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* The Dance of MARS (going out of retro on June 29!) & CHIRON (going retro on June 27): What Moves Us…?

27 Jun

TWO big Astro~News this week, feat. CHIRON, MARS, and their ‘Friendship’.

‘In Order of Appearance’:

* CHIRON in late PISCES goes retro tomorrow June 27 (until Dec 1 – yearly 5 months retro):
Inner Journey with the ‘Medicine of Unity and Flow’.

* MARS in late SCORPIO goes direct (has been retro since Apr  17) on  Wed June 29:
Out of Deep Inner Change – How to Move from (T)Here? 


MARS and CHIRON, both simultaneously in slow ‘stationary’ turnaround mode, have been since early June (and continue to be until end of July) travelling parallel, in beneficial (‘friendship’ like) Water Trine flow with each other:
Opportunities for change from the depth (SCO), as we connect, stay open and flexible, surrender, ask and receive, and tune into the energy field where all is ONE (PI).




You might have felt the retro-active ‘bite’ and ‘sting’ from MARS in SCO over the last while more than the rather subtle CHIRON effect in PI (which has been going on since 2010, and continues to be influential until 2018).

MARS is sharper, more distinct and direct, and a ‘personal planet’, representing the Warrior Archetype. MARS seldomly goes retro (every 2 years, for 2 1/2 months) – a bigger deal than CHIRON retro (yearly).

So, let’s start the journey of planetary awareness with MARS and its shift now, before bringing CHIRON, and then their alignment into the picture…

* MARS in late SCORPIO goes direct (has been retro since Apr  17) on  Wed June 29:
Out of Deep Inner Change – How to Move from Here?


Hubble Mars

Mars – Hubble Space Telescope (NASA)


Believe it or not: MARS actually WILL stop going retro, and turn around again… Count-down’s on – June 29 is the ‘official date’ for the ‘gear shift’.

MARS went retro on Apr 17 – seems ages ago… from early SAG, and over the ‘Phoenix Point’ back ‘into the Ashes’ on May 27a big dose of SCORPIO MARS this year (since Jan 3!).

Lots of scenarios that could have ‘bitten’ us, and showed where the ‘stingers of life’ trigger old hidden wounds.

Maybe when we ‘lashed out’, or when we took it out on ourselves it backfired…?

We had to face all sorts of inner / old ‘demons’, incl. voices of the inner egoic saboteur that is at war with the world and with oneself.



J / H


  • May the Inner and Outer Masculine be naturally RE-empowered so that over-compensation with violence and aggression decreases!
  • May we uncover what we’ve been hiding (out of shame or need for control)!
  • May the forces that keep us in the dark, separate, and even self destructive, be unmasked, and met with the bright light of Truth and Love!
  • May separative and aggressive behavior AGAINST something or others turn into natural passion FOR something!
  • May the Scorpionic Alchemy do its Work in the depth!
  • And may we enter July with a regenerated and transformed sense of Self!


Let’s look at the SABIAN SYMBOL of the MARS turnaround degree (23° 03′ SCO), for more synchronistic divination insight. I’d intuitively and logically (almost back to 23° SCO) suggest here to take a look at both 23° and 24° SCO:


23° SCO:

DSC01873 - Copy

Rabbit Epiphany (first one I ever saw in the park – in 16 years) – Photo by Melanie, June 2016

Keynote: The raising of animal drives to a higher level.

The rabbit is traditionally a symbol of overabundance of progeny, thus a great stress on procreative and sexual processes. “Nature spirits,” on the other hand, represent the higher aspect of life energies, as they are said to guide those normally invisible forces controlling the growth of all living organisms, particularly in the vegetable kingdom. Thus the symbol refers to the transmutation of the generative power into a more ethereal and subtle form of potency.
This… symbol brings a new dimension to the preceding two. Whether it is the sexual desire for a progeny, or aggressiveness, the instinctual urge can be raised to a new level. The course can become subtle through a process of TRANSSUBSTANTIATON.”


24° SCO:


Arunachala, Southern India (Tamil Nadu). The Sacred Mountain to Shiva the Transformer

Keynote: The need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday living.

Today we hear a great deal about ‘peak experiences’ (Maslow). The great problem facing everyone who has had such experiences is how to assimilate what has been felt, seen, or heard, and how to let it transform his / her everyday consciousness and behaviour. If this is not done the experience may turn confusing or toxic, and perhaps destructive of the integrity of the person.
This… symbol suggests to us what has to be done, or how to do it. The ‘return home’ from the high mountain, or from any ‘upper chamber’ of the consciousness, may lead to a sense of oppression by the normal realities of existence, or else the soul that has been illuminated may retain enough of that light to transfigure every daily situation. This is the great CHALLENGE TO TRANSFORMATION.”


Wow, deep guidance in both symbols, and even more so, combined…

In my understanding, applied to the MARS retro-to-direct phase:
Yes, Martian primal drives and clear direction (“This is what I want and where I’m going!”) have been withdrawn and redirected, actions sabotaged,  derailed, delayed and postponed, which could have been very frustrating for the ego side that wants what it wants. Which could have produced a kind of ‘shadow boxing’ scenario. Not so ‘sexy’ on the surface… but maybe something else has been more important…:




  • Meeting the ‘inner demons and dragons’, repressed, ‘dark’ qualities that have us fight with ourselves, often sabotage and disempower ourselves. Once purged and transformed, these energies turn into powerful allies.
  • Inner, old battles, repressed anger couldn’t stay ‘in the closet’ any longer. They had to be met, head-on, purged and transformed, maybe cathartically so.
  • Uncovering and re-discovering our deeper motivations and passions. The Magic Within.
  • Maybe some of these inner, rather psychological, forces have had us project onto the outside world, become externally aggressive, or we channeled them unconsciously into our sexual desires and actions (MARS on an outer level). MARS retro had us go inward, meet them for what they are, and have the inner transformational process be done by the ‘Spirit of (our inner) Nature‘.

This much for my take on the RABBIT Metamorphosis Symbol…


And what’s with the second Symbol about ‘Coming HOME from the Mountain’?

This ‘Martian Mountain’ was rather a deep inner cave, or perhaps a PLUTOnic ‘Shiva Mountain‘ like Arunachala.
After the deep, intimate process with the inner ‘Guru’ (which literally means: The One who guides from the Darkness to the Light) this Spring, the Martian challenge is now to bring the benefits of this ‘fermenting process’ out into ‘our world’,  into our actions.


Morpho rhetenor rhetenor MHNT

Morpho rhetenor rhetenor MHNT


You can most likely access the MARS Retro and Direct theme in the area of life related to late SCO to early SAG in your chart (Which house? Any planets there?).
In doubt, ask me. Happy to determine it for / with you if I already have your chart.
We can do a short (20 – 30 min) MARS Review and Outlook session too.


In the meantime…

* CHIRON in late PISCES goes retro tomorrow June 27 (until Dec 1 – yearly 5 months retro):
Inner Journey with the ‘Medicine of Unity and Flow’.


Maya Gabeira in Hawaii

Big Wave Surfer Maya Gabeira – Adventurous Example of the PI and VIR Balance


Ahhh, ultimately we are and it IS all ONE.
When we’re feeling separate, and out of the natural oceanic Unity Consciousness the ‘Wound‘ of CHIRON in PI these years (2010 – 2018!) can be sensed as overwhelm, chaos, ‘going under’, in the wave of all these converging influences. Everything is coming together – and falling apart. Nothing is ‘solid’ and ‘reliable’ anymore.
All IS interconnected, interdependent, fluid, and impermanent. 
Buddhist and other timeless wisdom teachings have always pointed that out.
Now we’re in a collective Oneness Initiation, in the multi-dimensional ‘Field’, esp. since NEPTUNE is also in PI (2012 – 2026!).

  • How can the ‘Wound’ (that we experience when we identify with our ‘separate identity’) show us where the ‘Medicine’ lays?
  • When we have been about to ‘give up’ could / can we ask for help, on all dimensions – and accept it?
  • What helps us re-connect with and surrender into Unity, Oneness, and: Deeper, vaster LOVE that IS…., and naturally ‘ride the waves’?

Where late PI is in your chart you might feel the ‘wound’ but that’s also your access to tune into the Medicine of Flow and Unity, Surrender and Acceptance (also of help from all dimensions).


MARS and CHIRON, both simultaneously in slow ‘stationary’ turnaround mode, have been since early June (and continue to be until end of July) travelling parallel, in beneficial (‘friendship’ like) Water Trine flow with each other:
Opportunities for change from the depth (SCO), as we connect, stay open and flexible, surrender, ask and receive, and tune into the energy field where all is ONE (PI).



Random Rose Blessing – Photo by Melanie, June 2016


What a gift, to see and experience how the inward dive into the depth of our Scorpionic ‘corners’ has been supported by the Medicine of Unity!
Big Gratitude!

Love and Blessings on the Journey! ❤


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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FIVE Retros these Days, and their Connection with the Chakras *

5 May

Happy Cinco de Mayo 05 / 05!
What’s with all the Retrogrades???!

Yep, indeed, 5 planets presently, most retrograde phase of the year.

Mercury (Apr 28 – May 22), Mars (Apr 17 – June 29), Jupiter (until May 9), Saturn (March 23 – Aug 13), and Pluto (Apr 18 – Sept 26).



Wise Turtle moving slowly, with natural intelligence. Nature is our model and medicine, (not only) under MERCURY retro.


Their energy compounds the present super Taurean ‘Slow-down’ effect, asking us to go inward / backwards (to RE-curring, old patterns, unfinished themes), and to RE-connect with

  • The Inner Voice of the Body (MERCURY retro in TAU);
  • The Inner Calling to deep Passion and Magic (MARS retro in SAG – going back into SCO on May 27);
  • The Inner Self-Sufficient Wellness and Alignment Mentor (JUPITER retro in VIR – going direct on May 9);
  • The Inner Sage of Heart Truth, beyond right and wrong / good and bad (SATURN retro in SAG);
  • The Inner Timeless Soul Elder (PLUTO retro in CAP).


The line-up of retros RE-minded me of how Planetary Archetypes align with the Chakras – seen in that way they are showing us something beautiful now too:

All those heavenly bodies relating to ROOT (SATURN), SACRAL (JUPITER), SOLAR PLEXUS (MARS, and it’s Transpersonal level Archetype PLUTO), and THROAT (MERCURY) are presently retrograde – so we might deal with ‘old issues’ that are calling to be RE-solved, related to those Chakra themes, and to areas in life related to where these retrograde planets show up in our charts.

Whereas the heavenly bodies relating to HEART (VENUS), 3rd EYE (MOON), and CROWN (SUN) are going forward / direct (well, Sun and Moon always, of course).


Chakras 4 Anahata Heart

The HEART is where rootedness, inner abundance and creativity (Sacral), natural power (Solar Plexus), and our authentic voice (Throat) are sourced.

Let’s tune in, and see how that shows up.


On the note of Chakras & Astrology, I feel called to offer a new experiential 7-week Journey Astro~Alchemy of Chakras and Planetary Archetypes, this late Spring / Summer – ideally afternoons outdoors. The majestic Oak where we have been gathering last year has invited me in.

In 2014 and 2015, I had the honour of facilitating NINE Chakras & Planetary Archetypes 7-week processes ROOT-to-CROWN and CROWN-to-ROOT, and in our little tribes of women and men we connected and journeyed intentionally, magically, and with lots of fun too.

Would you be interested?

I’ll put it out in the next while. Perhaps to start after the Gemini New Moon (which will be on June 4).

Send me your input re: days of the week that would work best for you.


© Mercur-elanie 2016


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