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LIBRA – ARIES Spring Equinox Super Full Moon (March 20) – Show up in Balance!

18 Mar

Happy Equinox, dear Astro Friends!

…exact at 2:58 pm PDT on Wed March 20!
To tune in, come over to the equinoctial blog article.

Dancing LEO MOON on Fire / on the Wire – Photo by moi, March 18, 2019

Just 4 hrs after exact Spring Equinox (exact at 2:58 pm PDT on March 20) comes the exact first Full Moon in SPRING – on the ‘Perfect Balance’ axis from the cardinal starting points of ARIES & LIBRA!

It’s the ‘opposite of the Harvest Moon’ – the closest Full Moon to Fall Equinox that always appears bigger and brighter than a ‘usual’ Full Moon, and provides extra Moonlight for harvesting into the evening hours.

As you already might wonder, looking at the waxing Moon at daytime – yes, it IS also brighter than a ‘regular’ Full Moon.
It’s the 3rd of three SuperMoons (Jan 20 / TLE, Feb 19, and March 20) early this year.


Naturally, the theme of Balance is heightened, via the polarity axis of SUN & MOON, with the Earth in the middle, and via the MOON’s entry into LIBRA.
On the Lunar ‘Perfect Balance’  Point from VIR to LI it’s about a VIRGO practice / technique that helps us come back into Balance.

  • What helps you to come into and BE in Balance?
    Balance of peaceful rest and activity, of stimulation and reflection, of giving and receiving, of focus and r & r time, of time at the desk and time in Nature, of creativity and inspiration, of seriousness and fun, of home time and public out-there time, of learning and sharing, balance in your diet, and in the body balance of the right and left side…
  • If there’s an imbalance how does that show up in your life, and what does that show you?

I learned esp. through Yoga & Meditation practice that Balance isn’t so much a way of equating this and that, the polar opposites, but finding the Still Point in the ’emptiness’.

With the FULL MOON on the ‘Perfect Balance’ cusp from VIR to LIBRA – how’s it going with our practice and lifestyle (VIR) that support and sustain Balance?
And how can we show up (ARIES) from a well (yet of course never perfectly) balanced place?


Here’s a raw & spontaneous video I created in the park yesterday, apropos the Full Moon – showing up again myself, after a wintry video ‘hibernation’. Enjoy!


Let’s take a look at the LIBRA – ARIES Equinox Super FULL MOON chart:

The FULL MOON will be exact at 6:43 pm PDT on March 20  – less than 4 hrs after the exact Spring Equinox at 2:58 pm PDT.


What a super-charged and multi-connected cosmic pattern, with several inter-linked aspect configurations / closed figures that describe inter-connected themes that are on now.

If you wanna know / get a sense: A Blue Kite, 2 Yods, a Cradle, an Ambivalence Triangle, and a Mutable Grand Cross. Can you geeks see them?
I won’t go into all those ‘gestalts’ (not even under the analytical VIRGO MOON, lol) – that would be quite an oeuvre – so let’s keep it simpler…

Btw, if you’d like to learn about Planetary Patterns, Aspects, and Aspect Configurations get in touch with me. I intend to offer a new Level 3 Intermediate Astro course with that focus in the Fall, and am happy to put you on my list of friendly interested folk. Ask me any preliminary questions – they’re always welcome. I’m here to support you.



For starters / most important things first:
Look at that close alignment of the SUN at 0°09′ ARIES – on the the ‘Emergence Point’ where Life Awakens and Arises – just barely behind CHIRON at 1°44′ AR!

Out of the PISCEAN unifying waters of Oneness New Life arises.
Just as snow and ice have (hopefully in your world too) melted, the rivers are running again, fresh Life emerges from the ground-up, and from the blossoming trees out and down!
Likewise, let’s rise again, into the freshness, newness, and NOWness of Life!


Cherry Blossom Ocean – Photo by Melanie


‘Simply’ showing up as your authentic Self can be very raw and vulnerable, yet is healing and renewing, says also CHIRON now freshly in ARIES activated by the FULL MOON ‘equation’ as it’ll be met by the SUN on March 22 – which brings consciousness to areas of life (whether personally – in ourselves, in relationships, in society…) that call us to take action / be pro-active, make a move and take the first step.
And ultimately, to be in our Presence in the NOW.


‘Back’ in PISCES is MERCURY retro (until March 28), about to unite with NEPTUNE for the second time (on March 24) helps us with awareness about, and letting go of old toxic energy & mind forms that used to draw us in – almost in an intoxicating and addictive way – and perhaps allowed us to check out.
Now we can see those patterns more clearly (M-r is doing its job to re-mind us of what’s usually under the radar!) – the first step to becoming FREE.


…and URANUS now freshly in TAURUS (since the day of the last New Moon on March 6!) cooperates, by kicking us out of old habits, stuckness, and attachments, to EmBody Freedom!


And, as you can see in the chart:
SATURN comes very close to PLUTO now (they won’t meet until Jan 12, 2020 but travel side by side this Spring, together with the South Node, all of them between 19° and 24° CAP).
Let the Old Empire Expire continues to be the motto – brought up with the Partial Solar Eclipse with SATURN, on Jan 5 / 6. In some sense a mantra for the year.

You’re probably well aware by now what these Old Empire themes are in your life, personally, relationally, and societally…

The CAP shadows of control and abuse are a good place to check in on:
How are we treated by others / allowing them to treat us, and do we treat other people, Nature, and ourselves…?


MARS now in TAURUS (until March 30)- the Cosmic Gardener – brings an Earth Trine support to the CAP Concentration of Old (SATURN / SN / PLUTO).
The MARS – PLUTO alignment is exact on March 20 too, and active all week. 

Let’s engage in slowly, steadily planting new seeds that outgrow the ‘wintry conditions’, and in cultivating the transformation…
Amazing how Nature always ‘accomplishes’ what needs to ‘get done’, and ‘just in time’ (a la SATURN in CAP), and is ever transforming (PLUTO).

How can that come in, in your Life?


Also in the ‘cosmic web’, and strongly activated by the Super FULL MOON:

The North Node of the MOON is in late CANCER, and accentuated by a Blue Kite, and also by a Yod pointing to this ‘sensitive point’ – clearly a ‘celestial pointer’ – to what?

A NN incentive for care, compassion, gentleness, a sense of belonging, and (end of CANCER has a PISCES undertone) emotional connection in the ‘Human / Soul Family’.
Even ‘just’ re-connecting with others who are close to your Heart is sooo good, and has ripple effects.

Follow the prompting when someone comes to mind and heart!
And notice how what you put out comes back – from different yet connected sources in the ‘web of life’.


Star Cluster in the Galactic Centre (NASA) – Heart of our Milky Way, at the end of SAG where the SUN travels just before the WINTER SOLSTICE Point

Another Yod points ‘down’ to JUPITER in late (double) SAG – very close to the direction of the Galactic Centre – The ultimate unknowing where ‘the journey goes’, yet we can be connected to the ‘knowing source’.
Such a potent time to connect with deep Heart Wisdom & Inner Guidance.

So rare to have two Yods activated at the same time – they are called ‘Finger of God’ / ‘Celestial Pointer.
And they describe a Journey where it’s not about the destination / outcome but the process – like a pilgrimage.


Wall St. Bull Sculpture

OH – and what’s with VENUS in AQ – meeting LILITH on March 22 (once a year), and squaring MARS in TAU (exact on March 21)?!
That tension’s been building up too, and comes to a release with the FULL MOON.
A VENUS – MARS charge that’s mirrored in the FULL MOON in (VENUS ruled) MOON in LIBRA – SUN in ARIES (ruled by MARS).
Literally a Feminine – Masculine conflict?
The AQ Free Spirit / Feminist vs. the TAU Bully / Stubborn Guy?
In any case, the Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine are in tension at this time – a good time to explore how that shows up for and IN you!

Yesss, our True Nature is FREE – says LILITH now in AQ.
And when we come together in groups, or with friends – all in the name of Freedom and Equality via our shared Humanity, we can stand up towards territorial claims and conflicts / bullying of some who pretend they ‘own the space’. 

Standing our ground and ‘not going away’ (MARS in TAU) can be much more effective when done in groups (AQ) – beating the age old ‘divide / disperse and rule’ strategy.

On another note / ‘higher octave’ the square between VENUS / LILITH in AQ and MARS in TAU brings up / helps with spaciousness and non-attachment / beyond claim of ‘ownership’ in relationships.
Which can be quite strong now / culminating with the Super Full MOON in LIBRA – ARIES.


In Summary – any and all of these themes help with showing up in Balance:

  • Let’s emerge and rise again, into the freshness newness, and NOWness of Life!
  • Let’s make a move and be authentic.
  • Let’s release old energy & mind forms that used to draw us in and kick us out of balance.
  • Let’s kick old stagnant habits, stuckness, and attachments, to EmBody Freedom!
  • Let’s stop feeding the ‘Old Empire’, and let it expire.
  • Let’s consistently plant new seeds that outgrow the ‘wintry conditions’, and cultivate the transformation…
  • Let’s be caring, compassionate, gentle, tune into a sense of belonging and emotional connection in the ‘Human / Soul Family’.
  • Let’s connect with deep Heart Wisdom & Inner Guidance.
  • Let’s stand our ground – together with others.
  • Let’s cultivate non-attachment in all our relationships.


Inner Balance is the best way of, if not prerequisite for effectively showing up / standing up in and for Peace, Justice, Equity, you name it – what calls you to be active at this time.


Blessings for the Fullness of the New Season!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger





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