARIES on his AC, and JUPITER to follow.
It was so great to tune into the multi layered spirit of Cuba incl. the revolutionary one, on a 3-week journey through the land with a friend, in 2012 – we didn’t even know it was under Che’s URANUS Return…

I’ll post his chart and some notes on May 14.


Another birthday synchronicity:
When I googled Krishnamurti‘s quote (and book) Freedom from the Known (so URANIAN, in a spiritual and multi-dimensional sense) yesterday May 11, I found out it was his birthday! He was born with AQ Rising – ruled by URANUS. 
And yes, Freedom from the Known is also a big motto for URANUS in TAURUS.


URANUS in its 84-year cycle hasn’t been in TAU since 1934 – 1942.
Depression of the World economy and World War II (with territorialism blended with fascism as triggers) – turbulent time for the Earth and the People for sure! PLUTO was in CANCER and LEO (entered at the onset of the war – destructive imperialism).

And before, 1851 – 1851 – era of the Gold Rush, agricultural revolution, following the invention of the mechanical harvester, and even more so consolidation of the industrial era.

That was also the decade when Moby Dick, Uncle Tom’s Cabin (owning it was made illegal in the Southern States!) and Darwin’s Origin of Species were published.

Chances are, URANUS in TAU will have a paradigm shifting effect on the economy – it might even bring or at least spark the spirit of the 3rd Industrial (or rather: post-Industrial / post-Capitalist) Revolution that’s not based on owning (TAU) but on sharing in a network (AQ, ruled by URANUS). Driven by Millennials who, other than their post-War parents don’t put much value on ownership of prestige objects like cars that need to be maintained while ‘plugging up’ the Planet in so many ways. Access to networks (like car shares, co-working office spaces, and other co-ops) is where it’s at.
I.o.w., sharing and collaboration instead of owning is FREEDOM (URANUS).

The Sharing Economy in combination with the exponential digital revolution encourages for information to be freely given out – which disrupts trad. industries and equals the playing field (URANUS) – we all can ‘produce’ books and videos with minimal ‘start-up’ costs and zero marginal costs (doesn’t cost more to produce more).

URANUS energy can be wired, excited, but also anxious, nervous, and not calm and present as TAU would recommend. I.o.w., we really really need to GROUND all that electrical energy that’s been ‘downloaded’ even more so now.

URANUS in AR (since 2011 – actually started on the DAY of the shocking Fukushima catastrophe) has brought an acceleration of alarming shifts and wake-up calls, everything has been ‘speeding up’ – esp. through URANIAN technology which also led to lots of start-ups and entrepreneurial opportunities. Seemed like we had to be pro-active and assertive (AR, ruled by MARS)  to ride this wave, otherwise life and constant newness rushes by (but funny enough, there’s always more newness…) – thrilling? Stressful?
The FOMO phenomenon is here with us now through constant new (not necessary quality) thrills and options served up by the media that we can’t keep up with.
Huge contrast however when being away from the ‘grid’, ‘simply’ in Nature or present with what IS, present as YOU (the big gift or AR).

What stood out under URANUS in AR (2011 – 2018/19) was the 7 (SEVEN!)-fold cardinal (dynamic) Square (a challenging yet creative conflict) from URANUS in AR to PLUTO in CAP, from 2012 to 2015.

Yeah, indeed, 2012 was just the beginning of massive changes:
Inner and outer unsustainable control structures have spontaneously / shockingly / liberatingly broken open. A Revolution – Evolution.
So many of us (incl. myself) were going through massive changes of old worlds ‘dying’ yet being renovated and ‘upgraded’ for a new life that’s free from the past, and alive in the NOW!
A caterpillar – butterfly effect.

No such dramatic processes for URANUS in TAU astrologically scheduled as the square with PLUTO.

Yet immediately a jolting wake-up call, with MARS square URANUS, and also (widely) to the Nodal Axis The square to the North Node in LEO and South Node in AQ will be exact in Nov when URANUS is back on the cusp to AR and the North Node on the cusp from LEO to CAN but already noticeable this late Spring / Summer / early Fall, as in: Be Creative, own your Life! 


As URANUS in TAU takes the shifts from Spirit and Energy (fiery AR) into earthy Matter this sounds to me like:
Building the New and Sustaining.
A New Earth. A New Embodiment. A New Relationship to Nature.



On the other hand, with URANUS in TAU we’re probably also move into universal beyond global (TAU) consciousness – liberating in a spiritual sense (yet there’s another side to it too, driven by technology – see below).
The global consciousness through globalization took off under PLUTO in SAG (1995 – 2008), and now things are established (PLUTO in CAP since). Those global military-industrial hierarchies and Plutocracies (rulership / power of the wealthy) seem to be hard to change – like moving mountains (CAP).

Yet my vision is for these socio-economic structures to change from within because the status quo (TAU) isn’t sustainable, and WE the People become fed up (UR in TAU) enough and FREE to not buy into their values anymore, more excited to outgrow them, and build the new.

My hope is that URANUS in TAU in combination with PLUTO and SATURN in CAP (until end of 2020 / 2023) also brings freedom away from consumer mentality that all these industries feed (agricultural  industry, information / entertainment industry, health industry, construction industry, education industry… you name it!) and feed off… away from least resistance / most comfort mode (shadow of TAU: “Feed me and I’m happy.”), and towards more creativity / owning agency,  simplicity and quality consciousness (CAP) – less IS more.


In the worlds of food and money / economy (TAU domains), we’ll see the most obvious shifts – which have to do with a change in values and innovation.

Maybe traditional values go out of the window?
Or, with SATURN and PLUTO in CAP until 2020 / 2023, are being freed up from the old and stuffy world that keeps people ‘in their place’. Along with that, yet older Earth traditions that are also liberating can be reinvented and modernized.
Those of us who value good natural food and resources will innovate and support solutions that make the world a garden again.

When it comes to money, we’ll probably see a push towards a cashless society.
Plus, new (yet unknown) forms of exchange and of placing value on goods and services can open up innovative ways of speeding up transactions, along with even more economic networks. This can bring a boost to the economy – as long as people have work and aren’t replaced by automation.
Yet it makes us also even more dependent on the electronic grid.

More opportunities for innovative business ventures come with URANUS in TAU too.
Everyone can be an entrepreneur and inventor: Come up with something ingenious that has value (suggest it, make it desirable!) and put it on the market. Experiment online (low cost).
The whole thing can of course also create a chaotic ‘Gold Rush’ like energy in the world of business.

When it comes to our bodies, I believe URANUS in TAU, together with CHIRON in AR (almost same period, 2018 / 19 – 2026), will bring revolutionary research and innovation in the healing field, and for our bodies. Thinking of epigenetics, and stem cell therapy as a major breakthrough which could become more accessible.


A huge shadow comes with the virtual (URANUS) reality (TAU) emphasis, and innovations pushing more and more into this arena (because it ‘sells’ / addicts people – online / gaming is more exciting than ‘3-D / 4-D reality’).
Many people ‘dwell’ (TAU) in their devices (UR), and spend less time in Nature, with ‘real people’, and perhaps even fully connected with their bodies (TAU). Compounded with the exponentially growing  overwhelm with information and choices this all leads to collective ADD. Advertisers rival for our attention and constantly interrupt the flow, or even the just focused reading of an article. Instant (URANUS) gratification (TAU) is rewarded and pursued.
So, ironically, the ingenious Genie in the device is wreaking havoc in the brain (stem!) of the ‘user’.
More research about this phenomenon will come out and more cures for such a pandemics need to be found….The not-so-news will probably shock those who were oblivious or not wanting to pay attention to the wake-up calls under URANUS in AR, before the body (TAU) gets ‘wired’ and electrified (UR).

Prevention suggestion: Be ON the ground of Mother Earth and in Nature more often! You’re FREE to break away / take breaks from the shackles of your handheld!
Play, be creative, loving, and self expressive (LEO North Node), rather than watching everybody else’s ‘show’ and turn into a nobody (AQ South Node).


Well, and the ‘universal consciousness’ I talked about above could also have expressions such as:
“Planet Earth isn’t sustainable anymore in the long run. We need to explore extraterrestrial settling (TAU) options” – ‘Freedom from the Earth'(!?).
I heard scientists talk pretty detached about this – and then there’s Elon Musk’s spectacular SpaceX project with the Mars mission focus…. (interestingly, E.M. was born with MARS retro next to his karmic North Node in scientific AQ which will be squared by URANUS the ruler of AQ in the next few years…).

Just yesterday, I saw (ironically on FB) a post by a friend re: Terraforming Mars.
Weird stuff i.m.o. / common / uncommon sense: Why playing Nature on a different planet, rather than regenerating Planet Earth?
Just an alert – more of these phenomena might show up and intended to be ‘sold’ to us now, with URANUS in TAU, along the lines:
“Here’s a great solution to the food & water crisis: Let’s bio engineer / geo engineer until the cows come home… 😉 “
“Here’s an ingenious idea to solve the issue of Life on Earth…: Life OFF Earth….!”


Ok, ok, back to our Home Planet, since foremost, that’s where it’s at:
Earth is our Mother.
A Renaissance of Earth Consciousness.



TAURUS is the Zodiac energy relating to Mother Earth and her Beauty and Bounty, and where we appreciate our precious human embodiment:
Earth my Body!
If you haven’t heard this song and seen this ever so moving video with Nicole Sangsuree yet please do – her legacy before she was killed by a car!

And clearly:
The Earth doesn’t belong to us.
We belong to the Earth.

The Spirit of URANUS in TAU can also bring a Renaissance of Back to Nature / incl. communal farming, as more and more people opt out of the status quo of nature congestion, and de-natured food, and want more freedom while working / living with, not at the expense of the Earth.

And the Earth itself might release lots of built-up stress and pressure.
The recent Kilauea quake and volcanic eruption is a precursor…
The Ancient, Sacred Earth showing her Power.

Wake-up calls is what URANUS is famous for.
Freedom from complacency, indulgence, and taking wayyy too much time (shadows of TAU), and Freedom for a new Earth Awareness.
We really can’t wait another decade or 5 to do anything about getting our act together (is also what SATURN, LILITH, and PLUTO in CAP say).

The Awakening to a new Earth Awareness, reflected through URANUS in TAU will affect food, money / value exchange, and economy / ecology, and calls for innovative solutions in a volatile world.


Our connectedness with all of Earth’s Beings is being (re)awakened now (if it hasn’t already) – which spurs us into action and can shake others up too.
Perhaps to stand up, rise up, and speak up for those sentient Beings who can’t speak for themselves and need to be protected before it’s too late.

Loving this quote by Eckhart Tolle (from: A New Earth):
“Once there is a certain degree of Presence, of still and alert attention in human beings’ perceptions, they can sense the divine life essence, the one indwelling consciousness or spirit in every creature, every life-form, recognize it as one with their own essence and so love it as themselves.”
Speaks also to LILITH / PLUTO – being in our True Nature, as Nature, in Nature.


Where do you stand in this?
What’s new and freeing in your relationship to Mother Nature?
What’s shifting for you?

Those of you born with URANUS in SCO (Dec 1974 – Apr 1975, and Sept 1975 – Nov 1981) will have their URANUS Opposition in the years of URANUS in TAU – an awakening / liberation in mid-life which can be a huge catalyst for radical life changes.

All of us (independent of age) esp. if we have SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets in TAURUS (or in LEO, SCO, AQ) are in for surprises too, and we’ll get a Uranian ‘kick in the butt’ to be liberated and reinvent ourselves esp. in the area of life related to our TAURUS House in the chart.


Let’s explore how this shows up for YOU, and in the World (symptoms are already manifesting) in our
Special Astro Parlour on WED May 16:
URANUS in TAURUS – Wake UP, Earthlings!

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This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with the ancient and timeless gifts of Astrology!


Blessings for this shift of URANUS going into TAURUS!
May it be both liberating and re-grounding for you!



© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger


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TAURUS – SCORPIO Full Moon (Nov 3 / 4): Finding our Ground, in the Changeful

3 Nov

Happy TAURUS Full Moon tonight (Nov 3 / 4)!

It’s also called the ‘Hunter’s Moon’.
What’s special about it astronomically? Is it a ‘SuperMoon’? Check out this cool article.

The Full Moon will be exact at 10:23 pm PDT on Nov 3 / 1:23 am EDT on Nov 4!

TAURUS is where the MOON is the strongest (called exalted in Astrology)! 
Nurturing Earth Mother energy. 
We certainly need grounding grounding grounding, with so many erratic, unprecedented, unpredictable vibrations swirling around (esp. in the cyber sphere, affecting the human mind).

NATURE is calling, (not only) this gorgeous Fall, and always here to support and hold us.
Go out, and en-JOY!


Dance of Change – Photo by Melanie, Oct 31, 2017


So important to hold the ground (TAURUS), and be the Centre, in a world of ‘opposites’ and oppositions… (we literally see strong opposing energies in the Full Moon chart – and of course: feel them!), yet also process in the Scorpionic Alchemy that transforms ‘lead into gold’, or depressing, heavy states into pure consciousness.


In the last few weeks, have you come through lots of emotional transformation, yet processed it faster than before?

Maybe because there’s such a collective acceleration and momentum (URANUS in AR)?
And we go now to deep core issues that are usually ‘left alone’ (SUN, MERCURY, and since 10/10 also big JUPITER in SCO!).

The key for the fixed energy of SCO is not to be ‘afraid of the dark’, not resist the dive and change (which is what TAU could easily do), or get stuck somewhere in the process, take it out on yourself, but process ‘all the way through’, to allow the Alchemy do its thing.
And yes, it goes in waves and isn’t a ‘final result’.
With NEPTUNE in PISCES we can open into the surfing and surrendering.
Perhaps we could start with honestly and gently asking: ”What’s even deeper than this?”

The SUN and JUPITER in SCORPIO go into supportive Water Trine with NEPTUNE this month which helps with dropping into the depth, and letting things ‘wash out’ and dissolve.

Yesterday morning, I came to Day 3 of a self-directed, online guided 30-day Yoga challenge (with Victoria based Do Yoga With Me).
The practice (a journey to the Firefly pose) was a perfect metaphor for the Full Moon in TAU – SCO:
Loved what happened in this process, even though I didn’t ‘make’ it into the pose. It was my first time playing with Firefly, and I stayed with it (TAU), ‘even though’ arm balances have been always a challenge, since my wrists hurt when I put too much pressure on them (SCO fear of hurting myself). But the prep in the previous two days, and the teacher Fiji’s clear, precise, motivating guidance helped me see what’s essential (shooting the body into two directions from a strong core) which in itself is a great awareness to practice with in daily life (esp. for tall people, ha-ha). Now it needs to land more in the body, with practice. Good to see how that’s already in place with other poses that are feet-grounded, like squat. I loved consciously finding genuine contentment in the place I was at – and being in the patience it’s calling for (TAU).

It all was indeed beautifully aligned with and metaphoric for the TAURUS – SCORPIO Full Moon:
Energies pulling us into two directions, as we’re invited to balance dropping into something that might feel scary but can be so transformational, and feeling the contentment in and patience with the Earth body for where it goes, currently.
And all the while holding ground from the core of our Being.


Speaking of Alchemy:

Just today, I felt called to do a physical (TAU) card spread on the TAU – SCO Full Moon chart, incl. LILITH going into CAP next week. 
The Black Obsidian crystal skull and heart had to ‘join the party’ in the SCO realm, of course.
See what showed up – for all of us:



I started with an Animal Spirit card (paintings by Susan Boulet) – brought in for LILITH crossing over the ‘Integrity Point’ from SAG into CAP next week (yet also connected to SCO and TAU):

SCARAB – Regeneration.
“To the Egyptians, the scarab, a type of beetle, symbolized the powers that governed the celestial bodies; a great scarab was thought to roll the Sun across the sky. This belief arose from the scarab’s habit to of shaping a piece of ox dung(!) into a ball, into which it laid its eggs, and rolling it about – generally from East to West. Scarab-like jewels were often placed in the tombs of deceased relatives to give hem the power of the Sun, and to facilitate their resurrection.”

What a symbology!
I love the Scarab. A ‘small’ animal, yet it carries potent Medicine.
Having been in Egypt in Nov 2010 – two friends and I started our journey intentionally under the SCO New Moon, and ‘happened to be’ under the TAU – SCO Full Moon at the Hathor Temple of the cow headed Mother Goddess – also a birthing temple, with the Dendara Zodiac – what a gift that magical alignment was!!! What a sight, and what a process at the time… (which is a story for another day 🙂 ).
And yesterday, the news about this amazing discovery of a mysterious void’ in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The winged Scarab beetle is also  a ‘Rising Phoenix’.
‘Winged’ MERCURY will leave dark SCO,  cross the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SCO to SAG, and ‘take flight’ on SUN-day Nov 5.

MERCURY will be for a looong time in SAG, b.t.w – you guessed it! Because it will go retro there (Dec 2 – 22), starting from the ‘Integrity Point’ from SAG to CAP, where LILITH is now (yep!)!
More about it below in the chart description, and in a separate M-r post, of course!

Early Morning Prayer – Lotus with Orb – Photography by Helga Hendricks

The Scarab illustration on the card has a Blue Lotus blossom with a (tiny) Ankh in the centre on its back.

The Lotus is such a beautiful symbol of  the SCO – TAU dynamic, as it’s rooted in the swampy pond of apparent ‘decay’, yet grows to the light with such beauty and purity.

It’s also what the Buddha (nature) ‘sits on’:
All the often unprocessed, dark, hidden, murky emotions.
Sitting with them (TAU) in meditation, acknowledging  them without getting pulled in and stuck, and doing processing (lots of that required, these very scorpionic days / months / year) helps them come to the light of consciousness, where they – like Vampires in the sunlight… eventually die (some harder than others…).

I’m stunned at how the Scarab, apparently just showing up for LILITH, connects to so many strands of the Full Moon ‘landscape web’.


The next card – this time from the Voyager Tarot deck – that I picked was for the SUN in SCO (close to JUPITER, freshly in SCO, and VENUS, still in LI):

Major Arcana XIV – ART.

‘Overseen’ by Pallas Athena – Greek patroness of the City of Athens, hence goddess of Art and Culture, Philosophy inspiration, and vision (rainbow) – ART is visionary. Life is ART in action.
ART is Alchemy – see the cauldron…
Creativity (the SUN) is an alchemical Art of ‘inter-weaving’ and combining ‘ingredients’ into new syntheses. The creative process is an inner alchemical process too, as it transforms and integrates us.

Of course, this card is very apropos (couldn’t be a better one actually, for) the ‘Alchemy Point’ from LIBRA to SCORPIO where VENUS in LI, and JUPITER / SUN in SCO sit.
All these Archetypes are here to help us ‘dive’ into the process of change – just as the stunningly beautiful foliage this Fall, on its ‘last dance’.

Pallas Athena even gives us a clue how to channel MARS – further ‘back’ and unaspected, in early LIBRA (until Dec 9), into decisive, determined, and ‘courageous’ acts of ART.
The Goddess Pallas Athena has a strong ‘Masculine’ – and was born not out of a female body but ‘out of her father Zeus’s forehead’.

As an ‘Asteroid Goddess’ (yep, Pallas is an Asteroid), she represents qualities of the ‘Father Daughter’. Let’s channel her energy not so much into compliance with the patriarchy but into Acts of Art (rather than war) to help the status quo alchemize and transform.


The third card that I picked was for the MOON in TAU, not far from URANUS in late AR (which it passed yesterday). From the West Coast perspective, with CANCER Rising at the exact time of the Full Moon, the MOON also ‘rules’ the chart, AND is in ‘her’ exalted position of TAURUS:

Major Arcana XVII – STAR.

For the photo, I held the card up …
Showing a most beautiful image of Kuan Yin, Chinese Goddess of Compassion, holding a Jade Rabbit, her dress flowing like / in the Star shower.
STAR represents Luminosity (like the Full Moon tonight, illuminated by the Solar Light). Kuan Yin stands in the Star shower, and transmits it – a compassionate Star-Mother-Goddess. She helps others with life giving nurturance (TAU), and brings light into the darkness to nourish the soul (SCO).
Kuan Yin is associated with AQ (and I once called the AQ – PI cusp ‘Kuan Yin Point’ of the Zodiac – blessings for Humanity – one of the manifestations). And the MOON is still close to URANUS, ruler of AQ.

So, from a grounded, nurtured TAU MOON place, let’s transmit the Light into Darkness, show up with compassion, yet be detached enough (AQ Goddess) to not get emotionally pulled in, or attached to what’s sticky, nor to an outcome. 🙂 Everything changes in its own pace, yet we can offer light and care.


I just love how the ancient cultures of Egypt (Scarab), Greece (Athena), and China (Kuan Yin) came together in Alchemy for this spread!

Also pointing to LILITH moving over into ancient / timeless CAP next week:

We are the Ancients Ones. We are the Timeless Ones.
Let’s invoke the Ancestors (biological, star family, cultural resonance, and esp: the Inner Elder…) to live the Wisdom in the World, and Be the Change!


Here’s the chart of the Full Moon and ‘her entourage’:


… i.o.w., with all the cosmic, archetypal ‘Players’ of the Solar System.
Focusing on the SUN / MOON axis which is a ‘big deal’.

Re: SATURN square CHIRON, yesterday Nov 2 (of course catalyzed by the Full Moon), check out this Blog post.
Re: LILITH into CAP on Nov 8, see Blog post here.


A quick word about VENUS in late LIBRA opposite URANUS in late AR, exact also today Nov 3, at 10:02 pm PDT – just 20 min before the Full Moon, and actually quite close to the Full Moon axis (see cards):

How can we be in balance with our authenticity and freedom, and in right relationship with significant partners in our life (or in fact in any partnership that presents itself – even ‘just spontaneously, in the moment)?
Honouring that there can be a dilemma is a first helpful step.
Rather than wildly reacting (which URANUS in AR might do) stepping back, and seeing the situation from ‘the other’s’ perspective or even the mirror effect (sometimes strangely so) for us is really helpful. Been there…  even ‘just’ this week – at several occasions, in fact.


Now to the main theme:
SUN – MOON, at 12° TAU – SCO.

Just over the last days, we’ve entered the mid-SCO (10 – 20°) season, where potent energy ‘sits’ and deep change happens, incl. IN us. It’s the Centre of Fall!
The Full MOON is in mid-TAU where desires and wants might come up, and nourishment is important. Yet SCO says: Purge and change!
Finding our Ground – the deep Ground of Being – in the Changeful, is the way of being in Balance.

Maybe other potent (and admittedly often intense) TAU – SCO Polarities have come up for you too, to reconcile, ‘digest’, and transform.
Here are examples:


Nature – Culture.
In conflict? Or harmoniously integrated? Thought this morning, on that note: Here in Victoria, we feed to and on each other’s creativity, while being nourished by Nature that’s so inspiring and ever-changing. An on-going Alchemy.
Important to preserve Nature, i.m.o., with so much ‘City’ as in: ‘Construction culture’ pushing in. I call it: A contemporary Gold Rush.

Life – Death.
The seasons of Nature and of our Human Nature. A dynamic on-going process, actually. There’s always something dying, there’s always something new arising. Is Death the opposite of Life?

Pleasure – Pain.
Well, those! Sensations, feelings, they’re also changeable, of course, even though it sure doesn’t seem so, quite often, and one seems (for most of us) more ‘attractive’ than the other. Attachment to either causes suffering. Let’s ask the Buddha… and sit with it.

Habits – Change.
Well, that ‘dance’ could be a good thing – if we change habitual destructive tendencies – or not, if we abandon a healthy habit…. What comes to awareness? Which habits are you ready to change? What’s the deeper need in that habit, is really the question.

Stuckness – Transformation.
Similarly, if we’re emotionally, mentally, or physically stuck in a funk, we probably welcome tools for transformation. Like: Change the environment, go out, walk, breathe, move things through the body, take a rest, a bath… maybe it’s just energy that needs to shift, or be digested through all your ‘stomachs’ :-).

J / H

Stop ‘feeding the demons’ and ‘hungry ghosts’ as Buddhists call it, i.o.w., ‘sitting’ and and dwelling on (self) destructive thoughts and feelings.
SCO low vibrations are cynical, secretive, mistrusting, suspicious, manipulative, hurtful, basically out of fear of death, and loss of control (who’s talking here? The separate ego of course).
Shedding light on the core of the matter might be important, before the energy can shift / internally transform into a higher and more truly powerful vibration.

When we face our darkness we may discover our soul power.

Money – Power
Why is TAU related to Money? Because of the TAU association with value, gain, growth, assimilation, anything ‘green and growing’. Uhhh, those… Bull Market – yep, Taurean. Yet, when money is stuck it starts to ‘stink’ and needs to be moved and spread around like manure. Making money is rather Taurean, while spending, investing, paying taxes, and being in dept is Scorpionic. Which of course can bring up Power issues, like: “I owe them. They ‘own’ me / my freedom.
Is Money really Power? Is Value Power?

“Money is like manure. Does no good until it’s spread around.”

We (hopefully) have the Power to put the money into what we value, and offer truly valuable services in exchange for money.
In that case it’s rather the power of synergistic, ‘fertilizing’ exchange than the divisive association of Money with Power ‘over’ – which is on the way out anyway, in the Economy of Change.

Accumulating – Eliminating.
TAU is the gatherer, vs. SCO is the purger. TAU rules the mouth, SCO the large intestines (really!)

Both functions are needed in Nature and in our human biology. Shopping, cooking, eating, enjoying, and indulgence are all TAU related. The word ‘stuffocated’ came up for me a few weeks ago – a low vibration of our TAU consumer world.
Do you feel going through a purge, detox, decluttering would be on for you and your home / life, to allow the energy to move again more freely, and create space for the new?
Rather than just ‘dumping’ things (which can be also hard for the gatherer / horder in you), how can you creatively re-purpose and re-cycle what has outlived its purpose, what needs to go into the Alchemy, and perhaps have a new life elsewhere?

Sensual – Sexual.
Physical – Emotional Intimacy.
Clearly, a big and deep topic. How’s the balance of both in your life?
Of course, trust is required in the exchange of energies.
Nourishment of Body and Soul…


SCORPIO is BIG this JUPITER year (Oct 10, 2017 – Nov 9, 2018).

This is the first Full Moon of the JUPITER in SCO year, shining MOON light at SUN / JUPITER.
Being grateful (JUPITER) for the Life that’s given, the body and the place we currently inhabit, the Earth that sustains us, and the ever changing Nature are good ways of letting ourselves sink deeper into the Mystery of Life. 


Coming up in the SCO Show in the next while:

The SUN in SCO will go into Water Trine with NEPTUNE in PI tomorrow, Nov 3.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by so much emotionally challenging stuff, and burying ourselves, let’s bring light and consciousness (SUN) to what’s revealing itself on deeper levels now – a gift perhaps – if you dare to look. Sometimes we have to feel things fully (SCO), stay connected (NEP in PI) to realize we’re ONE.

VENUS crosses the ‘Alchemy Point’, and starts ‘her’ underworld journey in SCO on Nov 7 – until Dec 1:
We’re drawn to go deeper in relationships, attracted to mystery, and might also attract lots of things that need processing. Dive in, and move through, with Love!

VENUS will join JUPITER in SCO on Nov 13.

JUPITER will be actually unaspected until then (no connection with another planet, except for MOON activations)!
A double-edged sword… Even though, VENUS – JUPITER is a wonderful connection (a la grand wedding etc), in SCO it’s not all Roses (and definitely thorns involved).
What attracts and bonds you to your loved and not-so-loved ones?
What are your soul agreements?
What can be brought out into the open and to awareness now? Perhaps to outgrow it?



How’s it going so far, with diving into the Alchemy?
Could you use support and perspective?

You’re invited to a private JUPITER in SCORPIO Deep Dive Session, during the first month of JUPITER in SCORPIO (10 / 10 – 11 / 11, 2017), where we intentionally, and with the astrological map & compass, plus the synchronistic support of Voyager Tarot & Animal Spirit cards, go into, and focus on:
  • What’s being cleared away now, from your ‘inner basement / closet’?
  • Where is deep transformation now possible in your Life, what does it take to go INTO it, and how do you meet the landscape you meet there?
  • What’s the Alchemy that presents itself?
  • What does that mean for your ‘outer’ world, above the surface?

You can find out more about the Deep Dive Sessions at my FB Page Event.
If you’re new to my services I welcome you to get in touch before booking, if you have preliminary questions, and to get to know each other a bit before we ‘dive in’.


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’, and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified WITH them, and they don’t have to run your life.

  • Are you in a challenging transition or transformational crisis?
  • Are you looking for perspective at a crossroad or dilemma, and for empowered choices?

I welcome you to meet and explore with the invaluable and timeless tools of astrology, and to access your own wisdom source in the process.

If you’d like to tune in astrologically, whether there’s an outer ‘occasion’ and change, or you just have ‘that calling’ I invite you to get in touch.
I’m happy to support you in being re-aligned and re-empowered, on your own path, and in relationships with others.
Plus, I can help you determine your powerful places on Planet Earth.

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MARS in TAURUS (March 9 – Apr 21): Pursue Natural Desires, Enjoy, yet Remain Unattached. Be in Nature, and in Your Nature!

10 Mar

Yesterday March 9, MARS left ARIES and entered TAURUS where the ‘Warrior’ energy will dwell until April 21:

Pursue Desires, Enjoy, yet Remain Unattached.

Be in Nature and in Your Nature!


Johfra Bosschart Taurus

Johfra Bosschart: Venus Rules Taurus (and the Martian Warrior Takes a Rest)

As Spring is on the doorstep here (finally – thanks Goddess for granting the gift of patience!) on the WestCoast, the Martian energy settling into TAURUS invites us to slow down, enjoy Life with all our senses, plant our garden, and take some time to relax…

…after perhaps battling the elements, or with others, running and rushing here and there, starting a lot of fires, and being highly charged and challenged, under MARS in fast and furious ARIES (Jan 27 – March 9).
MARS in in its ruled sign ARIES is a fast, direct, initiatory energy, and brought up anger and the impulse to assert.

MARS in fiery ARIES came to a crescendo end of February, when it squared PLUTO the Transformer, opposed JUPITER the Amplifier / Magnifier, and joined forces with URANUS the Awakener / Electrifier, round the last New Moon – the PISCES ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse.
How was it for you? Did you ‘jump’ – or ‘surf’ through it – and perhaps let go of old co-dependent vibrations, on the way?
A catalyst energy for transformation, opening, and liberation. Perhaps something in you like in myself ‘suddenly’ shifted, and helped make new, more spacious choices, setting the tone for better, more balanced relationships.

MARS is our assertion / life force / vitality Archetype. It rules the Solar Plexus Chakra – our power centre. You know that sensation in the stomach when getting triggered…
Always good to check in and register what that has to do with the Ego. Yes, MARS is also the ‘Ego Planet’, expressing itself in ARIES rather direct and aggressively / assertingly: “This is what I want and going for. And I’m doing it – actually: NOW.” Butting heads and flared-up battling can be an immediate effect when assertions conflict. Definitely an assertive time over the last 1 1/2 months…

Sheep Babies

Sheep Babies – baaaahh!

Or it could have expressed itself as emergence and spontaneous action. Innocent. Baby steps. Just going for it, trying out something new, rather than contemplating and ruminating. ARIES is the first sign of the Zodiac. The Spring Lamb.
Hopefully we could channel the energy into this spontaneous, authentic action – and get up and start fresh when things were short-lived, or didn’t go anywhere.

With MARS now in TAURUS the energy lends itself to slowwwing down and literally sitting and meditating, sitting with our initiatives and choices, smelling the fragrances of Spring, tasting yummy food, listening to the sounds of music and the sounds of nature, enjoying Life with all our senses, and honouring Mother Nature (every day is Earth Day!) and our earthly existence.

In its nearly 2-year cycle, MARS was in TAURUS the last time early April until mid-May 2015. We’re coming full circle now with what we planted and what took roots then.
One thing that comes to mind for me immediately from that time is the actions (MARS) I took to upgrade my business (ruled by TAURUS – yep, and it did cost some money – a Taurean domain too) with new technology. It was a time to literally sit down, and slowly get used to the new technology – an on-going practice in Taurean patience… 🙂
Now it’s time for more upgrades – and more patience and persistence.

In TAURUS, the first Earth sign of the Zodiac, MARS has us be grounded, give more attention to our body and its natural desires, and step into tangible, sensate experience of being alive. We tend to rather pursue security and stability than ephemeral adventures. Our motivation to assert (MARS) what be value (TAU) is strong – and can sometimes become rigid and stubborn (TAU when there’s attachment.
Fighting for Mother Earth and all her creations is a natural MARS in TAURUS cause, as well as resisting rather than actively fighting.


Themes of cooking, body, garden, money, and values are up and ready to be acted-upon, with MARS in TAU (until April 21 – which is QE’s birthday).

And hey, what’s REAL WEALTH?


On a deeper level, MARS in TAURUS helps us with grounding and embodying Spirit-in-Matter…  PLUTO in CAP has something to say about this – ‘shining by example’ – by being an embodiment of soul / spirit / essence.
MARS goes into Earth trine alignment with PLUTO on April 5, supporting simplicity and body wisdom.

In these MARS in TAURUS weeks, lets re-discover slowing down and enjoying the emBuddhament (embodiment without attachment)!



MARS in TAU trine PLUTO retro / stationary in CAP is one of the grounding and integrative Astro~Weather patterns this Spring, after a wild ride earlier this year. This can be a good time for finding stability in the big changes, as mentioned.
Stability in the Evolution,

It’s also an excellent energy to guard and protect sacred land and Mother Earth from exploitation and abuse of resources. MARS in TAURUS can harness resisting and defending energy, to be channeled into a deeper, evolutionary purpose.
Earth Day ahead!

Dedicated to MARS in TAU trine PLUTO retro / stationary in CAP – exact on April 5:



Medicine Wheel


You have been telling people this is the Eleventh Hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is THE Hour.
Here are the things that must be considered:
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.
They will feel like they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off toward the middle of the river, keep your eyes open, and our heads above the water.
See who is here with you and celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves!
For the moment we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lonely wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

The Elders
Oraibi, Arizona
Hopi Nation


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger

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