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* LEO – AQU Full Moon (Jan 23): ComMOONity Celebration & Co-Creation – Catalyzing Change with ♥!

23 Jan

The SUN Rules LEO. Painting by Johfra Bosschart



The Full Moon today Saturday Jan 23 will be in early (at 3°29’­) LEO (MOON) and AQ (SUN) – see chart below.

Johfra Bosschart Aquarius - Copy (218x350)

URANUS Rules AQUARIUS. Painting by Johfra Bosschart









Sooo much energy in the ‘wintry’ Zodiac signs, CAP to PISCES, and no planetary placements from mid-ARIES to end of VIRGO, these days / weeks / months, until end of March when ARIES kicks in, with the SUN, MERCURY, in April also VENUS.

The Lunar LEO vibe is a welcome counter-balance, with an infusion of warm, creative, joyful, playful mood.

Can you  FEEL it coming in?



The MOON will enter LEO today Sat Jan 23 at 11:21 am PST, to come into her majestic Leonine fullness exactly at 5:46 pm PST, right after  Moonrise here on the WestCoast. Illuminating the synergistic axis from early LEO that’s so creatively playful (hence, I call that cusp ‘Creativity Point’) to early AQ where the ‘Prometheus Point’, or ‘Community Building Point’ sits. With this axis we’re called to be creative, and co-create in comMOONity, to welcome ourselves and one another, and celebrate (LEO)!

LEO’s motto can be: “Live Life Lovingly!” 

BE & Love Yourself, says the Full Moon Lioness.
You are strong, you are radiant, you are loving!


To which AQ responds: “We are all Stars in the Constellation of Love!”


Moon-Ball Friends, from Australia (origin unknown)


Here’s the chart for the LEO – AQ Full Moon (5:46 pm PST – right after Moon rise on the West Coast):


LEO - AQ FM 2016


The Full Moon catalyzes other charged-up planetary energies these days, esp.:

  • The Cardinal T-Square (which we’re having since Dec and until March) of URANUS in AR, opposite LILITH in LI, both square PLUTO in CAP. Presently MERCURY retro also links up with PLUTO (was exact yesterday Jan 22, will be again on Jan 29):
    Time to be clear about what matters most, maybe literally clear and purge what’s redundant, has served its purpose, is a burden that we don’t need to carry anymore, to lighten our load (CAP), maybe re-purpose, re-cycle, re-direct resources to where they are needed? And to change our attitude round what we really re-quire, and what ‘simply’ fulfills us, and fulfills the purpose. A wake-up call (URANUS in AR) to make authentic choices (LILITH in LI) that lead to fresh, new beginnings (URANUS in AR).
  •  VENUS crosses over the ‘Integrity Point’, from SAG to CAP (today Jan 23 at 12:31 pm PST!). Another incentive to stand tall, in your magnetic integrity. Walking and living your truth makes you very attractive, and simplifies life. 🙂
  • JUPITER retro in late VIR, conjunct the North Node (their close connection is active throughout January): Wholeness in your body-mind-spirit temple is the way to go. Your inner guide knows.
  •  MARS in SCO, in inner alliance with PLUTO, the ruler of SCO, in favourable, flowing  water trine with NEPTUNE in PI (the alignement was exact on Jan 18), is now gearing up for its water trine to CHIRON in PI (exact Feb 9): A desire to go deeper, under the surface, which can stir up ‘nasty things’ but also helps with purging (SCO), and releasing, forgiving, letting go (NEPTUNE in PI). Going into ‘the basement’ (MARS in SCO) with compassion and surrender brings healing medicine for us an all (CHIRON in PI). Also, as we allow for healing (via letting go) in one area, it ripples into all like-frequencies and resonances (CHIRON in PI). Have you noticed? Let’s say you’ve been carrying this theme around not trusting women, maybe due to a traumatic event early on, or with someone close to you. As you let go, maybe make baby steps towards someone with whom it comes up, and feel more and more encouraged to engage more trustingly, other similar dynamics can change more easily too. And your life gets lighter and smoother.


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger


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