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SCO-TAU Wesak Moon (May 18) – Sit in the Buddha Hub!

17 May

WESAK MOON Blessings,
Dear Reader in the Astrology ComMOONity!


The Wesak Moon is celebrated by the Buddhist world Sangha (community), in honour of the birth, attaining of enlightenment, and passing of Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha, who walked the Earth more than 2500 years ago, and set a model for the Living Buddha in all of us.

The Full Moon in May traditionally marks the Wesak Moon in Buddhist cultures, and that falls this year on May 18, with the MOON in late SCO and the SUN in late TAU.

The SCORPIO MOON – TAURUS SUN polarity aligns with the astrological Wesak Moon (see chart below).
It expresses the gist of basic Buddhist teachings, which in turn can help us be conscious of (SUN) and emotionally go into and transform (MOON) the core (SCO) of the matter (TAU)!


One essential question in Buddhism is:
Why do we humans suffer, or are even ‘just’ dissatisfied / discontent 
(‘dukkha’) in life?

The answer is simple and obvious – yet still, it’s over and over again revolutionary to see it this way (why do we forget?!):
Because of our attachments to what we desire, and their frustration – not getting what we want, and not being able to get rid of the unwanted and painful. Which is… very TAURUS – SCORPIO!


Well, being in NYC these days before and around the Wesak Moon is a living example of the SCO – TAU axis.
NYC’s Taurean birthday was yesterday (see my post). Obviously, she isn’t called Big Apple for no reason, famous for the Taurean ‘candy store’ of sensual input and consumption, incl. a delish and culturally diverse food culture. Well, you need Taurean bucks to fully enjoy it all on the material level, and a healthy body to move about…

Wall St. Bull Shoulder Rub

Plus, there’s literally the capitalist Bull & Bear (hibernating / Scorpio related) Wall St. Market, and its the ever so popular massive bronze Wall St. Bull epitome (erected as a symbol of resilience after the recession) whom I also needed to rub shoulders / horns with… 🙂

And with ‘her’ MOON in CAP, the City strives ever higher, maximizing and optimizing time, real estate, and resources of all kinds, yet also needs to control and regulate on the shadow level of exploitation and privilege.

A City of sharp light & shadow, literally via the skyscrapers and street canyons, yet also energetically.

Wandering across ‘selfie haven’ Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan, I naturally gravitated towards WTC 1 – the proud and shiny ‘resurrection’ of what the Twin Towers represented.

Ground Zero North Pool

Being with Ground Zero Memorial right next to it in the evening – and under the early SCO MOON above was so moving. The North Pool & South Pool are exactly positioned where the towers once stood.
Having been on the observation deck of the South Tower at my 1st visit to NYC in the late 80’s and not since Sept 11 made me feel into the grief over those who painfully died in the tragedy, and feel the immense gratitude for the grace of not having been at the right place at the wrong time…
The names of all the 9/11 victims are engraved across the frames of the Ground Zero pools – and visitors are “encouraged to touch the names”. I really felt a connection with actual humans this way, rather than just an anonymous tragedy.
Golden-lit water cascades down into the about 1 acre square pools, and from there into central smaller completely dark square pools – like black holes.
All so Plutonic / Scorpionic.

So there it is – the SCO – TAU Full Moon themes a la NYC.
Reminiscent / playing out on an intense stage what’s going on in life, in all of us.
Taurean Life-as-Spring, enjoyment, physical / material pleasure, eating, embodying, gaining, having.
And Scorpionic pain, death, loss, grief and the whole spectrum of emotional depth that bring us to the essence and change us.

What does the Buddha say to this essential polarity in life?

As far as I understand the gist of the teachings, firstly, there’s a difference between physical and emotional pain and human suffering from it – true but not always easy to do… that’s why it’s called a practice.
Suffering obviously-not-always-obviously has to do with the attachment (yes, attachment is the key – as in sticky fixed signs TAU – SCO) to the desire for the wanted and to the desire of getting rid of the unwanted and painful.
The Buddhists would suggest two ‘ways out’ of suffering:
To be aware that nothing really lasts forever, everything is impermanent. This world of phenomena is in constant flux and change – we better get used to it, and become free through that realization.
Walking the ‘Middle Path’, a.k.a. the practice of the Noble 8-fold Path (right speech, right livelihood, right samadhi….) brings intrinsic happiness.

May the astrological Wesak Moon and the Buddhist Wesak Moon bring golden opportunities for realization & practice that set us FREE!

With the  example of NYC and the teachings of the Buddha, let’s link back into Astrology and the Wesak Moon chart with its message:


SCO – TAU Full Moon Themes – that are UP now:

Fixed, earthy TAURUS (ruled by VENUS) is all about embodiment, enjoyment of Life-on-Earth, sensuality, assimilation (food and stuff), and value. A substance building energy.
Immersed in the realm of  TAURUS, as in the full bloom of Spring, we celebrate the physical senses, comfort and pleasure, everything that creates security and grounding, and grows over time.

Taurean energy takes roots, builds, cultivates, and conserves, like a gardener, farmer, and good custodian of the Earth. TAU likes to attract what’s pleasant, to experience it via the senses, to eat, assimilate, gather and accumulate, to settle and to claim ownership and territory.
TAU slows down, after the fast and furious ARIES energy, and favours predictability and patience; therefore habits and routines are formed. Its orientation is very life affirming, yet can obviously lead to attachment to the known and comfortable, to the material and worldly plane in general, and to physical satisfaction, hoarding, and greed. TAU has a strong resistance to change and to pain.

SCORPIO (ruled by PLUTO) carries transformation medicine.
The fixed deep water sign SCO (picture: lake or pond or Ground Zero pool for that matter), in contrast to the ‘above ground’ Taurean world takes us to emotionally intense, uncomfortable, ‘ugly’ and painful places where the ‘muck’ and hidden, often covered or repressed emotional material sits.

Just as the leaves rot and go under the earth in late Oct – late Nov, the Scorpionic energy takes us to the ‘grand mystery’ of the intangible, and to emotionally deeply affecting processes that have nowhere to go but down and through, so that the alchemical work can be performed.
SCO penetrates the underground / underworld / underbelly, which can be a painful process (TAU – SCO also represent the pleasure – pain, and life – death axis). This is where deep ‘down under’ transformational ‘digestion’ of what’s actually already dead needs to happen, be purged, and eliminated.
Our very ‘human humus’ and shadow can’t be just ‘gotten rid of,’ or ‘hidden away’. It’s here to be fully processed, so that it becomes a ‘fertilizer’ for renewalThe Alchemy of Life.


SCORPIO is for the MOON the most ‘challenging’ sign.
While the MOON is considered ‘exalted’ in TAU, it is considered ‘in fall’ in SCO – here’s why:
The MOON represents emotions, our instinctual mind (in a broad sense of body-mind, feeling-mind), and our needs and habits which by nature long for nourishment and sustenance.

TAURUS is the sign that provides such sustaining delivery and assimilation – intake through feeding and reliable presence… whereas SCO represents necessary detoxifying elimination, often through painful processes. That’s not what our Lunar side (representing also our Inner Child) is most comfortable with, to put it mildly.

Under a SCO MOON (whether we’re born with it, have it by astrological Progression for 2½ years every 29 years, or whether the MOON in SCO for 2½ days per month affects us), we’re instinctively sensitized towards the need to purge and to ‘get rid of’ what’s toxic and outlived, what controls us, and doesn’t allow us to be free in a deeper sense.
The process calls us to go into the ‘mouth of the monster’ and through its bowels even, while our head and ego might severely protest and resist.

A SCO MOON experience can lead us to the deepest abyss of our inner worlds, yet is an opportunity to take us through it, and be regenerated and transformed through the process.


Mother and Child, by Pablo Picasso (1921). Picasso *Oct 25, 1881 was born under a strong TAU (4 Planets) – SCO (Sun and Mercury) axis. Can you tell from his art and intense gaze?

The SCO- TAU Full Moon happens often close to Mother’s Day – last Sunday.
It’s ‘normal’ to have difficult feelings round mother(hood), as a mom or as a daughter / son, at this time of year – could be related to wounds around early bonding, abandonment, or abuse.

A time to go deep into the core of it,  and let the pain and woundedness   hat’s usually hidden  process, for transformation – which takes its time…

So much ARIES activation recently, and continuously via CHIRON too – encouraging us to be authentic in our process
(no sugarcoating, and playing nice).

And (as you can see in the chart below, and prob sense in ‘real life) soo much TAU now – VENUS / URANUS, also exact tomorrow May 18, and SUN / MERCURY (exact May 21) –
with URANUS being the main and ‘lasting’ one (until 2026) encouraging and ‘kicking’ us like Buddha the Awakener into freedom from the known and attached, and into embodying the liberation.
A theme for the coming 7 years still – we’re just on the brink of it. Esp. relevant for all our fixed sign themes (Sun / Moon / AC / Planets in TAU, LEO, SCO, and AQ). I’m sure you’ve noticed…

The SCO / TAU Wesak Full Moon each year is a fully solar illumined (therefore the most potent) SCO MOON that reveals our deepest needs for transformation.

With our conscious Self (represented by the SUN) we have to patiently stay and ‘sit with’ (TAU quality) what comes up from the depth, for the processing.

Astro~Alchemy sessions are here to help you shed light on things from deep levels, and get the process going.
Get in touch with me if you’d like to hear more about it, or discuss how it can be beneficial for you.
Or – esp. if you’re already my client let’s directly book a session at this potent time of year. Get in touch with me via my FB page (link on the bottom).
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Bali Morning Prayer – Photo by Helga Hendricks


In Buddhist tradition, the image of the peaceful Buddha floating on a (Taurean) Lotus flower that blossoms so purely and beautifully while rooted in the (Scorpionic) mud swamp, represents the enlightened quality, rooted in real-life human suffering and compassion.

  • Where do your swampy roots show up, these days?
  • Can you ‘sit’ with it all, open to the light of consciousness?
  • And how can you dwell in the Buddha hub of calm within enjoyment and pain?

The Wesak Full Moon is a magnificent divine and meditative moment-in-time, when transformation (SCO) can be anchored (TAU).
Our attachment to desires and longing for what we want and don’t have, or ‘even’ to pain / suffering / complaining / feeding those ‘hungry ghosts’ (TAU – SCO) that show up in obvious or subtle personal and collective / cultural addictions and compulsions (more consumption, information, work, entertainment, nothing’s ever enough…).
All these manifestations of  attachments can be put into the bonfire of the soul (SCO) so that the deep Alchemy can do its job.


YinYang Infinite

The YIN-YANG is a perfect symbol for balancing the Yin / Lunar and Yang / Solar influences in us, under each Full Moon, esp. under this astrologically potent (SCO – TAU) and spirited Wesak Moon.

As above so below and within….
We ARE the field, and the buddhic catalysts for evolution and liberation…



Here is the astrological Wesak Full Moon chart:


As you see, the SCO MOON ‘sits’ all by herself, only aspected by the opposition to the SUN / MERCURY (while everybody else seems to have a good time…).
This could show up as encapsulated / exiled / repressed emotions that are now fully highlighted.
Do yourself a favour, slow down (TAU) and sit with what needs to be tended to, on deep levels.
No need to get stuck in the process – you can be carried through, and come out transformed and re-grounded in your Earth Body.

Looots of Earth in the chart and energy field these days!
With a supportive / opportune Earth Trine from the SUN / MERCURY in late TAU to SATURN retro / SN / PLUTO retro, clustered together in late CAP.
So here’s the opportunity to ‘Let the Old Empire Expire’ as I call the theme that’s concentrated these years 2019 / 20, with SATURN / PLUTO / South Node close together in CAP (esp this Spring, and again strong / culminating with the SAT – PLUTO conj. on Jan 12, 2020.
What’s your ‘old regime’ (hint: power / control themes)?

And to sit a la TAU with what’s here-now, enJoy Life with all its blossoming expressions – without getting attached. Basically, as the smiling Buddha would.

Plus, the SUN / MERCURY and the North Node in CAN form a rare Yod to JUPITER retro in SAG. A ‘celestial pointer’ / ‘Finger of God’ pointing to the inner Guru (JUPITER retro) – a wise, gentle & compassionate (CAN NN) and common sense (SUN / MERCURY in TAU) mentor. Like your grandmother… 🙂

VENUS in her Taurean abode meeting URANUS also tomorrow May 18 is a wake-up call to EnJoy EmBodying Freedom.
For some of us, this may mean the freedom from what’s been stifling and stuck, from old fears that have proven redundant when actually at the situation, and the alike. You may also be drawn to (VENUS) a new Freedom for… yet don’t get attached, experiment, and see. 
Ultimately, as Krishnamurti would point out brilliantly(!), it’s about Freedom without an opposite (as in: from / for), since otherwise it pretends to be Freedom but isn’t the real deal. Fake Freedom so-to-say. Similarly – again quoting K., and enquiring myself: What is Love (VENUS) that has no opposite?
K’s Taurean human birthday was May 12.


That takes us full circle.

A good place to hand it over to the Wesak Moon herself…

Many Blessings now-as-always!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger



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