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Your True Nature is FREE – LILITH enters AQ on Aug 6 (until May 4, 2019), and URANUS goes retro on Aug 7.

3 Aug

LILITH, the Archetype of the ‘Wild Woman’, or rather ‘Unconditioned Nature’ will enter Freedom loving AQUARIUS on Aug 6 –
…while URANUS, the ruling Planet of AQ is being squared by MARS (exact Aug 1), and goes retro on Aug 7 – whoa!

Dramatic Lightning through the Clouds (Photographer unknown)

URANUS, the Archetype of the Awakener and Liberator ‘sitting’ in stationary (unsettling!) mode on the ‘Settling Point’ in early TAU throughout July while in square with MARS which is presently retro in URANUS ruled AQ (exact / culminating on AUG 1) – a ‘double whammy’.

It’s been indeed an erratic zigzag course of slow and stagnant ‘sitting on things’, mixed with sudden break-outs / breakthroughs which can also erupt as accidents.

MARS – URANUS brings sudden ways of disrupting old defunct energy, and perhaps release Martian anger. 
Remember, URANUS is innovative and MARS finds a way for the energy to be released – like a flash of lightning…

Ultimately, it’s about FREEDOM:
URANUS in TAU disrupts our old attachments to certain ‘comfort traps’ that prevent us from being free.

Now, as of Aug 7, URANUS joins the club of retro planets, and makes it a record of SEVEN (MERCURY, MARS, SATURN, CHIRON, URANUS, NEPTUNE, PLUTO) in the first half of August.

With so much cosmic RETRO energy we’re called to go backwards / inwards, for REsolve and RElease, esp. when it comes to old low and unconscious perhaps karmically ‘inherited’ vibrations.
Check out my blog post about the RETRO Record Summer for the particulars.

With URANUS in early TAU going retro (Aug 7 – Jan 7) we might re-visit our inner less attached and freer Self from the past, and find the place inside that’s free, independent of Taurean security. And we’re called to find freedom in the physically embodied self (and don’t need to ‘check out’ to be free).

URANUS will on its retro trip and over the Winter go back into ARIES (where it’s been since March 2011 until Apr 2018) to show us how new approaches to a situation and seeing it in a fresh, new light can be so liberating and surprising (btw: life never turns out how we expect it to….).

Bottom line: URANUS in TAU / AR:
Embodied Liberation into the vibrant NOW Presence.


What’s LILITH got to do with it?

You bet LILITH and URANUS are buddies.

LILITH has a 9-year cycle, and hasn’t been in AQ since Oct 2009 – June 2010 (last phase).
‘She’ travels 9 month in one sign – a ‘pregnancy phase’ to cultivate intrinsic qualities of that Zodiac energy, through / in our True, Free, unconditioned Nature.
And by the way, ‘she’ never goes retro.


Ancient Sumerian Lilith Relief


Quick re-CAP, for the context:

LILITH in ‘traditional Astrology’ represents the wild and free inner Feminine. ‘She’ is a force of Nature, and relies on ‘her’ inner natural knowing.
Under LILITH in CAP over the last 9 months since Nov 2017, we’ve seen countless BS regarding Integrity and ‘mature Leadership’. Our instinctual Nature knows when something doesn’t smell good / sit well, and we need to walk away / find our Freedom.

‘She’ fiercely resists being conditioned, subordinated, disrespected, and ‘used’, in societal, patriarchal ways, in terms of what a woman (and: Nature) is ‘supposed to be’, as defined by patriarchal values.

SATURN now (also) retro in CAP advises us to not give authority away, and source it from within.
We’re responsible for our lives. Done with guilt and ‘shoulds’, taking too much on, feeling resentful… you name it. Heavy, heavy stuff. Lighten the load!
LILITH in CAP has also shown us to be quite ZEN about things, and cultivate simplicity beyond complexity.
The main alignment for LILITH in CAP was the MARS – PLUTO – LILITH alignment in CAP this May – when Mt. Kilauea erupted, and the Earth Mother showed her power.… still in process…


‘Wild Woman’ LILITH is shifting Zodiac energies (only every 9 months), as ‘she’ enters Freedom loving AQ, on Aug 5 / 6). 



LILITH in AQ – Our True Nature is FREE.

Integrity & Simplicity (CAP) leads to Freedom (AQ).

Throughout Aug and Sept until early Oct, LILITH and MARS are travelling super close to each other and to the Lunar South Node, on the ‘Community Builder’ / ‘Prometheus Point’ (CAP / AQ) – see chart below.

LILITH gets a MARtian boost (exact alliances Aug 10 & Oct 2), to process anger and turn it into dynamic action, esp. related to society and humanity. Release draining, imbalanced associations, and engage in groups and with people where there’s Integrity & Freedom.
With the Lunar North Node in LEO, best to start with LOVE, and connect from there.

Socially speaking, this can lead to different, new, Heart ‘upgraded’ friendships, and community / social / cooperative alliances that are based on fairness, reciprocity, equality and… freedom! 
Wouldn’t work otherwise… since intrinsically freedom loving LILITH would be out of it.

Ultimately, ‘wild’ LILITH represents our True, ‘Wild’ and unconditioned / unconditional Inner Nature that’s always FREE.


Here’s the chart for LILITH’s entry into AQ!

Since I couldn’t find info about the exact time on Aug 6, I experimented, and found 11 pm PDT  worked best.


See the PLUTO / LILITH / MARS / South Node cluster from late CAP to early AQ?
That’s where a lot happens these ‘days’ / months! (LILITH, MARS, South Node) / years! (PLUTO), reflecting the death and transformation of the ‘Old World’, with lots of shadow coming to the surface in the process, and re-purposing of the energy into what’s more evolved.

LILITH moving into AQ also indicates a shift from dysfunctional old systems (AQ South Node – lined up with LILITH on Sept 18) to better communities – as we follow our Heart (LEO) and connect with good people to collaborate and team up with, and build the New and Alternative together.

LILITH on the CAP / AQ cusp will meet up / trade places with MARS twice, on Aug 10 (under MARS retro), plus again post MARS retro, on Oct 2.
LILITH is also very close to the Lunar South Node in AQ (exact alignment on Sept 18).
Basically, the trio of LILITH / MARS / South Node cruises together from Aug to early Oct, plus it squares URANUS in early TAU (exact for LILITH on Aug 28).
Lots of wild and crazy yet also wildly liberating and high frequency energy in the atmosphere / astrosphere.


LILITH in AQ will also go into ‘square dance’ with VENUS in SCO three times, before, during, and after VENUS’s retro journey ‘into the underworld’ this Fall:
On Sept 16 (VENUS direct), Oct 17 (VENUS retro – Oct 5 – Nov 16), and Dec 23 (VENUS direct).

Uhhh, that sounds like a juicy dynamic, shifting what others / society (VENUS ‘Evening Star’ before retro) deems beautiful and attractive to finding our intrinsic value (VENUS ‘Morning Star’) and freedom from deep within.
Imagine the freedom that ensues from fully valuing yourself.


LILITH in YOUR chart…

…shows the area where and how YOU need to be in tune with YOUR nature.
I.o.w., which areas of life trigger that (money, children, relationships, travel, career…) and in what way (sign, and aspects to other planets).

So, give the inner AQ LILITH a good outlet in the next 9 months, and be in the authentic Freedom!
It’s Your Life and the world needs YOU!

On a spiritual level, the LILITH in AQ shows us:
Our True Nature is always unconditionally FREE.

If you have SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets in AQ…
…and for all of us, where AQ is in our charts, this is the 9-month ‘pregnancy’ phase to cultivate being FREE in our True Self


In an esoteric sense, the CAP / AQ cusp is also the ‘Lightworker and Ascended Masters Point’.
Maybe LILITH  / MARS in AQ shows how angelic / light warriors are active and around us – reminding us: We ARE the Light!

If you have an Aquarian side in you it gets ‘lilified’, and infused with untameable and indomitable Spirit.

Let’s come together, on Day ONE of LILITH in AQ,
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Your True Nature is FREE.

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Relevant esp. for all of you with a strong LILITH in your chart, or SUN, MOON, AC, MC or planets in AQ, or in the other fixed signs TAU, LEO, and SCO. In doubt, I can check for you.

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© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger





Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘HUB OF THE WHEEL’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

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End of LIBRA NEW MOON opposite URANUS: Diving into the Alchemy of Life! Awakening into the always-New & Free Self.

19 Oct

The LIBRA NEW MOON this year is only 3 days before the SUN enters SCO.

We’ve been experiencing a series of New Moons at the end of a Zodiac sign, since the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug 21 – on the very last degree of LEO.
The pattern continues until the end of the year. The SAG New Moon will be on Dec 17.

This is the New Moon following the Super VIRGO New Moon opposite CHIRON on Sept 19 which carried a lot of complex, nervous, and overwhelming energy, and was a call for flexibility in integrity.
How has your lunar month been???

Seems like more than a month has passed, since it was packed and loaded.
And we’re in a whole different season now…
So yeah, today Oct 19 at 12:12 pm PDT was the LI New Moon – on the cusp to SCO.
Please find its ‘birth chart’ below.
The transition from LI to SCO is a ‘Tipping Point’ energy (the scales tip, and choices lead to change) and also an  ‘Alchemy Point’ (‘ingredients’ of experiences may come together, and encounters with people may deeply touch us, and have transformational effects on us).
Falling in Love, Falling into Fall, Dying to the old Self and immersing into the Change….


What’s the MAGIC and ALCHEMY you’re stepping, falling, or diving into, these extreme and emotionally intense times?

Maybe you’ve come to a point where you say:
NO more playing games and strategizing, no more presenting yourself to others in a ‘convenient’ and conventional way to not rock the boat, no more compromising and compensating…
While deep inside (or barely under the surface) the authentic YOU is SO ready to be born / reborn (URANUS in ARIES) and LIVE.

  • What would ‘tip the scales’ of choices for you?
  • What’s the paradigm shift that’s about to happen now, or has already happened for you, that sets you FREE?

Maybe you’re done with inner relationship contracts (a LIBRAN thing) with self absorbed, overly dramatic, narcissistic, toxic (you name it) people in your life (in personal relationships, and ‘even’ with famous people ‘out there’ in public).
Don’t blame them and self-victimize, can’t change them. What do they mirror you?
We have to change from within. Themes around change are so BIG, and there are so many opportunities now – MERCURY / JUPITER both now in SCO.
See ‘Taboo Talk’ blog post from Oct 17.

Sometimes, the issues have to get big (JUPITER) to change (SCO).
Perhaps a theme of the whole JUPITER-in-SCO year (Oct 10, 2017 – Nov 9, 2018).

Through our deep inner change (SCO), the World we perceive (JU) changes. 
Disclaimer: This is not a call for a rose coloured spiritual bypassing, rather for a deeper immersion, and intimacy with Life that might appear scary at first.


This NEW MOON in LIBRA is in a sense like a FULL MOON, because of its polarity with URANUS in ARIES.

Liberating ‘Golden Boy’ Prometheus at the Rockefeller Centre NYC, surrounded by the Zodiac belt. Prometheus the Awakener is the Archetype related to the Planet Uranus!


Lots of tension, polarization, upset, tragedy and turmoil is going on these days (I don’t need to tell you, it’s everywhere…). Scary and unsettling indeed, yet it’s also deeply moving time that brings us fully into the moment (ARIES).

I had my mini share of acute URANian intervention these days:
The internet wasn’t working yesterday and today – made me once again realize how dependent we all are on the umbilical cable / wireless connection. And I couldn’t get to the blog either for that matter.
After a few diy attempts, calls to my internet company, a phase of being really nervous, since one technician said it’s an issue with my computer, and asked whether it’s still on warranty!, mutual Scorpionic detective work with a competent technician lady (didn’t give up, called again – LIBRA kicked in: finding a good ‘match’ in her), in the end, re-setting the router did the job.
If you don’t have an assigned technician and deal with who’s randomly on the other end it’s a hit and miss – and self-education along the line…
Ok, URANUS definitely brought me into the acuteness of the moment here.
Meditation and smudging during the New Moon time (before calling ‘the right person’) helped with inner and space reset. Seems like I was guided to intuitively do the right things…

So yeah, thank you for your patience with the AstroNews delivery!!!

I just researched, and found that since URANUS has been in ARIES (March 11, 2011), there have been LIBRA NEW MOONs exactly opposite URANUS every 2 years:
2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017 – today – wow!
The whole URANUS in ARIES phase since 2011 has been a series of wake-up calls (URANUS entered into ARIES on the day when the Fukushima catastrophy happened), and a mass Awakening of Humanity, politically / societally, and spiritually.

When URANUS goes into relationship with a New MOON in LIBRA peace, balance, and harmony can be quite disrupted and even shattered.
On another level, True Freedom, Awakening and Liberation is ripe to be brought into the realm of relatedness – which would show up in areas of life related to the LI – AR axis in your chart.



The Self is like the Ocean – always New, Fresh, and Free – Photo by Melanie, Oct 2017


Apropos Freedom:
Last weekend, I was at a Krishnamurti retreat. K (as he’s being called) pointed out in a video:
What’s Freedom that has no opposite? Only this is true Freedom. 
What’s Love that has no opposite? Only this is true Love.

Deep, simple, radical truth pointers (a la SATURN now coming to the ‘Galactic Centre’ end phase of SAG…) that have stayed with me, and that I’ve shared with friends and clients.
With this in mind and heart, it’s not about a path of holding the balance between opposites of Freedom (URANUS in ARIES) and Relatedness (LIBRA) but the (pathless) point is to BE FREE, unconditionally, authentically, anywhere, everywhere.

And this could be a radical (URANUS) seed point (New MOON / ARIES) NOW.


Let’s take a look at the LIBRA NEW MOON chart!

The New Moon was today Oct 19 at 12:12 pm PDT.

LI NM 2017

So here it is, setting the tone for the next Lunar month:

What a striking gathering of SUN / MOON late LIBRA, next to JUPITER / MERCURY in early SCORPIO!
All four celestial bodies are wrapped around the ‘Alchemy Point’, from Earth perspective.
Right opposite (for the SUN and MOON exactly, today!) URANUS retro in late ARIES!

Perhaps also a reflection of the volatile scenario of a few crazy people playing with Uranium these days, while the scales may finally tip towards peaceful coexistence!

On the other hand, a wake-up call to be fully alive in THIS, experience the Magic and Alchemy of every moment, and drop into the Intimacy with Life.

The momentum goes towards SCORPIO:

  • The MOON will enter SCO (in her monthly cycle) today Oct 19 at 6:41 pm PDT – 6 hrs after the New Moon, and we might drop emotionally into intensely moving, cathartic processes.
  • The SUN will seasonably move into SCO on SUN-day Oct 22 at 10:27 pm PDT, for a month of bringing consciousness to change from within, and new empowerment from there.
    There’s a huge transformational boost round Oct 26, when the SUN meets mighty JUPITER in SCO (only once a year), and it’s also the day of the encounter of the CAP MOON with PLUTO – the ruler of SCO, pointing to emotional processing of old conditioning, and awareness of what’s been hidden, so that it may change for the better.
  • VENUS will join SCO on Nov 7 (until Dec 1), ‘exiled’ from ‘her’ Taurean domain. We’re drawn to  look under the surface of things, and discover hidden beauty in the dark and changeful.
    Don’t get too absorbed in a ‘magical black hole’, too many vampire movies, crime scenes, and personal power games though, as VENUS will go into conjunction with JUPITER on Nov 13, and into trine with NEPTUNE in PISCES on Nov 16. Rather channel the energy into deep immersion in the mystery of Life.
  • Lastly, MARS will go into SCO on Dec 9, when all the other archetypal players except JUPITER will have left SCO.  MARS will connect with JUPITER on Jan 7, 2018 – the last connection of a planet with JUPITER in SCO (until Oct / Nov 2018). New year’s purge? Definitely a lot of energy is available.


Also very prominent these days, as seen in the New Moon chart:
The Mutable T-square from MARS in late VIRGO (will move out of the alignment, and into LIBRA on Oct 22), opposite CHIRON retro in late PISCES, both square SATURN / LILITH in late SAG – the Galactic Centre!
A challenge / stress dynamic that needs an outlet at the late SAG apex.
Maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed, helpless, and disconnected – CHIRON in PI – (I did, literally, from the Internet…), and needed realignment ‘surgery’ and assertion of your integrity (MARS in VIR).

Connecting, asking for help, and doing spiritual practice with subtle energy brings things into flow again. When in a ‘rien ne va plus’ mode, it’s important to follow natural inner guidance (SATURN / LILITH in SAG) that knows… even if you don’t see the light.

LILITH and SATURN in late SAG connect in auspicious trine with URANUS retro in late ARIES (was for LILITH already exact on Oct 12 – see: me too ‘explosion’, will be for SATURN on Nov 11).

Trusting intuition, trying a completely new approach, re-set and re-start, seeing things from a fresh angle, and being fully present with what’s in front of you, step by step is the way to go.

Next up:
MARS will enter LIBRA on Oct 22 (until Dec 9) – Pursuit of Balance…?
On the same day (Oct 22) the SUN crosses over the Alchemy Point, and enters SCO. 
Stay tuned for the next AstroNews Blog post!



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© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.


The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’, and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified WITH them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, for perspective at a crossroad or dilemma, and for empowered choices.

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