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MERCURY in LEO (June 28 – Sept 5, where it’ll go retro from July 25 – Aug 18): Speak from the Heart, Roar if Needed, and Show Yourself.

29 Jun

Woohoo, what’s going on?
What a loooong phase of MERCURY in LEO this year!

Seems like we have something to learn and RE-trieve from the LEO side of things.
Tatahhh, you guessed it: Must be MERCURY on retro course, over the LEO terrain – July 25 – Aug 18 that-IS.

Everything LEO (Love, Passion, Creativity, yet also the Inner Drama Queen / King and Narcissist) is brought to awareness, discussion, and RE-flection.
Be the Artist and Heart-ist!



The energy turns inward-backward as MERCURY goes retro end of July to mid Aug (well, the whole phase incl. shadows & storms goes from July 7, and extends to Sept 3), to help humanity RE-connect from the Heart before roaring or making it all about themselves….

But hey, why do we / they crave attention? 
Maybe ‘simply’ to be seen and loved.
Maybe something ‘went wrong’ there in the past, maybe early on… and we internalized it.
Time to re-lease those inner voices, under MERCURY retro.

YES, Self Talk and Self Praise is totally in accord with M-r in LEO. 
Give yourself the Love you might miss from others, and tell yourself a new Love Story.

What do you LOVE about yourself?
What do you LOVE about LIFE?
How can you Live Life Lovingly?

And what would LOVE say?

MERCURY in LEO starts with a ROAR (and perhaps up-roar) already on JUNE 30, as MERCURY squares URANUS in TAU, and trines CHIRON in ARIES!
That could bring out some unexpected / maybe therapeutically cathartic verbal expressions. With CHIRON in ARIES, now stationary-slow (since it’ll go retro on JULY 4) the Medicine is in authenticity – which of course can be vulnerable and raw. But a chance to show others who you really are, behind the veneer.

The North Node is now also in LEO (which will tie into the Eclipse season), and MERCURY will connect with it on JULY 4, plus oppose MARS (now freshly retro) and the South Node in AQ the day after, JULY 5.
Another ‘non boring’ and maybe quite dramatic phase.
Rather than going into verbal confrontation 
(which might be a strong temptation), can you find the Loving Place in your Heart from which to speak and act, towards and with others?
What are your desires, when it comes to friendship and community?
What would you like to tell Humanity?

Always good (not only) these days, to start from the Heart – an invitation from the LEO North Node – and meet ‘even strangers’ from a place of Love.
I prefer to live in a World where Love and warm heartedness matter, rather than in icy glass houses of isolation and anonymity (AQ South Node).
“Share your smile with a stranger, and be excellent with each other”, is what our LEO SUN Yoga teacher likes to say at the end of the class.

As MERCURY will go into pre-retro ‘shadow’ (reaching the point in the Zodiac from which it’ll go direct again) on July 8, certain themes can foreshadow that come up during M-r to be RE-addressed and RE-solved.
Then, it gets really hot(!) as MERCURY (in the hottest sign of the Zodiac) goes into pre-retro ‘storm’ on July 16…. 
Hope that doesn’t mean more forest fires, drought, etc – MERCURY is one of the factors that reflect weather patterns.


In its pre-retro, retro, and post-retro phase, MERCURY in LEO will form triple aspects with several other Planets!
3 dates with each of these Archetypes means their themes really needs to get our attention, and the winged Heart messenger communicates to them in different ways several times:

  • There’s the triple square with JUPITER in SCO, on July 9, Aug 10, and Aug 27 – to passionately and from the Heart bring to attention what’s going on under the surface, and what’s ripe to come out into awareness now, big time, to change for the better – if not: for good.

  • Then, related, the triple quincunx with PLUTO (the ruler of SCO) retro in CAP, on July 16 (the day when the pre-retro ‘storm’ starts), Aug 4, and Aug 29.
    Unmasking power structures and their manipulation through creative, passionate Heart communication – and creating transformation from within. Taking the mind out of the time machine, and into creativity mode. Bringing natural Power back.

  • Another triple quincunx from MERCURY will go to NEPTUNE retro in PI (exact July 12, Aug 9, Aug 29)- MERCURY will be actually (widely) the Apex of a YOD from PLUTO and NEPTUNE (5 signs apart from both). 
    Here’s a dynamic between standing out and being seen with / from the Heart, vs being passive, anonymous, and in mass consciousness. Or, reconciling these two by being open, receptive, and in the faith & flow.
    MERCURY in LEO ignites our passion. Follow it and pursue your interests from the Heart – it can dissolve the old – you might even bathe in love.


More about MERCURY Retro in LEO soon!
Until then: Smile more often, and practice Heart Language, Cosmic Strangers & Friends!



© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger



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