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CANCER – multi-CAP FM / Lunar Eclipse (Jan 10) & Epic SATURN conj. PLUTO (Jan 12) – Birthing of a New Era, as the Old Empire Expires.

9 Jan

Dear Star Being,

Feeling HER in you?

It really feels like a massive Birthing Process.
And the cosmic energies of & around the Eclipse confirm this.

What a Lunar Infusion coming up and extending her effects for a while already!

The now building Full MOON in CANCER – exact on Jan 10, 2020 at 11:21 am PST (all 0-1-2’s) – across the multi-CAP ‘world’ of the SUN & several Planets – will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse (not visible in the Americas but almost everywhere else on Planet Earth).
Such an intense polarity of the MOON in her natural CANCER abode, with SO much CAP gravitation (see below in the Birth-ing chart) on ‘the other side’ of the equation / Eclipse axis!

AND it’ll lead over to the Epic SATURN – PLUTO conjunction on Jan 12, which itself is a release of an old and initiation into an New Era.

Plus, URANUS is also in the picture, turning from retro to direct on the Lunar Eclipse DAY.  A very URANian (exciting, electric, shocking, unpredictable,  wake-up calls, liberating) phase we’re in.

Initiating a 5-week period where NO Planet will be retro, and things can move forward and manifest in the outer World much faster.


What does this Eclipse FULL MOON evoke?

As an Eclipse (exact alignment of Moon – Earth – Sun) she’s a super charged & super charging & super changing Full Moon:
SO much is coming to Fullness, Fruition, and Harvest that is ripe for birthing as well as release now!
SO much birthing out of the Old Matrix and into the New and Unknown World.

A ‘Seed Eclipse’ she is – aligned with the Lunar North Node – inviting to plant beneficial CANCER energy, and to receive energy from Cancerian ways of Gentleness, Care, Compassion, Belonging, Home, Family, Tribe, Mother Goddess energy.
…in the face of SO much CAP gravitation (JUPITER / South Node, SUN / MERCURY, SATURN / PLUTO – 3 aligned pairs) – releasing the old and done-with shadow of CAP:
The Old Empire Expires. Fear, control, and scare-city based top-down structures crumble and collapse, subordination and power-over operating systems are outdated as they’ve shown enough evidence of their shadow (SATURN – PLUTO).


Prometheus, mythological Archetype of URANUS, bringing the Fire of the Gods to Humanity

Also coming right with the Eclipse:
URANUS the Awakener & Liberator Archetype is going from retro (since last Aug) direct again – ON Jan 10!

With that move a 5-week Retro Free Phase (until Feb 16) starts!

A LOT can shift and move quite suddenly and surprisingly. Freedom comes in so many ways. Yet also wake-up calls from Mother Earth are striking once again.
Let’s get out of our habitual comfort zone, and cut the energetic umbilical chord to an old outdated and exhausted model.


BALANCE is a key theme for the Eclipse, since it’s an opposition.
The Full Moon is the ‘Mother of Oppositions’, calling for Balance & Integration in Right Relationship.
See paragraph below.

And this one comes with SO many other Planetary Archetypes in CAP, so hard to balance by the CANCER Eclipse Moon as it seems.
The essence of CAP has to do with hierarchical relationships, and traditional, timeless Natural Law.

The CANCER Moon Goddess / Mother / Midwife is – amazingly! – holding space & Balance for it all to transform and come through.


The January Full Moon is traditionally the WOLF MOON.

Wolves – from Pixabay


Time & Date says:
“Regardless of where the name Wolf Moon comes from; wolves howl to communicate over long distances both in North America and in Europe. It is a way of saying “here I am” to the rest of the pack or “stay away” to intruders.”
So cool to tune into Wolf Language here.

The Wolf MOON Eclipse is actually a lot about finding your Tribe / Pack, and saying NO to / moving out of external / disrespectful / abusive domination & control structures that violate Right Relationship & Natural Law.



The height of the Eclipse (which you can watch via the Time & Date telescopes if you can’t see the Red Moon directly) will be at 11:08 am PST on Jan 10. 
The FULL MOON will be exact just 13 min later, at 11:21 am PST.

Take a look at the

Birthing chart of the Eclipse Full Moon


Obviously, the CANCER – CAPRICORN polarity is very powerful in the Astro ‘Field’ – and lots of heavenly bodies are all wrapping around the Lunar South Node in CAP – while the Eclipse Full MOON comes with the Lunar North Node in CANCER.

As Eclipses always do, this Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon accentuates the Karmic Nodes.
Which are since Nov 2018 until June 2020 in CAPRICORN
(South Node, releasing of its Shadow) Let the Old Empire Expire – esp. since the Partial Solar Release Eclipse in CAP on Jan 5, 2019 – CANCER (North Node – embracing its Light) – Finding Home, brought out by the Total Solar ‘Seed’ Eclipse in CAN next to Sirius on July 2: Initiation into Liberation.

We’re in the climaxing conclusion of the karmic Nodal phase (which is always highlighted by Eclipses) of CAP (Lunar South Node) – CAN (lunar North Node) – since Nov 2018 until June 2020:
Because we Care.



What are the NODES in CAP – CANCER about?

Since they’re so important for this Eclipse, I’d like to expand on them and you might be interested in getting a good sense of them – also to recognize evidence in ‘real life’ (society, inter-personally, personally) and to be in synch with the cosmic invitation, and help evolution.


* Releasing the shadow of CAPRICORN which has such a weight now, via all these Planetary Archetypes sitting there now.
The South Node now in CAP has connected to almost all of these Planets in the meantime, showing low vibrational qualities of CAP that are ripe to be released now, re:

PLUTO – Power
The irresponsible use of, and external power over, rather than honouring Power within.

SATURN – Authority / Structures / Law / Time / Managing Resources
Inauthentic Authority via fear / control. Inefficient structures that waste and exploit resources and don’t work with better ones for corrupt reasons. Disrespect for Natural Law, while man made laws lack integrity. Waste of time, disempowering lack of time for people being in the ‘system’ / machine.

JUPITER – Growth
Does more more more production and consumption make us happy and give us meaning? Or is it just about the economy?

MERCURY – Communication
Disrespectful, lack of integrity, manipulative, condescending.

and the Eclipse SUN (Energy / Creativity) – activated by the Eclipses in the last year, incl the recent Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse in CAP on Dec 25 / 26.
Using Energy for pseudo purposes of status and productivity in a way that’s not a sign of maturity, responsibility, or common sense, nor creative.


Bottom line, release, release, release of…

  • Prioritizing productivity, status, and ‘success’, at the expense of Nature and Mother Earth.
  • A linear, hierarchically separative, controlling ‘governing order’ that disrespects Natural Laws.
  • Artificial scarcity and misplacement of resources.
  • Commodification of everything – it’s all up for sale / use.
  • All types of exploitation and abuse, incl. self abuse via never having / making enough time / running out of time – by setting priorities that aren’t in alignment with what matters most – LIFE.


* Feeding and nurturing our compassionate, motherly, caring and protective CANCERian qualities – now brought out via the Lunar Eclipse – a lunar light switch to Compassionate Caring:

  • What, who, which Beings need our caring presence now?
  • Could be yourself (it’s gotta start with YOU!), and could me Mother Earth.
  • Gentle Lunar / Mary / Kuan Yin and Fierce Kali / Durga Mother Goddess (CAN) energies can be invoked to support and supply us with the energy to show our care (CAN) and to do what we’re ‘built for’ at this critical Time (CAP).
  • Finding our Way HOME…


Call of the Mountain – Photo by Melanie


The exact SoLunar polarity from Earth perspective is calling for Balance & Integration.

BALANCE of what?

The CAP – CAN axis is about safety and security issues.
To tending to feelings and needs (CAN), while going for voluntary simplicity, and working with resources in a timely manner (CAP).

How can we create a balanced relationship between these apparently opposing orientations?

  • CAN:
    Gentleness, compassion, nurturing our own and others’ needs, family, tribe, finding belonging, going with rhythms and cycles, protecting Nature and our loved and little ones with loving care.
  • CAP:
    Being mature and in integrity, living in leadership / leading by example, working with priorities, resiliently, respectfully, using time and resources well.

The two sides of the equation don’t have to be a dilemma but can synergistically cooperate.

SATURN in CAP asks us to take responsibility for our part in humanity whose greedy power (PLUTO) and control / authority (SATURN) structures have been exploiting and abusing Mother Earth (shadow of CAP) and her human, animal, and plant Beings that need protection and care (CANCER).
To have boundaries, disengage from this shadow wherever we can, and to Be the Change, and the Ones (of the more and more) who Care.
What matters is consistency and leading by example, rather than judging and blaming. Makes us feel better and more empowered too…

‘Just’ resisting and blaming external authority and power structures (SATURN / PLUTO) is not the way forward. It still feeds their energy field by giving them attention, acknowledges them energetically, and basically responds / reacts in an adolescent manner (SATURN retro).
How about claiming self-authority (SATURN retro), and ‘outgrowing’ old modes, by co-building new and better, more compassionate and humane structures that take care of needs more directly and on an equal level, rather than the old fossilized top-down institutionalized world?!



How can the Full MOON / PLE that highlights the CAP – CANCER axis affect and inspire us personally?


  • Where / in what ways can we receive nurturing, satisfaction, and reward from being creative and resourceful and through working with what’s already available to us (CAP), rather than buying from / into the system that makes it convenient to consume (and promises status a la CAP) – but at what price?! 
    Here’s to ‘grass roots’ gardening, cooking, and to (re-?)learning / applying traditional home / building / repair skills!
    Let’s consume less. And have more time to play & create more!


  • Where-else can we respond to what’s sold to us by: “Thank you, I (already) got this.”, and be content with less?
    A la Refuse – Reuse – Repurpose – Recycle


  • Which wasteful (time, energy, resources) habits can we get out of, and establish higher vibrational ones that are more deeply satisfying?


  • How can we take more time doing what we’re best at?


  • Creative play & fun beat the heavy CAP vibes of ‘no time for that’…
    Maybe ‘even’ shifting the conditioned paradigm (SATURN in CAP) to: Play first, work later.
    Has been working great for me these days / months since the Nodes are in CAP – CAN. I just need to remind myself more often. 🙂
    Play puts me in an inspired and relaxed work mode, plus I get to see that ‘work’ and clients come to me not because I work so hard but because they love me and love what I offer, and how it affects them. And everything works so much more smoothly – and playfully – with resonance and connection.


If your Birthday is between JAN 8 – 15, JULY 8 – 15, or your MOON, AC, or Planets are esp. between 20 – 25º CANCER, CAPRICORN yet also ARIES or LIBRA, this Eclipse – and also the SATURN / PLUTO Conjunction (see below) are BIG for you – and you know it…

Here are some Questions to inquire, or do a Ceremony around: 

  • How can your needs be met, and your life be sustainable, in the context of the structures you are living in?
  • Do you need to make foundational changes? In the areas of life relating to (esp.) CAP / (yet also) CANCER in your chart (Houses)?
  • Do you need to downsize, to drop excess ‘weight’ (incl the weight of responsibility to manage what you got), to make life simpler, and have all that you need – plus more time?!
  • Is the structure / system you’ve been in changing?
  • What would be the smartest way of resourcefully adapting (late CAP has a VIRGO undertone) in a way that nurtures you, resonates with you, and puts you at ease (late CANCER has a PISCES undertone)?


CANCER – CAPRICORN is the axis of Family / Tribe and Elders / Leaders.
Additional questions round those themes:

  • How can important themes round home, family, belonging, safety, emotional needs, and on the other hand building of sustaining structures, responsibly working with time and resources, self-sustainability, and ‘s-aging well’ be reconciled?
  • In a time where nuclear and extended families in the traditional sense seem to lose their cohesiveness (or will there be a renaissance?) – what’s your world of home and family transforming into? Where and what is your family and home, in essence?
    Where does your Soul feel at home? Where is your tribe?
  • Who are the Elders and leaders you turn to for guidance? Who are your Spirit Elders?
    Your inner Elder might be waiting to connect with you.


The CANCER – multi-CAP Lunar Eclipse catalyzes the Epic Alignment of SATURN & PLUTO on Jan 12!
The Old Empire Expires.

SATURN and Earth – Hubble Space Telescope picture (NASA)

Not exactly new – a deep, slow & inevitable Process:
The Lunar South Node in CAP already connected last Spring / Summer with SATURN retro and with PLUTO retro close-by.
In the meantime (mid-Sept / early Oct) both Planets turned direct.
Their exact union will be Jan 12, 2020 – only every about 37-38 years! Now that already looks quite heavy, rocky, unmoving. Buuuut…

SATURN – PLUTO in combination are about cycles of societal structural breakdown, purging of the shadow, and rebuilding from the core / basics. Their last unions were in 1947 in LEO and 1982 in late LIBRA.

PLUTO (New Horizons Mission 2015)

The present SATURN – PLUTO alignment 2019 / 2020 in late CAP also approaches PLUTO in the U.S. Independence chart.
The U.S. will have their first PLUTO Return(!!!) since 1776 in the years 2020 – 2023.
Full circle from establishing a new nation while breaking away from the British Empire (Britain is ruled by CAP, can’t you tell?)… The American Empire is revealing its CAP PLUTO shadows – to transform and come back to its essence – as in: The Constitution, and to honour what and who came before the settlers: The People of / and the Land.
The CANCER Full MOON Seed / Birthing Eclipse will be close to the U.S. CANCER SUN. We, the People….?! All People.

Also, there will be a Lunar ‘Release’ Eclipse Full Moon in CAP – CAN ON July 4 / 5, 2020 – again pointing to releasing outdated ‘Empire’ structures, and coming back to the original Spirit (the SUN).


Let’s take a look at the SATURN – PLUTO 2020 chart:


As you see – and probably experience, we’re now in a huge CAP concentration:

Not only are SATURN & PLUTO aligned, but tightly interwoven also the SUN and MERCURY. JUPITER with the South Node also in CAP ‘stand by’.

The SATURN / PLUTO conjunction at 23º CAP on Jan 12, 2020 is ending a 38-year SATURN / PLUTO cycle since 1982, re: societal structures disintegrating, making room for a New Era.

In the early 80’s the alignment was end of LIBRA, and the shift affected the breakdown of old paradigms in relationships – esp. the default model of marriage as a life-long commitment which ain’t no more the norm (SATURN).

Now we’re facing the disintegration / collapse of an old outer (yet also internalized) world.

What happened via PLUTO in LIBRA on the ‘horizontal’ level is now due on the ‘vertical’ level of relationships.
The top-down Empire expires, with its established structures, systems and hierarchical societal paradigms (SATURN in CAP), its fear & control, shame & guilt based conditioning, its shadows of systemic domination and oppression of Nature and ‘Inferiors’.
All kind of real deal shadow (SATURN / PLUTO) is coming out now for transformation.
We don’t have to participate in that ‘contract’ anymore, and can from the inside-out change low vibrations of fear & manipulation and upgrade them into respect, groundedness, and intrinsic power, in alignment with Higher Self, Soul Power, and the Power of the Cosmos.
We’re on the threshold of a New Era.


In the SATURN – PLUTO cycle, we’ve experienced in this millennium thus far the critical points of

  • The Opposition (SATURN in GEM – PLUTO in SAG) in 2001 / 02 –
    Ground Zero and its Consequences.


  • The waning Square (SATURN in LIBRA – PLUTO in CAP) in 2009 / 10 – Effects of the 2008 Depression, yet also shifts in relationship between the individual and power structures.


One could argue that with the SATURN – PLUTO Conjunction, the controlling institutions (esp. via media & info technology) are even more fully established now.
Yet also there’s such a momentum out of that ‘matrix’ and into ‘the real world’ where human connections and togetherness matters and aren’t
mediated’ / controlled.

CAPRICORN rules Time and History.

And there hasn’t been such a concentration in CAP in ages.
That’s why THIS SATURN / PLUTO alignment is so significant, plus, there’s such a massive CAP concentration around it.

The SATURN / PLUTO alignment in the sign of CAP hasn’t happened in half a millennium!
The last time exactly in 1517 / 18  – the start of the Protestant Reformation, initiated by Martin Luther which led to a historic break with the established Church. Luther had become convinced that the institutional Church was corrupt in its ways and had lost sight of what he saw as several of the central truths of Christianity.
Unsurprisingly, Luther was born with multiple SCO placements (MARS, SATURN, VENUS, SUN), prone to uncover what was going on behind the scenes and incongruent with the essence of the teachings the Church was built on. His bold ARIES MOON opposed PLUTO in LIBRA. He had to initiate a break from what wasn’t in right relationship with essence / God, as both were T-squared by the 1516 – 17 SATURN / PLUTO conj. in CAP.


Late CAP where the Jan 12 alignment happens (and JUPITER / SATURN / PLUTO will be aligned throughout 2020, plus PLUTO will still be until 2023) has a VIRGO undertone.
The primarily patriarchal-hierarchical ‘leadership’ model that has over centuries disrespected Natural Laws and the Sacred Feminine, and shown ample evidence (SATURN) for its destructive effects (example: more and more production incl. for wars and for waste) is SO overdue to expire.

Less is more, and being more humble, aware, and caring in our global ‘household’ (literally the root of terms economy & ecology) is mandatory (SATURN) for an effective transformation (SATURN-PLUTO). We all need to show up & contribute with our Best (CAP) and collaborate (end of CAP leading over to AQ) rather than bailing out or blaming ‘those in charge’.
High time to learn from mistakes, correct them and abide by Natural Law, in respect for all Life on Earth.

Old heavy / karmic / limiting timelines (SATURN in CAP) come up to be transformed and cleared now (PLUTO).
A cosmic-collective RE-birthing process is on:

SATURN represents archetypally also the matrix, and labour / contraction initiating the process of separation at birth.
PLUTO represents the birth canal – forces of nature take over. Resistance to change is futile. A death leading to rebirth.

The Lunar North Node now in CANCER – opposite the CAP cluster, and activated with the CAN – CAP Full Moon / PLE on Jan 10, 2020, calls upon the Great Mother Goddess in / with us to nurture ourselves and other Beings with love, compassion, and gentleness through these hard times (CAP), and to treat everything and everyone with love and reverence.
Of course, the devastating bush fires in Australia come immediately to mind & heart in this.

On deep levels, the limited physical reality of our experience (SATURN) seems so solid (CAP) yet is an illusion / a ‘matrix’ if you will. We can shift out of old linear & limiting consciousness into freer ways of Being.
Consistently living (SATURN) from Soul Self / Essence (PLUTO) transforms old burdens, Karma, judgment and limitations, and shows:
All Life is Sacred.
The Spiritual and the Material are ONE.
Which is also much better for sustainable Living and Building – the purified and elevated CAP.


Strikingly, not ‘just’ SATURN, but FIVE Planets and the SUN have passed / will pass PLUTO.

Shiva Nataraj – the Dancing Shiva – helping with the Shadow Dance that transforms


  • VENUS in CAP passed PLUTO on Fri Dec 13, 2019.
  • MERCURY & SATURN in CAP pass PLUTO on Jan 12, 2020.
  • The SUN in CAP passes PLUTO on Jan 13, 2020.
  • MARS in CAP passes PLUTO on March 22, 2020.
  • JUPITER in CAP passes PLUTO on Apr 4, June 29 (both in retro), and Nov 12, 2020.


All of these Planetary Archetypes move into and through the CAP Shadow, to be transformed and regenerated.

From attraction to status and power to the Power of Love.

From judge-mental thinking & communicating to calm & wise counsel.

From a fear, scarcity, and control based ‘operating system’ to being resourceful & on purpose, embodying true mastery, maturity & responsibility, Living inner Soul Authority.

From lack of energy and depression to pacing ourselves, going with natural cycles, and consistently restoring energy from within.

From heavy lifting and taking a lot on (could be an ego thing) to working with what we’re best at, and letting Higher Power take the lead.

From ueber productivity and being condescending / patronizing to using our gifts for the highest purpose – and give others space & trust to do the same.


Soooo, let’s not just wonder what happens ‘out there’ and externalize but do our own Shadow Work / Soul Work in this.
SOOO worth it (CAP likes that).


Wishing you from my Heart a soulful and regenerative Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon & SATURN (et al) – PLUTO Transformation!




© 2020 by Melanie Lichtinger 





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Winter SoUlstice Full Moon (Dec 22, 2018) in CANCER – CAP: Home is where the Heart of Hearts is…

21 Dec

Happy Winter SoUlstice Full Moon,

dear Reader in the Astro~News Tribe!

What a rare occurrence this year, as only 17 hrs after Winter Solstice, LUNA shows her fullness just after entering her Cancerian home abode. 
The Winter Solstice SUN is met by the Summer Solstice MOON!


At this WINTER SOLSTICE Day, the waxing MOON is still in GEM, and the Solstice Night will be an almost-Full MOON night (when the lunar energy is even stronger than the day after the Full Moon).
A polarity between the need to belong to a tribe or family, be with children / with the Inner Child (CANCER), and focusing on priorities and purpose / being the Elder (CAP).

Which may be but doesn’t have to be a dilemma, ‘bridged’ by MARS / CHIRON between them (a square): SoUlutions come from surrendering to the healing quality of unity and connection. When we connect from the Heart it all comes and flows together, time flies or stands still – either way, it’s magical.


Tall Tree Time – Nourished by the Waters of Life…. Photo by Melanie, Winter SoUlstice 2018


What nurtures us? asks the CANCER Full Moon…
How do we nurture Ourselves, our Children, our Inner Child, our Family / Tribe?
How do we feel and give a sense of Belonging?
Where’s HOME?

Nurturing young and old through the COLD, finding emotional and physical comfort and resources is a big deal in Northern lands – even though we’re just coming through the shortest days of the year, Winter  & CAPRICORN has only just begun, today Dec 21.

How do the contrasting themes of the warm, cuddly, and caring CANCER and rock-solid CAPRICORN energies (which you can see in the chart below) balance and complement?


The Winter Solstice Sun initiates CAPRICORN where SATURN, PLUTO, and the Lunar South Node sit these days / years:


  • SATURN, the Ruler of CAP – for a year now in CAP (since Dec 20, 2017 and dwelling in the mountainous region of CAP until Dec 17, 2020)!
    Here’s the blog article for this momentous move a year ago – maybe time for a review of the first year?
    SATURN in CAP brings rewarding incentives for us to ‘step up’ and be / do what we’re best at.
    No need to waste our time and energy on what’s futile and not ‘the real thing’. It’s Your Time and Your Life.
    No need to feel guilty, nor to judge what we don’t want to see, rather to move on / up, and model the Best and the Change (PLUTO).


  • PLUTO is in CAP for the long haul, until 2023.
    To make sure CAP goes through its deep foundational change and Evolution. I.o.w., for humanity to be done with wasteful, abusive, irresponsible, immature behaviour.
    So much time and energy is invested in sustaining a dinosaur system. We need to step up to the plate, live more simply (doesn’t mean deprivation) and sustainably, with quality focus instead of quantity (yet never-enough).
    What helps is clear noticing what / which (perhaps conditioned) patterns drain our energy, where energy comes from in contrast, and following that trail.


Here’s the full ‘Birth Chart’ of the Winter Solstice Full Moon!

Yes, a Full Moon is like a birthing or harvest of what comes to fruition – whether it’s been planted / sown under the previous New Moon, or many Moons ago.

The Full Moon in CANCER – CAP will be exact at 9:49 am PST tomorrow Dec 22.



Here ‘she’ is! The MOON will enter her CANCER abode at 8:28 am PST, just 80 min before the Full Moon at 9:49 am PST on the first degrees (0°49′) of CAN – CAP.

The MOON and the Lunar North Node surround and embrace CANCER – a well-needed and supported Zodiac energy nowadays.
The Lunar Nodes shifted into CAP – CAN on Nov 16 where they’ll be until June 5, 2020 (here’s the blog post for this Nodal energy phase).

Inviting us to lead from Cancerian warmth, care, nurturance, playfulness, creativity, drop heavy Capricornian burdens, ‘shoulds’, conditioning, fears, restrictions, depression, judgment, and not feed the CAP shadow of unqualified leadership and tyrannical structures that eat up our time and energy.
Rather to go where joy and playful timelessness are, and to create and raise vibrations from there. More energy freed up to create the change we do want to see and that sustains us.


For the CANCER – CAPRICORN Solstice / Christmas Full Moon in the signs of the Lunar Nodes that means (and is also a prelude to the upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses in CAP – CAN in 2019):

  • It’s not about ‘production’ and status for the Holidays (yep, pretty clear how that can drain our time, energy, and money…), rather about Heart connections, home, and belonging.
  • HOME is where the Heart of Hearts is…. a place we just love and where we feel welcomed, and a spiritual place that invites us unconditionally to come home to, at Christmas and any timeless time.
  • CANCER & CAP bring Elders and Children and anybody in-between together (rather than a separation and segregation that’s so common – and also costly – in modern society). 
  • How do traditions (CAP) feed our needs, and make us feel we belong (CANCER)?
  • The Summer Solstice GEM – CAN cusp of the FULL MOON is the ‘Nesting Point’ as I call it. Having a nurturing nest to come back to (CAN MOON) helps us with having energy to do important work in the world (CAP SUN).



Let’s take a look at the SABIAN SYMBOLS

…for the MOON and SUN at the Summer and Winter Solstice Points!


The Full MOON will be at 0°49′ CANCER.



Mexican Moon Boat(s) – Photo by Melanie, Dec 2018



KEYNOTE: A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act: A point of no return.

We have now reached a square (go-degree angle) to the beginning of the cyclic process. This is a moment of crisis, a sharp turning point. In the zodiacal cycle, at the Summer Solstice the northward motion of the Sun (in “decimation”) stops; the Sun rises and sets as far north of exact east and west as it can during the year-cycle. Its motion is now reversed. Slowly the sunset points move southward on the western horizon, and the length of the day decreases. In the Lunation cycle (from New Moon to New Moon) this is the First Quarter phase.
On the “ship” which symbolizes the ego-consciousness floating, as it were, on the sea of the vast Unconscious, the individualized will makes a basic decision. The dominant Yang force allows the Yin force to begin its six-month long rise to power. The “collective” will gradually overcomes the “individual,” and at the end the state will overpower the person. Now, however, the individual person enjoys his most glorious hour; he exults in his ability to make a “free decision”- i.e. to act as an individual who selects his life goal and his allegiance.

This is the first stage in the nineteenth five-fold series of degree symbols. In a decisive act heavy with consequences, the symbolic college youth might realize that he should bring to an end his quest for the ideal companion and enter into matrimony. He assents to the possibility of progeny, of home responsibility. His consciousness accepts a process of fundamental REORIENTATION, implying the stabilization of his energies.”

Sooo, where’s your Moon Boat taking you?
Which relation-ships, home, and other harbours for your soul….?
Dare to re-orient yourself.


The SUN will be at 0°49′ CAP.



Chief Seattle



KEYNOTE: The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership.

The religious ideal implied in the preceding symbol has now materialized or crystallized into sheer power — the power to lead the community and to ensure its welfare or even its physical survival. The energies released through group cooperation (Libra), deepened and emotionally experienced as forces of great potency (Scorpio), and given meaning and conscious purpose (Sagittarius) are now stabilized and hierarchized. The power of the group is turned into a measurable and carefully managed “capital.” The words “chief” and “capital” come from the same Latin word, caput, meaning “head.” 
A time comes in many lives when the individual finds themselves placed in a situation that allows them to assume power over their comrades, however limited this power may be. Is he / she ready to do this effectively and responsibly? This is the supreme test of a human being in society. 
It complements its polar opposite (Summer Solstice degree), which refers to the acceptance by the individual of a new kind of allegiance as a foundation for the integration of a mature personality. Such a foundation may, but need not, refer to establishing a home.

This represents the first stage in a five-fold process — the fifty-fifth sequence of five symbols. It refers to the capacity latent in every individual to claim and assume AUTHORITY in a vital group-situation.”


SATURN now in CAP is clearly about this kind of mature Authority – a notion to claim it where appropriate, and the repercussions of its use (or abuse).
Quite clearly, we’re seeing plenty of evidence of the necessity for responsible leadership and authority, and for the misuse of it. The theme becomes more prominent in the SATURN in CAP years that can also have a heightened karmic effect (SATURN being the ‘Lord of Karma’, in its own domain CAP), across the board.

What / who’s evidently not fit for authority must adjust, or go.
Actually quite simple.

May better leadership and authority establish itself in these years.

What in us doesn’t step UP to the occasion, and assume leader-ship (because you can, you have the cap-acities)?
What’s in the way of truly leading your life?
And how can you claim Authority again?


Especially if your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets are in early CANCER, CAP but also ARIES and LIBRA…
…You’d notice the tension and perhaps notion for re-orientation to be in natural Leadership of your Life (again).
As the year 2019 unfolds, with its Eclipses in CAP – CAN, clear orientation reveals itself more and more. But hey, maybe this FULL MOON already made things crystal clear to you, in your Heart of Hearts?



Winter SoUlstice SUN – Photo by Melanie, Solstice 2018


What are other Planetary Energies in the Full Moon Field, and what’s their Medicine for us?


  • The SUN and MOON in early CAP / CAN come out of a T-square with MARS / CHIRON (aligned on Dec 28) in late PISCES where also NEPTUNE ‘sails’ (and was met by MARS on Dec 7).
    The ‘outlet’ and Piscean solution for the SUN – MOON tension leads us to the Medicine of Unity and Connection. Heart Connection transcends either-or, this or that, and a happy, healing Heart can be ‘at home’ anywhere, esp. in the Heart of Hearts….


  • MERCURY and JUPITER in SAG aligned this morning, just before the Winter SoUlstice.
    Joy to the World! Speak your Truth, and Raise Vibrations!
    Important to be truthful, and come from a pure Heart that’s not about better-than.


  • VENUS has come to the Heart of the Scorpion – as she ‘sits’ in mid SCO -, comes out of a mystical, magical Water Trine with NEPTUNE in PI (exact today Dec 21) and will square LILITH in central AQ on Dec 23.
    Intimacy, Magic, and Depth of Love and Connection vs / and Freedom and Independence.
    Allow both to co-exist rather than be in conflict – NEPTUNE is the big unifyer anyway…


  • URANUS retro (the only retro Planet at this point!) in late AR / on the ‘Settling Point’ to TAU will turn around to go direct on Jan 6 – the day after the CAP New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse. This month (end of Dec to mid-Jan) are quite URANIAN with this focal point.
    Meaning, paradigm shifts and liberation yet also disruption of old patterns and structures.
    Allow freedom to prevail, not just freedom from or freedom for, but (one of my favourite provocative quotes by J. Krishnamurti) freedom that has no opposite….



More about URANUS’s turnaround on Jan 6, and MARS going from PISCES into ARIES on Dec 31 (a big energy boost into the New Year) in upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned!
Of course, you can also expect a New Year’s Overview post!


Wishing you a blessed Winter SoUlstice, Christmas, and Holiday Time of your Tradition!
May the Returning Light shine brightly into all areas of your life, and guide your Way HOME! ❤ 




© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




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