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Strength in Self Alignment & Service – MARS in VIRGO (Aug 17 – Oct 3)

15 Aug

Howzit going, with the Roaring Summer?

Has MARS in LEO heated up your Life, ignited your Passion and Confidence, and added Ooomph?
Here’s in review the recent / current Martian Summer Weather since July 1.

Now comes a Martian shift, from fiery LEO to earthy VIRGO, helping us to ‘harvest’ and practically ‘apply’ the super charged heat of the SUMMER!

MARS has been travelling close to the SUN since July, culminating with both in hot LEO end of July to mid-August, and MERCURY & VENUS also joining the Royal Entourage.
What a HOT Summer, energetically and literally… 

VIRGO initiates us into healthy practice and alignment with our cosmic assignment.
MARS will be in VIRGO from Aug 16 until Oct 2 –
To put Love & Confidence into Competence & Service. To actively discern, and even assert, what works for us and what doesn’t, and to work diligently on what we’re passionate about.

STRENGTH, and working with what we LOVE, are key assignments / alignments for the LEO – VIRGO cusp.


Crystal activated Voyager Tarot card IX Strength – Crystal activation & Photo by Melanie

What is real Strength?

Here is an excerpt of the Voyager Tarot book for XI Strength:

“As Leo the Lion, symbolic of rulership, Strength represents the law of self-dominion. Strength is the free and controlled total expression of your being.

As symbolized by the headrest Shu – Egyptian god of the air who brought order out of chaos – maintain dominion over your mind.

The pool of fiery water symbolizes your emotional control. The hand on the Lion’s face represents dominion over your physical and animal lusts and appetites. The Parthenon is a symbol of your mastery over your worldly life.

Your supportive, non-possessive hands represent the freedom of expression you give to your attributes. Like the singing bird and blossoming flower, don’t be afraid to declare yourself and show your colours. Have the courage of the Lion to be yourself.

Like the half-human, half-animal face, you can put on many masks. Be versatile, a player of many roles. As the fragile but strong egg and butterfly, express yourself in the yin and yang. Strength is living in full accord with the undiluted multiplicity of your spirit.”


MARS, once fully in VIRGO, and activated with the VIRGO New MOON on AUG 30, calls us to give energy to healthy & helpful activities, to engage in health / wellness related activism, and to do what’s in alignment with our own wholeness and wellness.
After all, only when we’re well can we help others.
And it’s also a good energy to develop useful and helpful modalities and techniques – incl. skills to deal with conflict.


Let’s check out the 

Cosmic Contacts of MARS in VIRGO with other Planets –

…to work optimally with these Energy Combos a la VIRGO.
They show up in three phases:

AUG 24 – 28

MARS freshly in VIRGO is met by VENUS (Aug 24), goes into quincunx with CHIRON retro in ARIES (Aug 25) and into Earth Trine with URANUS retro in TAU (Aug 28).
Doing what you love and what’s in alignment / integrity for you might require asserting this ‘new YOU’ bravely to the world. Very healing and liberating. Allow your body and its sensations to be your ally in this, and embody Freedom.


AUG 30 – SEPT 3
The New Moon in VIRGO on Aug 30 comes with MARS. The SUN & MERCURY meet and pass MARS on Sept 2 / 3.
Planting the seed for the New You, in wellness and conscious alignment with what works for you. Communicating passionately about what serves you and how you want to serve.


SEPT 8 – 19
The core phase of MARS in VIRGO, when it goes into alignments with several slower moving Planets:
Into Earth Trine with SATURN retro / stat in CAP (Sept 8), into square with JUPITER in SAG (Sept 12), and into opposition with NEPTUNE retro in in PISCES (Sept 13) while VENUS & MERCURY will both go out of VIRGO on Sept 14. Lastly, MARS goes into another Earth Trine with PLUTO retro in CAP on Sept 19.

Quite the initiation into what it means to be in solid integrity and have boundaries, while also in gratitude, abundance consciousness, and to surf the waves of Life. Know you can always retreat into your ‘Soul Cave’ and come out clearer as to what needs to be done.


MARS goes into LIBRA (until Nov 18).
Make sure you take care of your own inner balance first before negotiating / asserting fairness and balance with others and in the world.


Crafty & Beautifully Tiled Staircase in San Francisco


How does MARS in VIRGO affect you, and how can you work best with this energy?

VIRGO questions…

Your SUN, MOON or Planets in VIRGO get a boost of energy – to do what you’re here to do!

And for all of us, wherever VIRGO is in our birth chart this is the area of life to get into gears and get the job done.

1st house:
How you show up.
Work out & work on your Wellness!

2nd house:
What you have and value –
Work on Your Business!

3rd house:
Your Environment –
Join the busy buzz in the City!

4th house:
Your Home –
Perfect time for Home improvement projects!

5th house:
Your Creativity –
How about learning new Skills?

6th house:
Your Work, Health, and Lifestyle –
A good time to establish healthy routines, and start physical exercises.

7th house:
Your significant Others –
Is your relationship healthy and functional? If not you gotta address it.

8th house:
Your deep Involvement and Transformations –
Do you have the desire to analyze what’s going on under the surface? Purging is healthy.

9th house:
Your Travels and Worldviews –
Travel for work and / or wellness!

10th house:
Your calling and purpose –
Service – and to make the World a better place.

11th house:
Your Community –
Collaboration is key.

12th house:
Your Oneness with ALL –
Nothing needs to be done / the business of Isness…
Allow for a change of vibration – from complicated into ease.


Fractal Flower


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Wishing you a well-aligned productive time with MARS in VIRGO!


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If you’d like to tune in astrologically, whether there’s an outer ‘occasion’ and change, or you just have ‘that calling’ I invite you to get in touch.
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