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* CAP New Moon / New MERCURY Dec 28 / 29, close to PLUTO: BE the Change, as the Power is IN You!

28 Dec

Snowy Log Heart – photo by Melanie, 2015 and timeless.


Seems like TIME has a ‘life of its own’ – Christmas was only a few days ago – somehow seems like ages – for you too?

The sacred time of year that marks the Return of the Light and how / what that reflects in ourselves.


The CAP SUN is now in our Northern Hemisphere from Earth perspective ‘climbing’ again in the ecliptic (slightly ‘higher’ every day), and the daylight is gradually increasing, daily a minute or so for now, in the cold of Winter, and eventually, from Feb on, exponentially more.

Likewise, CAP energy is fueled by the spirit of gradual, grounded, consistent building and ‘climbing’, persevering, enduring, being prepared and equipped, on the ‘way up’.

Does that mean: ‘when the going gets tough the tough get going’? Or is that another myth of glory-through-hardship?

I’d say, depends on the context of course. Not so powerful to operate ‘the hard way’ while giving Power away to those whose approval we might seek, or postponing ‘living’ for the sake of ‘accomplishment’. All based on the paradigm of duality / separation. And the old conditioned ‘Pyramid model’ is expiring anyway…


For the time being, we still live in a world of collective CAP ‘stories’ and history imprints that PLUTO (since 2009, for the first time in CAP since the late 1700’s) brings up for transformation. With PLUTO, it often ‘gets intense as it changes’.

The imperialistic and capitalistic framework of modern societies has produced a huge mountain of redundant stuff that the Earth is not capable of ‘digesting’, obviously, without serious ‘side effects’. And the paradigm of being motivated by and gaining status through ‘ownership’ (a BIG one) is so ingrained in our external reward-conditioned minds (“It’s worth working long hours – maybe not in a soulful way – to earn $$$ and time for the holidays, retirement, or other incentives, and to ‘show your value(!)’. Very apropos the TAURUS undertone of mid-CAP where PLUTO is now (until 2018), and where MERCURY retro has started out from on Dec 19, to release ‘old stories’.


This CAP NEW MOON and ‘NEW MERCURY’, near PLUTO (the MOON will pass PLUTO tomorrow Dec 29, the SUN will pass PLUTO on Jan 6) is a powerhouse – offering RE-generation and RE-empowerment from within. MERCURY retro in CAP helps us free ourselves from inner subconscious mental ‘shoulds’ and ‘supposed to’s’, and from our ‘hang-ups’ with leadership and authority (theirs and our own). So that our mind is less cluttered, and we are more clear to do the work we’re born to do!


Today’s / tomorrow’s CAP NEW MOON marks the release and closure not only of a monthly cycle (as every NM does), and of the year 2016 that was fraught with collective anger, frustration, defeat, but on a much bigger scale punctuates the epochal changes of structures and hierarchies that we see under PLUTO in CAP.

What role do values, security, stability, ownership, and money play in all of this? A big one, now as PLUTO is in mid CAP which has a TAU undertone.


CAP, also relating to mountains, solid structures, and hierarchies may ask:
“Who’s above, who’s below?” in terms of social hierarchies.




Since ancestors and history are also CAP themes, here’s a suggestion for an inquiry:

  • “Were your ancestors ‘above’ others, or ‘below’ others? And how has that affected your family history and your psyche?”
  • “What has been disempowering about this story, either via guilt, deprivation, disrespect, abuse, etc.?”
  • “How is this now, in the hologram of your world, coming up to be transformed, IN you and THROUGH you?”


I woke up some day with the question: “Who owns the land?” – and how that’s related to my ancestry and my life experience.

Definitely relevant for the CAP New Moon / NEW MERCURY / PLUTO in mid-CAP.

So I wanted to look up the whole text of the famous Chief Seattle speech, and quote to you from there, and to my surprise (well, Mercury retro is in effect) found in the ‘urban legends’ (!) site that it might be falsely attributed to Chief Seattle, and was actually written by screenwriter Mr. Perry in 1971! Very MERCURY retro…
To me, what essentially counts (whoever was the messenger) is that it is its profound prophetic advocacy for living with the land and in respect for the Earth. Of course, the actual author needs to be honoured, yet, is a speech for humanity ‘owned’ by anyone? 
Here is a beautiful video adaptation with voice and photos from Finland, to add another layer of fusion.

…and the text of the powerful, timeless, and ever so timely speech (wherever it came from)…:


Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle


“How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?

Every part of the Earth is sacred to my people. Every shining pine needle, every sandy shore, every mist in the dark woods, every clear and humming insect is holy in the memory and experience of my people. The sap which courses through the trees carries the memory and experience of my people. The sap which courses through the trees carries the memories of the red man.

The white man’s dead forget the country of their birth when they go to walk among the stars. Our dead never forget this beautiful Earth, for it is the mother of the red man. We are part of the Earth and it is part of us. The perfumed flowers are our sisters, the deer, the horse, the great eagle, these are our brothers. The rocky crests, the juices in the meadows, the body heat of the pony, and the man, all belong to the same family.

So, when the Great Chief in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land, he asks much of us. The Great White Chief sends word he will reserve us a place so that we can live comfortably to ourselves. He will be our father and we will be his children. So we will consider your offer to buy land. But it will not be easy. For this land is sacred to us.

This shining water that moves in streams and rivers is not just water but the blood of our ancestors. If we sell you land, you must remember that it is sacred blood of our ancestors. If we sell you land, you must remember that it is sacred, and you must teach your children that it is sacred and that each ghostly reflection in the clear water of the lakes tells of events in the life of my people. The waters murmur is the voice of my father’s father.

The rivers of our brothers they quench our thirst. The rivers carry our canoes and feed our children. If we sell you our land, you must remember to teach your children that the rivers are our brothers, and yours, and you must henceforth give the rivers the kindness that you would give my brother. We know that the white man does not understand our ways. One portion of land is the same to him as the next, for he is a stranger who comes in the night and takes from the land whatever he needs. The Earth is not his brother, but his enemy and when he has conquered it, he moves on. He leaves his father’s graves behind, and he does not care. He kidnaps the Earth from his children, and he does not care.


His father’s grave, and his children’s birthright are forgotten. He treats his mother, the Earth, and his brother, the same, as things to be bought, plundered, sold like sheep or bright beads. His appetite will devour the Earth and leave behind only a desert.

I do not know. Our ways are different from yours ways. The sight of your cities pains the eyes of the red man. But perhaps it is because the red man is a savage and does not understand.

There is no quiet place in the white man’s cities. No place to hear the unfurling of leaves in spring, or the rustle of an insect’s wings. But perhaps it is because I am a savage and do not understand. The clatter only seems to insult the ears. And what is there to life if a man cannot hear the lonely cry of a whippoorwill or the arguments of the frogs around a pond at night. I am a red man and do not understand. The Indian prefers the soft sound of the wind darting over the face of the pond, and the smell of the wind itself, cleansed by a midday rain, or scented with the pinon pine.


The air is precious to the red man, for all things share the same breath – the beast, the tree, the man, they all share the same breath. The white man does not seem to notice the air he breathes. Like a man dying for many days, he is numb to the stench. But if we sell you our land, you must remember that the air is precious to us, that the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports. The wind that gave our grandfather his first breath also receives his last sigh. And if we sell you our land, you must keep it apart and sacred, as a place where even the white man can go to taste the wind that is sweetened by the meadow’s flowers.

So we will consider your offer to buy our land. If we decide to accept, I will make one condition – the white man must treat the beasts of this land as his brothers.

I am a savage and do not understand any other way. I have seen a thousand rotting buffaloes on the prairie, left by the white man who shot them from a passing train. I am a savage and do not understand how the smoking iron horse can be made more important than the buffalo that we kill only to stay alive.

What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of the spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected.


You must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes of our grandfathers. So that they will respect the land, tell your children that the Earth is rich with the lives of our kin. Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the Earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves.

This we know – the Earth does not belong to man – man belongs to the Earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected.

Whatever befalls the Earth – befalls the sons of the Earth. Man did not weave the web of life – he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.

Even the white man, whose God walks and talks with him as friend to friend, cannot be exempt from the common destiny. We may be brothers after all. We shall see. One thing we know, which the white man may one day discover – Our God is the same God. You may think now that you own Him as you wish to own our land, but you cannot. He is the God of man, and His compassion is equal for red man and the white. The Earth is precious to Him, and to harm the Earth is to heap contempt on its creator. The whites too shall pass, perhaps sooner than all other tribes.

But in your perishing you will shine brightly, fired by the strength of the God who brought you to this land and for some special purpose gave you dominion over this land and over the red man. That destiny is a mystery to us, for we do not understand when the buffalo are slaughtered, the wild horses tamed, the secret corners of the forest heavy with scent of many men, and the view of the ripe hills blotted by talking wires. Where is the thicket? Gone. Where is the Eagle? Gone. The end of living and the beginning of survival.”

Attributed to Chief Seattle.



Vibrant Goat

Vibrant Country Goat


  • “How do we treat and work with what’s given to us, with respect and integrity?” asks the CAP ‘goat’.
  • “How do we use and work with time and resources, incl. our body in a way that’s sustainable, rather than exploiting and abusive?”

Simple, yet not always easy questions to ask, in our modern ‘matrix’ – which is changing rapidly.

Not just ‘Less is More’ (which is still based on giving higher value to ‘more’), but actually ‘Less is Fulfilling’ says the CAP goat. Carrying (and owning and managing) less definitely frees up energies, not just on the mountain, but in life in general.


Inquiring and diving into essence is powerful, says PLUTO, now in CAP, catalyzed by MERCURY

SUN / PLU / MER in CAP remind us that every action from the spirit of integrity, aligned with core truth and basic common sense contributes energetically, and empowers immediately.

So let’s purge what’s redundant, has outlived its purpose, isn’t in alignment (anymore, with the consciousness of now).

Let’s honour, and work with resources (incl. inner hidden, buried, and unused ones, says MERCURY retro in CAP, going back over the ‘Integrity Point’ into late SAG, before re-entering CAP and passing PLUTO), and build in quality consciousness.


A ceremony to mark the transition from the old to the new consciousness, to re-build from new insights, and to invoke universal power (PLUTO) would be very apropos this New Moon.

Soul Power is what we’re deeply moved to connect with now.

Just as Nature is ever transforming, simple, essential Soul Power transforms the old, outlived and unsustainable and ‘re-purposes’ the energy for the NEW. To be consciously ‘with it’ catalyzes change that’s due now.


* The CAP New Moon Chart

The CAP New Moon is exactly this eve / tonight Dec 28 at 10:53 pm PST / Dec 29 at 1:53 am EST:




Lots of NEWness and Liberation in the AstroSphere, yet from a solid foundation (CAP):

As you see, a big gravitation is in CAP, and the Earth Element is strongest:

  • SUN / MOON / MERCURY retro (that’s what a New Moon / New Mercury alignment looks like), and PLUTO nearby (the MOON will pass PLUTO tomorrow Dec 29, the SUN on Jan 6, and MERCURY on Jan 29).
    Simple Soul Power. The Power is IN us, as we connect with Spirit, and speak from that place. Resources to sustain us are there – just a matter of allocating them.
    The New Moon / MERCURY in CAP is also in trine with the North Node in VIR – it helps to be specific and sort out what the issue is, what works for you and your integrity and what doesn’t. Planting seeds for a new ‘operating system’ with awareness and integrity.


  • As MERCURY retro met the SUN today Dec 28, just before the CAP New Moon: It’s time for new breakthrough insights that move us forward. More about the MERCURY retro phase, tips & tricks in my Astro~News blog post from Dec 13.


  • JUPITER in LIBRA opposes stationary URANUS retro in ARIES: The ‘wild card’ / revolutionary / unpredictability factor of URANUS in ARIES needs some calming and moderation. And the tendency of JUPITER in LIBRA to be overly other-oriented can benefit from some fresh ‘enlightened self interest’ and pro-active ARIES initiative.


  • SATURN in SAG trines URANUS stat in AR (was exact on Christmas eve, Dec 24, and again, for more integration on May 18 and Nov 11, 2017): Ahh, that alignment makes it much easier – and spacious! – to be in our truth and on our path, matured from old beliefs, conditioning, moralizing, and guilt-tripping ‘shoulds’. Free to show up in our authentic Self – hallelujah! SATURN in SAG squares CHIRON in PI (exact Dec 28, and again Apr 30 and Nov 2, 2017): Let go of what weakens you, and move with the YES!


  • South Node in PI, with NEPTUNE / MARS (exact contact on Dec 31 / Jan 1): A dynamic wave – so much coming ‘at us’ or to ‘take in’. Be the ‘enlightened’ surfer – you can’t control the waves but you can learn how to surf. Releasing and moving forward, rolling with the ever-changing.



Blessings for the Capricorn New Moon, dear Reader!

Next up: URANUS turning from retro to direct tomorrow, Dec 29 – blog post to follow!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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* Happy Winter SoUlstice 2016! Light RE-turning *

20 Dec

Today and tomorrow, Dec 20 /21 are the shortest days of the year, and tonight (Dec 20 / 21) will be the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere: Here in Victoria B.C. Dec 21 is 7 hours, 48 minutes shorter than on the Summer Solstice: 8 hrs, 18 min. and 33 sec. daylight.

The SUN appears to ‘stand still’ (Sol-stice) for a few days, on the lowest arc of the Ecliptic, before slowly, gradually ‘climbing’ again, and providing minute by minute longer days (Dec 18 – 24: 8 hrs 18 – 19 min., then gradually longer daylight, see this Time & Date table  and wiki Winter Solstice article.


WINTER SOLSTICE is one of the 8 sacred yearly celebrations of alignment with the SUN:


Celtic Wheel of the Year, with Ostara / Spring Equinox, Beltane, Litha / Summer Solstice, Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain, YULE, and Imbolc.


Winter Solstice Traditions celebrate the Return of the Light, and the ReBirth of the Inner En-Lightened Consciousness.

Happy Yule!

Happy Solstice!

Merry Christmas!


Today Dec 20 at 12:12 pm, our AstroEmbodiment Circle of Eight stepped into the energy field of the Winter Solstice chart!

It was a dramatic, invigorating, magical day, and from our (indoor 🙂 ) vantage point, we were overlooking the stormy sea, with sunshine and storm, and even a rainbow and an eagle offered us their SAG blessings! On this last day of SAG, we were an inter-nation-all circle, coming from Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, East Coast U.S., Western and West Coast Canada. Soo good to connect in Unity! Nature-ALL Alignment…

Here are some key themes that we ‘downloaded’ as we all stepped into the fields of several planets – with participants not even knowing what they represented (that’s the magic of the field!).
Wow, it was so rich, can’t remember it all:


  • The Solstice SUN – a calm, quiet energy field of simplicity. What matters matters. All else can wait.
  • Deep immersion into the dark, infinite PLUTO / MERCURY retro regeneration ‘cave’. Not scary, rather ‘velvety’. 
  • In contrast: What an exciting, igniting, liberating, whoaaaa energy of URANUS in ARIES (presently a stationary ‘focal point’). Freedom for being oneself!
  • JUPITER in LIBRA (and the Winter SoUlstice Moon next to it) – in opposition to URANUS – responding, balancing, dancing with URANUS, by offering an openness for new complementary relationships and synergies on all levels.
  • LILITH in SCO: Moving not just ‘with the storm’ but being the storm, being Nature – magical and empowering.
  • SATURN in SAG requires experience, practice, and a good grounding / lauching pad from which to fly – like a ski jumper.
  • The North Node in VIR is also grounding and aware of alignment – yet responding to many influences (“so much to do?”).
  • In balance: NEPTUNE, the South Node, and CHIRON in PI are the universality, where nothing is ‘to do’, all is interconnected and an interdimensional healing offer. The invitation to relax into this and receive its gifts. MARS in PI adds adventure, like surfers rolling with the waves.
  • VENUS in AQ adds sparkle – and needs breathing space.



Solstice Storm (the Sun low in the sky round 3 pm) – Photo by Melanie Dec 20, 2016.



WINTER SOLSTICE 2016 will be exactly (as the SUN enters CAP) this year tonight, Dec 21 at 2:46 am PST.

Here is the Winter Solstice chart which we tuned into in our AstroEmbodiment:




Balance is an important message – not only because LIBRA is the AC from the West Coast, but also the MOON and JUPITER will be in LIBRA (and the World has a big – JUPITER – need – the MOON – for Balance, Peace, Harmony, Fairness, Justice, and Right Relationships nowadays.

Plus there are 2 oppositions that require and offer Balance:

  • JUPITER and the MOON in LIBRA oppose stationary URANUS retro in ARIES: The ‘wild card’ / revolutionary / unpredictability factor of URANUS in ARIES needs some calming and moderation. And the tendency of JUPITER in LIBRA to be overly other-oriented can benefit from some fresh ‘enlightened self interest’ and pro-active ARIES initiative.
  • The North Node in VIR opposes (naturally) the South Node in PI, with NEPTUNE and also MARS approaching. A balance between relaxing, surrendering (MARS in PI: ‘Victory’ comes from surrendering the ego), letting go and Being in Oneness, and doing what’s in integrity, based on self awareness (VIR).

MERCURY freshly retro (Dec 19 – Jan 8) with PLUTO in CAP asks us to go deeper into soul searching – what’s the deeper symbolic meaning, essence, and spirit of Christmas, SoUlstice, Light Returning – for us? And what is TIME?
Practically speaking:

  • How can we work with what we got (yes, optimizing working with day light is a metaphor)?
  • If we have health, time, community, access to resources, how do we work with all of this and them in the best way? 
  • Maybe a new approach with cooperation, synergy, and balance (CAP – LI)? Could be a ‘personal revolution’ (URANUS in ARIES turning direct on Dec 29!)

MERCURY is presently in the first = epimethean phase of the retro journey. ‘Old stories’ – perhaps ‘inherited’ from the ancestors (CAP) might come up, to be acknowledged and transformed (PLU) into higher purpose. Maybe the old stories teach us / can be used as a ‘teaching example’ to show how empowering, evolutionary change is possible / already happened in other situations (like: the ancestors were resourceful and went through… how can me use their example, strength and endurance – without the struggle, scarcity,or even survival scenarios they might have gone through!).
Our conditioned Mind (MERCURY) is going through a transformation (PLU). What comes up for you?
Let’s go deeper, into our visceral incorruptible ‘gut’ sense of what’s going on and ripe for transformation and empowerment – symbolized by PLUTO. That’s where the Power-to-Change sits.

Clearly, this MERC / PLU activation affects all you CAP friends out there, and the CAP sides (AC, MOON, Planets, and house) in all of us. Ask me if you’d like to explore these themes in your own chart and life with me.


Crystal activated Voyager Tarot card IV – Photo by Melanie

Crystal activated Voyager Tarot card IV – Photo by Melanie


When MERCURY retro meets the SUN on Dec 28, just before the CAP New Moon on Dec 28 / 29 it’s time for new breakthrough insights that move us forward.

More about the MERCURY retro phase, tips & tricks in this blog post.


SATURN in SAG trines URANUS retro / stat in AR (exact on Christmas eve, Dec 24, and again, for more integration on May 18 and Nov 11, 2017):

Ahh, that alignment makes it much easier – and spacious! – to be in our truth and on our path, matured from old beliefs conditioning, moralizing, and guilt-tripping ‘shoulds’. Free to show up in our authentic Self – hallelujah!


For the SoUlstice time, I look forward to nature walks, and engaging in what brings joy and is regenerative – can be quite ‘simple’ says CAP.

Once CAPRICORN energy sets in, with the Winter Solstice, we are called to manifest what we deeply know (SAG). ‘Only’ resolutions, visions, and promises are not enough.

Let’s walk the talk, and show the evidence…, slowly, steadily, consistently, and without blaming ourselves for not being perfect yet. It’s work (AND play, miracles, joy!) in progress!

And hey, let’s not fall into the CAP trap of being buried under a mountain of…. (you name it: work, commitments, responsibilities, stuff….), and free up the most important resource: quality TIME / Time quality!

With the freed-up NO-time / clock-less time, let’s give each other the loving gift of time, not only this SOLSTICE!




By the way, if you still haven’t seen it yet, or as a reminder – esp. apropos materialistic Christmas: Watch the 20-min video ‘Story of Stuff’ by Annie Leonard. She launched it 9 years ago(!), in Dec 2007 (just before PLUTO entered CAP, in Jan 2008), to illustrate how the ‘material’s economy’s’ linear system of extraction -> production -> distribution -> consumption -> disposal is unsustainable on a finite planet, which I’m sure is pretty obvious to you, dear reader, but perhaps you’d like to show / send it to some rare  ‘disbelievers’ out there. The project has evolved: In the meantime, there is also the ‘Story of Change’ and the Story of Solutions’.


TIME as we know it, and our ways of working with it is indeed changing.

Whether we are speaking metaphysically of transcending the conditioned experience of time, and tapping into 5th dimension consciousness, or quite practically – it happens on all levels:

Astrologically, PLUTO (powerful evolutionary change agent) is presently in CAP (which rules time and maturity), 2008 – 2023.

Are we being swallowed by the ‘Time Monster’ or some other draconian super power or gruesome force? Or will the old Time Machine die a slow yet inevitable death? With PLUTO, my suggested formula goes like this: It gets intense as it changes…


Historically, humanity has attempted to be the masters of time and productivity since PLUTO was the last time in CAP (late 1700’s, the times of the American, French, and Industrial Revolution, and major colonization, and ‘distribution’ of the world resources among imperialistic countries that subordinated and ‘ruled over’ indigenous cultures. The ever faster running wheels and productivity devices have turned against us. With all the opportunities that ‘saving time’ has brought us we have become the slaves of time (as scarcity). Many people are caught in the machinery and ‘live for retirement’, or impose our generation’s debt on the shoulders of the next generations. This is unsustainable.

Change is underway. Too slow? Effective and transformational enough?

Here is a random act of log wisdom that I found at a nearby beach (and left it there, for the next person): “Money, like manure, does no good until it’s spread around.” Not just money, any resource and what we can extract from deep processes wants to be ‘spread around’ now, with PLUTO in CAP, and SATURN in SAG.


Money-ure Log


So how about right NOW (says ARIES where UR stirs up the pot), and from now on (with the SUN, MERCURY and PLUTO in CAPRICORN):

~ Reclaiming alignment with time and natural laws (like the TAO),

~ Taking down-time in the midst of time acceleration craze,

~ Respecting ancient, timeless (and timely!) wisdom, and

~ Living more simply so that others can simply live?


Time is Consciousness.

“Not enough time for love, relationship, children” – postponing those to Day X, when “the work is done” could be a self trapping statement of purpose, attainment, and completion oriented CAPRICORN.

“The Work” is never done, we can’t personally be ever complete with what we set out to do.

And as Joanna Macy would say: “Help create a project that survives you!” A transpersonal practice a la PLU.


Did you know? CAPRICORN is actually a mythical fish-tailed Sea Goat.




What’s with that, you might ask?


The time of Winter Solstice when the SUN enters CAPRICORN has been traditionally (in the Pisces Age) celebrated as the birth of redeemers – masters who have climbed up the mountain of spiritual attainment, and offered their energy to the collective – the fish tail is an association with operating in the waters of Oneness. 


Which brings us to… Christmas!

Last year round this time, I went to a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at the Victoria Christ Church Cathedral. One of the Carols (commissioned by the CCC in 2011) struck me as relating (for those who are aware) to the Astrology and symbolism of the Christ Birth after Winter Solstice:


Magi Star


Magi and A Poor Place


A poor place this, no place to welcome kings;

No place for myrrh or frankincense or gold.

A place for simple folk and simple things;

A place of shadows, comfortless and cold.

Yet kings are here, and now as daylight dies,

By their command an minstrel softly sings

To calm the child while Magi search the skies

For mighty Jupiter and Saturn’s rings.


So poor a place, yet now it welcomes kings.

See how they pause outside the stable door.

See how they kneel as each one humbly brings

A gift and lays it on the earthen floor.

For if the stars are true, if planets speak,

And if their journey to this humble place

Has guided them aright, this child they seek

Is mighty ruler both of time and space.


A poor place this, the world of these our days,

So poor in justice, poor in joy and peace;

Where children starve, where evil pays,

And empires clash in wars that never cease.

Yet still the Holy Child is brought to birth;

The grace he gives far more than we can tell.

His loving hands enfold the wounded Earth,

And all is well, and all things shall  be well.


Music by Patrick Wedd. Text by Herbert O’Driscoll


I was astounded to hear and read in this beautiful ‘modern’ and timeless carol about

  • “…while Magi search the skies for mighty Jupiter and Saturn’s rings.”The (triple) JUPITER / SATURN conjunction in PISCES in the year 6 BC which was apparently considered the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ – the biggest planets in our Solar System aligned which happens (usually only once) every 20 year could have appeared as ‘A Star’. Apparently right overhead Israel (which is ruled by SATURN) at the time. JUPITER and SATURN united stands for the Archetype of a master / teacher / guru / king. And the fact that the Great Conjunction happened in PISCES at the onset of the PISCES Age promised a new religious / spiritual era.
  • “Is mighty ruler of time and space” reminds me of the Space / Time Point from SAG to CAP, at Winter Solstice. SAG rules Space and CAP rules TIME (see above). The JU / SAT alignment didn’t happen at the Winter Solstice 6 BC, but JU and SAT rule that point! And that’s when The Light of the SUN Returns / is REborn

Hmm, goes to show, maybe Christianity knew something about Astrology, and ‘placed’ the birth of the redeemer onto Day 3 after Winter Solstice, when the SUN starts to gradually climb.


Would you like to join us at the Winter Transits Parlour?

That’s  after the Holidays, on THU Dec 29 from 6:29 – 9 pm.

Let’s Celebrate the Returning Light!
Let’s honour and align with major astrological Winter transits into 2017!

More about it here.




© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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* MARS into PISCES (Dec 19 – Jan 27) Surf’s UP! Chill Out! ReConnect!

19 Dec

Voyager Tarot card Man of Cups – Surfer. Crystal Activation and Photo by Melanie.


UH, today Dec 19 MARS entered PISCES (until Jan 27) – on the same day when MERCURY went retro (until Jan 8) in CAP. Does that sound like a confusing mix, where the energy is ‘all over the place’ rather than linear and nicely ‘organized’? Perhaps… or, how about this:

Had fun fun fun today @ baking cookies (Lebkuchen and Baerentatzen = Bear Paws with dates), with inherited recipes of the Old World (from my grandma and from my dear old (since we were 5) friend Elisabeth’s Ma) while listening to Bavarian comedians. My mom had sent me CD’s years ago – timelessly funny, cool to tune into the humour and having a ball.
Under MERCURY freshly retro in ‘Old World’ CAP (who refuses to buy cookies when she can make them, pricelessly infused with the right spirit), and MARS freshly in PISCES – yep, just rolled with it, and yes there was chocolate spilling, just on the right spots to be fun rather than a crazy mess.
Picked a Voyager card to complete the still life / cookie altar: Nine of Cups – Passion – YES!



Old World Baking with Passion – Freshly co-created with Old World Spirit, and photographed by Melanie Dec 19, 2016


As always with PISCES, we’re in for the paradox, and for the interface of the personal (MARS) and the collective (PI):

  • On a personal level, MARS in PI is very conducive, together with MERCURY retro, to be on a roll and in the flow with anything that connects us with the bigger whole.  And to let go and release what 2016 (a ‘9’ year of endings: 2+0+1+6 = 9) has ‘washed up’. In a pro-active, physical way, mind you, with MARS: Dance, music, shaking, breathing, swimming, surfing, sauna’ing, steam bathing, soaking in salt baths, or receiving body work that releases tension.  All great ways of leaving 2016, and entering 2017 ‘freshly washed’ and re-connected.
    Yes, I get it, lots of people might want to drown their 2016 frustrations in alcohol and other drugs. Not the best outlet for MARS in PI.
  • Your Piscean SUN, MOON, ASC, or Planets  get an energy boost from MARS – in a relaxed, chill way.  Maybe your desire to immerse yourself in the ‘field’ of… (dance, music, art, or literally: the water) gets turned on. The life areas represented by your Piscean House/s are these weeks also more energized than ‘usual’, and want you to act on their behalf or at least immerse yourself into their affairs. For more specifics I invite you to check in with me re: your personal birth chart. Take me up on my Holiday Offer if you like! Will be extended to Dec 31! ❤
  • On a collective (= Piscean) level, MARS in PI can stir up an emotional unified, possibly even fanatical, ideally healing wave, since MARS in PI will contact NEPTUNE (on New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Day!) and CHIRON (on Jan 16).
    Which can turn into a powerful emergence of an innovative impulse, and / or a revolutionary activist movement when MARS enters its own Warrior energy of ARIES (Jan 27 – March 9) where it squares PLUTO (on Feb 22) and meets URANUS (Feb 26 – also the day of the PI New Moon Solar Eclipse!).

So, for now, let’s RElax into collective high vibrations of unity consciousness beyond Time and Space, kick back, RE-connect, and enjoy the true Spirit of Solstice and Christmas!

What an auspicious wintry time NOW for RE-lease and RE-generation, as we gather energy for the cosmic Spring energy from February on!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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Mercury Retro Gearing UP – and Travelling with PLUTO in CAP (Dec 19 – Jan 8) :: Seasoned Tips & Tricks, and New Perspectives on M-R!

13 Dec

Mercurial Greetings, dear Astro~News Fan!

Have you been going a bit (or very much) mental, these days and weeks?

Welcome to the club!

Welcome to humanity – under the influence of the present AstroSphere, feat. The upcoming MERCURY RETRO phase (Dec 19 – Jan 8).

This one is a potent MERCURY – close to PLUTO in CAPRICORN – and it goes back over the SAG – CAP ‘Integrity Point’ = Winter Solstice Point.


Mercury winged feet

MERCURY Retro in CAP – Staying Grounded on & in solid Marble, for Now / Taking off from a good Foundation



MERCURY the magician and shape shifter shows up this time as HERMES the ‘psycho pomp’ who guides Souls into the Underworld – the realm of HADES = PLUTO)…, while Winter SoUlstice is nearing, the long-night time of the year, and while Humanity in some way goes through the Dark Night of the Soul, these years….


We’re all in one boat (hmm, maybe some dark humour here…).

With MERCURY’s underworldly trip back to Soul, and back to SoUlar Consciousness (MERCURY / SUN alignment – which ushers the next New Moon, Dec 28 / 29!) collective evolution (PLUTO) is brought back inward into our Soul evolution, and contribution to the whole (CAP).

So, in other words, an inquiry time for questions like:

  • What are we on our Soul’s Journey contributing and supporting?
  • What can we provide and help building that makes a difference, in a soulful and sustainable way?
  • What matters most ‘at the end of the day’ and at any time, esp. NOW?!



MERCURY will go RETRO Dec 19 until Jan 8.

And it will be in stationary turnaround ‘storm’ over the coming week, from Dec 15 on…
Time to sloooow the busy mind down, and enjoy the magical, synchronistic ways of how nature and life speak to us – when we really look and listen, learn, and flexibly adapt and flow.

“RE-tour a la Nature” is a sweet and simple theme of MERCURY Retro in Earth signs this year – was in TAU in Apr / May, in VIR in Aug / Dec, and this one in CAP in Dec / Jan).

In RE-view:

  • RE-evaluate Values (rather than chasing the money) – TAU.
  • RE-align and discern, in our ‘Temple’ of Wellness and Sacred Work (rather than just being the busy bee, and finding fault in self and others) – VIR.
  • RE-establish inner priorities (rather than going after status and control) – CAP (this one).

If you could use some practical suggestions for going with the M-r current scroll down, esp. to the Tool Kit!

If you’d like to savour the Full Mercury Retro Astro~News Menu

Voila! Dished up from here on:


Did I say ‘storm’?
Yep, MERCURY – winged Messenger Archetype, representing the Mind and its workings, is going into its pre-retro stationary (slow turnaround) ‘storm’ this week (from Dec 15 on, kicked off by the Full Moon)!

The immanent early M-r phase in CAP, close to PLUTO shows us ‘old stories’ of how the mind can try to ‘control’ life and how that in turn can turn into hard work, yet something else is in charge, and we can be sustained and fuelled by IT…


At the onset on M-r we are shown how the Mind has gotten wayyy ahead of SPIRIT and consciousness (the SUN), and needs to be ‘lassoed in’ to follow as a tool, rather than taking the lead. This is the main function of M-r.



Wherever you are on the Planet EARTH while the message comes ‘down your chimney’, wide awake, in deep sleep / no-mind at this point, enjoy the read, hopefully with a storm free weather and mind (brain storms are cool though)! J


Wishing you a blessed navigation in the retro- and interdimensional zone, with the current Mercurial Mind currents, in the Heavens as on EARTH!


And a blessed SoUlstice Season!

Hope to SEE you again soon, in real life, or on Skype – it’s all about REconnecting (as directly as possible)!

Mecur-elanie, a.k.a. cosmic SoUl SiStar du jour


What you find in this ‘Special Issue’:

* MERCURY RETRO in CAP next to PLUTO and back over the ‘Integrity Point’:
What Matters Most (‘Matter over Mind’) 

* MERCURY Retro and the Mental Maze / Labyrinth

* Sabian Symbol of the MERCURY Turnaround Degree: 15° CAP

* REsource, RE: Mind, and Consciousness of Spirit

* Itinerary for the Mercury retro Phase




* MERCURY RETRO in CAP next to PLUTO and back over the ‘Integrity Point’:
What Matters Most (‘Matter over Mind’)


SoUlstice Light Photo by Melanie


What could that look like?

  • Sloooowing down, and being in Nature, grounded and inward.
  • Rather than going crazy over the Holiday ‘agenda’, asking ourselves:

What matters most? And what’s with TIME (ruled by CAP), as in: giving each other the gift of Time. And also not being so controlled and ruled by Time. How can we return to soulful Time?

  • Maybe we need to take ourselves to magical spots. MERCURY is also the magician, and M-r times can be quite magical – if we let it unfold (and our ‘original plans’ transform).
  • Ceremony is perfect under M-r so close to the SoUlstice, and into the NEW, esp. for a release of old thought forms. Specifically before the New Moon on Dec 28 / 29 would be great cosmic timing.
  • Buying less, crafting more. RE-alizing that what’s soUld to us may turn into a selling our Soul to materialism that’s like a bottomless hole. We are whole and complete without ‘stuffing’ ourselves.
  • The mind in CAP tries to plan and control. Going with the flow?! Definitely more magical, and open for the unknown and unknowable.
  • Let’s follow the messages (MERCURY) of Nature and Soul, and of Mother Nature (PLUTO in CAP). They might take you inward at first, esp. in the first half of the M-r phase (until Dec 28), to help us RE-align with What Matters Most.



Take time this first MERCURY retro week, under the waning Moon

  • For creative and playful brain storms.
  • For a ‘pause button’ in the ‘automatic pilot’ of ‘gotta’ / ‘should have’ to-do’s.
  • To check your ‘invent-ory’, in other words, ‘RE-sources’ and inventive ideas from the ‘back burner’ could come to new life…. – some of them are due for purging and RE-cycling too.
  • Check in with your friends and family whom you might not have made TIME for! Esp. for your M-r buddies!


* MERCURY Retro and the Mind Maze / Labyrinth

Labyrinth (Seven Circle Classical L.) by Helen Rowlands

7-Circle Classical Labyrinth by Helen Rowlands

7-Circle Classical Labyrinth by Helen Rowlands

When I was searching for something else on the internet a while ago, I came across this Labyrinth image by Helen Rowlands, which immediately reminded me of the brain.

Why haven’t I seen the connection before?

A classical MERCURY retro example for suddenly seeing connections that were always there, in ‘plain sight’ but not paid attention to. Nature and natural formations (CAP) does that ‘to us’ too. And they are never static and ‘the same’ and show us a great deal about transformation and impermanence (PLUTO). Maybe another RE-ason why I love being in Nature, besides: it’s so RE-generative.

Check out THIS confirmation article about Labyrinths!
A MERCURY retro question could be: Can we use (HA! CAP asks the qu: “How can we use and work with what we already have?”)  the ancient labyrinth structure / system, to intentionally connect, energize, and regenerate both brain hemispheres, and everything ‘mind’? Maybe just a prompting RE-minder to be RE-ceptive (not only) under M-r in CAP, for seeing what we are called to work with that’s already here. We don’t need to RE-invent the wheel…


Mercury Butchard Gardens

Mercury / Hermes Statue at Butchard Gardens, Victoria (Photo by Gail Pettinger) … casting its shadow, and pointing to….?


  • What are the symptoms of being in an unconscious / default MERCURY retro mode?
  • How do you recognize that you are in a mercurial ‘maze’ / ‘labyrinth’?
  • What’s the best approach to the energy of this time?


Well, to cut right through the story, unconsciousness IS the maze.

When we identify with the mind’s analyses, assumptions, judgments that circulate in us we bury ourselves under the mental load (CAP), and far from free.

Thinking itself is not the problem, and we can’t and don’t need to make our mind ‘shut up’. The issue is rather getting wrapped up with our thoughts, in CAP in mostly via the notion to control, organize, and work optimally, which can be frustrating when people and circumstances don’t cooperate. Hence judgment / self judgment and resentment can set in.

So the key is (in the CAP world) to use the Mind as a ‘natural RE-source’ yet not to be used or enslaved by it.



Sun Dial at Beacon Hill Park. Always ‘On Time’ Photo by Melanie


Each MERCURY retro phase serves as a REcalibration of the mind, and REconnection of the mind (MERCURY) with Consciousness and Spirit (the SUN). MERCURY has gone ahead of the SUN, and is during M-r being ‘lassoed back in’, to step behind the SUN.


Bottom line:

  • Let’s BE aware and MIND-ful, recognize when we are rather mind – full, and what it takes to bring more ease and flow to our life.
  • Let’s REalize again that we are not the mind. It’s just a function that serves consciousness.
  • Let’s be open minded, and available to see things in a new, fresh light.
  • Like the Sun dial, let’s count the ‘SUN-ny hours’, and the blessings


Let’s see what the

* Sabian Symbol of the Mercury Turnaround Degree reveals.

MERCURY will turn retro at 15° 07′ CAP.

For the Sabian Symbol, I’d suggest to round it down to 15°CAP, since it’s so close to 15, and the direction is backwards.  




Keynote: The Responsibility of society to ensure the welfare and total health of the new generation.

The sociocultural process must look to the future as well as to the past. It has created conditions which may harm the children who will carry forward its work, and it must try to repair these negative conditions through love as well as through physical care. In personal life, the individual should take great care of her fresh intuitions and his dreams for future growth. They are often fragile developments which the pressures of everyday life can easily distort or destroy.
This is the last stage of Scene 19 (1 – 15 CAP) which began with a powerful claim for socio-political power. The exercise of such a power can indeed produce social conditions which endanger the healthy and spiritual unfoldment of a community, and especially of its children. There is therefore a constant need for TENDER CARE as well as skill to neutralize the destructive tensions of social living.”

Powerful, and definitely ‘retro’ message for the whole M-r phase – bringing the Mind back what matters most, now and into the future of the Children of Humanity! SOOO timely.


* REsource, RE: Mind, and Consciousness of Spirit

Check out Adyashanti’s ‘old’ but gold video about his basic spiritual teachings. Excellent.


* Itinerary for the  Mercury retro Phase

Mercury Pajou (at the Louvre, Paris) Seems Libran / Scorpionic to me :-)

Mercury, CAPricornian Sculpture by A. Pajou (Louvre, Paris) – uuuh, temporarily grounded / lost his ankle wings!


Dec 15: MERCURY in CAP close to PLUTO enters the stationary ‘storm’

Stormy, ingenuous, or wrapped up in trying to get your act together, while being in an ‘underworld / inner world journey’?


Dec 19: MERCURY in mid CAP, next to (almost but not quite passing) PLUTO will turn retro, from Earth perspective. 

SoUlstice Stand-still for the inward – backward looking Mind. RE-connecting with SoulAwareness. And: Nature speaks…


Dec 28: Inferior Conjunction of MERCURY retro with the CAP SUN and also NEW MOON and URANUS Direct (both on Dec 28 / 29!).

The SUN (Spirit, Consciousness) leads again, while mind is the instrument and assistant.

The whole point of the MERCURY retro adjustment phase…

Ahhh, the half-way point of the MERCURY retro journey, a.k.a. ‘Point of Enlightening Insight’! A ‘New MERCURY’ is being born. WOW, on the eve of URANUS (the Archetype of Prometheus the Awakener) turning direct – very illuminating! And it starts the ‘Promethean’ phase of M-r!

SO divinely timed this time, with the New Moon in CAP, just at the end of the calendar year, into the New Year of 2017 which will also numerologically be a 1 year (count up the # = 10 / 1).


Jan 4 – 12: MERCURY re-enters SAG, and cruises on the ‘Integrity Point in the first half of January.

Look for new insights and visons that can turn into manifestation – that you are called to build and show up with. They gotta be in alignment with integrity for you. And now you know your mind can’t trick you…


Jan 8: MERCURY will go direct again.

We learned a big deal about the ‘operations’ of the mind – to be revealed until then.


Jan 14: Mercury will leave the post-retro ‘storm’.

Mercury slowly catching momentum, RE-generated. ‘Mind’ has a different quality than before the M-r phase, maybe it’s deeply changed.


Jan 28: Mercury direct in CAP will leave the post-retro ‘shadow’.

Green light, to be more clearly in our alignment with integrity and showing up with what matters most to us.



For good measure, and on a practical note, it’s time for another updated



What’s with all the technology, media, and communication glitches that have sneaked in again lately?

Bingo! Another MERCURY retro is ON.

If you’ve read my MERCURY retro support notes (or shall I say: RE-hab advocacy?) 3 times a year over the last years you know my take on it (and might find it liberating): M-r isn’t necessarily ‘BAD’ news.

In a nutshell, with M-r, the Messenger Archetype – our MIND – is being adjusted, while temporarily operating differently than ‘usual’, to be REcalibrated to a ‘New MERCURY’ (hey, what’s that???).

Mercury Retro

Mercury doing its retro somersaults again…

Hermes / Mercury

Hermes / Mercury , with winged helmet, sandals, and Caduceus / serpent staff of the healer (“Like heals Like”)


So all groovy?

Well, trickster times ARE upon us, and a few practical hints can’t hurt, and might contribute to the RE-medies it offers…

Like myself, you might have already noticed glitches over the last while that RE-quired adjusting and clarifying communication and agreements, RE-sending emails, and making sure you and your partner are talking about the same thing.

Under one of the last M-r phases, I saw a RE-freshing Facebook message from a friend pointing out how RE-dundant and time consuming / wasting texting can be. It has become even more prevalent in the meantime…

What a perfect example!  Esp. for CAP who doesn’t like waste and wants to use what’s best.

Pick up the PHONE, or meet Face-to-Face, rather than messaging on Facebook!

Mercury retro RE-minds us to RE-adjust communication to a more effective way – sorta old fashioned groovy phoning and meeting for coffee… Take time, drop the pencil / tablet, and slow down. Get to know the person better through physical presence whom you ‘thought’ you communicated with, via your tech devices. Get away from the technology mediated connection, and see your friends again in front of you, for that one-on-one intimacy that an email / messages just wouldn’t do. Take TIME to meet them. It’s time well invested and may save you from having a fantasy or judgment about them. Make it RE-al!

Now, in the beginning M-r mode, we are more prone to bypass the rational censor, trust our bodily senses, truly and simply address what needs to be talked about (rather than ‘heady’ niceties and ‘pseudo talk’), are able to intuitively pick up now what wasn’t communicated before, and where loose ends were left open.


Wise Turtle moving slowly, with natural intelligence. Nature is our model and medicine, (not only) under MERCURY retro.


Then, when it comes to practical planning and organizing, take it easy under M-r in CAP! Something else, call it ‘The Mind of God / the Universal Mind / Higher Power’ (MERCURY conj. PLUTO) is in the picture. Our personal planning takes a break from the habitual control mode, and is invited to align with what needs to happen, and what the universe orchestrates. Obviously, that re-quires and teaches us flexibility (good medicine for CAP energy which can become rigid and set in its ways…) And also, often, we stick to Plan A because we are concerned we might inconvenience others with changing plans. However, a different plan might work best and be most effective for everybody anyway – so don’t take it ON, CAP!


Funny, how a change in one piece of the puzzle can create a domino / snowball effect, which shows our intrinsic connectivity in a web of energy and information. If one person whom you had made plans with and whom you have ‘counted in’ for a particular endeavour, needs to cancel last minute (perhaps because their pet is sick) it can create a whole chain of consequences, RE-quiring RE-coordination for you and everybody else involved… could be for the better. You might be RE-lieved to drop your ‘perfect plans’ and expectations.


Here are my seasoned and seasonal 14 Mercury retro tips,

for the whole retro phase (exact Dec 19 – Jan 8), and extending into post-retro stationary ‘storm’ (until Jan 14), and if you will, even post-retro shadow time (until Jan 28):


1) Be easy on yourself, as you get into the groove of things.

It usually takes a week or so to adjust to the different mode. Hopefully, you have taken the pre-retro shadow phase since early Dec already as an adjustment, rather than being ‘hit’ by the wild ‘storm’, from Dec 15 on.


2) Be mindful.

There is a tendency for the mind to be distracted, and all over the place, to loose and misplace things and thoughts that later have to be RE-trieved again. Avoid getting scattered and disorganized, but also let go of your attachments and the need to be in control. Practice being fully present in RE-al time, with every person you communicate with, and any situation and function. Don’t loose sight of what’s most significant, truly valuable, and a priority, in the face of the apparently urgent ‘little’ things which can easily be an accumulation of distractions. Watch how you might actually find pseudo comfort in distractions – to avoid…? what? Be your own M-r in CAP coach!


3) Go with the inwards / backwards oriented energy.

A good way of aligning with the M-r quality is meditation and mindfulness. Also an excellent chance (if not necessity) under M-r in CAP (the energy that’s so much about completion and accomplishment) is to deal with ‘old unfinished business’, loose ends, to clear communication themes from the past, often carried over from a previous M-r time – last one was in Aug / Sept, RE-member?


4) RE- everything!
Every M-r phase is a great time to attune and invite basically everything that starts with ‘RE-‘, like:

RE-visit, RE-address, RE-align, REad, RE-treat, RE-pair, RE-boot, RE-group, RE-consider, RE-arrange, RE-place, RE-purpose (very CAP – use what you got, and only get what you use!), you name it… makes sense, eh?

Also, of course, esp. with the CAP flavour, an excellent RE-minder to clear what has lost its purpose, to organize and streamline things (maybe RE-gift things to people who can use them more than you), and to back up your important files. Better safe than sorry.

Another RE-ason for pointing out all these RE-activities: During MERCURY retro (which also has a karmic undertone), we less likely get away anymore with procrastinating or neglecting RE-sidual communication issues with people from the past. They come up / it comes up like a mirror. With CAP, specially RE-lating to career, purpose, business, and the Elders.


5) Talk about what REally matters.

Come from a compassionate please. And check out how what people say very often comes from a need to be heard in their story and wound, even if that might be overcompensated by the ego. Rather than judging them (shadow of CAP) meet them from the heart, the warm human heart, and the spiritual heart that’s not attached at all. Take time for what’s important.


6) A direct, authentic, and lively dialogue…

…can open up opportunities to co-create, and support one another in an alienating society, and touch on other more important subjects that e-correspon-dance just wouldn’t allow for. When a conversation takes a different direction than the ‘planned’ and anticipated purpose it can lead to an even more important outcome. Trust the process.


7) Choose the clearest and most direct mode of communication available.

Phone or skype rather than emailing/messaging, meet them in person rather than phone, to make sure an actual dialogue happens. Look them in the eyes and feel out their presence, rather than just engaging in a factual monologue, via email / messaging, with the assumption you know what they think, or that they know what you think AND feel. Do they? Do you, really?

Be wise and trust simple insight, consider communicating in several ways and via different media, to make sure the message comes across – a bigger chance to reach them. But also, keep in mind and heart that because people’s minds can be all over the place now, communication might be distracted, scattered, and incomplete, or prone to assumptions: “I thought you got my email!!!”. Or it might actually be a monologue when you write to someone: Are you just thinking out loud as you “communicate’, or are you actually suggesting something to them?

Which brings us to…


8) Be mindful how you communicate with others.

Put yourself in their position, see the situation with less attachment and ego desires (“what’s in for me?”), drop your defenses, respond with genuine interest and be a CAP RE-source of service and guidance (if RE-quested)!


9) Be clear and precise with commitments, if you HAVE to (do you really?) sign an agreement now that can’t wait.
For your own interest, and maybe to maintain your good terms with the other person(!) double check whether you have been understood correctly what the implications and consequences of your agreement are (CAP), and RE-peat / RE-phrase back to the other person. Avoid signing an agreement before you have all the necessary information (which is often only after MERCURY retro is over!). Especially related to where CAP is in your chart (e.g. 7th house: relationships, 4th house: home / family).


10) Under M-r, the odds for fabulous unexpected synchronicities are 99%:

As we act more intuitively, and are RE-leased from the ordinary conditioned mind we let synchronistic guidance in, and allow the spontaneous intervention of the universe to show us our interconnectedness. With the CAP energy, let’s RE-member to tune into Nature and into the Inner Elder.


11) M-r is a good time to RE-connect with people you have lost sight of.

People might come back into your life whom you had connected with, but for some RE-ason have lost touch with. Time to RE-visit RE-sidual communication that’s not complete, or wasn’t possible for a while. Chances are good that you RE-connect with people from realms related to CAP in your chart (e.g. 7th house: significant others, 9th house: foreign countries, studies…).


12) When ‘glitches’ occur, rather than carrying judgment and resentment around (CAP) be fluid and flexible like quicksilver (MERCURY’s metal).

Think “shift happens”, don’t judge or blame yourself or others for not being ‘perfect’, and making ‘mistakes’, and turn the paradigm around: What could be the opportunity and funny side in this mishap? How can you use this situation for the highest purpose? A major teaching that’s also funny? RE-frame your way of thinking about things. And entertain the possibility that subconsciously, you might have arranged a wild alternative to the original ‘plan A’ which – who knows? – might lead to something new and better and more fun and playful than what the ‘set in stone’ /controlling CAP mind set could have come up with? J


13) Enjoy those hilarious, unintentional puns, slips, and new connections in the mind.

Be creative and brainstorm – esp. together with your MERCURY retro friends.


14) If you would like to know…

  • whether you are a member of the RETRO CLUB (born under MERCURY retro, as yours truly)
  • in which part of life the MERCURY Retro Trickster would likely play tricks on / with you
  • how you can best benefit from, and work WITH the energy,


…feel welcome to get in touch with your Astrologer.


© Mercur-elanie 2016



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* MERCURY over the ‘Integrity Point’ into CAP (Dec 2), and Mercury retro (Dec 19 – Jan 8) fore-shadowing :: Behind the Message there’s a Human.

2 Dec

Ahhh, why does nobody ‘like’ MERCURY retro?

It seems to mess with our plans, our mind, and with communications. 


Monkeys (Gibbons) at Play 1427 painting by Xuande Emperor

“Gibbons at Play” – 1427 Painting by Xuande Emperor(?!)


YES, MERCURY will inevitably go retro again (again??? 3 times a year for 3 weeks, plus pre- and post- retro shadow and storm, all in all almost 2 months each phase).

Rather than seeing M-r as an annoyance there’s a deeper purpose, and there are better ways of grooving with the ‘backwards flying messenger’.

Each M-r phase ‘lassoes’ MERCURY the Archetype for the Mind that gets ‘ahead of the game’ and has traveled ahead of the SUN back in, so that Spirit and Consciousness (the SUN) rule, and Mind follows as its function and ‘servant’. Always lots to learn and adjust each time, since the ‘monkey mind’ / ego mind really IS the make-believe trickster.


So here’s a brief overview of the upcoming M-r phase with itinerary (see also my scribblings on the SAG New Moon chart).


More about it in the updated M-r tool kit that I’ll send out next week in separate mail and in the next Astro~News for the GEM – SAG Full Moon on Dec 13 when MERCURY is about to go into pre-retro ‘storm’.


This year 2016, M-r visits the Earth signs (first phase was in TAU in Apr / May, then in VIR in Aug / Sept, and rounding it up with CAP in Dec / Jan).

Physical, practical matters have been mostly ‘affected’ by M-r (values, money, organizing, business, health) and this continues with M-r in CAP which rules societal structures, governments, bosses, law, time and history, as well as how we work with time and resources, and the long term effects of it.


Since PLUTO entered CAP in 2008/9, these larger issues have been ‘in our face’, and transformation of the modern capitalist life style has to happen to keep bio-structures on Planet Earth sustainable.

MERCURY will start its next retro tour on Dec 19, right next to PLUTO, and go back to the last degree of SAG, hence cross the SAG – CAP ‘Integrity Point’ 3 times (forward – retro – forward). All the deeper, more serious issues where walking our talk matters will be brought up by MERCURY. If the Mind (MERCURY) has either driven us more overtly crazy and powerless with our need to plan and control, in the face of world changes, or if we’re gone into denial / shut-down (PLU) things will come up for RE-visit and RE-view, to RE-connect with Spirit, and be guided from deep within.

Aaand: When receiving messages from and communicating with authorities, consider: “Behind the message is a person.” And communicate directly with them as human beings


Itinerary for the M-r phase in Dec / Jan 2016 /17:

Dec 1: MERCURY goes into pre-retro shadow – themes and patterns to address foreshadow.

Dec 2: MERCURY crosses from SAG over the ‘Integrity Point’ into CAP – how do you ‘walk your talk’, and think and talk in integrity?

Dec 15: MERCURY significantly slows down, and enters the stationary pre-retro ‘storm’ – time for RE-visit, RE-view, RE-treat…

Dec 19: MERCURY goes retro next to PLUTO – don’t be afraid of the ‘black hole’, may it RE-generate us deeply from within over the SoUlstice time.

Jan 4 – 12: MERCURY re-enters SAG and hovers on the ‘Integrity Point’: Walking our Talk matters.

Jan 8: MERCURY goes out of retro – what life lessons have we learned and do we need to practice now?

Jan 12 (Full Moon): MERCURY goes out of SAG into CAP, and out of stationary ‘storm’ – settling on ‘higher ground’?
Jan 27: MERCURY goes out of the post-retro shadow – integration.

I’ll post a Mercury retro tool kit shortly – stay tuned :-).



© Melanie Lichtinger 2016


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* Ecliptic, Cuspy AQUARIUS – LEO FULL MOON (Aug 18) * Let’s Co-create from the Heart, in Friendship and Freedom!

18 Aug
Golden Light Wave

Golden Light Wave – Photo by Melanie


YES, indeed:

Tonight’s FULL MOON is even a ‘wide’ LUNAR ECLIPSE that ‘grazes’ the penumbral shadow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_2016_lunar_eclipse.

The MOON will be about 18° away from the Lunar South Node (at 13°24 PI) – the closer SUN & MOON at a New Moon or Full Moon are to the Nodes the more exactly one of these heavenly bodies will be eclipsed.

The NEXT FULL MOON on Sept 16 (closer to the Nodes) will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.


But, hey, energetically it’s been a super charged, ‘electric’ build-up time for this FULL MOON too, due to the URANUS connection with the SUN this week, and the AQ FULL MOON will sextile URANUS too (see chart).


All about Liberation:
Freedom FROM… (low grade expressions of the energies involved) – perhaps:

  • LEO Drama & Dominance
  • AQ Isolation and Alienation

And Freedom FOR – perhaps:

  • Authentic Self Expression. Shining Our Light (LEO)
  • Living Life Lovingly and Creatively (LEO)
  • Connecting with Like-Spirited and Like-Hearted Friends and Community (AQ)
  • Co-Creating in Freedom, and with Synergistic Innovation (AQ)


Reminds me of the wise teacher J. Krishnamurti who was born with AQ Asc.

Wow, looking up his birth chart at http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Krishnamurti,_Jiddu, it’s late AQ where tonight’s FULL MOON will be!

We could use a bit of his ‘Freedom from the Known’ teaching – on so many levels.


Where late AQ is in your chart, that’s the area of life where LIBERATION and Co-Creation is ‘full & ripe’ now:
1st House: How you show up – BE Liberated!

2nd House: What you have and value – Own Your Freedom!

3rd House: Your environment – Co-Create in the City, and with ‘Relatives’ in Humanity!

4th House: Your home – A Place for Friends!

5th House: Your creativity – You’re a Free-spirited Innovator!

6th House: Your work and health – Cooperation is the Future!

7th House: Your significant others – Liberated Partnerships, and: Is Your Partner Your Friend?!

8th House: Your deep involvement and transformations – perhaps from Loneliness and Distance to Sharing in Humanity?

9th House: Your travels and worldviews – Meet Like-Spirited Friends in the World – maybe as you Travel or Study?!

10th House: Your calling and purpose – is FREEDOM.

11th House: Your community – True Friends and Co-Creators.

12th House: Your oneness with ALL – always FREE…



And AQ – LEO reminds me also of the all time favourite quote: “We are All Stars in the Constellation of Love!”


The FULL MOON, technically in AQ – LEO, is actually on two sign cusps:


The SUN is at the end of LEO, coming closer to the cusp to VIR (and will enter VIR on Aug 22 at 9:38 am PDT), the ‘Sphinx Point’ of Self (LEO) Awareness (VIR).



Sphinx on the Giza Plateau – Photo by Melanie, Egypt Journey with my AQ Friend Marina, Nov 2010…


Lots of VIR energies are on presently, with

  • VENUS / North Node (was exact yesterday Aug 17), and

MERCURY / JUPITER. The winged one, MERCURY, will travel very close to its ‘Mentor’ / the BIG one, JUPITER, esp. Aug 22 – Sept 16, basically during the whole VIR time, due to MERCURY retro very close to JUPITER end of VIR. See below also: Feature on MERCURY’s VIRGO JOURNEY

  • More about the SUPER VIRGO energy – Honouring the Sacred Feminine, Being in Alignment with our Work and Service, Health and Wellness… – for the VIR SOLAR ECLIPSE (a ‘Seed Eclipse’) on Sept 1.


What does this mean for now, the Cuspy FULL MOON presently?

  • Time to HARVEST the gifts of Self Awareness.
  • Gratitude for being able to consciously Live from Love, and Serve Others with what we Love, and be in the Love while we do the Work.
  • Everything goes better (VIR) with a Loving Heart (LEO) – and some dance too 🙂


The MOON is at the end of AQ, as I propose to call it, the ‘Coherence Point’ (“We’re all in this together”) – one might also call it ‘www Point’ :-).

Luna will glide over into PISCES even already tomorrow (Aug 18) morning, 7 ½ hrs after the Full Moon, at 9:34 am PDT, to meet in the oceanic realm its very own ruler of the cosmic seas, NEPTUNE, the South Node, and CHIRON, on Fri Aug 19 / Sat Aug 20.

So yeah, Connection (PI) as friends, in circles, groups, as humanity (AQ) is definitely ‘highlighted’ at this point.

Real human connection, I’d suggest… electronic, virtual connection is good too but can’t replace sharing in physicality (You can’t smell or hug or massage or share food with someone online… well, that all sounds like TAU all of a sudden :-)).


Since the PI energies are all wrapping around the Lunar South Node (which is very close to NEPTUNE, for the rest of 2016!), it’s also time to release overwhelm and addiction (PI), and, in balance with VIR, do spiritual practice (PI – VIR).

More about the VIR – PI themes in the next Astro~News (VIR NEW MOON / Annular Solar Eclipse on Sept 1 to PI-VIR FULL MOON / Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Sept 16).


The Buddha Surfer comes handy, to illustrate the theme of VIR (skills) PI (waves) 🙂 


Picture says: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Jon Kabat-Zinn


More fun with some other surfer friends around (AQ – PI), and there we come full circle with the FULL MOON theme

Shine Your Light, Move Freely, and Be in Your True Nature!

Let’s Co-create from the Heart, in Friendship and Freedom!


* The FULL MOON ChartA Fuller Picture…


Voila – the chart for the exact Full Moon tomorrow Aug 18 at 2:27 am PDT, viewed from Victoria BC.

 AQ - LEO FM 2016


At the time, CANCER is even the Rising Sign, so the AQ MOON rules the chart, and is high up in the sky, in the 9th house of the chart – The Path of Freedom leads us HOME…


As you see, it’s pretty busy, ‘down’ in the VIR environment!
How about channelling that energy into dealing with practicalities that need to be ‘in place’ now, maybe literally Feng Shui’ing the home, or do ceremony and ritual for sacred alignment? Clearing clutter, and passing on unused items, bringing order into our household and health are smart practical moves in this.

Yet, all that ‘doing’ wants to be balanced with being in resonance with what-is, and letting things fall off as needed if we can’t / don’t need to ‘work on them’ / ‘fix them’.

A fine balance. Literally, fine-tuning (VIR-PI).

Actually, it’s not even a balance of this (VIR) and that (PI) but all interwoven and integral…

How about this:

Working in the Flow

Releasing Worry and OCD (obsessive-compulsive DOING), and turning it into OCD (original creative dance) 🙂


On that note of puns:

Looking forward (yes, no typo) to MERCURY retro (coming into ‘stormy’ stationary mode on Aug 22, and technical retro from Aug 30 on – see special feature below)… always a good chance to create new pun pathways, and seeing the thinker (and in this case also VIR doer) with new eyes…


And then:

Phewww, MARS has made it out of SCO into SAG – the Phoenix has Risen (technically on Aug 2, with the LEO New Moon! A seed for freedom, new trust, growth, and inspired movement (SAG), i.o.w. a new WHY, a new YES was planted then. Now, under the following FULL MOON, we can see ‘new life’ based on this initiation and seed time. How’s that for you? Esp. in the house of your chart where early SAG is.

As you see, there is still one ‘condition’ / test / ‘wait a minute’ effect: SATURN is still ahead of MARS. This (MARS) too shall pass (SATURN) – next Wed Aug 24.

So let’s use that SATURN energy to acknowledge how far we’ve come, and in fact the path unfolds in front of us as we walk – slow is beautiful… Maybe literally some (SATURN type) criteria have to be in place before we’re moving more swiftly and freely forward, upward, onward (MARS in SAG).


The MARS / SATURN team are quite crucial ‘players’ these days, since they are the apex / outlet of a mutable T-Square, from NEPTUNE / South Node in PI and VENUS / North Node in VIR.

Wow, lots of action, busy activity, and flow… good to be flexible with all the mutability, as things change, directions shift, quite like surfing energy waves. Skills, Surrender, Inspired Motion from the Heart would be a simple formula…


Our friend URANUS in ARIES, still in turnaround ‘station’ (went retro on July 29) made friends with the LEO SUN this week, and has also shown us that things can shift and open quickly, and what we ’loved’ and tried to hold on to yesterday is already passee today. What remains – best way anyway – is to Live in the NOW!



© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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* MERCURY Transit over the SUN Disk (May 9), and MERCURY Retro in TAU 2nd Half: New Enlightening Insights, from Heart Consciousness – Receiving the Blessings

9 May

The upcoming conjunction of MERCURY retro with the SUN today Monday May 9 (called ‘Day of Enlightening Insight‘) will be super exact (would be an Eclipse of the Sun if Mercury was large enough from Earth perspective 🙂 no M-r hoax!


mercury-transit-2016-timing (640x360)

Path and Timing of Mercury Transit May 9, 2016. Picture credit: NASA


MERCURY will ‘crawl’ over the SUN disk, very rare (every few years), astronomically called the ‘Mercury Transit’. (While, as you know, astrologically, Transits from Mercury happen all the time, as Mercury travels through the Zodiac, and visits places where our planets, AC, SUN, or MOON are).


Here is a NASA clip. http://www.space.com/32784-mercury-transit-2016-sun-viewing-guide.html I heard local astronomers with solar filter telescopes will be on Mt. Tolmie in the morning.


The ‘Mercury Transit’ and conjunction with the SUN today May 9 is the MERCURY Retro half-way point.

As MERCURY crawls from Earth Perspective from left to right over the SUN disk, it shows us how predominant Mind can be, yet also how ephemeral its workings. The MERCURY Archetype gets astrologically ‘RE- initiated’ through the 7-hrs ‘close encounter’ with the SUN, and a ‘New Mercury’ emerges.


What’s on your mind, these days?

Issues with the present MERCURY Retro in TAU likely revolve around values, money, body, territory / where’s our ground – have you noticed? 🙂


Before the MERCURY – SUN conjunction on Mon May 9, we have been in the ‘epimethean phase’ (first half) of the M-r cycle where ‘old stories’ come up to be brought to the light.


In the ‘promethean phase’ (second half, from today on) new insights lead to forward thinking.

From then on, MERCURY will be behind the SUN again, and the SUN will ‘lead’, we ‘get it’ that spirit and consciousness (the SUN) are what matters most, and mind (MERCURY) is an expression / servant. So things are brought into natural order again.


Here is a chart for the exact conjunction, at 8:12 am PDT:


MER - SUN May 9 2016

MERCURY and the SUN united in Grand Earth Trine with the North Node / JUPITER (will have just gone direct on the same morning, at 5:14 am PDT) in VIR, and PLUTO retro in CAP.

A Grand Water Trine shows up as well – both form a beautiful Grand Hexagon / Star of David (remember the Heart Chakra Yantra?) – very naturally auspicious and aligned.


Chakras 4 Anahata Heart


The conjunction of MERCURY with the SUN brings the mind into RE-alignment with Spirit and Heart Consciousness. Voila!


Let’s take a look at the Sabian Symbol of the conjunction as well. The SUN / MERCURY point will be at 19°24’ TAU.

The Sabian Symbol for 20º TAU says:




Keynote: The awareness of spiritual forces at work. 

Any emergence of life potentialities from the depth of the vast Unconscious is answered by the spiritual activity of superconscious forces in a cosmic kind of antiphony. The individual who has taken a new step in his / her evolution  should look for the ‘signature’ of divine Powers confirming his / her progress. It may reveal the meaning of what is to come next. The ‘wing like clouds’ may also symbolize the presence of celestial beings (devas, angels) blessing and subtly revealing the direction to take, the direction of ‘the wind’ of destiny.

This stage concludes a process, having experienced which the individual should find him/herself more securely established in his / her own original nature, receiving the BLESSINGS of super-natural forces.”


Ahhh, so glad I felt guided to look into this symbol as well. Seems like with it, all is coming together.

When we come back from the question of values, body, ground, to the essence, to being securely established (TAU) in our own original spiritual nature (the SUN), we are open to receive messages that land inside (MERCURY retro in TAU) as blessings.


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger