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Total SoUlar Eclipse in CANCER with Sirius (July 2) – Initiation into Liberation!

2 Jul

Dear Star Beings in Human Form,
Let’s welcome the SUN SIRIUS Days of the Year!

Did you know that from Earth perspective early July every year the SUN in mid CANCER lines up with SIRIUS, the beautiful bright ‘Dog Star’?

The SUN meets SIRIUS (‘located’ between 14 and 15° CAN) round July 5 – 7. This year – today! – even as a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE (its path goes over South America, esp. Chile & Argentina)!

Interesting that Canada, the U.S., and France all celebrate their ‘birthdays’ nowadays… July 1, 4, and 14.
Liberation is an important theme with SIRIUS.

Wishing us all Sirian downloads for deep liberation from old conditionings and restrictions that don’t serve us anymore!

SIRIUS is such a majestic blue / multicoloured star…!

Some of us had the privilege to view SIRIUS via my friend Stephen’s telescope a few winters ago, when it was visible in the night sky.
Quite the download and connection for me.



‘Blue Star’ Sirius


Presently, SIRIUS is from Earth perspective next to the SUN / invisible in the sky which Ancient Egyptians considered the ’70 days in the Underworld’.

As the SUN ‘moves’ further in the Zodiac, from CANCER to mid-LEO, SIRIUS will rise again in the morning before Sunrise, calculated for 08 / 08 – the time of the Egyptian New Year, with the flooding of the Nile.
We’re also in the SIRIUS ‘Dog Days of Summer’ between now and then…

Here are more SIRIUS star lore stories, and descriptions of the astrological influence of SIRIUS, and themes of conjunction between SIRIUS (in mid CANCER) with SUN, MOON, and Planets – check it out: Do you have anything in your birth chart in mid CANCER? That’d be close to SIRIUS.


The TOTAL SOLAR ‘SEED’ ECLIPSE at 10°37′ CAN today July 2 activates SIRIUS – what a ‘Powerhouse’!
And at the Partial LUNAR ECLIPSE on July 16 the MOON in CAP will be with PLUTO, and close to SATURN and Vega, and the SUN with VENUS and SIRIUS!


Here’s the TSE SIRIUS Eclipse chart: 


Uhhh – what a strong activation of the CANCER – CAPRICORN axis – which we’ll see again at the Full Moon / Partial LUNAR ECLIPSE on July 16 – via SUN / MOON / Planets, wrapping around karmic Nodes!

Yes, when Full Moons / New Moons happen in the ‘seasons’ of the Nodal signs – 2019 in CAP – CAN – we get Eclipses.
The TSE ‘Seed’ Eclipse today July 2 in CAN with the Lunar North Node & SIRIUS “Initiation into Liberation” is the complementary one to the PSE / ‘Release’ Eclipse on Jan 5 / 6 in CAP with the Lunar South Node (“Let the Old Empire Expire”).

SATURN & PLUTO this year almost united, and wrapping round the SN this Spring / early Summer (their exact union is scheduled for Jan 12, 2020!) make sure we can’t miss where the ‘Old Empire’ sits and has destructive effects that have to transform – in society (esp. via irresponsible and destructive exploitation of the Earth’s resources, climate crisis, disregard of the concerns of the Next Seven Generations – see Fridays for Future Movement) and in our own private & inner lives – where is your ‘Old Empire’?!

The TSE ‘Seed’ Eclipse brings relief and a new approach:
Rather than bumping up against power / authority structures we say NO to, with low CAP vibrations of judgment, resistance and frustration, we’re invited to start with a liberating approach of going where compassion,,love, care and gentleness invites us in – an energy of the ‘Good Mother’, and find liberation in tribal (of all kinds) togetherness.
When we belong together we create together – the CAN – LEO continuum.
And Mother Goddess energy is here for us – we can always call upon her – and emBody her!

As MERCURY goes retro / back into CAN, and almost exactly opposite SATURN retro / PLUTO retro in CAP we’re reminded of how important our inner Self Talk is, and what the Inner Child has to do with it. Let’s not perpetuate dynamics of authority and control (SATURN / PLUTO) that have run their course and don’t serve anymore – if they ever have… And focus on what love and care would say or do.

What would be a breakthrough, a liberation for you at this point – likely starting with your internalized dialogues and thoughts?


On that note – very apropos… let’s tune in with a master & model for Compassion in Action (despite having been subject to totalitarian regime):

HH the 14th Dalai Lama will have his 84th birthday (and hence close to his URANUS Return – the Planet of Awakening) on July 6 – so close to SIRIUS too!

Dalai Lama

HH the 14th Dalai Lama


Here is a beautiful quote by H.H. that a dedicated Buddhist Friend sent me years ago – big gratitude, dear Heather!

Also very apropos the upcoming CAP – CAN ‘Powerhouse’ dynamic, activated by the Eclipses, and a ‘good use’ for the persistent CAP energy – coupled with Cancerian compassion:

Never give up

No matter what is going on
Never give up. Develop the heart.

Too much energy in your country
Is developing the mind
Instead of the heart.

Develop the heart.
Be compassionate.
Work for peace
In your heart and in the world.

Work for peace.
And I say again:
Never give up.

No matter what is happening,
No matter what is going on
Around you,
Never give up.

HH the XIV Dalai Lama


Blessings for the SIRIUS Initiation into Liberation!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




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MARS – PLUTO Opposition, between Canada Day and Independence Day: Caring for What Matters Most!

2 Jul
Hubble Mars

Mars – Hubble Space Telescope (NASA)

MARS, presently in CANCER (June 4 – July 20) goes into exact opposition to PLUTO retro in CAP, tomorrow July 2
 – once every 2 years.

Quite the ‘signature’ for the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, as well as for the first U.S. Independence Day under the Trump presidency…

Both countries have their SUN in CANCER.
Canada has a CANCER SUN / URANUS conjunction on its 4th House cusp.
The U.S. have VENUS / JUPITER / SUN, and MERCURY retro in CANCER in its 7th and 8th House.
The theme of Home is important for both countries. So many people (incl. myself) came to one of these countries to find a new home.

Now, the question of HOME and BELONGING is stirred up, big time, and there’s also conflict and frustration at home, which is what MARS in CANCER shows, and it needs to be addressed directly, with care and respect, and not suppressed, ‘delayed’, or denied (PLUTO ‘ostrich’ method will backfire).
Esp. when old deep issues are unsettled: Whose home? Who belongs here? Do we belong here? What’s the origin of this, our home? etc.
There’s been a lot of controversy around Canada 150, and a sensitivity around “Celebrating Colonialism???” / unceded territories.
Round U.S. Independence Day, the heated atmosphere since the Trump admin started could get another ‘hit’ that brings out more shadow, could go to another, deeper layer, or could even come to a head.

Both countries’ birthday starts with that MARS – PLUTO opposition – a theme for the year – hopefully not dragged out but addressed in a mature way.

As we go through the ‘birth canal of consciousness’, in this World in Change, the transpersonal, collective, evolutionary energy of PLUTO in CAP is transforming us. The more we ARE in integrity with the Change we wish to SEE (even in ‘small’ ways – the vibration at the matters) the more we sense the energy that carries and renews us!


Pluto Heartjpg

Pluto Reveals… One of the first pictures New Horizons transmitted from the close fly-by in July 2015 – as the U.S. had their exact PLUTO – SUN opposition!

Basically, when we come from Love and Respect with a pure motivation life sustains us (PLUTO in CAP – essence of integrity).
Perhaps we meet more people and co-create community.

On the other hand, when we take advantage of others, and abuse the relationship for our gains (shadow of CAP) our ego and greed motive needs to be transformed into something more useful! (PLUTO).

Same goes for countries of course:
PLUTO in CAP has been ‘working on’ the Canadian and the U.S. CANCERian themes already for a few years. In the first phase, the shadow comes out, like through lack of First Nations consultation or consent, when it comes to building pipelines through Native land – let alone widespread environmental damages from potential leakage / accidents, and brutal police force in South Dakota.
CAP requires Respect, for the Elders, and the Land, and for common sense and Natural Law, and to BE the responsible and mature leader and elder in a position one it put into.
Still a lot of evolution necessary!

MARS stirs things up acutely. It’s a ‘hot’ early July time. Well, fireworks ‘@ home’ too.
MARS is the planet of self-assertion, the warrior Archetype. It can bring out the (personal and collective) ego too. One can become quite irritated and defensive, when it comes to one’s home environment and family, with MARS in CAN. And, things can go two steps forward, one step back, which again can be frustrating.

PLUTO on the opposite side of MARS is its ‘higher octave’ archetype: MARS is about personal will and assertion, and PLUTO about higher power, and bigger evolution.

The MARS – PLUTO Opposition can trigger change and realignment, esp. when it comes to ‘what we want’ – ‘what matters most’.
Personal / collective wants / egos vs. the necessity of the time, and timeliness of what needs to happen.
Can these two be ‘married’? Or do they have to be a dilemma?

With MARS in CANCER opp. PLUTO in CAP, what came up for me and for quite a few friends and clients this week:

As a Summer cold was going around, when I noticed first symptoms of feeling super tired and drained pro-active self-care (MARS in CANCER), ‘simply’ lots of sleep, little food and at-home time was a priority (CAP), to let the energy and health regenerate.
That was of course also a CHIRON station effect (turned retro yesterday – see blog post).

It can also look like: A mature person / country (CAP) shows care, and respect for the Elders, the Ancestors, and the Land, and only takes what is needed.

If you have mid-CANCER, and / or mid-CAPRICORN planets, SUN, MOON, or AC, you would have noticed the tension building up this week, or perhaps for longer, with themes like:

  • You have the resources and time – do it! Does the time and energy support you?
  • You feel drained and exhausted on a certain trajectory: Time to backtrack, self-care, and gently find a new more sustaining way.
  • Your Inner Child says (screams?): “But I want….!”. Your Inner Elder calmly holds space, and grounds the situation. What happens?

If you have mid-ARIES, and / or mid-LIBRA Planets, SUN, MOON, or AC, you’d experience tension too, perhaps through partners. It also depends on where in your chart CANCER and CAPRICORN are ‘located’.

I’m here to support you with changing perspective, and helping the energy to move. Just get in touch if you could use my help.
With PLUTO involved, chances are deeper layers are being provoked now. This is an opportunity to meet the essence of the matter, and let something be reborn from there.

The CAP – CAN ‘Thunder’ Full Moon with MARS and PLUTO on July 8 will be quite a ‘Powerhouse’ that will show us more about this theme.
Let’s take it step by step, and listen to the body’s (MARS) needs (CANCER), and to how it wants to regenerate and sustain itself (PLUTO) in simplicity (CAP).
It may show us the way to live LIFE in general in a way that works best, AND takes good care of our essential needs.

The MOON, ruler of CANCER, enters SCORPIO which is ruled by PLUTO this morning at 9:59 am PDT, until Tue eve.
The theme of caring and deep dive show up again.  Don’t be afraid. Tune into the magic of Nature, and of your deepest nature!

Also today July 2:
MERCURY in late CAN quincunx SATURN retro in late SAG:
Let’s listen to / feel into the voice of the inner wisdom Elder/s, and speak from a heart- and soulful place, not confrontational but from a deep place of truth that pierces right through right- or wrong-doing.


Wishing you a gentle, caring, and deeply regenerative start into July!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger





Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’ those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘HUB OF THE WHEEL’where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified WITH them, and they don’t have to run your life.

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* Summer SoUlstice 2017, on June 20: Height of the Light, Sacred Stand-Still, and Turning Point – feat. SUN / MERCURY: Speaking from Spirit.

20 Jun

Happy SUMMER SOLSTICE – Height of the Light!


Celtic Wheel of the Year, with Ostara / Spring Equinox, Beltane, LITHA / SUMMER SOLSTICE, Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain, Yule, and Imbolc.

We are celebrating the longest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere – one of the four sacred turning points of the year – Summer and Winter Solstice, and Spring and Fall Equinox.

Summer Solstice is in Pagan Tradition called LITHA.  Researching its origin I found this article, with a plethora of ‘Midsummer’ (as it’s called, even though Summer only begins now) traditions in Europe and North America.

Solstice means literally ‘Standstill of the Sun’.

Apparently, from the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere, the SUN has reached its maximum range of the Ecliptic, and is now overhead the Tropic of CANCER, ‘producing’ the longest day time hours, before ‘receding’.

And if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, the ‘arch’ of the SUN is the smallest and lowest now, reaching Winter Solstice. (Your Summer Solstice is when, through the Earth tilt, the Sun is overhead the Tropic of Capricorn – longest days for you guys and gals, of course).

Happy WINTER SOLSTICE, dear reader in the Southern Hemisphere, esp. Australia and South Africa!

Back to our ‘Northern turf’:
As you can see here we are actually 2 full weeks in Solstice mode:16 hrs and 06 – 07 min of day time, this whole WEEK in the Northern Hemisphere (with the example of Victoria BC), culminating today June 20, with 16 hrs and 06 min. and 42 sec., the absolute maximum of the year.
June 20 is 7 hours and 48 minutes longer than the Winter Solstice (Dec 21)! And next week, the day time will recede very slowwwly.


* Happy CANCER Season:
Nurturing What We Care About.


Johfra Bosschart: The Moon Rules Cancer


As the SUN crosses the Summer Solstice Point we’re in the CANCER Season of the year (this year until July 23 – which is also the day of the LEO New Moon).
The first WATER sign of the Zodiac introduces the world of Feeling, Caring, Nurturing, and Belonging – ahhh!
The energy related to the Mother theme (the MOON is ‘at home’ and most natural in CANCER) brings out our early, primal memories, our need to be safe and cared for, our instincts to protect life, and nurture what and whom we care about, our ‘loved ones’ (2-legged or 4-legged), maybe extending to all beings and life forms.

I’d say this year the CANCER energy really starts with the New Moon, just 3 days into Cancer, on Fri June 23, and SUN, MOON, MERCURY, and MARS will all be in CANCER then!
Stay tuned for the CANCER New Moon Astro~News blog – to be posted here in the next few days!
In the meantime, check out all these CANCER associations in the symbolic painting by Johfra Bosschart here.


* SUN and MERCURY united on the Solstice Point:
Speaking from Spirit

This year, MERCURY meets the SUN on Solstice – very rare! Their exact ‘date’ is tomorrow, June 21 at 7:14 am PDT. MERCURY passes the SUN, after this ‘Superior Conjunction’.
A cosmic concentration within 10 hrs, where both SUN and MERCURY shift into CANCER, and unite there:

  • The SUN enters CANCER – exact Solstice Point – today June 20, at 9:24 pm PDT.
  • MERCURY enters CANCER tomorrow June 21 at 2:57 am PDT (‘at home’ there until July 5)
  • MERCURY meets and passes the SUN tomorrow June 21 at 7:14 am PDT, at 0° CAN.

How can the Mind (MERCURY) be united with Spirit and Consciousness (the SUN)?
How can we speak, write, communicate from a conscious place, and let Spirit come through us?

As MERCURY receives such a solar boost that can make the mind quite brilliant, full of energy, and guided by Spirit.
But the mind is a trickster too, and can easily ‘hijack the show’. Also a good occasion to re-mind ourselves how much in our ‘information age’ the mind is dominating, and… overrated.
MERCURY wants to ‘lead the show’ (i.o.w., travels ahead of the SUN) after the union (and will do so until the next MERCURY retro, Aug 12 until Sept 5 – which is always a regulating and adjustment phase to ‘lasso MERCURY back in’), and even unites with MARS, on June 28, and opposes PLUTO in CAP on June 29. Take this is a golden opportunity to watch how the ego-mind wants to be in charge, and to use the energy as a creativity fuel instead.


* MERCURY in CANCER (June 21 – July 5):
The Inner Landscape of the Mind.


Crab Perspective… and Family Time…

MERCURY in CAN is better at playful, creative imagination anyway, after the intellectual, information driven MERCURY in GEM we’ve moved through in the last weeks.
MERCURY in CAN (until July 5) brings out memories and reflections, and is rather inward-backward oriented.
This mercurial energy can be also well channeled into peaking from a caring, nurturing, gentle place, with and on behalf of the family, tribe, children, the human family, and the family of all sentient Beings

The shadow / pitfall is an emotional ‘overlay’ of information processing, and lack of objectivity – information is filtered through feelings which can be a moody, and also regressive situation: “Today, I feel like, now I don’t feel like….”, “Today it seems like this, who knows how I read / hear it tomorrow”.

MERCURY is this time in CANCER for 2 weeks only (since furthest away from MERCURY retro the ‘messenger’ moves the fastest now) – a relatively short window to look into the inner landscape, and ask: How does this and that information make me FEEL? Where do these feelings originate?
Dreams are very enhanced now too, and can be brought to consciousness (I’m definitely noticing that lately).
Which reminds me of one of Carl G. Jung’s famous works Memories, Dreams, and Reflections: “I can understand myself only in the light of inner happenings.” – very apropos MERCURY in CAN.
The Swiss psychologist C.G. * July 26, 1875, was born under a LEO SUN / URANUS (ruler of his AQ Rising – a brilliant man indeed!), and VENUS / MERCURY in CAN.


Quite the MERCURY activated two weeks to come:

MERCURY triggers almost all planetary Archetypes, and their patterns with one another. Chronologically in this sequence: SUN, JUPITER, NEPTUNE, MARS, PLUTO, SATURN, URANUS, and CHIRON.
I.o.w., the whole Zeitgeist can be seen, through the lens of the mind, reflected in our emotional field, and communicated back ‘out’ again.
Since it all happens in a such concentrated time window, the themes below are almost all activated at once, and you might feel yourself be expressing all of it simultaneously:

  • June 21 (tomorrow)
    MERCURY enters CAN, and immediately unites with the SUN:
    Speaking from Spirit. Conscious Communication. 
  • June 27
    MERCURY squares JUPITER stationary in LI, and trines NEPTUNE retro / stat in PI: Making wise choices – what resonates and reflects ease and grace?
    Also: Speaking on behalf of the tribe, justice, fairness, balance, and spreading the word, ‘to whom it may concern’ / ‘to those who care’. 
  • June 28
    MERCURY in mid CAN conj. MARS in CAN:
    Watch angry thoughts and the sharp tongue, and don’t let it get the better of you. Tomorrow you might already feel and think differently about it all. The energy is well channeled into passionately advocating FOR something, and bravely tracing the origin of your feelings and thoughts.
  • June 29
    MERCURY in mid CAN opposes PLUTO retro in CAP:
    Speaking on behalf of our human family, in the face of where the world seems to go: How can this lifestyle be sustainable, for the next Seven (or less?) Generations to come? After all, we’re all in this together (says also CHIRON in late PI, to go retro on July 1)!
    Also, a good time to reconnect and communicate with Family and Ancestors (on all levels).
  • July 2
    MERCURY in late CAN quincunx SATURN in late SAG:
    (also CHIRON goes retro on July 1, and MARS opposes PLUTO on July 2)
    Speaking from a heart- and soulful place, not confrontational but from a deep place of truth that pierces right through right- or wrong-doing.
  • July 4
    MERCURY in late CAN square (its ‘higher octave’ planet) URANUS stat. in late AR:
    A call for revolution? Wild and crazy news? I’d opt for: Mental / communication breakthroughs and liberation. And freedom from the fabrications of the mind.
  • July 5
    MERCURY at the end of CAN trines CHIRON stat. at the end of PI:
    What would the inner Medicine Buddha say to all of this?
    And, with MERCURY on the CAN / LEO ‘Creativity Point’ – MERCURY enters LEO: Time to channel the impressions into creative expression.




Chartres Labyrinth

This Summer Solstice is a Turnaround Time, in many ways.

Yes, the SUN and MERCURY move (this year together) into CANCER which turns the vital and mental energy into the feeling zone – questions of origin, home, and belonging, how we nurture and what nurtures the soul, are on – as families and tribes gather.

Some of our Planetary SoUlar System ‘Family Members’ (getting used to CANCER language… 🙂 ) reflect the ‘standstill’ / turnaround energy this month too:

JUPITER just went direct on June 9, and is still stationary (moving super slowly) all June.
URANUS is slowing down to go retro on Aug 2, and will be stationary July / Aug.
CHIRON is slowing down too, to go retro on July 1, and is now stationary (June / July).
NEPTUNE went retro on June 16, and is still stationary until mid-July.
Plus, MARS is in CANCER ‘crab walk mode’ (until July 20), adding to the Spiraling Effect.
Well, with MARS in CANCER, a lot of old emotions, esp. anger, are stirred into action!

In other words, these planets have just recently, or are in the process of changing direction from direct (forward from Earth perspective) to retro (CHIRON, URANUS, and NEPTUNE), or from retro to direct (JUPITER).

All these stationary / retro planets end of June / in July are focal points, and their archetypal energy naturally spirals inward / backward – soulward.

CHIRON, URANUS, and NEPTUNE bring us with their archetypal experiences, of healing / medicine journey, liberation, and transcendence, to more inward,  and also to ‘revisit’ places we’ve been before in those experiences, to release the past.

SATURN, now retro, and in Aug / Sept stationary in late SAG – the Galactic Centre (will go direct on Aug 25) calls us to go into deep inner Heart Truth.

We are called go backwards / inwards, for REsolve and RElease, esp. when it comes to old low and unconscious vibrations of…

CHIRON in PI: Old shame, vulnerability, and wounds that turn into our ‘shamanic scars’.

URANUS in AR: Old RE-actionary, hectic, survival stress.

NEPTUNE in PI: Old overwhelm, confusion, delusions, addictions, ways of ‘checking out’ and giving up.

SATURN: Old REpetitive patterns, karma, and blocks and obstacles, through being stuck in judgment, limiting beliefs, old stories, pain – all ‘excess luggage’ that prevents us from moving forward with trust and from the heart.

…and find through the release from the ‘inside’ more conscious vibrations of:

CHIRON in PI : The ‘wound’ carries the Medicine. Unity heals.

URANUS in ARLiberation into the vibrant NOW Presence.

NEPTUNE in PIDropping into Unity Consciousness, in the Unified Field.

SATURN in SAG: Life is a Pilgrimage – Spirit Guides us. 


And then there’s MARS – PLUTO… between Canada Day and Independence Day.

The transpersonal, collective energy of PLUTO in Saturn’s domain of CAP is transforming us, as we go through the ‘birth canal of consciousness’, in this World in Change. The more we ARE in integrity with the Change we wish to SEE (even in ‘small’ ways – the vibration matters) the more we sense the energy that carries and renews us!

MARS now in CANCER, on the opposite side of PLUTO, its ‘higher octave’ (MARS is about personal will and assertion, and PLUTO about higher power). MARS will go into exact opposition to PLUTO on July 2 – once every 2 years – which can trigger change and realignment, on personal levels, esp. when it comes to ‘what we want’ – ‘what matters most’, and, as with any opposition, to ‘marry’ the two.
MARS – PLUTO, exact on July 2, will be also a ‘signature’ for Canada Day (and there’s already a lot of controversy around Canada 150, and sensitivity around “Celebrating Colonialism???”), and of U.S. Independence Day (well, lots of heated debates down the border which could come to a head on another level).


Would you like to tune into the astrological transits of the Summer, in your own chart and life?
Come join our SUMMER TRANSIT PARLOUR, next Mon June 26 (afternoon and evening group)! The evening group has an online option too! Here’s the FB Event.


Here is the SUMMER SO(U)LSTICE ‘Birth Chart’:

Turns out, my program only showed 0°00′ CANCER at 9:27 pm PDT, even though the calendar says 9:24 pm PDT.

In any case, the Summer Solstice minute is just after Sunset
see: SUN and MERCURY just below the Western horizon.


Summer Solstice 2017

You can see the stationary planets (marked with ‘ST’) in the chart, as well as the retro planets (‘R’), as well as the SUN / MERCURY alignment.


SAG Body – Does She Have LILITH in SAG?

Plus, MARS in CAN on its way to square JUPITER stat in mid LI, trine NEPTUNE stat / retro in mid PI, and quincunx LILITH in mid SAG (June 24 – 27), activating LILITH square NEPTUNE on June 21:
A lot is stirred up, in our primal, tribal, emotional ‘field’, indeed.
Let’s aim for creative, imaginative, unifying (NEPTUNE in PI), authentic, fun and inspired (SAG LILITH) activities (MARS) – like kids playing – while choosing our play mates well – a practice for choosing wisely in general.

Hey, maybe MARS in CAN involves turning your home upside down, finding treasures, recycling what doesn’t generate joy anymore, and creating new aesthetics (LI) and space (SAG). MARS in CAN is perfect for home action.

LILITH in SAG square NEPTUNE in PI: Follow the Call of the Wild and Authentic YOU (and don’t get deluded by weird stories or voices).

Where MARS in CANCER shows up now in YOUR chart get authentically active – assert yourself, but watch your ego in the choices you make…


Would you like to tune into the astrological transits of the Summer, in your own chart and life?
Come join our SUMMER TRANSIT PARLOUR, next Mon June 26 (afternoon and evening group)! The evening group has an online option too! Here’s the FB Event.


Wishing us all a Happy SUMMER – Count-Down’s ON!

Next UP:
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© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




My Invitation

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* CANCER New Moon, with Healing Grand Water Trine… Conceive & Receive!

4 Jul

Welcome to the (short-and-sweet) CANCER NEW MOON Astro~News!

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‘Beach Perspective’ clears the Mind and Heart, and helps in many ways…
Hope you are enjoying the Cancerian Season thus far, on the Shoreline, and / or with Family or Spirit Family!


Warm Summer Greetings,

Dear Reader in Beautiful Victoria, on Vancouver Island, on the Pacific West Coast,

Or physically further away on Planet Earth, yet well connected, in our Cosmically Attuned Astro Community!



Just in time: Islandview Shoreline with hidden Dog. Walk with friends there this weekend – so good for the Soul! Photo by Melanie



This first summery Astro~News called to be short and sweet…
You might like it just as much as I do…
Keeping it consistent with the themes of the NEW MOON (with MERCURY and VENUS ‘Entourage’) in CANCER (What Nurtures?) opposite PLUTO retro in CAPRICORN (Less is More, Priorities and Essentials Matter).


I had a beauty-full long weekend, with lovely friends and events, ocean walks, great fresh air… so a good night’s sleep into the cozy CANCER NEW MOON is what MY inner Astro Doc prescribed.

Letting the inner conception be planted, in Lunar darkness. Maybe you too… ❤


Since we all ‘survived’ MARS Retro which ended last Wed June 29 we can take a rest from all the stir-ups and provocations now, and be open to receive the exquisite Healing Gifts from the Grand Water Trine between VENUS in CANCER, MARS in SCO, and CHIRON retro in PI (active all July). You can see the triangular configuration in the NEW MOON chart below.


Uhhh, and soo much WATER now astrologically anyhow, with SUN, MOON, and quite a few planets in Water Signs (see chart).

Let’s tune – and dive! – into the Fluidity of Life, as our emotions and needs keep changing (CAN), as deep transformational changes that are ‘out of our control’ keep happening, even in the body (SCO), and as the energetic Fabric of Life shows us that we are, and all is connected. Actually, there is just Oneness of Life (PI).


Dolphin Mates

“How can I be connected with the Quantum Field?” you may ask…. You ARE IN the Quantum Field. That’s like a dolphin asking, “How can I be connected with the Ocean?”



Here it comes:

The FIRST New Moon in Summer 2016 happens tomorrow Monday July 4, at 4:01 am PDT in mid Cancer – La Luna’s zodiacal ‘home domain’.


Johfra Bosschart Cancer

Johfra Bosschart: The Moon Rules Cancer


Can you feel the pull of the Ocean Mama, back to Home Sweet Home? –

Whatever that means to you: Literally to your Home and your Family, to your Spirit Home, to the Land you call Home, or to the Home of your Innermost BEING….?

What are you ‘conceiving’ of these days? Where do you feel you belong?

The CAN New Moon is an excellent time for new beginnings, when it comes to HOME, CARING / NURTURANCE, and BELONGING.
Where mid CAN falls in your chart (houses, planets there) is where a seed is being planted, where ‘conception’ and new Beginnings take place (perhaps ‘in the dark’ for the time being).


Mid CAN in your 2nd house: A new ‘conception’ of your values and assets – and literally your physical home; 5th house: New Beginnings for your Inner Child, your children, and your creativity; 11th house: New start for your home in community….


Voila, here is the CANCER New Moon chart:


CAN NM 2016

Check out the polarity of SUN / MOON / MERCURY and VENUS, all in CAN, with PLUTO in CAP – an invitation / incentive if not necessity to integrate and balance the themes of:

  • Our needs (CAN) and what’s sustainable in the long run (CAP)
  • Family (CAN) and Ancestors (CAP)
  • The needs of the People (CAN) and a change in government (PLUTO in CAP)
  • Home and belonging (CAN) and deep soul purpose (PLUTO in CAP)


Definitely an important New Moon for our neighbours South of the border:


Happy Independence Day, dear Readers in the United States!

May your U.S. Birthday New Moon set the tone for a pre-election time that meets the soul of the country and the people (PLUTO opposition), so that change for the better takes on a life of its own!


Can you see the Grand Water Trine too, with VENUS in CAN, MARS in SCO, and CHIRON retro in PI?

Offering Healing Gifts for the Inner and Outer Masculine and Feminine, and for the Journey from our Power Centre to our Heart Centre.


Couple Sunset


What a nice timing for our Astrology of Relationships Journey that starts on Monday July 11 (5- or 8-week options). https://www.facebook.com/events/919970094816159/

For the more advanced participants. We have 2 – 3 spaces open. Call me if you’d like to find out more about it, and to discuss whether it could be a good fit for you.


A Beginners / All Levels Summer Class (likely Voyager Tarot & Astrology) will start with the Aug 2 LEO New Moon.

I’m open for other suggestions for courses too!

Will post it on Facebook soon. Stay tuned.

Still relatively flexible with timing, except for Mondays. Let me know if you’re interested and only certain days of the week work. Merci!

You can join both courses also via Skype! Virtually in the room with us.


Many Heartfelt Summer Blessings!

Enjoy this Body-Mind-Spirit Nurturing Season!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger





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