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* GEMINI NEW MOON (June 4) with Grand Mutable Cross: Movement from Our Heart Hub

4 Jun

The recent sequence of significant planetary alignments is still active. Quite the ‘domino effect’!

And it’s going into the ‘alchemical mix’ of  the Mutable Grand Cross NEW MOON which is like a ‘Crest of the Wave’ – all met in the Heart.



Here they are, ‘in order of appearance:


May 26:

JUPITER in VIR squared SATURN retro in SAG (# 3 out of 3 alignments Aug 3, 2015, March 23, and May 26, 2016 – all Spring 2016 affected by this challenging alignment between two major ‘players’):
Crisis and Perspective

  • If things don’t ‘work out’, are not aligned, and ‘don’t go anywhere’, what is the paradigm shift that’s giving you a new perspective and ‘WHY’?
  • Maybe not now, but soon in hindsight (ha, good old SATURN…), circumstances might show how what looks like a ‘bad thing’ carries a valuable lesson?
  • What does the Heart and Loving Kindness say to that ‘problem’, and respond to the crisis?


June 1 / 2:

The SUN and nearby VENUS in GEMINI squared NEPTUNE in PISCES which is now a stationary (a slow moving focal point, going retro on June 13).

  • Youthful Spirit, mobilized as ONE (politically, culturally, personally? A Movement…)
  • Consciousness, lit up by Compassion.
  • Surrendering and letting go, with Loving Kindness.
  • This and that, the multiverse – absorbed in the UNI-verse.

So much to learn, with an open mind, and a resonant heart!

Here’s a little episode I’ve been going through myself these days…:

Friends of mine and I were planning to go down to Seattle this weekend, to meet Amma on her Pacific Northwest tour.
On Wed morning, I felt called to look for an Amma documentary to share with my friends. Immediately found this beautiful recently (1 week ago!) released film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsxZI0PBl_A . Such a moving testimony to Amma’s spirit, wisdom, and presence! An energy field beyond science… (yet an interesting question, and good interview!).
Very apropos SUN (and Venus – together with the New Moon) in GEMINI square NEPTUNE in PISCES

The ’High Surf’ of excitement about meeting Amma in Darshan was followed by a SUN / VENUS square NEPTUNE scene of a different kind in our group: Turned out that everyone opted out or couldn’t go, for one reason or another! For me, it became a good challenge in letting go, and good practice to not be attached, stay in the Heart, go with the flow, and allow things to move freely.



June 2 / 3:

Oh, those polarities… realizing the opposites are interrelated… being the Bridger, being the Centre
Three major oppositions two days in a row – all building up to the GEM New Moon tomorrow (Sat) evening.

# 1: The SUN now in central (the fixed part of) GEM opposed (happens once a year) SATURN, now retro in central (the fixed part of) SAG, last night (PDT) / this morning.
These major archetypal ‘players’ present themselves as such a strong polarity – that is best being bridged from the inside, otherwise can be so easily projected onto the outside:
If a strong NO or ‘road block’ (SATURN in SAG) comes up these days how’s that for you?
Can you communicate with centred, calm clarity (SAG – GEM)? Or does it have the flavour of / investment in an agenda, a judgment, or rejection (of something or someone, or being rejected)? The limiting, separative ego can quite easily hijack this situation…
Bottom line is to come back into our centre that is empty of ‘this versus that’, into the Natural Authority of the Self, and moving / communicating from there.

# 2: The MOON now in TAU opposed MARS retro in SCO this (June 3) afternoon. One of the first major activations of MARS since it’s back in SCO (a week now).
What’s with desires and ‘appetites’, and inner processing of the uncomfortable and emotionally painful? Those fixed signs, plus: The MOON being strongest in TAU, and MARS used to rule SCO before PLUTO came along.
When attachments to what we want are frustrated, and that takes us into the inner ‘underworld’, how not to get stuck there? Can you access those buried emotions (SCO), maybe in and through the body (TAU)? What’s coming UP wants to come OUT… and where’s the body taking you? Maybe to Nature Medicine. I had a nice dose of that, walking along a beach with a friend, wading in the water, sharing travel stories – very GEM – SAG – naturally helping with some emotional ‘digestion’, transformational, and uplifting.

# 3: VENUS, very close to the SUN, opposed SATURN this eve.
Yes, we love diversity, being multi-stimulated by the ‘Ten Thousand Things’ (infinite possibilities – yet perhaps all ‘illusion’ – a TAO theme – interesting take on it here http://www.mother-god.com/ten-thousand-things.html). Where where is the Path? Where to GO? (SATURN in SAG) – to which I’d add:
“Where do you come from?!?” (the Sag Archer has to pull the arrow first back to the Heart, and aim from there!
A Path of Heart – Alchemizes all the ‘Options’ and Oppositions into the ONE!


GEMINI connects and communicates on the ‘air waves’.

Looks like this NEW MOON in GEMINI sets the tone for new communication and connection from the Heart.


Let’s see what the NEW MOON chart tells us:
The GEM New Moon which will be exact at 8:00 pm PDT tomorrow Saturday June 4.

 GEM NM 2016 Mutable GC

Yep, here’s the Grand Cross, in the centre of mutable signs:

  • SUN / MOON / VENUS in mid GEM
  • JUPITER / Lunar North Node in mid VIR
  • SATURN retro in mid SAG
  • NEPTUNE / Lunar South Node in mid PI

Loooots of mutability – things can spin into all directions… and we need to be adaptable and flexible.
The centre of the signs where the planets are has a fixed undertone:

  • GEMINI can get stuck in the head, in ideas,
  • VIRGO in problems and worry,
  • SAG in an agenda and beliefs, and
  • PISCES can feel like drowning in a wave of emotional

So important with a Mutable Grand Cross, in times like these, to find and come from CENTREDness – in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’, in our ‘Grand Central Heart Station’ that physically pumps blood to all directions, and is the Go-To, to source Love-in-motion.

From there, energy can be sent out in a conscious, centred way as…

  • Heart centred communication (GEM)
  • Service, and practical, healthy solutions from the Heart (VIR)
  • The Path of Heart (SAG)
  • Surrender and openness from the Heart (PI)


As you see, JUPITER in VIR is a ‘hinge’, since it’s the link to another closed configuration, the grounding Grand Earth Trine (JUPITER, MERCURY, and PLUTO).


Jupiter Eye

So JUPITER could hold clues for a resolution of the tension, through:

  • ‘Little things’ (VIR) matter, and can make quite a difference. How can we work with this, without getting worked up over ‘small stuff’ (good old motto of Perspective – JUPITER in VIR square SATURN in SAG)?
  • An Attitude of Gratitude for what we might take for granted (THOSE ‘little’ things) makes a huge difference… and is humbling and grounding.
  • Let’s keep our health, wellness and alignment practice (is it meditation, Yoga, etc. up – definitely beneficial (not only) in times like these.
  • Health is Wealth, and has priority. We can’t function or serve others when we’re not well… Big gratitude for everything ‘working’, and for the availability of support when needed!


JUPITER in VIR is in Earth trine (now phasing out) with PLUTO retro in CAP: What’s long term sustainable and what has priority?

Through natural alignment (JUPITER in VIR) transforming what used to disempower us (PLUTO retro in CAP) – could have to do with diminishment, inadequacy, ‘imperfection’, esp. of the Feminine but actually of anybody and anything ‘smaller’ (VIR) that we might have adopted.


JUPITER’s also in Earth trine with MERCURY in TAU (also phasing out): Down-to-Earth communication, in physical presence informs us so much more than via media… Sit down and have tea with a friend, or walk in Nature. I guarantee the communication changes.

MERCURY in TAU is also about to oppose MARS retro in SCO,  next week, exact on June 9.


Hermes / Mercury

Hermes / Mercury , with winged helmet, sandals, and Caduceus / serpent staff of the healer (“Like heals Like”)


MERCURY as the ruling planet of GEMINI holds a strong importance in the present GEM New Moon Astro sphere.

Also, it just came out of the retro (Apr 28 – May 22) storm (until May 31), and is now in post-retro shadow (until June 8).

So what’s with all this?

How has the recent MERCURY retro phase been for you? Mental attachments and investments anyone? What did / does the Body and the Heart say?! The post-retro shadow helps us with understanding what was going on over the whole retro phase, and move forward with what we learned.

How is communication different now, more conscious and heart centred?

Also a good motto for the GEM New Moon!

And what’s with that opposition from MERCURY in late TAU to MARS retro in late SCO?

Mental processing and ‘detox’  are be in order… don’t be afraid of ‘confrontation’ – channel it into going deep, for the purpose of addressing what’s usually hidden and covered. Required skills though…

Do you have people in your life with whom you can talk in a deep, soulful way, and not be concerned about taboos and censoring? Could be very helpful these days. Otherwise, of course, there are always the d.i.y. journal, or recording options.



* Sabian Symbol for the New Moon Degree

The NEW MOON and VENUS(!) will be between 14° and 15° GEM (see chart above)

15° GEMINI says:



 Monk Boys Learning

Keynote: The need to clarify one’s experiences through actual contacts with like-minded individuals.


Transcendent experiences and supernormal faculties must be tested and clarified through the use of normal and collectively tested means of communication – which may mean through scientific procedures. The ‘Dutch children’ seem to have been introduced by the subconscious mind of the formulator of the symbol because of an association with neatness and the open spirit of discussion which has prevailed in Holland. They are ‘children’ because of the new experiences are still very fresh and require certification; this demands a clean and open mind eager to test what is experienced in an exchange of views with one’s peers.

This… stage… closes the scene of “Discovery”. All discoveries must be checked and their validity tested. In old tribal cultures a man’s “great dreams” were accepted as valid and acted upon only if another tribesman also had a similar dream(!). The need for OBJECTIVITY has to be met; and this implies the confirmation of any subjective realization by some similar experience. It implies also the type of dualism inherent in all mental experiences as well as in mental concepts.”


This Symbol, technically associated with mid GEMINI, also relates beautifully to JUPITER in mid VIRGO with the Lunar North Node – the ‘hinge’ of the TWO  New Moon configurations (Mutable Grand Cross, and Grand Earth Trine). There is merit in validating one’s findings and discoveries, and what goes on in one’s mind through ‘critical’ discussion with peers and co-learners. 🙂

This is also one thing I like about our Astro groups: we learn from each other, and from validating the significance of Astrology and its planetary Archetypes through everyone’s experience.

This is to life-long learning in that way!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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* ARIES Super-New Moon with URANUS and Eris on Apr 7: Breakthrough into YOU! Magical Butterfly Effect… Outer Pressure – Inner Strength & Opportunities.

7 Apr

“What’s with the ARIES Fire?” was a question in the last phase and Astro~News, when the Spring Equinox was already here but residual more-than-Winter Blues from the PI Total Solar Eclipse and going all the way back to the CAP New Moon with PLUTO on Jan 9 (remember that one?) were still hanging like heavy rain clouds in the atmosphere.

The New Moon in ARIES with URANUS is a game changer. Or rather: Game Over!
You are FREE.
CAP would say: “Use the Freedom wisely…”. Well, yeah.

But let’s start here, says AR, with URANUS the Liberator which is catalyzed by the New Moon:

BE Free as you ARE.

Realize your intrinsic FREE Nature.

Every moment is fresh and new, and the freedom is in what comes into being. Always unknowable. And NOW THIS!


Monarch our of Chrysalis

Monarch Emerging from Chrysalis


“Jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne.”

Is one of my favourite quotes by Hermann Hesse. There is magic in every new beginning.

In fact, everything always emerges. Just more obvious in Spring, and in times like these.


The Magic of the Butterfly Birth is also encoded in the signature of the ‘birth chart’ of the  ARIES New Moon with URANUS:

Not only carries it a message of radical Newness but it even features a (rare!) Big Butterfly Configuration! Can you see her???

 AR NM - UR 2016

Spreading her wings, with

  • SUN / MOON / URANUS in ARIES, square to
  • PLUTO in CAP – stationary now, going retro on Apr 18, trine to
  • JUPITER retro / stationary (direct May 9) in VIR, next to the Lunar North Node, square to
  • SATURN retro (since March 25) in SAG, close to MARS – stationary now, going retro on Apr 17, trine to the NEW MOON – a closed configuration.


As I wrote on the chart, with the 2 squares on the ‘outside of the wings’ there is an ‘OUTER PRESSURE’. Yet, the 2 trines on the ‘inside of the wings’ show where ‘INNER STRENGTH and OPPORTUNITIES’ lay.



…shows up nowadays, through societal structures and fear and control based conditioned mentality and beliefs and voices like:
“No, you can’t do this.” “You gotta work extra hard to make your way up and succeed.” “You have to produce.” “Life is hard, a struggle.” “There are REAL obstacles in the path.” “Things go nowhere but downhill.” “Better stay in the secure place and don’t take risks.”

Feel the heaviness? I better stop here, you got the idea.

Outer pressure that can be easily internalized when it meets personal deep seated (often ancestral, historically inherited) fear based beliefs. PLUTO in CAP, and SATURN in SAG.


Yep, April IS a SATURN and PLUTO focused month too, since:
SATURN in SAG just turned retro on March 25 – so that we can turn to the inner coach, inner guidance, inner wisdom source that helps us with addressing where the real ‘obstacles on the path’ are, and how to ‘aim from the heart’!

PLUTO, now in mid CAP, does from Earth perspective (due to its own elliptical orbit around the SUN) its yearly ‘U-Turn’ to retrograde on Apr 17. An inward-backward turning, after all the external exposure and input.

  • What’s at the HEART and soul and spirit of CAP?
  • How can we re-connect with intrinsic soul force, and use this precious life time for the highest or rather: deepest purpose?



Last July, the New Horizons Mission reached the closest fly-by to PLUTO, and brought this famous picture back.


Pluto Heartjpg

Pluto Reveals…


A new perspective on PLUTO, also astrologically…

In the Deep Space of the Heart of Being, where is fear? What needs to be and can be controlled?


PLUTO, now stationary in CAP, can also show on a societal level changes in power structures, and SATURN in SAG can show how outer authorities that proclaim ‘the right way’ cannot control us anymore via fear and separatist attitude, as we connect more with the heart and its natural guidance.

Of course, I’m thinking of the U.S. with their presidential elections coming up in Nov, and as the country approaches their first PLUTO Return in history since 1776. PLUTO in the U.S. chart is at 27°33’ CAP – PLUTO gets there in 2021 – 2023. That’s soon. And SATURN is presently on the AC of the U.S. in mid-SAG – a 29-year societal cycle.

Plus, interestingly, July 4, Independence Day will be also a New Moon…

This calls for a Special Parlour where we can also include the candidates’ charts etc. that I would like to make available via Google Hangout webinar as well:

“U.S. Elections, Pluto, and the American Evolution, Astrologically.” ON July 4.

Stay tuned, and join us.


Ok, the emerging Monarch took me down South for a moment.

Back to here-now.

And to the Butterfly Effect of this First New Moon in Spring!


So, yeah, PLUTO in CAP will retreat into its ‘mountainous cave’ on Apr 18 (until Sept 26, by the way). And is now being exactly (not even 1° off) squared by the NEW MOON in AR, with URANUS!

Sounds familiar?
Yes, we had 7 (seven!) exact square alignments between URANUS in ARIES and PLUTO in CAP, between 2012 – 2015. Obviously, the process isn’t ‘over’, but now we are coming out of the ‘Era 2012’ as I called it.

It really is a collective Rebirth of Consciousness.

All the players play their roles in it…fear- and control freaks and freedom fighters, dominators and liberators – where are YOU in or beyond this game?




A good reminder, once again:

PLUTO represents the birth canal where something bigger – forces of nature – takes over, and carries us through. Even though it might appear dark and we’re out of control, connecting with something powerful that sustains no matter what is the way to let-go.

URANUS represents the stage of birth where the embryo is out of the womb, in the light of the day, where new independent life starts.


Where is YOUR RE-birthing this Spring?


The ARIES New Moon catalyzes URANUS.
And hey, here on the West Coast, the AC at the New Moon time is even AQ, ruled by URANUS!

Sooo much newness, here-ness, now-ness, freedom-in-becoming-ness.


Even if we can’t see the ‘evidence’ of the New, a seed is planted, and Beginnings happen out of the magical darkness.

The usual phrase / suggestion in the Astro sphere to ‘set new intentions’ with the New Moon is somewhat redundant now… it’s already happening in its own accord. Also, setting intentions is a masculine approach. Conception is the feminine association with the New Moon.
So let’s welcome the radically NEW (URANUS is liberating us from old concepts and from ‘the known’ anyway!), to be conceived, cultivated, and ‘built’ from within now. It will reveal itself in its own time – and we’ll recognize it. 


Not only URANUS but also ERIS (presently at 22° 54’ AR) is catalyzed by the New Moon in ARIES!



Eris – Antikensammlung Berlin


Who / what / which Archetype is ERIS, and how does that show up now personally and societally?

ERIS called me a week or so ago, when I re-listened to a ‘random’ recording from an initial class on Aspects and Configurations. In that particular recording, one of the participants (born in Greece, and well versed with the whole pantheon of Archetypes) brought Eris into the discussion. I don’t recall ‘she’ ever came up in another circle over the years! So that peeked my interest and I found out my own ERIS position in the chart, and her Archetype themes.

ERIS has an eccentric 558 year orbit around the SUN (twice as long as PLUTO), and has been almost the whole 20th century in ARIES!

So even if you have ‘nothing in ARIES’ you do: ERIS.


Yes, there is a lot of information out there that just sees the ERIS Archetype in her unevolved role as seeding discord and separation.

I much prefer where Doug Walker takes us in this excellent ERIS intro article: 

“If the ERIS Archetype is developed fully, humanity may never have to experience war again. The feminine ERIS will balance the aggression of MARS. A well developed ERIS Archetype could banish all war. The ancient prophesy of swords turned into plowshares could be realized.”

Makes me wonder where ERIS is in John Lennon’s chart…

Very interesting that MARS is about to go retrograde, now as ERIS (in ARIES, the ‘domain’ of MARS) is a strong NEW MOON catalyst – and URANUS will approach ERIS in the next years!


Let’s take a look at the other ‘Outer Pressure’ feature: JUPITER in VIR square SATURN in SAG.


Hubble Jupiter & Earth

Jupiter and Earth – Hubble Space Telescope picture (NASA)

Saturn & Earth

Saturn and Earth – Hubble Space Telescope picture (NASA)


This triple aspect in 2015 / 16 in the 20-year JUPITER – SATURN cycle reflects a crisis in purpose and motivation that can lead to a new orientation.

The first square alignment was early Aug 2015, the second recently (with stationary SATURN) on March 23, 2016, the third and last one will be with SATURN retro and JUPITER direct on May 26, 2016.


Another societal pressure cooker that trickles down into our personal lives.

The key themes here is PERSPECTIVE.

This is the ‘closing square’ in the 20-year JUPITER – SATURN cycle that started in May 2000, with their conjunction in TAU.

A new socio-economic-political-cultural cycle with TAUREAN themes started then. Conservative governments became more prominent in the world. Money and business as well as ‘territorialism’ (and domains) became a big deal.

2010 was the opposition, with JUPITER in late PI, and SATURN in late VIR (where the Nodal axis is now!), showing us we need to cut back and be in integrity, act eco-logical, and do business in integrity (SATURN in VIR), since all is connected (JUPITER in PI). One example: to do business online and be connected via media (PI) – very practical and with lower impact on the environment (SATURN in VIR). Not so sure what the world community learned since then around being humble and content with less (SATURN in VIR).


So this Square between the ‘main players’, JUPITER, Aug 2015 – Sept 2016 in VIR, and SATURN in SAG (Sept 2015 – Winter Solstice 2017) brings a crisis (square) and challenge (SATURN) that is also an opportunity (JUPITER) to act upon (a Square has a MARS undertone). NEPTUNE in PI is also involved in the dynamic.

A continuous PISCEAN wave of refugees coming to Europe, escaping from their war torn countries, esp. Syria, has caused a mass migration that has brought up a big spectrum of responses: As much as countries like Germany initially welcomed large numbers of refugees with open arms and compassion, the whole process also brought up paranoia, fear of being uncontrollably invaded by unknown and unchecked, and perceived as possibly dangerous foreigners (SATURN in SAG square NEPTUNE in PI).

JUPITER in VIR may say: SO much to do, as in: so many opportunities to help, or: how can all these problems be managed? Depending on the perspective.


The socio-political tension already emerged in pre-election Canada last year, and shows up big time in the U.S. this year, with rather aggressive tones.

“Where is it going???” (and perhaps even: ”Where am I going, if… gets elected?”), and “We could have a big problem here.”, is what many U.S. citizens and the world community is wondering, with concern (JUPITER in VIR).

Remember, the U.S. have also SATURN on their mid SAT AC this year – a new 29-year cycle starts.

Rather than ‘big words’ and promises, or righteousness – the shadow of SAG (do I hear: “Make America great again….”?), SATURN moderates and restrains SAG, and shows consequences if the path is not in alignment with the Heart and true Sagittarian wisdom and perspective.

Interesting, that D. Trump was born with MOON / South Node in SAG, and B. Sanders with North Node / SUN in VIR.


On a personal-spiritual level, we can check in where we create obstacles (SATURN) through the way how we SEE (SAG) and perhaps judge things, and how ‘blind spots’ and limiting beliefs hold us back. Acknowledgment is the first step. Maybe this belief has served the side in you that you are outgrowing now. An old skin. It’s growth pain.

With JUPITER in VIR, featured strongly in May (goes direct on May 9), doing one’s daily beneficial wellness / wholeness practice, and being of help for others is supportive, and renders opportunities.





Ganesh, the Hindu deity known as the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ comes to mind. Of course, Ganesh doesn’t just magically take the obstacles away but represents the guru, the spiritual teacher that shows what the real obstacle is, and what it takes to go beyond….


Sooo, now as we are well aware of the ‘square tensions’, the ‘obstacles’ (also the pressure that can cut diamonds) let’s look at the


The ‘retreating’, presently stationary, PLUTO in CAP is supported by a stabilizing, grounding EARTH trine from JUPITER which is presently also stationary, and turning direct (forward from Earth perspective) on May 9. The Trine is also a triple activation. First time was last Oct 2015. Then again exact a few weeks ago, on March 16 (JUPITER retro and PLUTO direct then), and the last one coming up on June 26 (with JUPITER direct and PLUTO retro).

Since both planets are in the centre of CAP and VIR this has a fixed Earth undertone (TAURUS). So we are invited to slooow down and stay with what gives us Strength and Stability.

From the VIRGO perspective:
JUPITER’s influence can show us there are piles of things to do, to sort out, to figure out, to iron out. Which can be satisfying – or take on a life of its own.

Warning: it will never be ‘perfect’, and our sense of inadequacy / inferiority can run the show.

So let’s rather channel that energy into natural alignment with what’s healthy and functional for us. Space and growth can result.

Gratitude is the key with JUPITER:

What a blessing to have the opportunity to support, help, be of service, make a difference in the world. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, and a flashy display. Rather grounded and with inner awareness. VIRGO is self sufficient and skillful. We have also learned to appreciate how we can help ourselves and d.i.y. and be quite content with ‘less’.

JUPITER retro since early Jan has shown us these inner resources.

The Trine with PLUTO in CAP comes in once more in June / July (exact June 26), to consolidate the process.

A wise, respectful, simple, and sustainable use of energy and time (CAP) has to do with slowing down, grounding, being in nature – AS nature, in natural rhythms (not in ‘industrial production mode’). Health and wellness (VIR) is a precious gift through the process.

A good omen for Spring to celebrate the gifts of Nature!  Let’s ground it all out in Spring.

JUPITER and PLUTO will also create a grand Earth Trine round the TAURUS New Moon (May 6)!


Besides this Earthy Trine, also a Fiery INNER RESOURCE gives the Butterfly Effect energy:


First Flight

First Flight


SATURN in SAG forms a Fire Trine with the ARIES New Moon!

The SUN was already exactly in Trine with SATURN yesterday Tue Apr 5. The ARIES MOON will activate the Trine tonight before the New Moon.

Where’s the gift, the opportunity in their ‘friendly encounter’?


The word that pops up is: Authenticity.

Showing up as we are (ARIES), maybe in a refreshingly new, liberated way (URANUS boost) that has doesn’t come from a place of competition or fighting, ‘just’ bringing our true selves into the situation, seeing the other, and meeting them from the Heart (SATURN in SAG) – maybe for the first time in a long time – overcomes ‘right’ / ‘wrong’, and gives space for growth and more overall ‘happiness’.

‘Fear of flying’ can be outgrown that way too…


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger





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