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JUNO – PLUTO Conjunction (Nov 12) and New 10-year Cycle: Empowering Relationship Transformation

12 Nov
Sooo, the Asteroid Goddess JUNO passed the Underworld God PLUTO at 17 / 18 degrees CAP today, Nov 12. A rendez-vous that only happens every decade!

Hera & Zeus, the Greek Equivalent of Juno & Jupiter

JUNO (mythologically the wife of JUPITER) in CAP is all about integrity and respect in relationships / with all our relations.
And PLUTO is the change agent anyway.

Their pairing helps set things straight, esp. in relationships, reminds us what matters most at the end of the day, and how to create empowering change for the better, from the inside out.
This starts a new JUNO – PLUTO cycle:
  • What are we deeply committed to?
  • What do we spend your time and energy on?
  • Which commitments and relationships need an empowering transformation?

You’d be mostly affected and you can activate their energy if you have your AC, MC, SUN, MOON, or Planets in mid-CAP, mid-AR, mid-CAN, or mid-LI.


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