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MARS in ARIES for more than 6 Months (June 27 – Jan 7!) – Take Initiative with New Vigour & Vitality!

29 Jun

Dear ASTRO~NEWS Friends,


MARS now in ARIES – and for a loooong time (June 27 – Jan 7)!
Kicking fully in tomorrow Tue / MARS-Day June 30 – with the Moon in SCO (which used to be ruled by Mars) – outer shifts & calls to action and deeper transformation are well under way.


Hopefully you could surf the waves of Oneness and surrender in the letting go / rolling-out phase with MARS in PISCES since MAY 12 (if you like, check in retrospect the blog post for that phase)….
Yet, there’s been also lots of overwhelm esp via the media, met with passivity or escapism, and the alike.

But hey, now!
Are you ready to come out of that groove, get into gears and into action for the Summer and way beyond?
Noticing renewed vigor & vitality, and that it’s time to DO something about something? Good!

Let Your Inner Super Hero/ine and Activist emerge! Here’s a thought & spirit provoking short video apropos: Re-activating the Inner Hero/ine.


MARS (Hubble Space Telescope)

MARS now freshly in its own sign ARIES since June 27 is kicking us in the butt to emerge a-NEW and take initiative for the NEW!

The springy Life Force awakens, desire and passion are reborn.

MARS will be in ARIES for an extremely long time – until January 7, 2021!

That’s more than 1/2 year – unheard-of! The ‘usual’ for MARS to be in a sign is 2 months.

How come?
You guessed it:
MARS will go retro, Sept 9 – Nov 13.

More about MARS retro in a blog article closer to the date, specifically dedicated to it.


All the forward-backward-forward motion from Earth perspective will be completely in ARIES (MARS doesn’t move over into another sign before or during retro).
Pretty unusual:
The last time MARS was in its own sign ARIES and going retro was almost exactly 32 years ago, July 1988 to Jan 1989, with the retro phase end of Aug to end of Oct 1988 (when it did go back to the ‘tail end’ of PISCES).

That was just before the Berlin Wall came down (Nov 1989) and the Eastern European Communist-Socialist dictatures started to crumble (well, SATURN – URANUS – NEPTUNE in CAP, opposed by JUPITER in CANCER in 1989 had to do with that too…).

If you happen to have been born during that specific time:
Listen up & show up. This one’s esp. for you – for sure!

And for all of us with ‘something’ (SUN, MOON, AC, Nodes, Planets) in ARIES – that gets activated and needs to kick into gear.

MARS rules ARIES – a drive to take action & initiative, to start something new, be assertive, and ‘just do it’ (rather than dreaming / visualizing / talking….), a boost for everything dynamic. Things can move fast, with MARS in ARIES.

What do you want?
What’s the 1st step?
Go for it!


But wait a minute – MARS will go retro in that energy too – calling us to find our inner motivation and desire first – to make sure actions aren’t ego driven or otherwise not in alignment and balance with Soul & Spirit (indicated by the opposition of MARS with the SUN in LIBRA, on the half-way point of MARS Retro which will be reached on Oct 13).
Well, and it’s about ‘RE-calibrating the Masculine’ which I’m sure you’ve read or heard somewhere in the Astro ether, cuz… that’s what astrologers like to call it.
But hey, what does that mean to YOU? ARIES is about the original, authentic, autonomous Self. No cookie cutter life whatsoever… rather make it up as you go.

Be an expression of your Highest Self – call it: Be in your intrinsic SuperPower / use your best inner resources (PLUTO in CAP which MARS in ARIES will square / challenge 3 times,  pre-, during, and post-retro), and bring that to the table of Humanity – when if not NOW?!


When MARS goes retro in ARIES in dynamic tension with the SUN in LIBRA it can also bring out old, unresolved battles for fairness and justice – in relation to governmental / hierarchical ‘old world’ structures / where the Old Empires expire – as the SUN – MARS opposition will (esp. under the LIBRA New Moon on Oct 16) extend into a T-square to JUPITER, stationary PLUTO, and SATURN end of CAP.
Yet, rather than fighting against (with the problem of still feeding the ‘monster’) the old (MARS retro)… how do we invest our energy into constructively & innovatively co-building (CAP) the New (ARIES)?



There’s SO much to this MARS in ARIES – esp. in its alignments with CHIRON, LILITH, and ERIS – a ‘dwarf planet’ and in mythology the Goddess of discord and sister of belligerent MARS who’s been in ARIES since 1922(!) and will be until 2040. More about ‘her’ below in the MARS – ERIS paragraph.

And to MARS’s double square with JUPITER on Aug 4 & Oct 18, and triple square with PLUTO (MARS’s transpersonal ‘higher octave’) on Aug 13, Oct 9, and Dec 23.
Both JUPITER & PLUTO are this year travelling in close proximity in CAP and aligning 3 times (Apr 4, June 29, and Nov 12).
Big Revelations of Shadow – esp. the abuse of power, destructive / unwise use of time and resources, and leadership out of integrity. Leading to Big & Deep Transformation, esp. when it comes to established, hierarchical power structures or otherwise ‘old world empires’.
The dynamic is already playing out via the CAP – CANCER Full Moon / PLE on July 4 / 5, which comes with a sharp cardinal T-square to MARS / CHIRON / LILITH in ARIES. No boredom.
Stay tuned for the Eclipse blog article!



What does MARS in ARIES bring?


  • New vitality and Spring-like energy is emerging and arising – it all starts HERE!
    If you’ve been sick and weakened, you get a boost of energy, esp. if you have SUN, MOON, Nodes, AC or Planets in ARIES. MARS is natural in its ARIES domain, as a survivor, an ‘energizer bunny’, and ‘he’ comes to life when battling the elements.
  • Fast actions and reactions.
  • People can get quite angry and upset (esp. with MERCURY squaring MARS on July 8 & 27) – no more PISCEAN tolerating – can be a fired-up and confrontational period, with MARS in ARIES. Better to channel the energy into action – find healthy outlets. 
  • Our inner Super Hero/ine wants to be launched.
  • Do something productive with that energy! What matters is to pro-actively get going – better than resisting and fighting.
  • If it ‘doesn’t work out, not to worry. ARIES gets up and starts again, in a new way. Like a toddler learning to walk, with natural instinct and trust.


Aries Ram by Khairzul MG – Fine Art America

This is OUR Time & Life.

Let’s not postpone or give up but do something exciting with the Time and Energy we have here!
MARS in ARIES gets the ball rolling, and brings fresh energy & vitality for getting going, and taking action…

…esp. after the FULL MOON / Partial Lunar Release Eclipse in CAP – CAN  with JUPITER-PLUTO and SATURN, on July 4 / 5 (last Eclipse in a long time with CAP SUN or MOON on the South Node Release Point) which calls us to be done with and give a good farewell to heavy, depressing, burdening, judgmental, repressive energy of the ‘Old Empire’ that’s expiring now / the ‘old operating system’ that’s ‘security’ / fear & control based to make room for showing up, and doing what really matters, in a new and ALIVE way.

Once the SUN in CANCER will pass the opposition point with SATURN retro back in late CAP on July 20 – the ‘blue’ CANCER New Moon (by then MERCURY is also out of retro), it’ll be easier to move with a clear and conscious Spirit facing what appeared as obstacles, fears, judgments, and old blockages, to stand in our authority and have agency (ha, no more excuses…).

MARS will be in ARIES until Jan 7, 2021!
Get going, Amigos & Amigas!


Which Planetary Combos & Dynamics are up, with MARS in ARIES?

A lot & and intensely so – given the 1/2 year RAMification activation!


  • For starters, MERCURY in CANCER will square MARS in ARIES on July 8 while in retro (until July 12) – and again out of retro on July 27.
    Good to channel angry thoughts and words into checking in with our needs, and being kind and pro-active, rather than going into a verbal war / taking it out on others.
    Later this year, MERCURY in LIBRA will oppose MARS retro in ARIES, on Sept 24. Negotiation and win-win rather than ‘old battle mode’.


  • Soon after the first MERCURY square, MARS in ARIES will meet ‘Wounded Healer / Teacher’ CHIRON (in ARIES 2019 – 2027) who’s presently stationary-slow, to go retro on July 11 – Bringing out the Medicine of the NOW.
    The MARS – CHIRON encounter is scheduled for July 14 – but the energy is activated already July 11 / 12 (when the MOON will be in ARIES too, and ‘ushers’ MARS into ARIES) and extends easily to July 19 – just before the late CANCER New Moon on July 20.
    What’s going on, with MARS – CHIRON – MOON in ARIES?
    Raw and vulnerable experiences and feelings can be triggered – and they can take us to find our Inner Medicine of being truly present and authentically HERE in this Life, and in this Time. There’s only the NOW. How do you show up?


  • Next up: MARS will encounter ‘Wild’ LILITH (in ARIES this year too, Jan 27 – Oct 21) twice: On Aug 10 when in forward motion, and again during MARS retro, on Sept 23.
    The second super charge of LILITH while in ARIES, just after Fall Equinox – the first was the Spring Equinox ARIES New Moon with LILITH & CHIRON on March 24 – when the ‘Wild & New’ began…
    A ‘wild & fierce & raw’ energy for sure.
    What’s cooking and showing up? An up-rising?
    Our wild and unconditioned / untameable, indomitable side is activated as rarely otherwise.

    LILITH is in ARIES every 9 years, for 9 months, and the chances for Her to get activated by MARS twice are super rare (remember, MARS was the last time retro in ARIES in 1988 / 89).
    The fact that MARS will meet LILITH again when in retro shows there’s more to the activation & coming alive of what’s Raw & Wild – in alignment with Spirit and Life Force (not ego).


One of ERIS’s glyphs – representing her discordant nature quite well

  • Also in ARIES – and often ignored (well, that’s tragically-fittingly aligned with Her Archetype) – and met by MARS 3 times: on Aug 15 (MARS direct), Oct 6 (MARS retro), and Dec 22 (MARS direct): ERIS.
    She’s the most massive and second-largest ‘dwarf planet’ known in the Solar System, and was given this astronomical status in 2006 (originally named ‘Planet X’ / ‘Xena’).
    This happened in the process when PLUTO was demoted as a Planet – while in late SAG, the Galactic Centre(!).
    The Planetary Archetype PLUTO btw is of course well and alive, regenerated (can’t demote Archetypes arbitrarily…), and in the meantime seen in a new light through the New Horizons space mission cameras, with first close-ups from Pluto in 2015.

    Since ERIS has almost the same diameter as PLUTO, and size matters for astronomical classifications, if PLUTO had retained its Planet status, ERIS and CERES had to be reclassified as Planets too which the astronomical community / consciousness wasn’t ready for.

    Regardless of her astronomical ‘status’, ERIS came into collective consciousness in those years.

    ERIS has a highly elliptical orbit that takes her 558 years around the SUN – more than twice as long as far-out PLUTO (248 years).
    She’s been in ARIES for a super long time, since 1922, until 2040 – for most of us our entire life time.
    Even if you have ‘nothing in ARIES’ you do: ERIS
    (showing how you respond to / with that Archetype!).

    Who / what / which Archetype actually is ERIS, and how does She show up now personally and societally?
    The rather unevolved role of the ERIS Archetype – the Greek goddess of discord & strife – seeds disruption and separation, is vengeful and confrontational.
    We’ve seen a lot of polarization and discord in Humanity lately (triggered through the Corona Crisis – hmm, the ‘Coronation’ theme is very symbolic for the ERIS Archetype too – don’t give sovereignty away!) as the massive 2020 Stellium of the Titans, JUPITER – PLUTO – SATURN end of CAP moved into square with ERIS – who is presently (these years) between 23 – 24º ARIES!
    Why all that discord & strive?
    Because she’s not welcome at the table / not invited to the ‘ceremony’.
    So much conflict nowadays, as the socio-political Plutocratic (literally: rulership of the wealthy) 1% elite / supremacy (CAP shadow) is playing their exclusive ‘game’ in the old and dying hierarchical top-down world, at the expense / exclusion of ‘regular people’ and esp: minorities who feel left out of the ‘democratic’ decision making process.
    Prime examples of large scale collective seeding of discord and separation has happened via the media / social media and their deceptive / programming potential and via ‘disruptive technology’ that started to kick in big time when URANUS in late ARIES met ERIS – 2016 / 17 – only every about 85 years – and which can be abused in so many ways…


ERIS – Antikensammlung Berlin

Mythological ERIS is the sister of MARS / ARES.

In Greek Mythology,
“She stirs up jealousy and envy to cause fighting and anger among men.
At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, all the Gods were invited with the exception of Eris, and, enraged at her exclusion, she spitefully caused a quarrel among the Goddesses that led to the Trojan War.”

Here’s where ERIS can evolve, according to Doug Walker in this excellent ERIS intro article:
“If the ERIS Archetype is developed fully, humanity may never have to experience war again. The feminine ERIS will balance the aggression of MARS. A well developed ERIS Archetype could banish all war. The ancient prophesy of swords turned into plowshares could be realized.”
Esp. with MARS going retro in ARIES this year: No more war!

ERIS’s Archetype shows also how ‘small things’ can lead to major effects.
May the combo of ERIS & MARS show how the sum of small determined actions (not: upset re-actions) can help shift global consciousness and move us into the NEW Way of Being with one another on this Planet Home!

And may MARS moving now through ARIES and meeting ERIS three times this year, pre-, during, and post-retro, on Aug 15, Oct 6, and Dec 22 give ERIS a boost to be adamant, show up and stand up and fight – with our best resources (JUPITER / PLUTO / SATURN in CAP) – in an empowering and transformational way!


May CHIRON now in ARIES, and approaching ERIS (exact in 2025, and in the making) help with healing what makes war possible!


  • So, MARS in ARIES will on Aug 10 – 15 and in retro on Sept 23 – Oct 6 meet LILITH and ERIS.
    While LILITH – every 9 years – meets ERIS in ARIES end of Aug / early Sept 2020, and all 3 will square PLUTO & SATURN end of CAP.

    A highly charged time. May it be worked out in a productive and effective way, for the benefit of us individually (ARIES) and for society. May responsibility & integrity be restored!


  • Also promisingly brought to our awareness via the Sabian Symbol of the degree where MARS goes retro on Sept 9.


    KEYNOTE: The necessity for mature preparation and self-criticism.

    We see here the tangible results of the situation evoked by the two preceding symbols. Great hopes, excited expectations cannot be sustained. The last symbol reveals the performer’s state of consciousness; in this one he is actually made fully aware of having promised – to the many elements of his own personality as well as perhaps to other human beings – more than he was able to deliver. The issue is how to handle this situation. In one form or another, it is an often recurring situation in the life of an individual person. The manner in which it is met determines the individual’s future possibilities of development and achievement.

    This is the third stage of this five-fold sequence. What is implied here is the need to be more than “obsessed by potentiality” and subjectively involved in the use of the new powers. The objective results have to be considered, i.e. what this use will do. The individual is not alone concerned, for in a sense mankind as a whole will be affected. What is required, therefore, is an objective inclusiveness of the whole environment; thus a sense of RESPONSIBILITY for what one’s actions will produce in people who have been made to expect significant results.”

    The 3 days from MARS going retro on 09/09/2020(!) to Sept 12, when JUPITER goes out of retro will be the peak of Retro Planets this year (and the most I’ve seen in my 20-year professional practice) – SEVEN simultaneously!
    August / Sept / Oct with 6 & 7 Planets retro will be a pivotal time of the year, to regenerate from within in so many ways – which can help us / is necessary even, to change course on the ‘outside’.


  • More super significant MARS activations:
    MARS squares 2 / 3 times JUPITER & PLUTO which are close together end of CAP this year, and themselves go into triple conjunction with each other (Apr 4, today June 29 while both are retro, and Nov 12).
    Big time revelation & big transformation when it comes to deep pervasive CAP shadow (corruption, abuse of power & authority in institutions, governments, societal structures, hierarchies, old world leadership / ‘Old Empires’).

    MARS still going direct will square JUPITER retro on Aug 4, and MARS retro will square JUPITER going direct on Oct 18.
    MARS direct will square PLUTO retro on Aug 13, MARS retro will square stationary PLUTO (going on Oct 4 out of retro) on Oct 9, and MARS post-retro / direct will square PLUTO direct on Dec 23 – just 2 days after the JUPITER – SATURN conjunction at Winter Solstice 2020 on the 1st degree of AQ where a new 20-year socio-political-economical cycle starts.

    Now, that’s a LOT and intense.

    And it all happens over the ‘hot phase’ of the U.S. Elections, and while the U.S. have the first phase of their 1st PLUTO Return in history – PLUTO comes back to the position where it was in 1776 – technically 2021 – 22 but that’s already in the making (and unmistakably in effect).
    Looks like an epic challenge of Heroes and ‘Titans’ / Tyrants, a battle facing Oligarchy (rulership of the few) / Plutocracy (rulership of the wealthy).

    So important for all of us Humans to activate not just our inner Hero/ine and show up / stand up, but to activate our ‘SuperPowers’ / connect with the Power of Soul & Essence / Core – ultimate & unalienable source of Power and Guidance (PLUTO – JUPITER).

    And when it comes to the U.S. PLUTO Return: May the Core & Soul of the Country regenerate, and may the essence of the Constitution be restored and its Spirit evolved into this time.


  • Lastly & full circle (how apt):
    MARS in ARIES makes 2 contacts with SATURN, when entering ARIES and when SATURN goes direct.
    On June 28, the day after MARS enters ARIES, it went right away into a sextile with SATURN retro which was at the entry point of AQ (where JUPITER will align with SATURN on Winter Solstice!) – just before it went back to its domain CAP (July 1 – Dec 16), for ‘unfinished business’ there.
    Supportive for social activism that’s FOR rather than against.

    Exactly 3 months later, on Sept 29 (SATURN Day – with its 29-year cycle) – the day after SATURN goes direct, hence will be a crucial stationary ‘anchor’ V.I.P. (very important Planet) end of Sept / early Oct, MARS retro in its own sign ARIES will square SATURN in its own sign CAP.

    Looks like at the initial ‘friendly’ contact end of June shows us where future oriented actions & possibilities for responsible collaboration lay.
    Whereas during the sharp second contact end of Sept old unresolved conflicts need to be worked out first before decisive moving forward is practically doable (even though the urge is there).


Since there are so many specific alignments from / to MARS while it’s in ARIES for more than 6 months it’s only reasonable and common sense not to lay them all out here chronologically (a SATURN thing), because it would be overwhelming for me to compose them and for you to process them all.
I rather pooled them up above in thematic groups of MARS meeting the various Planetary Archetypes, and hope you find that helpful.

Of course, you can find the specific transit alignments from and to MARS in the Cosmic Calendar of my email ASTRO~NEWS which goes out to subscribers (email me if you’d like to be on the list: licht@islandnet.com) before every New Moon and Full Moon.


As mentioned, stay tuned for a special ASTRO~News blog article re: MARS Retro (Sept 9 – Nov 13), closer to September.



MARS in ARIES in Your Chart & Life…

… will activate and energize your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planetary Archetypes in ARIES, and the area/s of life relating to the House/s where ARIES is in your birth (and local) chart/s.


1st House
Your Presence and Sense of Self

2nd House
Your Values, what you own, literally & metaphorically, your Business

3rd House
Your Environment

4th House
Your Home, Origin, Ancestry

5th House
Your Creative, Playful, Inner Child and Lover

6th House
Your Work, Wellness, Lifestyle

7th House
Your Partners & Significant Others

8th House
Your Involvement and Sharing with Others, Your Transformations

9th House
What gives you Meaning, Your Wisdom, Inspiration, Path and Travels

10th House
Your Purpose incl Career, Your Public Self

11th House
Your Social Side – Engagement with Society, Groups and Friends

12th House
Your Transcendent and Spiritual Self and Union with All-that-Is.



Do You want to explore the MARS-in-ARIES activation in YOUR chart & life?
Let’s do it. C
ome over for a private session! Can be a short focused one (ARIES likes that).


All the Best for a dynamic Start into / as the NEW, with MARS in ARIES!



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MARS in LIBRA (Oct 3 – Nov 18): Passion for Peace, Balance, Fairness, Justice, and Synergistic Partnerships

28 Sep

What’s UP, Astro Friends?

After 6 1/2 weeks in VIRGO since Aug 17 (phew, soo many issues and problems since then, so much to do, to fix and get in order!!!), MARS crosses over the Equinox Point into LIBRA on OCT 3 to activate and stir up the sign of Balance, Fairness, Harmony, and wise Choices, until Nov 18.

What a day!
Oct 3 is also when PLUTO – ‘higher octave’ / transpersonal dimension of MARS – as in: Higher / Deeper / Inner Power – goes from retro to direct, and when MERCURY goes into PLUTO ruled SCORPIO for a looong time!

What has become imbalanced for you? 
MARS can motivate you to pursue activities that bring more Balance, Harmony, Relatedness, Art and Culture into your Life.

About time!
MARS was the last time in LIBRA 2 years ago (Oct 22 – Dec 9, 2017) – in its 2-year cycle through the Zodiac.

Perhaps your life is too stagnant, boring, and indecisive?
Then MARS’s job would be to get you off the fence to make a brave decision.

Or to pro-actively approach others with whom there could be a good synergistic partnership – in which both of you can be authentic.

Of course, MARS in LIBRA is also about action & activism for Justice, Fairness, and Balance – as we see in the current full-on Climate Action Movement’s events.
Interesting & very timely, how MARS in LIBRA also funnels into the Canadian Fed. Elections on Oct 21, calling us to make a bold choice.


If you have your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets in LIBRA, these inner Archetypes get an energy boost in the coming weeks, yet you might also want to watch not to get too ego driven in their expression. Channel the energy into active, physical outlets which a la LIBRA would be dance and pursuit of art and culture.


Even if you don’t have ‘Inner LIBRAN ‘Players’ there’s a House or two where LIBRA is in your chart. And that gets now activated through MARS.
Do you want to take initiative with people related to that house?

3rd House: People in your environment, and your extended family.
5th House: Children and creative partners, incl. lovers.
9th House: People from abroad, and people with whom you study together…
More about MARS in your LIBRA House/s below.


In its journey through LIBRA, MARS will go 

  • on Oct 8 into opposition with CHIRON retro now in (MARS ruled) ARIES – what does a well-weighed yet bold choice look like that honours authenticity as the Medicine?
  • on Oct 27 into square with the South Node & SATURN – close to the Canadian Fed. Elections – calling for bold choices to assert integrity in leadership and being done with top-down old school authority.
  • and on Nov 5 into square with PLUTO in CAP which can be a time of conflict between personal assertion of ego forces and Higher Power that follows Natural Laws, esp. when it comes to decision making, and in relationships. 


Let’s check out all the 

Cosmic Contacts of MARS in LIBRA (Oct 3 – Nov 18) with other Planets

…to make sure their Relationships are well balanced.
Highlight times are Oct 8 – 12, Oct 27/28, Nov 5 and 12.


MARS goes into LIBRA (until Nov 18).
Make sure you take care of your own inner balance first before negotiating / asserting fairness and balance with others and in the world.


MARS freshly in LIBRA opposes CHIRON retro in (MARS Ruled) ARIES.
What does a well-weighed bold choice look like that honours authenticity as the Medicine?
Choices might present themselves as urgent but there’s also time to weigh.


OCT 12
MARS in LIBRA in quincunx with URANUS retro in TAURUS.
While being passionate and pro-active about Balance, Peace, and right Relationships integrate liberation from attachment, and find unconditional Freedom within.


OCT 27 – Day of the SCO New MOON
MARS in LIBRA forms a T-square with the South Node & SATURN in CAP and the North Node in CAN.
Taking a stand for fairness, equality, justice, and overall balance calls for bold choices. Asserting integrity in leadership means being done with top-down old school authority while showing up as our best Self and with compassion & care. 


OCT 28
MARS in LIBRA in quincunx with LILITH & NEPTUNE retro in PISCES.
All is ONE, in this wild & connected world.
How does this influence your choices and your relatedness?


MARS in LIBRA in square with PLUTO in CAP.
Showing up for balance and right relationship to restore natural laws and regenerate natural power.


NOV 12 – Day of the TAU – SCO Full MOON
MARS end of LIBRA in sextile with JUPITER end of SAG. One day after the ‘New Mercury’ / half-way point in the M-r Journey in SCO.
YES! to a balanced and trusting direction forward, now as a lot of old sabotaging messages have been processed. A ‘happy end’ for MARS in LIBRA and for JUPITER in SAG (until Dec 2).


NOV 18
MARS goes over the ‘Tipping Point’ from LIBRA to SCORPIO (until Jan 3).
Intense Stirring, Clearing, and Spiritual Mobilization.



Beautifully Tiled Staircase in San Francisco – Model for MARS in LIBRA in combo with SATURN & PLUTO in CAP – walking UP in Harmony.


How does MARS in LIBRA affect you, and how can you show up best in dynamic partnership with this energy?

Your SUN, MOON or Planets in LIBRA get a boost of energy – to stand up and show up for harmony, peace, balance, and right relationship!


And for all of us, whichever House/s LIBRA inhabits in our birth chart this is the area of Life to make a choice and partner up with:

1st House
How you show up –
Choose YOU, and be in good relationship with yourself. What action is calling?

2nd House
What you have and value –
A sense of balance, the fine art of relatedness and synergistic negotiation – ready to be stimulated (or provoked so that you can assert what’s important to you).

3rd House
Your Environment –
Art & Culture in the City – nice time of year to show up in it.

4th House
Your Home –
A cultured haven of Peace & Harmony. Maybe time for Feng Shui projects? And to be social and invite friends or bring a partner into your private life.

5th House
Your Creativity –
Get going with new artistic projects.

6th House
Your Work, Health, and Lifestyle –
A good time to bring balance (back?) into your World. If you don’t do it who will?

7th House
Your significant Others –
Are your relationships with important people in your life in synergy, reciprocity and balance?
If not you gotta assert it.

8th House
Your deep Involvement and Transformations –
Parting in peace and being civilized is your thing – maybe it’s time to be pro-active esp. when things have gotten wayyy imbalanced and you’ve addressed that a few times…

9th House
Your Travels and Worldviews –
Traveling shows you how in other cultures people relate and what they create together.
Time for an (even short-term) inspiration & freedom trip?

10th House
Your Calling and Purpose –
To show the World what it’s like to be in Harmony, Balance, and Right Relationship.

11th House
Your Community & Friends –
Art & Culture are keys. Time to take initiative and action to actually see them, and to assert Balance with them as needed.

12th House
Your Oneness with ALL –
There’s no Comparison – by Nature.
Hidden ‘Conflict’ just shows something’s stirring to be born soon.


Blessings for a balanced & balancing phase of MARS in LIBRA!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to Your ‘Inner Cosmic Compass’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’ and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified with them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

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Your Archetypes – Your Partners :: LIBRAn Astro Sessions

The SUN, MERCURY & VENUS are still in LIBRA and MARS follows, on OCT 3.
A big emphasis on Peace, Balance, Harmony, Art, Culture, and: Relatedness / Relationship.

If you have any ‘cosmic placements’ (SUN, MOON, AC, Planets) in LIBRA… the themes of those Archetypes / Inner ‘Players’ will more likely be on your mind, with MERCURY in LIBRA.
Engaging with what these Archetypes and sides in you stand for will bring you Balance.
Be Partners with them!
Otherwise, what often happens: We attract human partners who embody those Archetypes to help us integrate the themes. A bit of a ‘detour’.

Read on, and find the whole gist of the offer at my FB Page at the Event description.


…via Courses. Workshops, and Embodied Astrology:
Our experiential and embodied Astrology groups have over time (the 16 years I’ve been facilitating workshops and classes) become quite potent and catalytic.
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ARIES New Moon with URANUS, MERCURY Turnaround & CHIRON Entering ARIES: Breakthrough into the Authentic YOU!

14 Apr

Dear Astro~News Readers,

The energies from the pre-Easter Full Moon are getting turned up another notch – or a few:

You MUST feel this already – at least ‘in the making’ (as in: New Moon)!
Tomorrow’s New Moon in late ARIES comes with URANUS, and brings a liberating Firework:
Freedom from… Freedom for… and ‘simply’:

Freedom to be Authentically YOU!

Whatever is in the way, like polarization splits a la ERIS in ARIES (see my recent post for the Full Moon on March 31, with ERIS involved) is being recognized for what it is, and gets busted right on the spot.

No need to ‘assert or defend yourself’ (which is also an ARIES energy but always implies an ‘against’).
Simply be YOU! Says liberating URANUS, right next to the New Moon.

Which can perhaps look like this:
Being consciously (SUN) emotionally (MOON) free (URANUS).
Feeling it coming big time?


Star Magnolia Dance – Photo by Melanie


If more and more of us wake up and step into LIFE (ARIES) with this Power? It can have massive effects on our lives, onto society, humanity, and our Life on Earth.

I’d say this Spirit is pushing so strongly now to come alive that there’s no more holding back or regressing. 
Also catalyzed by MERCURY and CHIRON, wrapping round the ‘Emergence’ / “Come Alive” Point from PI to AR!

MERCURY is now stationary in early ARIES – going out of retro tomorrow Apr 15 – about 16 1/2 hrs before the NEW MOON:
How have you come to more authenticity in your conscious thinking and communication?
Maybe you caught yourself in old conditioned / fearful / fake / ‘strategic’ / pleasing-oriented inauthentic patterns in this MERCURY Retro phase since March 22, questioned this, and tried on a new approach? Ha, or ‘simply’ something authentic ‘escaped you’ and brought out what you really think. 🙂
Maybe you noticed that when you speak-as-you-are things flow, you come alive, and people really only meet you for real.
Thaaank you, MERCURY Retro!
More about MERCURY below 🙂


CHIRON is about to ‘Come Alive’ & enter ARIES on Apr 17!

…with stationary MERCURY as a ‘midwife’
For a try-on / preview phase until Sept 25, when it re-immerses itself into PISCES. And then from Feb 18, 2019 on, the full-on emergence of ARIES Medicine will show up.

All is fresh and NEW in ARIES.
The Medicine is to be Authentically YOU!
Emerging from the Collective Consciousness.
Which can be scary, and / or hugely liberating.

CHIRON brings up ‘wounds’ and awkwardness, and we feel like an outsider – in ARIES when we show up or stand up for ourselves, and for what matters to us. It might be also awkward if we didn’t have role models, or their teachings don’t apply to THIS. 
Yet, what the heck? says ARIES, It’s my life, this is ME.
Early ARIES is a Warrior / Survivor. All about the NOW.

That’s what ARIES is all about: NOW THIS!
Alive, alert, letting life force emerge in every moment – like blossoms surprising us daily now. Time for fresh beginnings – or for simply being present with what’s always NEW.

Show up in a new way, try out what you haven’t before, not in a long time, or don’t have a ‘model’ or comparison for. If it ‘doesn’t work’ try something else (ARIES doesn’t mind starting anew). The essence of being innovative.
Anger (and ARIES expression) can be your vulnerability yet also guide you to your Medicine.

Those of you born with CHIRON in ARIES (Apr – Oct 1968, and Feb 1969 – March 1977) know a bit (or a lot) about this state of Being.
For you, round age 50 CHIRON will make its Return, and your ‘original wound / Medicine’ comes full circle.
All of us (independent of age) esp. if we have SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets in ARIES (or triggered by it, in LIBRA, CAN or CAP) we’ll get a CHIRON ‘kick’ too, to step forward, authentically as we are, esp. in the area of life related to our ARIES House in the chart.

Let’s explore how this shows up for YOU, and in the World (symptoms are already manifesting) in our…

Special ASTRO Medicine Parlour:
The Medicine of Being Authentically YOU!

Coming Monday Apr 16
Afternoon and Evening Group to choose from.


Let’s take a look at the ARIES NEW MOON chart…

…and see which other Archetypes show up now, reminding us to let their energies enliven us!
The ARIES NEW MOON will be exact at 6:57 pm PDT tomorrow, Apr 15.


Boom! There’s URANUS right next to the SUN and MOON Union in late ARIES.

URANUS has finally passed ERIS (their connection happened over the last 2 years, 2016 / 17. See the blog post for the last Full Moon, describing the theme – disruptive, shock and awe, ‘splitting’ and polarizing effects.

Their combined energy has been (well, one facet of it!) erratic, unpredictable, volatile (“You never know what comes next!”) which could have kept us on adrenaline / alert mode – and has also been used and ‘worked’ by ‘power players’.

Yet, on a higher vibrational mode (hey, good reminder: Astro Awareness is all about Raising your Vibration and be free – in my world anyway 🙂 ), it’s been a shake and wake-up call for a new approach to… everything – esp. old core issues that are up for transformation (PLUTO in CAP).
The Power is IN You.

As the shocking discordance producing scenarios are being integrated the (Uranian) Awakening in Humanity emerges big time now.
We the People don’t buy into the old ‘divide et impera’ (divide and rule) principle anymore that’s based on being set up against each other.

The NEW MOON just past ERIS and approaching URANUS (the MOON unites with URANUS on Apr 15 / 16, and the SUN on Apr 18) is a strong momentum towards Conscious Breakthrough and Freedom.


Image Credit: Pexels – free stock photos


The ARIES NEW MOON with URANUS is unaspected (stands by itself without a link to other Planets) – that really stands out too!
This dynamic has ‘a life of its own’, which could manifest as ‘being in the closet’. But not for too long, with URANUS:
Liberation is ready to be released!


‘Winged Messenger’ MERCURY at the Beginning of ARIES 

…freshly out of retro (at 2:21 am PDT = 16 1/2 hrs before the NM).

Hope you’ve also had lots of paradigm shifts of / from the mind, with MERCURY retro, while URANUS the ‘higher octave’ of MERCURY (still) also in ARIES, on a transpersonal dimension has been rattling us to wake up.

MERCURY is now in post-retro ‘storm’ in its ‘U-turn’ from retro to direct – a re-adjustment time (like a ‘reverse culture shock’ which can happen when we come back from a re-treat to our ‘known’ environment). Let’s give it a week or so to integrate.

The ‘storm’ (MERCURY moving very slowly in forward gear) goes technically until Apr 24, followed by the post-retro shadow until May 4 (when it goes over the Zodiac degree zone which it went retro from = 17° AR).
A good time to process and start to act on ARIES Retro themes that have come up, a la “Back to the Beginning!”:

  • Did M-r re-connect you with people from the ‘beginnings’ when you started things / when you were new in town / in your work…?
  • Did it bring that spirit back?
  • Was that refreshing and re-inspiring, to bring you back to a ‘Beginner’s Mind’ approach?
  • Or did it show you (ha, the CAP contrast that also came up – MERCURY in triple square with SATURN): “Been there, done that. That was me in the beginning, Now with all my experience however…” (a fine line between being realistic and judge-mental).

Mainly, it’s about Authenticity and Origin-ality, with M-r in ARIES.

The stationary MERCURY invites CHIRON over from PISCES into ARIES: Being YOU is the Medicine!

MERCURY and CHIRON (only 5 degrees apart from each other, wrapping around the ‘Emergence Point cusp from PI to AR) are also unaspected. What brings you ‘back to life’? It’s YOUR Life.


Who else shows up for the ARIES New Moon Party?

As you see in the chart, there’s lots of cardinal activation in the New Moon and beyond: (Soon CHIRON), MERCURY, the SUN / MOON, URANUS, SATURN, MARS, LILITH, and PLUTO are all in cardinal signs, actually only two of the four: ARIES and CAPRICORN:

What are you initiating (AR), and where do you show up in leadership and integrity (CAP) – without taking too much on or becoming a scapegoat?!


Vibrant Country Goat

MARS in CAPRICORN having passed SATURN (Apr 2) will unite with LILITH on Apr 19 and with PLUTO on Apr 26!
A MARS activation happens only every 2 years.

MARS in CAP is a ‘kicker’ for all of us with SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets in CAP, but also for the ARIES, CANCER, and LIBRA sides in us which aren’t by nature accomplishment oriented but can use a boost (inner / outer Spring clearing and ‘reno’ anyone?).

Check out my Astro~News blog for MARS in CAP 2018.

  • With MARS past SATURN, have you noticed (since early April) a shift to leave obstacles, frustrations, fears, shoulds, expectations, limitations behind and move on anyway?
    A challenge perhaps yet going ahead, with ‘right action’ is what matters.
    Congrats on the MARS – SATURN front!
  • Now as MARS meets LILITH this coming week, go with / come from what’s natural for and in you. Work with your time and resources (what you’re naturally good at, and what you have access to) , which is powerful and transformational (MARS / PLUTO – coming up end of the month!).
    Let Being in Your True Nature express itself. Work with your strengths, and be in your power.


Back to SATURN:
The ‘Ringed One’ is also stationary this month of April, since it goes retro on Apr 17 – at 9°9′ CAP (until Sep 6). 

If you have anything on or round 9° CAP (and also AR, CAN, LI) you probably notice the pressure. Yet, it’s the pressure of a chiseling away of what you don’t need anymore and actually, what you are NOT. 

I felt called to look up the Sabian Symbol for the SATURN station (haven’t brought those in in a while – being positively retro here, let’s see..):


KEYNOTE: The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.

This picture simply says, “Heaven is within us.” All we have to do is to be open and listen to the total harmony of life, a harmony in which we play a part that is necessary to the completeness and meaning of the whole. In order to do this we have to surrender our separative ego- consciousness and flow with the universal current which, to the religiously minded person, is the Will of God.

This is the fourth symbol of the series. The technique it implies is that of ATTUNEMENT to the rhythm of universal life. Angels are to be considered personalizations of various aspects of this life, and totally subservient to its rhythms and purposes.”

This much for the Ringed One teaching us to model ourselves after other Winged Ones… ❤

Yet also, to realize that we can (from a SATURN perspective) ‘repurpose’ situations (incl. those challenging ones that we suffer, resist, and judge) by connecting with their spiritual core (PLUTO) and inner nature (LILITH). Which brings them to a higher vibration, as we surrender to the Higher Order of the Universe to use us, for a higher purpose.


Speaking of Higher Power and Purpose…
PLUTO in CAP is also stationary this month at 21 / 22° CAP, as it will go retro on Apr 22 (until Sept 30) – just before MARS passes PLUTO (Apr 26).

I see this dynamic on a societal level (together with the URANUS / New MOON in MARS’s domain ARIES, in wide square with PLUTO / MARS) as a strong momentum for revolutionary uprising against dominating establishment that holds and abuses power and isn’t in integrity. 
True leadership requires integrity – one of the essentials (PLUTO) of CAP.

As SATURN (authority) and PLUTO (power) both go retro this month
(which happens yearly in April, yet: extra activated via the AR New Moon, MARS, and LILITH this year) these positions and institutions are being held accountable so that ‘real change’ can come from this.

On an inner / spiritual (PLUTO) level, any soulful action in integrity is powerful (MARS / PLUTO in CAP).  And we’re called to find inner authority (SATURN retro) and inner power (PLUTO retro) again.


JUPITER this year in (PLUTO ruled) SCORPIO helps with revelations of what used to be under cover, hidden, taboo, in the closet – to evoke a change for the better.
With JUPITER presently (until July 10) retro it’s time to re-visit certain ‘dark corners’ that might look scary yet are important to clear, process, and transform.


VENUS now in TAU is about to go into opposition with JUPITER in SCO – (also on Apr 17): Enjoying this precious human embodiment with all our sense perceptions comes with seeing the bigger picture (JUPITER) of impermanence and change (SCO).

VENUS – JUPITER connect with the Planetary Archetypes in CAP, namely: MARS / LILITH / PLUTO:
How can we work with this human dilemma and tension (the joy of being alive vs. the changefulness) without engaging in attachment and suffering, in a ‘simple’, deep and mature way?
Maybe starting with some acts of voluntary simplicity (phew, can be applied in so many ways…).


‘See you’ next time, in person here in Victoria, online, here on this ‘blog channel’, on my FB Page, or on the email Astro~News!
Next one: for the AR New Moon to the SCO – TAU Full Moon / the Wesak Moon.

You’re welcome to join the mailing list via signing up on my FB Page, or email me (licht@islandnet.com) and I add you manually.

Many Blessings for the Liberation Journey!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




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LIBRA – ARIES Easter Full Moon with ERIS / URANUS, and MARS / SATURN: Liberation and Peace in a Polarized World

30 Mar

Dear Astro~News Readers!

Let’s welcome the LIBRA – ARIES Full Moon!

Not only as the March Blue Moon (second one, after March 1), and First Full Moon in Spring, heralding Easter the day after (yes, Easter is a lunar calendar festival, celebrated on the Sunday after the first Spring Full Moon)!
But also, since it brings lots of liberating shifts!


Young Hare, by Albrecht Duerer (original at Albertina, Vienna)


Surprise – surprise!
An unexpected Archetype’s ‘on board’ of the ARIES activation this month:

Not only URANUS but also ERIS (presently at 23°16’ AR) will be catalyzed by the LI – AR Full Moon (March 31) and by the New Moon in ARIES (Apr 15)!


Eris – Antikensammlung Berlin

A befriended Astro client asked me a few days ago what my take on Eris, Sedna, and other seldomly looked-at and newly discovered Astro Archetypes is.
Which made me realize: 

It’s ERIS season again (yep, not just ARIES season). And, even more so: ERIS has been actually (perhaps overlooked but very effectively) operating for a while in ‘tandem’ with URANUS in ARIES.
Both just come out of that crazy 2 – 3 year alliance mirrored in world events.

Who / what / which Archetype is ERIS, and how does it show up now personally and societally?

ERIS, the most massive and second-largest dwarf planet known in the Solar System, was only discovered in 2005 (one of the reasons why PLUTO was demoted of its Planet status in 2006!), has an eccentric 561(!) year orbit around the SUN (more than twice as long as PLUTO), and has been almost the whole 20th and beginning of the 21st century in ARIES!

Even if you have ‘nothing in ARIES’ you do: ERIS (that’s another – personal – story, showing how you respond to / with that Archetype!)

The unevolved role of the ERIS Archetype – the Greek goddess of discord and strife is seeding separation – which we’ve seen a lot lately in humanity.
“She stirs up jealousy and envy to cause fighting and anger among men. At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, all the gods were invited with the exception of Eris, and, enraged at her exclusion, she spitefully caused a quarrel among the goddesses that led to the Trojan War.”

Here’s where ERIS can evolve, according to Doug Walker in this excellent ERIS intro article:
“If the ERIS Archetype is developed fully, humanity may never have to experience war again. The feminine ERIS will balance the aggression of MARS. A well developed ERIS Archetype could banish all war. The ancient prophesy of swords turned into plowshares could be realized.”

May CHIRON entering ARIES (which is immanent, starting Apr 17 – until Sept 25 2018, and then fully ON from Feb 18, 2019 on until 2026 / 27 when it will meet ERIS) help with healing what makes war possible.

But realistically speaking (says SATURN in CAP now too…), we gotta start from and acknowledge where we’re at.
Has it ever been a period of discord, disruption, and seeding of separation in society over the last 2 years, esp. via the media!
The recently revealed social media scandals of sensitive private data being harvested and exploited to split the population by manipulatively feeding them back ‘news’ and intensifying what they believe in or side with in a way that could have tipped the scales for the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, and the Brexit referendum.
A prime example of large scale collective seeding of discord and separation.
Plus the huge trend of ‘disruptive technology’ which can be abused in so many ways…

As well as the crazy making U. S – North Korea conflict, scandalous school shootings in the U.S. and the heated gun control debate, and the Catalan call for independence (URANUS and ERIS have been on Barcelona’s ARIES SUN and not far from Spain’s MOON in the last years (Check out my astrological Catalunya Independence blog post) are all prime examples of ERIS at work – together with URANUS.


Uranian Liberation & Promethean Mercury Lead ON.

Prometheus – the Archetype of Uranus – Bringing the Fire of the Gods to Humanity

The Archetype of URANUS the Awakener (shocking and rude awakenings, in this case) reflects not only (or at least not always immediately) liberation but also disruption, distortion, trauma, and in combination with ERIS (which happens once in a century only) has been highly explosive and discordant. Esp. since both are also in assertive ARIES.

May the shocking revelations (JUPITER in SCO certainly helps with that) that are coming through now lead to freedom of humanity on a higher and more conscious level!

Good to know: URANUS has now passed ERIS (their ‘hottest’ years were 2016 / 2017).
So, my sense is the shocking discordance producing scenarios might integrate, as (Uranian) Awakening in Humanity continues. People don’t buy into the old ‘divide et impera’ (divide and rule) principle, based on being set up against each other anymore.

ERIS in ARIES is a strong Full Moon (March 31) and New Moon (Apr 15) catalyst.
See the Full Moon chart below.
Bringing the ERIS / URANUS low grade manifestation to the bright light of SOLAR Consciousness (the SUN is very strong in ARIES) IS a game (or rather: out-of-game) changer. Waking Up from being set up to fight / war  against ‘the other’ brings  for true URANIAN Liberation.


MERCURY in ARIES at the retro mid-point, connecting with the SUN on Apr 1 = Day of Enlightened Insight (for more about the whole M-r phase check out the blog post).

This certainly helps also with breakthroughs, aha effects, paradigm shifts, and mental liberation from the agitating ‘war on mind’ / mind at war with itself, and for a fresh approach.
With the MERCURY – SUN Enlightening Insight contact, a ‘New MERCURY’ (like a New Moon) is born, and the SUN (Consciousness, Spirit) is leading now, while the MERCURY (Mind) follows. This is the ‘Promethean’ phase of M-r. Prometheus is the URANUS Archetype. A liberating force. Forward-thinking, out-of the-
mind-matrix, etc.

“What and how do you Choose now newly?” asks the LIBRA FULL MOON, opposite the ARIES frenzy, and: “What brings Balance and PEACE in a Polarized World”?


MARS in CAP Passes Stationary (retro on Apr 17) SATURN:
Overcoming old blocks, obstacles, fears, and patriarchal control.
Moving forward, in Integrity and Inner Authority.

Mars (Hubble Space Telescope)

The LI – AR Full Moon links up in a sharp ‘T-Square’ with stationary SATURN (about to go retro, on Apr 17) and MARS. Now that’s quite the charge!

MARS and SATURN are the ‘outlet’ of that intense dynamic. Both strong in CAP. At best a momentum in Integrity and intrinsic Authority.

With the last New Moon, March 17, MARS, Ruler of ARIES, entered CAP – its ‘best’ position in the Zodiac (lots of energy to ‘move mountains’, and a push to persevere – in integrity), and will be in the Mountain Goat sign for a long time (basically until mid-Sept)
For more details, check out my MARS-in-CAP blog post.

Now MARS will pass SATURN (exact on Apr 2) – that’s big news, and the last massive shift catalyzed by the Full Moon!
Moving past serious authority challenges and obstacles, control, fears and resistances.
May Integrity lead the way!
And as SATURN will go retro on Apr 17 (for the first time since it entered CAP last Dec), we once again learn the lesson that true authority lays within.

Next up for MARS: A contact with LILITH, on Apr 19:
Our True Nature can’t be corrupted or controlled. Let’s move on and up from that place.


Here’s the chart of the LIBRA – ARIES Full Moon with URANUS and ERIS in AR, in T-Square to MARS – SATURN:


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




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44 min Flash Focus sessions are ON – for only $ 44!
But only until 04 / 04.


MARS into CAPRICORN (March 17 – May 15, plus Aug 12 – Sept 10): Gett’n Stuff Done. Integrity in Action & (RE)Builder Energy

17 Mar

We’ve come a long way, with MARS moving (us) through SAG, since Jan 26! Hope you had a motivating time, and Spirit called you to follow your Heart! And that your SAG themes got activated the right way.

Today, March 17, just 6 1/2 hrs after the New Moon, the energetic Warrior Archetype and ruling Planet of ARIES (which is so fresh and ‘hot’ these days) moved over the ‘Integrity Point’ into CAP where we’re called to DO what we said, follow up on those high-flying visions and promises, do the work, and build what matters and lasts.

Vibrant Country Goat

A solid energy that holds everyone accountable, AND helps us to get the job done.
Accomplishment and completion are CAP’s big motivators.
And CAP doesn’t like waste of time and energy.

Time to get going with those long awaited Spring projects, and hey, we got the energy and motivation now (no more excuse, ha-ha).

MARS is considered ‘exalted’ in CAP (top position for MARS in the Zodiac) – think mountaineer or marathon runner, and builder… sustainable energy to reach a goal.
Let’s USE (yay, a buzz word for CAP) the time and energy as it’s available.
Plain and simple, actually.
CAP likes simplicity, and sticking to priorities.

What does that mean for the CAP sides in us (SUN, MOON, AC, Planets, Nodes)?

Well, they get an energy boost, to be even more Capricornian, in terms of accomplishing and completing (yay! finishing!) what they’re set out to do. DO it, says MARS, you got the energy now… yet slowly, consistently, not over night or ‘in the moment’ (as ARIES would have it – do I hear MERCURY going retro in AR next week?!). 
Where CAP is in your chart (either via Planets, SUN, MOON, AC, Nodes, or in any case the House/s CAP lives in) gets an energy boost.

Let’s check that out and direct it in a good way, in a private session if you like. 
You can use (did I say USE?) the Flash Focus Sessions for that (see below).

Getting things done – woohoo! MARS in CAP rocks!


What’s the Itinerary for MARS in CAPRICORN 2018?
March 17 – May 15 + Aug 15 – Sept 10

And hey – why does MARS ‘come back’ to CAP for 4 weeks in Aug / Sept?
Bingo! MARS will go retro this year (every 2 years) from early AQ, touching back into CAP from which it will go direct on Aug 27).

Re: the dates given below: The energy is active / available in the whole week around the dates when it climaxes. The build-up time is usually stronger than the outflow phase.

MARCH 17: 

MARS entered CAP – Lead ON!
Moving forward with vigor and integrity.

APR 2:
MARS passes stationary (going retro Apr 17) SATURN in CAP.
Overcoming old blocks, obstacles, fears, and patriarchal control, and moving UP, one step at a time.

APR 4 / 5:
MERCURY retro in AR squares MARS / SATURN stat. in CAP.
Don’t get discouraged by the ego mind and its quick reactions. Hopefully a breakthrough already occurred, and Consciousness leads. Excellent energy for planning and following through – from 
the Heart.

APR 10:
VENUS in TAU in Earth Trine with MARS in CAP.
Rock Solid Love. And a great time for gardening too 🙂

APR 14:
MARS in CAP sextiling NEPTUNE in PI.
Great time for work flow. And to connect with the compassionate WHY you’re moving mountains and taking on projects.

APR 19:
MARS passes LILITH in CAP.
Be wild, earthy, and sexy. Let your inner wildness lead the way.
Uhh, and the SUN enters sensual earthy TAU that day too….
And hey, this can also mobilize women in / towards / against status-quo leadership.

APR 23:
MARS in CAP in sextile with JUPITER retro in SCO.
Looots of energy – not just for Spring cleaning and purging. Also for revealing for what’s been 

APR 26:
MARS in CAP passes stationary / retro PLUTO (will go retro Apr 22).
Whoooaa – Power House energy.
Transforming anger into productive work?
Deep inner work that transforms generational / historic / ancestral conditioning.
Moving Mountains? Doing the Soul Work.
Transforming societal structures.

MAY 12:
MERCURY in AR (direct again) squares MARS in CAP.
Big Projects can be done, with the right mind set. Rather than being antagonistic, reactionary and in resistance work FOR something.

MAY 15:
MARS enters AQ where it goes retro from JUNE 26 on.
Coming to the end of what YOU can do?
It takes a village / team / humanity to collaborate.

JUNE 26:
MARS goes retro at 9°13′ AQ (until Aug 27 – back into CAP on Aug 15)

Back-tracking what works with collaboration, and where (old) competition and conflict arise.
Re-configuring the Inner / Outer / Societal Masculine.
What’s the Role of the Masculine in the Future of Humanity?

More about MARS retro:
Astro~News Blog post to come, closer to the time.

AUG 15 – SEPT 10:
MARS  back in CAP, going retro-to-direct for 4 weeks.
RE-trieving what we’re best at, and can contribute, from our level of experience, maturity, and responsibility.
What motivates YOU to accomplish something that really matters?
What sustains your energy (that you might have forgotten about)?

AUG 27:
MARS goes direct at 28°37′ CAP.
Lots of motivation, drive, and energy – esp. for your late CAP themes.

SEPT 10:
MARS finally passes over the ‘Community Building Point’ into AQ.
Collaboration is Key.


May we all USE and work with the time and energy of MARS in CAP for the highest purpose! 


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MARS in GEMINI (Apr 21 – June 4) & MERCURY Retro with URANUS in ARIES (Apr 28): Idea Explosion…

22 Apr

So. Here it is.
Bold MARS just entered GEMINI yesterday Fri Apr 21, and is now flying through the ‘lightest’ Zodiac vibration until June 4!
Already met two friends with VENUS in GEMINI yesterday – such dynamic dances of ideas and conversations, and invigorating visit / outing in the Land of Spring – nice initiation for MARS’s journey.


Bright Freshness – Photo by Melanie, Apr 21 2017


Not only is MARS now in GEMINI, also the GEMINI Ruler MERCURY is now retro, and since Thu back in ARIES, which in turn is ruled by MARS (a double-whammy, a.k.a. ‘mutual reception’) – AND: MERCURY retro in ARIES will trigger URANUS (second of 3 times) on Apr 28: Chances for radical paradigm shifts – it was all in the HEAD – let’s set ourselves FREE! Experimentation, no expectations…

Obviously, this gives the whole atmosphere a MERCURY / MARS and ARIES / GEMINI flavour:
New (AR) ideas, contacts, interests, learning, conversations (GEM).
Stirred up / provoked / stimulated / sharp (MARS) thoughts (MERCURY).
Aggressive / assertive / animated / ego-driven arguments can pop up now too.


The Two and the Many – Photo by Melanie, Apr 21, 2017


So let’s channel the energy into fresh, bold, youthful curiosity, and the desire to learn!
And physical activity (MARS) like cycling (so GEMINI) – well: Fairies would just fly….
Loved what a friend said this morning: “When you walk or cycle the ‘idea fairies’ can be with you.” So true, new ideas come to me when moving in nature w/o motor involved.

Well, ideas can become explosive now, as MERCURY retro will approach URANUS (Apr 28 and May 9): What would be a radically different way of approaching… (anything)?…

The MARS in GEMINI energy boost is fabulous for all your GEMINI planets, Ascendant, SUN and MOON. Just watch not to get too distracted, and scattered into tooo many directions! 


MARS makes several straight-up contacts with other ‘cosmic players’, while in GEM:

Right at the onset of MARS in GEMINI – this Earth Day weekend, MARS in early GEM squares the Nodal Axis, with the Lunar South Node on the PI / AQ cusp, and the North Node on the VIR / LEO cusp:
Rather than getting stressed out over sooo many pulls and interests (sorta ADD), yet incapable of ‘doing it all’ (maybe bi-locating / cloning yourself is the solution?) let’s channel this super-charged energy into diving into community, and being lovingly connected with friends – as ‘we’re all in this together’ – , co-generate good vibrations (PI / AQ), while knowing what works for us, and how we operate best to be creative, and offer our ‘specialty’ (VIR / LEO) – and: express your thoughts and ideas, discuss, ask, TALK! (MARS in GEM / MERCURY retro in AR) – maybe in a way you haven’t ‘dared to’ in a looong time.

Things can move really FAST now – which appears quite magical, just like blossoms in Spring!
Let’s give our thoughts wings, and set our loving intentions FREE!
(wings but no strings attached)


Star Magnolia Dance – Photo by Melanie, Apr 21 2017


Next up:
MARS will oppose LILITH in SAG on May 3 (which is also the day when MERCURY goes out of retro):
Be true to your inner nature and your path, and let them know (doesn’t have to turn into an argument – watch your tongue). Sooo many avenues. Also a great vibe for explorations and adventures that involve learning and the outdoors (take it easy on traffic, in the MERCURY turnaround ‘storm’).


MARS will trine JUPITER retro in LIBRA on May 12.
SO much energy, motivation, and vitality can come from this combo if they combine their gifts – in this case in the AIR element: Learning, relating, communicating – new connections for ‘good matches’ can be made. Dare to ask, and discuss! And: Don’t just be in your head, go out and DO something together! See how that goes and fits!


Finally, in the GEM journey, MARS will oppose SATURN retro in SAG (in the Galactic Centre), on May 28.
Be FREE to move in your ways, and chart your course – doesn’t have to be what you ‘should’ do or where you ‘should be’ (drop ‘should’ – that conditioned moral imperative if it’s not congruent with your HEART).
There’s no absolute right, many paths to, and in fact IN Truth and Freedom!

Wishing you a Vibrant, Inspired Flight through Spring, with MARS in GEMINI!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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