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MARS Retro 2018 in the making (June 26 – Aug 27): RE-calibrating the Inner Masculine. RE-activating Community and Cooperation.

9 Jun

Mars (Hubble Telescope picture)

MARS goes retro every two years, for 2 months.
It’s ON again: June 26 – Aug 27, 2018 and now in the making, a.k.a. MARS is ‘stationary’ (moving very slowly before the ‘U-Turn’)
Noticing it?

The process / prep has already started when MARS moved from CAP into AQ (which URANUS rules), and immediately into square with URANUS (May 15 / 16).|

Quite cathartic and catalytically, it brought out acutely:
Wake up, Earthlings!
What’s with Cooperation and Community?!
Who are your Friends? 

How can we move (rather than backwards into the hierarchical / subordinating / even abusive ‘Old Regime’ / shadow of CAP) into a brighter, freer Future together (AQ)?
As MARS will be in retro motion from Earth perspective from early AQ back to late CAP, and forward again (AQ-CAP-AQ) it crosses 3 times over the Community Building Point a.k.a. Prometheus Point (the revolutionary & enlightening Spirit brings Freedom to ALL) it will have significant effects on:

* RE-encountering Men ‘from the Past’
Like, literally running into men from our personal ‘history’, or being in an environment where men behave in a ‘retro’ way (for better or worse), and how that affects us.
Maybe we have ‘unfinished business’ with these men / with that modus operandi. Here’s the chance to clear karma (retro movement has this karma clearing effect too).

* RE-calibrating the Inner Masculine
Coming in touch with the Inner Masculine (whether we’re in a male or female body) who asserts what we want in a direct, straight-forward way.
Accessing hidden anger and resentment for not being more assertive.
MARS Retro gives us the chance to shift this.

* RE-conciling the traditional (CAP) and modern (AQ) Masculine – to bring out the Best of Both Worlds
MARS Retro asks us to check in:
What gives us and what takes energy / creates competition and conflict, in hierarchical / traditional structures (CAP), and in circles / with friends (AQ), and how to take it from there – rather than taking it out on each other or on ourselves.
Powerful Group Effects in Cooperation (CAP – AQ) can come from this, when we bring our energies synergistically together (AQ) for a cause and purpose (CAP), rather than – ego driven – exerting them against each other or top-down / bottom-up.

* RE-purposing & Freeing up RE-sources 
MARS retro from AQ back to CAP and forward to AQ again calls us to actively gain freedom from what uses up our time and resources (CAP) that can be re-purposed into what we really want (MARS).
Where have you enslaved yourself / let yourself be enslaved by something you own / that ‘owns’ and occupies you, your time, your energy / money / resources? What’s ready to be freed-up now?

Those of us you born with SUN, MOON, AC, MC, Nodes, or Planets in in (esp. late) CAP and (esp. early) AQ will be / are already most affected by this 2-months Martian Summer action.

And if you have Astro energies on the other 3 cusps end of AR / early TAU, end of CAN / early LEO, end of LI / early SCO that MARS squares or opposes a lot is stirred up for you too, to bring you back into a healthy energy expression and cooperation.


Let’s explore how this shows up for YOU, and in the World, in our 

Special ASTRO Parlour
MARS Retro 2018

7:18 – 10:18 PM PDT
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MARS is in AQ for a looong time this year: 5 months!

May 15 – Aug 12, and again Sept 10 – Nov 15, due to the retro phase (June 26 – Aug 27).

We humans get an energy boost to show up and do the work that’s required in Community with  everybody contributing with their resources and what they’re best at (CAP), and where nobody’s the boss in old-consciousness ways. A circle of equals, beyond the linear / hierarchical authority model.

And what’s with the retro part of it?
It represents a re-calibration of how we pursue things, and of the ‘traditional Masculine’ as MARS goes back to CAP:
Ideally: Backing off from old school top-down ruling over. Moving to contributing our best qualities instead, and bringing them into community and humanity. ‘Seems like’ (no-brainer) there’s ‘unfinished business’ (CAP) around this, and even though it’s been brought up many times in history, we need to re-visit it now, to affect change.


Community of Wisdom Elders & Circle of Leaders – also CAP-AQ

The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers with the Prayer Scarves, gifted to them by HH the 14th Dalai Lama.


Here are a few markers of the MARS journey pre-, during, and post-retro:

As MARS goes forth and back and forth into AQ – CAP – AQ it squares URANUS that’s freshly in TAU now THREE times:
The initial square was May 16, again (under MARS retro) on Aug 1, and lastly (in Martian forward-direct mode) on Sept 18.

More liberating shifts obviously required, and on the horizon.
This can really shake things up when it comes to provocative, experimental, if not shocking, even traumatic, yet hopefully liberating and awakening breakthroughs and break-frees. Sounds like more social unrest and social movement to protection of Mother Earth.


Retro note:
Initiating (MARS) things from an Ego place (the Ego likes to hijack MARS the Warrior to get you what it wants, be pushy, bully, put people off, go into “my way or the highway” mode….) isn’t so cool in any case, and can esp. backfire under MARS retro.

There are even Astrologers who categorically use the formula for MARS retro “who initiates loses / needs to back off”.
I’d say it’s mostly an ego issue (MARS is the ego planet – and our ego hijacks our ‘Inner Warrior’ to get what it wants – and under MARS retro, the ego can be better seen for what it is, and put back into its place.
Initiating from the Heart might be exactly what’s required / needs to be come in more.
So, if there’s controversy and ego battles best to be the detached AQ and the Wise CAP Elder, and hold space for things to run their course and disintegrate in retro mode. Use the energy you save from disengaging for joining in community – to Build the New together.


Can become quite ‘interesting’ this Summer….

Here’s the U.S. chart for a reason:
MARS starts its retro journey 9°13 AQ after just having passed the Lunar South Node that station happens to be super close to the U.S. South Node at 7°35′ AQ. Themes around AQ shadow (cold technocratic, inhumane treatment) vs the LEO North Node (warm loving heart connection, celebration and welcome) is already UP these days and weeks and months, big time.
Plus, when MARS will be furthest back in CAP (28°37′, on Aug 27 – basically stationary mid-Aug – mid-Sept) it will ‘hit on’ the U.S. PLUTO (at 27°33 CAP) – its ‘Essential Point of Power’ – and just barely miss it.

That doesn’t sound very comfortable for the (PLUTO in CAP) establishment.

Chances are deep power agenda comes out (yay, JUPITER still in SCO this year helps!), AND people with integrity will make a stand – because they have to, are propelled to, and might have an irrefutable case and resources to do so.
So that the original constitutional and humane culture can return to the ‘Land of the FREE’.


Let’s see which Planets MARS meets in its AQ mode:

Ok, ok, just did a time line overview of the most important contacts of MARS in its journey into AQ, back to CAP, and then through AQ until Nov 15 – and that covers 2 pages.  
So, let’s keep it short and sweet, to the ones that stand out in the Martian itinerary:


  • As I said, MARS forms 3 squares from early AQ to URANUS (ruler of AQ) newly in TAU:
    May 15, then in retro Aug 1, and again in forward mode, Sept 18.
    At the very last day of its journey through AQ, Nov 15, MARS will go into sextile with URANUS which by then will be in retro, and back at the very end of AR (ruled by MARS).

    This ‘double’ (MARS – AQ – URANUS – AR) whammy is a very rare phenomenon that definitely gets our attention.
    New Earth Consciousness. One Earth, One People.
    Express it in in your life in liberating ways – wake up and be FREE!


  • MARS also forms 3 sextiles from AQ with CHIRON now freshly on the ‘Birthing Point’ in AR (which in turn is ruled by MARS): May 19, under MARS retro Aug 3, and in Martian forward mode Sept 13.
    Maybe more of us are being called to stand up for causes that we’re passionate about, and show up in authentic, vulnerable ways to let the world know why this matters – a new movement of Earth Warriors and Healers!
    Together with the MARS square to URANUS, there can be quantum leaps and domino effects.


  • A big Martian phase will be end of July, half-way through its retro period when MARS retro in early AQ will be tied exactly into the AQ – LEO Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27 – and MARS will be closest to the Earth on that day too!
    A strong polarity if not confrontation between We the People, We the independent Scientists, and We the synergistic and systemic Forward-Thinkers (AQ) meeting ‘Royalty’ / old privileges.
    How can bridges be built, to motivate (MARS) all to be Humanity conscious and Earth conscious (the Eclipse will be also in T-square with URANUS in early TAU)?


Let’s explore how MARS Retro shows up for YOU, and in the World, and how it can support you, in our 

Special ASTRO Parlour
MARS Retro 2018

7:18 – 10:18 PM PDT
Afternoon group can be opened as well.
Join us in person or online.


My simple blessing in closing:
May MARS in AQ and on its Retro trip help us all to act in ways conscious and mature humans do!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger



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* MARS in SAG goes Retro on Apr 17 (until June 29) back into and out of SCO: RE-covering the Magical Masculine in the Deep Alchemy!

13 Apr

It’s rare (every 2 years). It’s coming:
MARS will go RETROgrade from 9° SAG, on Apr 17 (all the way back to 23° SCO, until June 29).
Sooo, MARS stops and goes from Earth perspective backwards, just before passing SATURN (which will only happen way after the retro phase, on Aug 24).
And: MARS will cross over the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SAG into SCO, in ‘reverse gear’, on May 27, and in forward gear again over the ‘Phoenix Point’ on Aug 2.
Quite the arc, quite the journey.


Vitruvian Man, by Leonardo da Vinci


MARS goes retro every two years, in sequence of the signs of the Zodiac.
The last MARS retro phase happened (in LIBRA) from March – May 2014, and the previous one from end of Jan – Apr 2012 in VIRGO.
Remember your experiences during those phases?

  • Do ‘men from the past’, and ‘unresolved battles from the past’ appear during MARS RETRO?
  • And what’s with MARS’s ‘unfinished business’, back in SCO?
  • In what ways is the masculine, assertive Warrior Archetype going ‘inwards-backwards’? 
  • What does that mean for US, and how can we hone this energy best?

It’s a magical zone there from SCO to SAG, where hidden and covered treasures and truths are coming to the light. However, with MARS going from SAG back into SCO (during its retro phase, on May 27) we have to change the story we are telling ourselves, and what we believe into existence (SAG where SATURN also sits), and ‘dip in’ again into SCO for deeper processing, before our passion re-emerges into the light as MARS finally enters SAG ‘for good’, on Aug 2.
MARS retro takes us to deeper processes to meet what’s usually covered and unseen, what we cover up or hide (for worse or better – the shameful and the inner magical power). 
An Odyssey? A dark-sea journey? A magical mystery tour? 
How can our inner connection with MARS take us all the way through, so that the Truth shall set us FREE, and we are strengthened and energized from within to pursue what we deeply love (rather than – lower Martian vibrations – going after ego based desires).

What does the MARS ARCHETYPE represent – for YOU?

  • Basic instincts and primal drives that bring us to a ‘fight or flight’ mode, survival instinct, our approach to conflict and competition, how we go after things, pursue people, and get what we want. In our intentional MARS Retro workshop circle on Apr 14, we will explore that assertive and possibly aggressive side in us. MARS is also considered the ego planet. MARS rules teeth and ‘claws’ and sex organs that take care of individual and species survival (of the fittest).
  • The area MARS occupies in our chart shows what we are geared to pursue with passion, where we want to be first and ‘alpha’, or otherwise tend to fight (because we might feel attacked), but also where our ego can come out very strongly.
  •  The sign MARS is in shows us our personal style of assertion, with AR, SCO, and CAP being naturally ‘Martian’, while CAN, TAU, and LI have to come up with their own unique ways of asserting, without falling into certain traps.
  • Through alignments with other planetary Archetypes, MARS stimulates other ‘inner players’ (e.g. if it’s the MOON: feelings and needs, if it’s SATURN: our discipline, authority, work attitude, etc.).

What about SEX?
Sexual desires and pursuits are MARS’s domain as well, complementary to VENUS’s erotic, charming, attractive and seductive gifts… MARS is the animal force, pure libido, while VENUS magnetically attracts.

The EGO?
Yes, MARS is the Archetype that also represents the personal ego. Important to develop a healthy ego in adolescence, yet running life on ego isn’t the point.
MARS retro dismantles the inauthentic ego (which might feel ‘impotent’), and helps with regaining authentic inner agency.

Drives and ENERGY level?
Yes, MARS represents a healthy life force, that inner motor and zest for life and the motivation and ‘kick’ / ‘itch’ to go after something (incl. hitting on somebody)… yet possibly turns into (auto)aggression and violence when a healthy outlet has been frustrated.

So, what do women and men want (in life and from each other)?

And what’s the ‘higher’ (or rather ‘deeper’) ‘octave’ and transpersonal level of MARS?
Well, PLUTO!
While MARS represents personal willpower and energy, PLUTO represents Higher Power and Evolution.
And hey, PLUTO at 17°29 CAP will go retro only one day after MARS, on Apr 18 (yearly in Apr.), until Sept 26.
In CAP we are called to ‘dig’ into Inner Resources, meet the Inner Elder, discover Inner Timelessness.


MARS RETRO in SAG – SCO & PLUTO RETRO in CAP reminds me also of “The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida.
His book from 1997 was ground-breaking in the men’s movement of recent. In a presentation (excerpt here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dih8qLbEM8) he intriguingly addresses 3 levels of masculinity:

  1. Grow for your own sake – I’d call it “Personal MARS”.
  2. Share and cooperate – “Interpersonal MARS”.
  3. Realize that everything is only change. Come to terms with death of everything which doesn’t stop the Superior Man from giving – he IS the giving. Feel your deepest purpose. – “Transpersonal MARS.”


MARS Retro 2016

Here is the chart for the MARS Station / Retrograde. Check out the T-Square to MARS (a square has per se also a MARS undertone) – calling for release of tension / pressure through MARS at its turning point in SAG… What does the arrow point us to? What’s the meaning of the turning point and onset of the inner journey?

For more divinational insight, let’s bring the SABIAN SYMBOL for the Turning Point degree into the picture – so cool (or shall I say hot?):


Volcanic Rock with reddish-colored_Lichen

Volcanic Rocks with Reddish Lichen (Image from Wiki)

Keynote: The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of man’s inner life.

Forces are at work in the deepest layers of the psyche which in their own way respond to the outer stimulation produced by a strong involvement in group ambitions and emotions, and even more by the powerful tensions and releases of love. An alchemical process goes on, usually unnoticed by the conscious ego, until it becomes obvious that a kind of mutation has taken place and a new level of awareness and of responses to life has been reached.

At this stage, we deal with both the basic rhythm of growth of the human being and the reaction to more individualized experiences which aroused the emotions. The very substance of the person’s nature undergoes modifications, on the basis if which  a new step may be taken, The symbol draws our attention to the inner changes. We have to become aware of them. What is implied is a kind of PSYCHIC GESTATION.”


Another amazingly synchronous and very apropos symbol, for MARS retro – all the way to late SCO! Couldn’t hide it from you! 🙂
So how do we encounter and integrate the Inner MAGICAL and naturally empowered MASCULINE, and allow for deep alchemical changes to personal desires, as Men or Women, during the MARS RETRO phase this Spring, and beyond???


In our intentional alignment Workshop Circle 

* Recovering the Magical Masculine * MARS Retro in SAG – SCO – SAG in Spring 2016

on THU Apr 14, 7:14 – 10 pm

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/127637537633630/
… we shall be straight-forward, as we tune in and align with the highest, or shall I say (SCO) deepest potential of this bi-yearly RETRO phase of MARS.

Men and Women welcome!
Super crucial if you have planets, AC, Sun, Moon round the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SCO to SAG.


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger


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