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SAG New Moon with Jupiter (Dec 6 / 7) square Mars / Neptune: Surfing & Surrendering, and Trusting the Heart Journey…

1 Dec

Dear ASTRO~NEWS Friend,

How’s it going and rolling thus far, in the SAG season (since Nov 22), and with JUPITER now (since Nov 8, and for 12 more months) in SAG?

Lots of us are still in SCO-to-SAG PHOENIX transition mode, burning off a lot of intensity that’s been bubbling up and become too obvious to ignore, with JUPITER in SCO (Oct 2017 – Nov 2018), in the recent SCO-to-SAG Season.

Plus, MERCURY retro (Nov 16 – Dec 6) cruises back and forth 3x(!) over the PHOENIX Point as well…(the days round Oct 30, Dec 1, Dec 12).

As MERCURY just re-entered SCO (Dec 1 – 12), we’re called to go into the depth of our thoughts and feelings, and deeper / more intimately into  communicative exchange with others – and re-trieve ‘treasures in the dark’ (maybe at places we’ve avoided).


MERCURY retro now back in SCORPIO…
…turns our memories to people, places, language, and intimate connections that have been ‘under wraps’ or on the back burner – until we remember what it’s like and how it touches us to talk with them or think / talk about these things.
Follow the prompting and synchronicities that guide you together! 

Rolling through a dark SCO wave or diving into a dark calm lake has us meet and touch on those places we usually avoid. As scary as they seem – they show us (sometimes through extremes) what makes us feel truly human and alive. Of the same Earth, going back to the same Earth.


Deep knowing from an inner Scorpionic place brings us back to the Heart, and gives everything a whole different meaning and direction (SAG). Thus is the Transformation from heavy ‘lead’ to Heart Gold..

Sounds like this has to do with MERCURY’s ‘mission’ back through SCO (in its role as the Alchemist!), before fully rising in SAG on 12/12.
So let’s tune into the signs and messages, and how they can change us – if we let them in.


VENUS will dive into SCORPIO too – tomorrow Dec 2 until Jan 7:
How Deep is Your Love?

After making a choice – hopefully in freedom and autonomy (VENUS in late LI opposing URANUS in ARIES yesterday Nov 30) it’s time to lovingly dive into the change that this choice brings (SCO).

When we do it with the depth of our Heart we’re in a place where intimacy and magic can unfold, and we may feel carried by something bigger and powerful.

The dark-before-NEW MOON will be in dark SCO too (Mon – Wed Dec 3 – 5) – evoking deep emotional responses to what we’re going through, and facilitating transformation of what has been stuck or hidden, esp. in the fields of communication (MERCURY – what have you been hiding / not processed fully, etc?) and attractions / love / intimacy (VENUS).
Can be quite magic-all if we let it – and follow our M-r / SCO intuition and instinct.
Trust the Lunar Midwife for transformation!

The Scorpionic ALCHEMY that’s on now via MERCURY, VENUS, and the MOON – leading us to a higher level of Sagittarian freedom.


Towards the SAG New MOON with JUPITER


Light Beckoning – Photo by Melanie, Dec 2018


Jupiter Rules Sagittarius –Painting by Johfra Bosschart

As we’re moving towards the time of longest darkness (Northern Hemisphere) SAGITTARIUS initiates us into the Inner Light:

The Heart lantern shines on our path (as the Hermit’s
in the SAG painting…). The Advent candle lights celebrate the trust in the daylight and Christ light returning, the trust in the birth of the Divine Son at Christmas / Re-birth of the Sun at Winter Solstice.

Where is it going?
Where are we going?

And equally important:
Where do we ‘come from’, as we move in a certain direction / are on our Path?

Are we in Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit alignment in our movement, not on a guilt trip (Centaur, carrying the goat skin on his shoulder as a reminder), aiming high, divinely ignited (Zeus’s thunderbolt igniting the SAG arrow)?

The Scorpionic ‘Dark Moon’ incubation phase (with MERCURY, VENUS, and the MOON) can help us process and prepare, before the Journey with / in the SAG NEW MOON phase begins which also initiates JUPITER more fully into SAG.


Let’s see how the

SAG New Moon shows up, and what she shows us, with her ‘birth chart:

From the West Coast perspective, the New Moon will be on Dec 6 at 11:20 pm PST – from MST on eastward, it will be Dec 7 already.



So, here’s the MOON having passed JUPITER (at 6:31 am PST on Dec 6), and meeting the SUN in mid-SAG:
A BIG New MOON – birthing and blessing the Heart Truth and its Gifts (JUPITER in SAG).

…while the SUN / MOON union squares the MARS / NEPTUNE union in PI (which in itself is a rare alignment – only comes every 2 years, exact on Dec 7).

Lots of movement and flow…
Rather than feeding stories of overwhelm, disorientation and disappointment (which all could come up in this ‘SAG – PI cocktail’ too, or trying to push or stop the energetic waves (forget it!) let’s remember to surf them…
It’s literally a Go with the Flow vibe.
And to keep it Buddha-ful…


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

Let’s tune in, to see what else is going on in the watery world of PISCES, and how SAG brings the Spirit Fire to it:

MARS’s meeting with NEPTUNE in PI on Dec 7 happens on the day before…

CHIRON in late PI goes from retro to direct (Dec 8).

This watery cocktail is on in the first half of December, and calls for relaxing, surrendering, being open, flexible, adaptable, unattached, ‘rolling with things’, listening to the music, diving into an energy that feeds us, and surfing what-IS – very therapeutic.
…esp. in pre-Christmas times that can paradoxically get so hectic.


Centaur Chiron with the Wounding Arrow

The SAG NEW MOON ‘births’ CHIRON into forward motion (from Dec 8 on), after its yearly 5-months retro phase (since July 4).

CHIRON retro started this year from early ARIES, and went back into PISCES (where it’s been since 2010!) on Sept 25, cruising on the PI – AR ‘Emergence Point’ 2018 / 19:
Out of Oneness / Connectedness emerges a new beginning in authentic presence.
Its lower vibration is emergency and survival.

Have you experienced (perhaps old / re-curring) ‘wounding’ – and its Medicine! – through

  • …being either so immersed and overwhelmed that you lose yourself – and might have gotten wounded, to remind you of being more present and in natural me-first priority?
  • …or feeling disconnected, and perhaps going into compensations like addictions that ‘connect’ you yet take you out of presence, and found you need to show up again authentically – which can lead to healthier connections?
  • …or combinations / variations of the theme?

As the Piscean tide of CHIRON is turning we can more easily ‘surf the waves of Life’, express the Medicine we’ve re-ceived outwardly, and show up authentically
 (as CHIRON will fully go into ARIES from Feb 18, 2019 on).

And YES, you got it: CHIRON is a Centaur like SAG.
According to a version of the mythological CHIRON story, he transforms into SAG(!) as the culmination of his Hero’s / Healer’s / Teacher’s Journey.

There’s a natural inner connection between the SAG wisdom and inner Heart knowing that is re-initiated with the New MOON, and with CHIRON at the very end of PI / end of the Zodiac Journey:
Connection (PI) Heals (CHIRON), and ultimate Teaching (CHIRON) shows: ALL is Connected (PI). 
How does immersing in the ‘knowing Field’ affect your Heart and your Journey (SAG)?


Stationary CHIRON in late PI is also one of the points of contact in the Grand Water Trine, together with stationary MERCURY (going direct 10 hrs before the New Moon!) in late SCO / on the ‘Phoenix Point’, and the Lunar North Node in late CAN. 
Late (last 10 degrees) Water signs have a PISCES undertone – yes, more Piscean energy…
Let’s allow caring gentleness-in-oneness (late CAN NN) touch the place where we may come through deep-dive realizations of the nature of Mind (as in: thoughts and emotions) (MERCURY retro / stat in late SCO), and meet the Medicine of connecting in what’s always here – a unified field (CHIRON in late PI). It allows things to release, heal, and bring us back into natural flow.


The Lunar North Node in late CAN forms a square with VENUS (which was exact last week when ‘she’ was in late LI, and easing off as ‘she’ dives into SCO tomorrow Dec 2) and a square with URANUS retro in late AR (this one’s exact on Dec 2 / 3, and in effect Nov / Dec) – can you see the red T-square pointing to the North Node? 

The late CAN NN is quite a focal point as both the T-square and the Water Trine hinge on it.
A call for choices (VENUS on the LI – SCO ‘Tipping Point’) to be authentic (URANUS retro in late AR):
When we truly love ourselves, and come from the Consciousness of Love (supported by the ‘New VENUS’ post-retro) we don’t need to ‘rebel’ / run away / split / oppose ourselves to others, to be free.
Freedom arises through the Love that IS – and it (re)arranges relationships as needed.
‘Tipping’ into freedom AND depth – with gentleness and compassion – in awareness All is ONE (late CAN with PI undertone).



The NEW MOON in mid-SAG (which has a LEO undertone), together with JUPITER nearby, and Winged Messenger MERCURY coming out of retro at the end of SCO / on the ‘Phoenix Point’:
A call to tune into the Loving Heart, and trust the Journey as it unfolds, surf, fly, and all! ❤ 


May the Spirit of the Heart, Sagittarian Trust and Piscean Faith & Surrender bless our Journey with the SAG New Moon and beyond!



© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




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