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Wolf Moon / Total Lunar Seed Eclipse in LEO – AQ (Jan 20 / 21): Regeneration of Love, Creative Power, Freedom, and Self-Radiance

18 Jan

Dear ASTRO~NEWS Blog Reader,

Uhhh – a LEO Full MOON with many dramatic titles is coming up on Sunday evening:


A Total LUNAR ECLIPSE – Lunar ‘reset’ through the Earth shadow – a spectacle we can SEE from this continent if skies are clearing!

If not we can always tune in – and watch the livestream on Time & Date or other media.

Why do Wolves howl?
Seems like, to communicate: “Here I Am” to the Rest of the Pack (and probably for many other purposes).
Similarly, with this exact CANCER/ LEO – CAP/ AQ FULL MOON, the ASTRO~MEDICINE calls us to show up as we are, roar or otherwise let the pack / tribe / humanity know who you we and where we stand.


Eclipse Season

This month, we’re in Eclipse Season again (twice a year):  

Initiated by the JAN 5 / 6 Partial Solar/ South Node (Release) Eclipse in mid-CAPRICORN, ‘sandwiched’ by SATURN / PLUTO, with the Theme Let the Old Empire Expire.

What’s that ‘Old Empire’ in Your world, and in You?
Are you allowing the heavy ‘unmoving’ old structures and conditioning to die a natural presently accelerated death, rather than keeping them on ‘life support’ that drains you?
What in you has the tendency to keep them alive? How can you set them free?

The solution can be aided by a much needed Balance on the ‘other side of the equation’ – from CANCER / LEO where Joy and Play are, where we’re (self)nurturing and (self)loving, childlike and naturally creative.
…which the Full MOON / TOTAL LUNAR ‘Seed’ Eclipse with the North Node on the cusp from CANCER to LEO brings into the picture now, Big Time.
Calling us to a Balance that starts with lovingly Filling our Own Cup – from which place we can be the ‘Water Bearer’ in the World, doing the good work in Society / Community, in Co-creation.


Imagine – if everyone would do and contribute with what they’re best at (CAP) and what they truly love (LEO)! The World would be a great place, full of Joy and Creativity, and we’d use our inner Resources much better, be in our Authority and Integrity. 
Why not living from this vision (yay, JUPITER now in SAG loves those!) – and feeling instantly elevated and supported by the infinitely creative Universe?!



…with the MOON having just entered LEO (only 80 min before the FULL MOON!), and with many attributes (Wolf Moon, Blood Moon, SuperMoon) also shows up quite dramatically, with a T-square to URANUS in late ARIES – the ruling Planet of AQ where the SUN will be freshly in (entering AQ 20 hrs before the Eclipse).
Looks like lots of CAT-alysts for Freedom are kicking in now.

And what an Astro chart image! See below.

In our purrrsonal LEO journey, and in the AQ group consciousness, we’re experiencing all these dynamics.
Let’s see how they play out, what’s ‘UP’, wants to be seen and loved, as in LEO!

LOVE is Freedom…
They can’t be in ‘opposition’, and if still experienced that way, the URANian Awakening is the Bridge to show they’re equal and One.
Without Freedom it’s hard to access LOVE.
Without LOVE there’s no Freedom.
LOVE engenders Freedom.
LOVE grows in Freedom.

LOVE is the Medicine that helps us in the ‘snow storm’ – both grounding, and raising the vibration from which we experience the ‘events’! 

URANUS having just turned from retro to direct on JAN 6 – opened a Portal of a Retro Free Zone until MARCH 6, bringing Awakeness, Liberation, and Freedom into Consciousness now, Big Time.

Liberation, to be authentic and free, as in:
Freedom from old burdensome heavy, taxing, systemic fear and control structures (CAP South Node, close to PLUTO) which we might have even internalized.
Freedom for being true to ourselves, taking care of our needs, being gentle, compassionate, and playfully-creative (CAN North Node) rather than productivity driven and always running out of time (CAP South Node).

Even and especially a Freedom beyond ‘from’ or ‘for’ – which is still conditional.
I love this pointer by J. Krishnamurti suggesting, True Freedom is Freedom without an opposite.
And similarly, how can Love be without an opposite?


Wolves – from Pixabay


As we wake up (URANUS) from all the old ‘historic’ conditioning by the Tribe, Group Consciousness, and Society (CAP / AQ), of what Love and Freedom look like, we don’t have to be the ‘Lone Wolf’…
…and can let the World know who we are, howlingly, roaringly, or quite calmly and with inner Strength and Love where we stand, and what we stand for.


Eclipses 101

The TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE on Jan 20 / 21 will be visible in ‘her’ Totality in the Americas, yet also in Europe, Northern Asia, Africa, in the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and in the Arctic.
Totality will be between 8:41 pm and 9:43 pm PST, with the maximum Eclipse at 9:12 pm PST, 4 min. before the FULL MOON at 9:16 pm PST – ‘her’ chart is below.
Nice timing from the West Coast, and not long after Moon rise – let’s hope for clear skies!
Here’s the time table and Eclipse map, a la Time & Date.


Twice a year, a pair of ECLIPSES occurs, and they ‘string together’, through the LUNAR NODES.

ECLIPSES happen when a NEW MOON or a FULL MOON are close to the Nodal Axis, which is presently (Nov 2018 – June 2020) in CAP – CAN – yet still close to AQ – LEO (hence this one is cuspy).
On that note, ECLIPSES, as the Nodes go backwards in the Zodiac..

ECLIPSES come twice a year, in pairs of NEW MOON / SOLAR and FULL MOON / LUNAR, and sometimes even as a triad. 

The closer to the Nodes the more likely a TOTAL ECLIPSE:
The FULL MOON on Jan 20 / 21 will be at 00°51′ LEO, and the North Node at 26°29′ CAN – very close, only 4° apart and a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE!

In comparison: The SUN / MOON of the NEW MOON on Jan 5 / 6 was at 15°24′ CAP, and the South Node at 27°17′ CAP – 12° apart, and not close enough for a Total Solar Eclipse, but for a PARTIAL SE.


ECLIPSES are either connected with the South Node (SN), aka ‘Dragon’s Tail’ in Chinese Astrology, with the emphasis on release, or with the North Node (NN) of the MOON, aka ‘Dragon’s Mouth’, with the emphasis on new beginnings – I call it a ‘Seed Eclipse’.
This is esp. important for SOLAR ECLIPSES (exact NEW MOONs which by nature represent the threshold of endings and new beginnings).

  • The PSE in CAP on Jan 5 / 6 catalyzed the South Node in CAP (plus was close to SATURN and PLUTO) – with a strong theme of endings, transformation, release.
  • The TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE on the CAN / LEO cusp on Jan 20 / 21 catalyzes the North Node in late CAN, hence has a ‘seed’ quality there.


ECLIPSES are at the same position in the Zodiac every 19 years – a karmic ‘string’:
On Jan 20 / 21, 2000 was a NN TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – also visible over the Americas – here’s a ‘retro’ www for it

For the upcoming TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE on Jan 20 / 21, you might want to review where you were at in early 2000, and what was the ending / release of an engagement in a Community / System (CAP / AQ), while you were following your own Heart, esp. if you have your SUN, MOON, Planets, or even Nodes on the CAN / LEO – CAP / AQ axis.


The Effects of ECLIPSES extend beyond ‘just’ a lunar monthly phase, rather 2 – 3 months, and there’s a link from ECLIPSE Season (last one in July 2018) to ECLIPSE Season (Jan 2019, and July 2019).

ECLIPSES are a RE-set, like rebooting your computer, after a temporary turning off of the energy.
In other words, a RE-generation of YIN-Feminine (LUNAR ECLIPSE), and of the YANG-Masculine (SOLAR ECLIPSE) energies, after a ‘darkening’.
The Total LUNAR ECLIPSE / Blood Moon is clearly a RE-generation of the YIN-Feminine, in her compassionate CANCER / passionate LEO Strength!
The ‘old’ LEOnine Yin had to be loud, controlling, and dominant to be seen, heard, but not likely more loveable…. generally speaking, we still see this attribute in women of older generations.
Now, we’re coming back to an era where the Goddess and Inner Queen in all of us is standing and sitting in her powerful place from which ‘she’ exudes Love and Nurturance.

This ‘Blood Moon’ is even also a ‘SuperMOON’ (in Perigee) – larger than ‘life’ since ‘she’s closer to Earth than ‘usual’.
Sounds like a Cosmic Mother Goddess Energy to me – strong and nurturing.


The TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE on the CAN / LEO – CAP / AQ Cusps – Regeneration of Love, Creative Power, Freedom, and Self-Radiance

Shakti Maa Mother Goddess Durga


It’s an ECLIPSE of the MOON, by the EARTH Shadow which causes the temporary lunar darkening – the umbra (= shadow), out of which the MOON re-emerges.

MOTHER EARTH provokes and evokes a ‘RE-SET’ of CANCER / LEO themes like:

  • Come (back) into your creative strength and radiance!
  • Nurture, heal, and love your Inner Child!
  • Be the Artist & the Heart-ist!
  • Live Life Lovingly!

This is the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in LEO, complementing the Partial SOLAR ECLIPSE in LEO we had on Aug 11. 2018:
The Yin Energy now meets the Yang Energy in equality, and with her own intrinsic strength.

Just felt called to pick a Goddess card from Susan Boulet’s deck, for the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE.

IX CHEL – with the Jaguar! – showed up!

This is what the description on the back of the card says…


I’m so grateful and in awe of the gift and teaching in this card.
Ancient feminine strength and independence.
Fierce LOVE & Freedom!

The Feminine IS cyclical and renewing. 
Let’s step into this Power, and celebrate Life, and the renewing, life giving forces of Nature!

Let’s be in touch with our loving and creative Heart.

Let’s fill our cup, nurture our Creativity, whether biological, or other ways of offering our gifts to Humanity!

And not loose energy (South Node in late CAP with MERCURY & PLUTO) through engagement in ‘low grade’ old and heavy societal energy of the dying patriarchal subordination society with its power & control mechanisms that aren’t life sustaining.

CO-creating the NEW in nurturing ways, is the theme.




The TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAN / LEO – CAP / AQ is super relevant for all of us with SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets in mid-LEO, mid-AQ, but also in mid-TAU, and mid-SCO.

Your personal birth chart and which houses the ECLIPSE Axis activates for you reveals the themes and areas of life this plays out for you.

For all of us, Heart creations, nurturing, loving, and showing ourselves more fully are CANCER /  LEO FULL MOON / North Node incentives, rather than giving too much energy away to draining ways of being part of the system.

Lunar South Node Glyph

That doesn’t mean not to be informed and active politically-societally, yet too much of a ‘good thing’ in a frustrating, draining way doesn’t help, yet the tendency can be strong these days, with the South Node in CAP.

The Nodal Axis invites us to balance both ‘poles’ in a healthy way, starting with ‘breathing in’ beneficial energies on the MOON / North Node side in CAN/ LEO:

Lunar North Node Glyph

Nurturing, loving and showing ourselves as we ARE – as a Goddess Mother would be with her child.
Filled with that loving energy, connecting with others, friends, groups, humanity (AQ), and building the World we envision, and where everyone can bring out and be at their unique best (CAP) while being creative and playful (rather than ‘efforting’ as the old conditioning might suggest / reward).
And let’s honour and receive teachings and regenerative energy from Ancestors and Mother Earth (SATURN & PLUTO in CAP).



The FULL MOON will be exact at 9:16 pm PST, while the maximum totality will be at 9:12 pm PST.

The MOON / North Node on the CAN / LEO side are the balancing point for SO much celestial energy on the other side of the chart (from SAG to AQ, concentrating mid-CAP to early AQ)!
Both sides T-squared by URANUS in late ARIES.

Creative, cyclical Loving Goddess Energy is strong and awakened now, and meeting the ending and transforming old ‘vertical’ and linear mind-sets (SATURN, PLUTO, MERCURY / South Node in CAP) that are based on subordination, can be exploiting and abusive, show up with control / authority / power over, and may suggest: Hard work and effort first before there can be freedom.
Transformed CAP energy brings back the honouring of Mother Earth, Traditions, and Natural Laws.


Also ‘in the Picture’:

VENUS / JUPITER in mid-SAG (with a LEO undertone) – their exact (yearly) alignment will be on Jan 22.
More Goddess energy – leading the way, inspiring, and speaking to our Hearts!

…in square with NEPTUNE in mid-PISCES (with a deep SCO undertone). 

VENUS will be in exact square with ‘her higher octave’, transpersonal NEPTUNE, on Jan 20, evoking universal Love and Union – as we’re on the Heart Path and walk in Life with Grace, Spirit, and Surrender.

JUPITER was in square with NEPTUNE on Jan 13, and will create this alignment twice more this year: On June 16 and Sept 21. 

And VENUS / JUPITER are also in trine with MARS in ARIES (exact Jan 18 / 25) – the Warrior Spirit energizes the scene – time to trust, be brave, make a (first!) move, try out something new, and be purely in the NOW.

SATURN in CAP ‘hooks up’ with NEPTUNE in PISCES in a ‘friendly’ sextile.
Together like this, and both in their ruled sign they can help us be open to and consistently practice spiritual teachings and laws that are simple and universal.
And, practically speaking, a good blend of commitment and letting go & letting God/dess, and of a loose planning that leaves lots of room for flexibility and openness to what can come our way when we don’t restrict life.
SATURN will create the 1st sextile this year on Jan 31, and 2 more to follow, on June 18, and Nov 8.


It’s quite unusual and striking that presently, there are  4-5 heavenly bodies in their own ruled sign:
(The MOON coming out of CANCER)
MARS in ARIES (until Feb 14)
JUPITER in SAG (until Dec 2)
SATURN in CAP (until Dec 17, 2020)
NEPTUNE in PISCES (until 2026).

Plus, NO Planet is retro (until March 5 when MERCURY goes retro).

All in all, cosmic energy can move and expresses purely – facilitating accelerated shifts and evolution.
See what’s ripe to be ‘harvested’ under the FULL MOON ECLIPSE, and turn into new creations.


And clearly:

The LEO / Goddess Power is not just a purrrsonal thing.
We need to bring it to community, groups, humanity!
Co-creation, through coming together in natural Strength, Love, and Radiance.


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger





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I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with yourself in the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

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