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Light of Conscious Transformation of the Status-Quo – ‘Tipping’ into a Potent SCORPIO Season!

22 Oct

Dear Astro~News Reader,

at the very end of LIBRA where the scales tip, did you make some perhaps difficult choices that had you dig into your core issues and track your core values?
I did, friends whom I spoke to did, and BC had municipal elections this weekend – with some surprising ‘Tipping Point’ results.

Choices lead to Change, says LIBRA-to-SCORPIO:


The SUN enters SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 22) opposing URANUS retro in TAU the same evening!

As the SUN goes over the ‘Tipping Point’ into SCORPIO – exact on Oct 23 at 4:22 am PDT – the nights are getting significantly longer, the rain season is kicking in here on the We(s)t Coast, and fog in other places, we’re called to consciously dive into Magic & Mystery.

Time to bring the Light of Consciousness into Darkness – where Transformation happens, and the Soul Power to Change is.


This year, the SCORPIO Season is quite charged:

  • The SUN opposes URANUS retro in TAU on Oct 23 – just 13 hrs after entering SCO:
    Radical shifts and liberating ways of getting unstuck,  i.o.w. great for changing habits, getting out of the comfort zone, clearing clutter 
    (like the beam of a flash light into what’s gathered dust and cob webs), doing a cleanse, and in general / societally also a (perhaps surprise, and liberating) shift of the all-too comfortable and security attached status quo.
    Yep / check, for the municipal elections in Victoria and other communities in BC.


Moonlight on Lake Ontario. Photo by Diego T. Silvestre


  • The energy builds up to the  TAU – SCO FULL MOON on Oct 24.
    The MOON (exalted / super strong in TAU) comes with URANUS on the (un)Settling Point, while the SUN and VENUS are on the ‘Tipping Point’ of Diving into powerful Transformation – led by the Inner / Outer Feminine.


  • Quite the super charged FULL MOON showing what comes to fruition that’s been seeded with the LIBRA NEW MOON, or in bigger cycles.

Stay tuned for the TAU – SCO Full Moon Astro~News – on this channel and via email to subscribers (contact me at licht@islandnet.com to subscribe, or do it yourself on my FB AstroPage).


  • Shortly afterwards, on Fri (VENUS Day) Oct 26, will be the SUN / VENUS retro conjunction – exactly half-way through the VENUS retro phase (Oct 5 – Nov 16).
    A ‘New VENUS’  is born – a scorpionic one that-is, consciously, lovingly diving into empowering Change enticing us to…
    REgenerate the Inner Love Goddess.
    Consciously connecting with our intrinsic Value and the values that we embody.
    Fall in Love with Ourselves and with Life, and attract powerful relationships and alliances from there.


  • As you know, as it’s been said and felt many times, many ways:
    JUPITER has been in SCO since 10/10/2017 – rendering Fall 2017 to Fall 2018 a very scorpionic 13 months (every 12 years).
    Now, we’re with JUPITER on the ‘tail end’ of SCO – where elimination and release happen – yet also where the (self) destructive poison can be extracted / ejected.


  • May the poison that’s now evident (JUPITER) now truly transform into Medicine!
    The Water Trine from JUPITER in late SCO to CHIRON in late PI can help – IF we invite this Gift into our Lives:
    What connects (PI), heals (CHIRON), and transforms (SCO) big time (JUPITER)?
    JUPITER’s Trine with CHIRON will be exact on Nov 1.


WOW, really a lot going on from Oct 23 – Nov 1!
It’s also the All Saints / All Souls / Dia de los Muertos week where we the veils are thinner and we can connect more easily with the Spirit of the Ancestors in all dimensions.



  • Then, on Nov 8, in the middle of the SCO season,  and the day after the SCO New Moon (Nov 7), JUPITER goes over the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SCO into SAG!
    Higher Understanding, Truth and Trust set us FREE!


For more about this massive move into JUPITER’s ruled Zodiac sign where it’ll travel until Dec 2019:
Stay tuned for upcoming email ASTRO~NEWS for the SCO New Moon with JU into SAG, the blog, FB, and YouTube – you bet! 


May it be a magical, alchemical SCORPIO Season in the making!

© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger






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