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Clearing S.P.A.

31 Jan
Waning SCORPIO MOON today and tomorrow is excellent for purging and clearing anyway…
And hey, we just came through the last MERCURY contact with PLUTO on Fri eve.
Good days to give ourselves time for retreat and S.P.A. (which according to the ancient Romans meant: Salus per Aquam – Health through Water!).
Feeling it in this body…. lots of clearing through the chakra organs… sleeping, home SPA. 🙂
With SO much CAP energy (Venus, Pluto, Mercury, and this week also the Moon – Fri Feb 5 will be VERY Capricornian), old structures that outlived their purpose, restrictions, rigidity, fear, control – shadow manifestations of CAP, often old and ancestral – are being cleared.
Of course, that needs a lot of water and TLC to wash that out…



Solstice Sun by the Ocean – Photo by Melanie

Getting out of an old skin… may the transformation be freeing and renewing!
How ‘REAL’ are your fears, or are they projections? Saturn in SAG these years, until Winter Solstice 2017, teaches us a lot about that.
Again: What matters most – here-now? What’s the only reality?
Today, the MERCURY retro-to-direct ‘storm’ subsides also, with a ‘farewell’ square from MERCURY in CAP to URANUS in ARIES, exact this evening! What’s with the liberation of the mind, or even more so: the freedom from the heavy grip of the mind?
It all starts from HERE. This is IT.



 © 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger

* Triple Mercury – Pluto Contact and Mercury – Uranus Squares (Dec 19 / 20, Jan 20 / 22 and 29 / 31): Essential Priorities :: Deep Power-to-Change :: Free to BE!

20 Dec

Where is your mind going, and how is it (rather than doing) being these pre-Holidays?

Same as every year… or a whole different tone, or a gradual evolution perhaps, or radical new ways how you think about and what / whether you plan and organize for the Holidays…?

So yes, MERCURY is now in CAP (since Dec 7 when it crossed the ‘Integrity Point’ from SAG to CAP) which can tune us into a more grounded, serious, pragmatic, realistic and purposeful mode of thinking and topics of interest. On the flip-side, our thoughts can become heavier and maybe depressed too (esp. when things are futile, a burden, too ‘old’ and pre-patterened, or not ‘successful’)?

Any of the above familiar these days? Esp. if you have any astrological placements in CAP to start with, which get activated by MERCURY now.

  • Why is this a big deal?
  • What does this have to do with The Emperor, the empire / institutions, deep Power-to-Change?


Voyager IV Emperor

Crystal activated Voyager Tarot card IV – Photo by Melanie


MERC will go RETRO, mostly in CAP, from Jan 5 – 25, 2016, AND be in CAP for a long time (Dec 9 – Jan 1, and Jan 8 – Feb 13) – we better get used to it 🙂

MERCURY in CAP will activate PLUTO 3 times during that phase!

  1. Dec 19 (when going into pre-retro ‘storm’)
  2. Jan 22 (at the end of its retro phase), and
  3. Jan 29 / 30 (just after going direct again).

And MERC will square off with URANUS in ARIES also 3 times, shortly after the PLU contacts

  1. Dec 20
  2. Jan 20
  3. Jan 31

MERC in CAP helps us go to essential priorities, and finally tackle those procrastinated projects. But hey, what really ARE priorities??? Not the ‘shoulds’ or ‘were’s’ from last year. Time to dig and realize what really matters, and start fresh from there, says MERC square URA! 🙂


Voila, here is the chart for the first MERC – PLU alignment, showing the whole energy matrix of these charged-up days = Cardinal T-square this weekend (tension and pressures, anybody?), with

MER - PL I Dec 19 2015

  • The MOON / URANUS in AR – being radically present, and breaking out of any old patterns – it all starts, or rather happens NOW. PLUS: MERC with PLU in CAP squares stationary URANUS in AR tomorrow Dec 20! Breakthroughs and paradigm shifts in the mind – or a sense of rebelliousness and unpredictability? All part of the MERC – URA mix.
  • LILITH in LI – what does being in your true nature have to do with balance, perhaps literally the balance of inner masculine – feminine?
  • Both MOON / URA and LILITH in LI are in T-square to MERC / PLU in CAP! What matters ‘at the end of the day’? What’s the priority? What’s the essential spirit of Christmas, and of anything we build and any ‘to-be-organized’ endeavor? How can we be more conscious and work respectfully in a deeply fulfilling way with other people, time and resources? What’s a renewing spirit now? How can we be as-nature? Maybe it’s time to slow down, step off the pre-planned and over organized ‘wheel’, regenerate deeply from within, and allow for more spontaneous joy and light in the moment – so regenerative!

This first MERC – PLU conjunction is a precursor of what wants to be processed about our personal, and the larger structures and systems (CAP / AQ cusp). It will come up again in the second half of January. Think: Transformation – Liberation.


Angel of Revelation, by William Blake

Angel of Revelation, by William Blake


Any premonitions?
I wouldn’t be surprised if more leaks came out that showed us why it’s not a good idea to keep believing in structures and authorities having our best interest in mind. SATURN (which rules CAP), now in SAG adds to the picture: It’s mandatory to assess and get over limiting beliefs and ‘old stories’.

When in doubt, let’s go deeper into our visceral incorruptible, incontaminable ‘gut’ sense of what’s going on – symbolized by PLUTO. That’s where the Power-to-Change sits.

Deep old thought patterns, perhaps ‘passed on’ from our ancestors that keep us ‘in place’, have us carry too much (what is not ours), or prevent us from ‘stepping up’ and living our fullest potential are ‘on the table’ now. This is an opportunity with MERC retro. PLUTO shows us the power they can have ‘over us’, but also how change from the core is the way to evolve.

We are doing this work also on behalf of our ancestors (family lineage), and we can invoke our spirit ancestors and guides for support. The Ancestors are with us now, in this sacred Solstice time, and mirrored by MERC / PLU’s triple contact. And we are doing it obviously on behalf of the Future (our future, and the future of humanity), UR in AR shows us it’s time to renew, for, with, and through the young ones.

Clearly, this MERC / PLU activation affects all you CAP and AR friends out there, and the CAP and AR sides (AC, MOON, Planets, and house) in all of us.

Feel welcome and free  to ask me if you have any questions.

I know it ain’t easy for CAP to get support – but that is changing now too. 🙂

And you AR friends out there, maybe you’re super dooper on the go these days, and it could be time to slow down and regenerate ( I know you can’t wait for Spring).