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* MERCURY in CAP out of retro Jan 25, and conj. PLUTO once more Jan 29: Changing Mind. Changing Life.

25 Jan

Quick RE-mind-er of MERCURYs immanent ‘U-turn’ from retro to direct, today Mon Jan 25 at 1:50 pm PST.

All ‘back to normal’?
Truth of the matter – the influence of the ‘gear shift from reverse to first gear’, a.k.a. stationary / ‘storm’ takes about a week, so give or take until Feb 1 we’re in a ‘hot’ and slow re-adjustment phase. Take it easy, and let’s bring the gifts of M-r forward!
Hopefully, this M-r period has, perhaps much deeper than any other, due to the PLUTO contacts (Dec 19 pre-retro, and in retro ‘storm’, and Jan 22), had an impact on our relationship with the mind, and shown you where it can take you, and how it can have a life of its own. With the PLUTO connection all of that heavy gravitation, incl. judgment, guilt, taking too much on, control (CAP shadow) is under re-construction. Not casual stuff, since it affects the bigger structures and systems in life, how we prioritize and use energies and resources, and: our relationship with Time.

  • Maybe you’re disengaging from something you’ve been burdened by, or have taken on that’s not yours to carry? Guilt trips anybody?
  • How do you use resources? How do you make the best out of a situation, without abuse / your ‘victory’ at somebody else’s expense?
  • What’s with abuse – and self abuse?
  • Who or what needs to be honoured and respected?
  • What’s with projects that have taken on a life of their own, leaving no breathing space or freedom? What needs to change?
  • Maybe you re-organize your day, your life style differently now, lighter and simpler?
  • What matters most? What are priorities that the mind tries to distract us from, and how can we catch and gently calm the ‘monkey mind’?
  • What’s with the Time factor? How can Tiiiiime be on your side? How can you be in timelessness?

Let’s be mindful re: what comes up in the sloooow retro-to-direct ‘U-turn’ that’s on now until Feb 1.

  • What are the gifts of the MERCURY retro phase that we are carrying forward now?
  • How do we relate to mind differently now?
  • What’s changing in our life structures and priorities, and how do we live now?



Mercurius, ‘processed’ in the alchemical retort – very MERCURY / PLUTO. Medieval painting, origin unknown.


MERCURY passes PLUTO once more, on Jan 29 (Jan 30 EST and further East).

Essence and Soul Power (PLUTO) are the catalyst for change. Ancestors and Elders (CAP), biological, ancestors of the land, Spirit Elders have our back. We can invoke their support any time. And the changes we are catalyzing now in our lives and time are changes for our lineage as well.

All the best for the Mercury retro turnaround, upside down, inside out, for deep transformation and connection with powers of life!



© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger


MERCURY Retro from the AQ Cusp back to PLUTO in CAP – What’s UP and What Comes UP? What Matters Most, to All of Us?

6 Jan

NOT quite the CAP NEW Moon (Jan 9) Astro~News YET! 🙂

Those will come down your ‘chimney’ within the next few days.

So: What’s UP and urgent then, you ask?


Question Cloud


Tahtah! You guessed correctly… I can’t hide it from you, and shouldn’t (not even under the SCO Moon today):

MERCURY barely in AQUARIUS (1°01′) just went RETRO this morning Tue Jan 5 at 5:06 am PST.

That’s what this ar-tickle is all about :-).

I bet you’ve been tickled and re-mind-ed of all sorts of things lately. The AQ / CAP cusp is Mercury’s playground, or I shall rather say: re-minder of what matters most, for all of us together.


Welcome to the ‘Special Issue’ MERCURY RETRO Astro~News!

Hope to SEE you in real life or on Skype soon too – it’s all about REconnecting (as directly as possible)!

Wishing you a blessed navigation with the current AIR currents, as in the Heavens so on Earth!



Snowy Stone Circles

Snowy Stone Circles on Beacon Hill – ‘Retro’ Photo from Dec 2014 (before they were fenced in!) a CAP – AQ Rock Constellation


What you find in this ‘Special Issue’:

* MERCURY RETRO from the AQ Cusp back to PLUTO in CAP –

What’s UP and What Comes UP? What Matters Most, to All of Us?

* Sabian Symbol of the MERCURY Turnaround Degree: 1° AQ

* REsource, RE: Mind, and Consciousness of Spirit

* Itinerary for the MERCURY RETRO Phase from early AQ to mid-CAP


* MERCURY RETRO from the AQ Cusp back to PLUTO in CAP –

What’s UP and What Comes UP? What Matters Most, for All of Us?


Mercury winged feet

AQ, from where Mercury is going retro from, rules the ankles – where Mercury’s / Hermes’s feet grow wings…


Believe it or not – I’m looking forward to this Mercury retro phase.

And so do many of my clients and friends whom I’ve been talking with recently. Its arrival has been rather liberating than frustrating – addressed in a way that is aligned with the spirit of the archetypal activation.

How so???

MERCURY RETRO started in Aquarius, and that’s the ‘best’ (traditionally considered the ‘exalted’) position for MERCURY in the Zodiac. It supports the out-of-the-box, out of the ordinary, inventive, systemic, detached, free spirited, and liberated mind. There are already many indicators and pointers towards seeing things in a new light. So exciting and refreshing!

The start of Mercury retro is on the CAP / AQ ‘Prometheus Point’ / Community Building Point, where communities, groups, teams, friends, and systems can work together, no more based on’old stories’ and hierarchies but in innovative new ways – for the benefit of all, and for a better future.

Have you received intuitive hints about this theme?

Have you RE-connected with others who are like you (early AQ has a LIBRA undertone) masterful and well experienced (CAP) in what they provide, and are you considering collaborations that are not just a ‘good match’ but create synergies?


Take time this ‘stromy’ Mercury week

– for brain storms,

– for a ‘pause button’ in the ‘automatic pilot’ of daily dealings,

– to check your ‘invent-ory’ (in other words, ‘shelved resources’ and inventive ideas that you have collected over time but not done anything about….),

And foremost:

To let the deep (SUN / PLUTO) and liberating (SUN / URANUS) process do ‘its thing’.


Today, as I was googling for ‘something else’ I came across this Labyrinth image by Helen Rowlands, which immediately reminded me of the brain.


Labyrinth (Seven Circle Classical L.) by Helen Rowlands

7-Circle Classical Labyrinth by Helen Rowlands http://lighttogoplaces.blogspot.ca/2015_05_01_archive.html


Why haven’t I seen the connection before? A classical Mercury retro example.
The AQ – CAP question could be: Can we use as groups or by ourselves the ancient labyrinth structure / system to intentionally connect, energize, and regenerate both brain hemispheres, and everything ‘mind’.
CAP, the sign of ‘walk the talk’ turns here into ‘walk the labyrinth’ to NoMind, and regeneration of human mind.


So…. what are the technicalities and what’s the time line?
Ha! This question also fits perfectly with the energies: Aquarius where Mercury will go retro from, likes tech specs and science, and Capricorn rules time.


January 2016 is completely under the influence of Mercury retro (you probably already noticed 🙂 ):

The technical retro phase is from Jan 5 – 25, and the ‘stormy’ / stationary atmosphere before and after extends beyond that time:

The pre-retro stationary ‘storm’ was on since Mercury significantly slowed down its speed (since Friday, Jan 1) the day also when Mercury entered AQ.

Have you noticed a shift in your mind since New Year’s, towards more freedom, detachment, understanding systems, reconnecting with friends and groups of like spirit whom you might have lost touch with?

After Mercury will be direct again from Jan 25 on there will be another post-retro ‘storm’ until Feb 1.


And hey, maybe your mind has been recently a little bit ‘all over the map’, fuzzy, funny, synchronistic, poked, provoked, non-sensical / nonsense-ical? Or in a trickster mode, mischievous perhaps, and / or seeing synchronicities and meaningful signs  pop up ‘out of nowhere’.


All in perfect alignment with the cosmic dance, and the ‘cosmic smile’. Seems like the universe smiles at us when we recognize a synchronicity! :-).

Don’t get annoyed when the ‘cosmic prankster’ plays tricks on your mind, and wants you to be FREE and change your paradigms!


Mercury Butchard Gardens

Mercury / Hermes Statue at Butchard Gardens, Victoria (Photo by Gail Pettinger) … casting its shadow, and pointing to….?


What are the symptoms of unconscious / default Mercury retro modes?

How do you recognize that you are in a mercurial ‘maze’ / ‘labyrinth’?

What’s the best approach to the energy of this time?


Well, unconsciousness IS the maze.

When we identify with the mind’s stories and assumptions, AND with our feelings based on the thoughts that circulate in us (or vice versa, thoughts based on feelings) we are entangled, and far from free.

Thinking itself is not the problem, and we can’t and don’t need to make our mind ‘shut up’. The issue is rather identification with and attachment to thinking and to the content of our thoughts, esp. since AQ is the fixed AIR sign of the Zodiac. It relates to the thinking function (AIR), and to the consolidating FIXED quality. It can see systems in a new, liberating (or maybe stark!) light. Its unevolved quality and shadow is an attachment to fixed ideas.

MERCURY in AQ squared MARS in (also fixed) SCO today Jan 5 at 4 am PST, just one hour before MERCURY goes retro. Sometimes we hang on to old thought forms that link into emotionally intense (yet buried) experiences. What does it take for us to get unstuck and be free?

Each Mercury retro phase serves as a REcalibration of the mind, and REconnection of the mind (represented by MERCURY) with Consciousness and Spirit (represented by the SUN. MERCURY has gone ahead of the SUN and is being ‘lassoed back in’).

Bottom line:

~ Let’s BE MIND-ful, and recognize when we are rather mind – full, and what it takes to bring more ease and flow to our life.

~ Let’s REalize again that we are not the mind. It is a function that serves.

~ Let’s be open minded, and available to see things in a new, fresh light.


Let’s see what the * Sabian Symbol of the Mercury Turnaround Degree reveals:

Mercury turned retro at 1° 01′ AQ



San Juan Capristrano Mission, CA (Wiki Image)


“An Old Adobe Mission in California.

Keynote: The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life spans.

The works and spirit of the Spanish priests who directed the building of the California missions have had a lasting influence on the development of this land; these remain as a monument to the men who were able to make their mark upon this alien environment. While the zodiacal sign CAPRICORN begins with a symbol of socio-political power, AQUARIUS at its start presents a more spiritualized and idealistic or creative picture of the social forces at work. Moreover, it stresses the enduring character of human achievements ensouled by a great vision. At least within the frame of reference of our Western civilization, the symbol speaks of the projection of a noble ideal into concrete forms of beauty and significance, thus of the radiation of a ‘civilizing’ power into an institution, offering the opportunity to reach a higher, more organized and productive, level of activity.

This stage speaks to us of the CONCRETIZATION OF AN IDEAL. This also implies the ‘immortalization’ of an individual within a great collective and cultural enterprise.”


The stationary MERCURY shows us how – neutrally put (leaving the belief system of the missionaries out) – building in community (CAP – AQ interface) creates culture. Or in other words: It takes a village….

MERCURY goes retro from AQ to CAP. This is the time to (re)connect with our peers, like-spirited ones (AQ) whom we could see ourselves build something together with.

Since this is now the first phase of MERCURY RETRO, communication (or the challenges in it) can show us also who our peers are not. Maybe Mercury retro reveals nowadays how we don’t share common values and visions, or how these friends and groups represent aspects of ourselves from the past (no judgment, just a realization that this ‘era’ – CAP – is complete).
With MERCURY going retro in CAP (Mercury will re-enter CAP on Fri Jan 8 when the MOON will be also in CAP) we need to find our own inner ‘mountain’ first. An excellent time for retreat and soul guidance.

MERCURY in retro will connect even with PLUTO on Jan 22, and once more on Jan 29 / 30, after going direct again (which is on Jan 25). Deep guidance from our ‘Inner Timeless Ancestor / Spirit Elder’ which could be linked to biological ancestors, ancestors of the land, of our spiritual lineage, our inner ‘older self’ is always but esp. nowadays available.
From that guidance (which could mean: deep change, simplicity, integrity, soulful life….) we can move forward, and meet others who are co-creators in this world.

MERCURY will in forward course go into AQ on Feb 13 and leave the post-retro shadow on Feb 14 – just in time for a ‘Happy Valentine’s’ in deep and free spirited partnership.


* REsource, RE: Mind, and Consciousness of Spirit

Apparently randomly, I came across Adyashanti’s ‘old’ but gold video about the basic teachings. Excellent. Check it out: http://www.adyashanti.org/cafedharma/index.php?file=video


* Itinerary for the MERCURY RETRO Phase from early AQ to mid-CAP

Mercury Pajou (at the Louvre, Paris) Seems Libran / Scorpionic to me :-)

Mercury, Sculpture by A. Pajou (Louvre, Paris) – uuuh, temporarily grounded / lost his ankle wings!


Since Jan 1: Mercury entered AQ, and the stationary ‘storm’Stormy, ingenuis, or crazy maze?

Today Jan 5: Mercury in AQ squared Mars in SCO, and went retroInward – backward looking Mind.

Jan 8: Mercury re-enters CAP (Moon in CAP that day too, dark-before-New Moon on Jan 9). RE-accessing inner resources, priorities, essential needs and capacities.

Jan 14: Inferior Conjunction of Mercury retro with the CAP Sun. Ahhh, the half-way point of the Mercury retro journey, a.k.a. ‘Point of Enlightening Insight’! A ‘New Mercury’ is being born.
The SUN (Spirit, Consciousness) leads again, while mind is the instrument and assistant. The whole point of the Mercury retro adjustment phase…

Jan 20: Mercury retro in CAP squares Uranus in AR (3 hrs after the Sun enters AQ, the sign associated with Uranus; their second contact, after # 1 on Dec 20). Another shifting and liberating game changer. Use it to be open for paradigm shifts. So much more is possible when you free the mind.

Jan 22: Mercury retro re-aligns with Pluto in CAP. Re-aligning human mind with the mind of the universe. On a human level: Re-alizing what ‘simply’ matters most, and where the power sits.

Jan 25: Mercury will go direct againWe learned a big deal – to be revealed until then. Let it sit for a while.

Jan 29 / 30: Mercury stationary-direct re-aligns with Pluto in CAP (their third contact, after # 1 on Dec 19, and # 2 on Jan 22). A deep foundation to go forward from and speak from.

Jan 31: Mercury stationary-direct in CAP squares Uranus in AR (their third contact, after # 1 on Dec 20, and # 2 on Jan 20). Liberated mind, grounded in Essence.

Feb 1: Mercury will leave the post-retro ‘storm’Mercury slowly catching momentum, regenerated. ‘Mind’ has a different quality than before the M-r phase, maybe deeply changed and liberated.

Feb 13 /14: Mercury will enter AQ, and leave the post-retro ‘shadow’. ‘Happy Valentine’s’ in deep and free spirited partnership!



© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger

* Triple Mercury – Pluto Contact and Mercury – Uranus Squares (Dec 19 / 20, Jan 20 / 22 and 29 / 31): Essential Priorities :: Deep Power-to-Change :: Free to BE!

20 Dec

Where is your mind going, and how is it (rather than doing) being these pre-Holidays?

Same as every year… or a whole different tone, or a gradual evolution perhaps, or radical new ways how you think about and what / whether you plan and organize for the Holidays…?

So yes, MERCURY is now in CAP (since Dec 7 when it crossed the ‘Integrity Point’ from SAG to CAP) which can tune us into a more grounded, serious, pragmatic, realistic and purposeful mode of thinking and topics of interest. On the flip-side, our thoughts can become heavier and maybe depressed too (esp. when things are futile, a burden, too ‘old’ and pre-patterened, or not ‘successful’)?

Any of the above familiar these days? Esp. if you have any astrological placements in CAP to start with, which get activated by MERCURY now.

  • Why is this a big deal?
  • What does this have to do with The Emperor, the empire / institutions, deep Power-to-Change?


Voyager IV Emperor

Crystal activated Voyager Tarot card IV – Photo by Melanie


MERC will go RETRO, mostly in CAP, from Jan 5 – 25, 2016, AND be in CAP for a long time (Dec 9 – Jan 1, and Jan 8 – Feb 13) – we better get used to it 🙂

MERCURY in CAP will activate PLUTO 3 times during that phase!

  1. Dec 19 (when going into pre-retro ‘storm’)
  2. Jan 22 (at the end of its retro phase), and
  3. Jan 29 / 30 (just after going direct again).

And MERC will square off with URANUS in ARIES also 3 times, shortly after the PLU contacts

  1. Dec 20
  2. Jan 20
  3. Jan 31

MERC in CAP helps us go to essential priorities, and finally tackle those procrastinated projects. But hey, what really ARE priorities??? Not the ‘shoulds’ or ‘were’s’ from last year. Time to dig and realize what really matters, and start fresh from there, says MERC square URA! 🙂


Voila, here is the chart for the first MERC – PLU alignment, showing the whole energy matrix of these charged-up days = Cardinal T-square this weekend (tension and pressures, anybody?), with

MER - PL I Dec 19 2015

  • The MOON / URANUS in AR – being radically present, and breaking out of any old patterns – it all starts, or rather happens NOW. PLUS: MERC with PLU in CAP squares stationary URANUS in AR tomorrow Dec 20! Breakthroughs and paradigm shifts in the mind – or a sense of rebelliousness and unpredictability? All part of the MERC – URA mix.
  • LILITH in LI – what does being in your true nature have to do with balance, perhaps literally the balance of inner masculine – feminine?
  • Both MOON / URA and LILITH in LI are in T-square to MERC / PLU in CAP! What matters ‘at the end of the day’? What’s the priority? What’s the essential spirit of Christmas, and of anything we build and any ‘to-be-organized’ endeavor? How can we be more conscious and work respectfully in a deeply fulfilling way with other people, time and resources? What’s a renewing spirit now? How can we be as-nature? Maybe it’s time to slow down, step off the pre-planned and over organized ‘wheel’, regenerate deeply from within, and allow for more spontaneous joy and light in the moment – so regenerative!

This first MERC – PLU conjunction is a precursor of what wants to be processed about our personal, and the larger structures and systems (CAP / AQ cusp). It will come up again in the second half of January. Think: Transformation – Liberation.


Angel of Revelation, by William Blake

Angel of Revelation, by William Blake


Any premonitions?
I wouldn’t be surprised if more leaks came out that showed us why it’s not a good idea to keep believing in structures and authorities having our best interest in mind. SATURN (which rules CAP), now in SAG adds to the picture: It’s mandatory to assess and get over limiting beliefs and ‘old stories’.

When in doubt, let’s go deeper into our visceral incorruptible, incontaminable ‘gut’ sense of what’s going on – symbolized by PLUTO. That’s where the Power-to-Change sits.

Deep old thought patterns, perhaps ‘passed on’ from our ancestors that keep us ‘in place’, have us carry too much (what is not ours), or prevent us from ‘stepping up’ and living our fullest potential are ‘on the table’ now. This is an opportunity with MERC retro. PLUTO shows us the power they can have ‘over us’, but also how change from the core is the way to evolve.

We are doing this work also on behalf of our ancestors (family lineage), and we can invoke our spirit ancestors and guides for support. The Ancestors are with us now, in this sacred Solstice time, and mirrored by MERC / PLU’s triple contact. And we are doing it obviously on behalf of the Future (our future, and the future of humanity), UR in AR shows us it’s time to renew, for, with, and through the young ones.

Clearly, this MERC / PLU activation affects all you CAP and AR friends out there, and the CAP and AR sides (AC, MOON, Planets, and house) in all of us.

Feel welcome and free  to ask me if you have any questions.

I know it ain’t easy for CAP to get support – but that is changing now too. 🙂

And you AR friends out there, maybe you’re super dooper on the go these days, and it could be time to slow down and regenerate ( I know you can’t wait for Spring).