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LILITH Passed SATURN on AUG 22: Outgrowing ‘Obstacles’ on the Path, with Our True Authentic NATURE!

24 Aug

Besides the Total Solar ECLIPSE, this is also a LILITH shift week and month, as ‘she’ takes flight, out of SATURN’s ring /cage.


Ancient Sumerian Lilith Relief, with Owls & Lionesses – ‘her’ Entourage. ‘She’s a clawed and winged one herself, strong and wise – feared by those whom she ‘triggers’.

The ECLIPSE that gets all the attention (SO LEO), yet it’also a strong LILITH – SATURN week and month: 

LILITH just met and passed SATURN on AUG 22!
…which is a major ‘game changer’ (compounding with the Eclipse), and only happens every 12 1/2 years – last time was in FEB 2005 in CANCER.

A ‘wildly Feminine’, or rather Instinctual Energy on its Fly-bye (and perhaps waves bye-bye) to the Archetype of Authority.

In its SAG shadow (one of SATURN’s jobs is to reveal the shadow, and have us work through it) SATURN shows up as a saboteur of inspiration, a linear, judgmental, righteous, dogmatic ‘boss’ / patriarch that takes the FUN out of SAG, and replaces it with FEAR.

Yep, the inner and outer SATURN gets also symbolically ‘eclipsed’, or at least passed, in ‘Wild SAG Flight / Ride’ by LILITH who will from now on take the lead for quite a while, while SATURN follows.

A new 12 1/2 year LILITH / SATURN cycle started – now in late SAG – the realm of the Nature-Ally Wise Ones. May they / WE speak UP and lead ON, from the HEART!

Time to go beyond being blocked, caged in, and held back by old stories, paradigms, labels, dogmas, and beliefs that have (even historically) produced patterns of fear from moving forward, and fear of ‘the foreign’ / ‘the other’.

Perhaps we’ve over-compensated, by living a narrow trajectory of expectations, judgments, and projections of negativity, coming up with ‘game plans’ to control (and prevent) what SAG is really about: Trusting in the journey, the adventure of LIFE itself, and to follow our Heart.

Well, SATURN has definitely taught us a lot about all this, in the last 2 years since it’s been in SAG (until Dec 19, 2017) and recently retro, pushing us to be ‘done with inner obstacles on the journey’, such as old limiting beliefs, or at least to unburden ourselves from a big part of it.


Owl Freeing

  • Where and how have we let ourselves be kept small, caged in, and prevented from growing, and living in the fullness of our truth and our path?


SATURN is also having a ‘Change of Heart’ or at least, a change of direction, from inward-retro to outward-direct (on Aug 25) – but can’t catch up with LILITH who’s leading now.

Hopefully (and likely painfully so) we would have experienced in the SATURN retro phase since early APRIL how Fear can hold us back.
A Yoga teacher this week mentioned these two acronyms for F.E.A.R.:
Fear Everything And Run.
Face Everything And Rise.
Both very apropos SATURN in SAG.
And there’s always:
False Evidence Appearing Real (perhaps my favourite one).

SATURN reto would have also shown us how it’s legit to trust intuition and inner guidance, and not move forward if appropriate.
SATURN retro to direct is an inner ‘wrap-up’ of walking around with blinders on (either too focused on something that’s just not realistic, or not seeing what’s possible / lacking perspective). Now we hopefully know more. Yet, don’t let your knowing turn into dogma.

With LILITH moving past SATURN, things are shifting, and our ‘Inner Wildness’, i.o.w.:


Our intrinsically Free and Happy (no ‘pursuit of happiness’ needed) True Nature leads us onward, on the Path, with heartful inspiration and radical inner trust.

The Grand FIRE Trine theme in the LILITH / SATURN in late SAG (the ‘Integrity Point’ of the Zodiac) says: Claim Intrinsic AUTHORITY.
See my blog post re: Grand Fire Trine activations.

Can’t hurt to invoke their Archetypes. Hint: SATURN likes ritual (putting intention into form).

“The Truth Shall set You FREE” is another LILITH – SATURN in SAG theme.
Truth about what???
Clues can be found in late SAG in your, or in a relationship’s / organization’s / city’s / country’s chart.

For the U.S., that’s in the country’s first house of identity.
LILITH / SATURN at 21° SAG exactly oppose the U.S. MARS at 21°22 GEM in their 7th house of ‘significant others’, i.o.w. other countries and individuals the country is partners or opponents with – who face them, and whom the country dialogues with.

“Why are there all these enemies to the State/s and within the State/s now?”
“In whom or what can we / they trust?” (SAG)?!


Welcome to the LILITH LIBERATION AstroParlour, next WED AUG 30! (in person or online participation possible)

As we INVOKE and EVOKE the ARCHETYPES we set them FREE, and invite their gifts, in group synergy.

Naturally, we explore where the LILITH / SATURN passage shows up for YOU personally, and how YOU can ride this wave of FREEDOM.

Come if you hear the CALL of the WILD!

Blessings to You and ALL, for the Change!

Let’s stay HEARTful, and well guided on our Path!


If you’d like to tune in astrologically, whether there’s an outer ‘occasion’ and change, or you just have ‘that calling’ I invite you to get in touch.
I’m happy to support you being re-aligned and re-empowered, on your own path, and in relationships.
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Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’ those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘HUB OF THE WHEEL’where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified WITH them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

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This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with the ancient and timeless gift of Astrology!



SAG – GEMINI Full Moon with LILITH and SATURN – The Voice of the Heart Knows the Way.

9 Jun

Welcoming the Moon of Many Names…

The SAGITTARIUS – GEMINI Full Moon will be on Fri June 9, at 6:10 am PDT exactly.
Thursday to Friday will be the Full Moon night! 

This last Full Moon in Spring completes the three Full Moon Festivals in the esoteric traditions:
Full Moon in April / pre-Easter Full Moon: Festival of the Risen Christ;
Full Moon in May / Wesak Moon: Festival of the Buddha;
Full Moon in June / post-Pentecost Full Moon: Festival of Humanity.
This last Full Moon (Festival) in Spring calls us to ‘Spread the Word’ from the Heart, in our Humanity.
What a diversity of cultures and languages (GEM) – yes, we can learn… yet the HEART (SAG) is always the best bridge.


Moon SuperSuper Nov 14 2016 Otto

My friend Otto Heitzer took this amazing photo of the strawberry colour Full Moon in Germany – not today but some Moons ago 🙂

The Full Moon in June is in Native American traditions known as the ‘Strawberry Moon’ or ‘Rose Moon’ – it’s time to gather Strawberries and smell the Roses, and pick up their Heart Medicine.

This Full Moon will be a ‘Mini (or Apogee) Moon’ which occurs only once every year, when the Moon’s orbit takes it furthest away from Earth. During that time, the Moon appears 14% smaller in the sky than it does when it is a Perigee / Super Moon!

What does all this interesting data (GEMINI) mean (a SAG question), and what’s the energy of it (PISCES)?

I invite you to follow the trail into the Heart of Astro~News, and find its gifts and Medicine through the read, and in your Heart! 



Wild Rose Medicine – Photo by Melanie June 1 2017


After some dark and heavy SCO Moon days (Mon June 5 – Wed June 7 afternoon PDT), this FULL MOON in SAG comes like a breath of fresh air, and a blast & spark of new inspiration, space, openness, heart-full living-out-loud
We rise again – even more so if we have processed and cleared a lot in the pre-Full Moon SCO phase.
The pre-Full Moon is always most charged, and the SCO flavour this time was very potent. The SAG energy pulls us upward-onward now.
SAG after SCO is the ‘Phoenix out of the Ashes’, the soaring Eagle, the rebirth and widening of perspective: To SEE is to be FREE!

LILITH (which the MOON passes today June 8) and SATURN (activated by the MOON in SAG on Fri June 9 evening) are also involved in the mix (see the evi-dance below in the Full Moon chart):
We may feel the pull to ‘run wild’, or ‘simply’ be in our nature-ALL ‘original Being’, free and open-hearted.


Hubble Saturn with Rings tilted towards Earth

Hubble: Infrared Saturn Sequence

MOON / SATURN in SAG: Unconditioning ‘Old Stories’

When the MOON passes SATURN after the exact Full Moon, on Fri June 9, we might feel resistance, and hear inner, old ‘pretend to protect’ voices, which may be actually fear based.
What to do about those? Well, they need to be sincerely acknowledged, yet not ‘bought into’, like: “Hey SATURN coach, thanks for the heads-up, much appreciated.”.
Or, more seriously, we can tune into our inner self protection, witness what’s going on when that’s in effect, and trace where we first heard these voices. Maybe mom warned us of dangers out there…
When the ‘watch out’ comes up again, we can inquire (GEM), a la Byron Katie, and deeply ask ourselves:
Is this true?
How do you know it’s true?
Who would you be without this truth / story?

MOON / SATURN is a re-parenting energy – likely re-mothering, but can have to do with limiting inner dad issues too. Or inner ancestral patterns in general that are ‘in our face’ now, to show us what the ‘obstacles on the journey’ (SATURN in SAG) are, and how to outgrow them, through being a good parent to our inner child, and a good guide to our inner ‘wanderer’ who might be overwhelmed and lost (SATURN squares CHIRON in PISCES).

If YOU were born with MOON / SATURN, MOON in CAP or in your 10th House, SATURN in CAN or in your 4th House the themes are probably familiar to you in your life.
This MOON / SATURN Full Moon, aided by LILITH standing by, can help our Free Nature to be unconditioned – beyond ‘reparenting’.



I know – not exactly aiming from the Heart – but isn’t the SAG Body Painting amazing?!

Very apropos, I intuitively picked today this DoYogaWithMe  Backbending class with Fiji McAlpine for my Yoga practice
Even though the intro – amazingly beautiful and powerful! – was a bit intimidating (“is she taking us to these poses???” “I can’t possibly do this.” “shall I even take this class?”) – I felt it could be the perfect practice for working with MOON / SATURN in SAG: Fear of moving forward / moving freely and with new strength, masked by protection / limiting beliefs and old stories.
This signature of the FULL MOON invites us to start the journey – from the HEART (all these HEART opening poses!) and go one step at a time, well rooted in the core of our being (SATURN in SAG, and PLUTO in CAP), while being gentle (MOON), and going as far as it’s appropriate for our body at this time (SATURN). All the opening and strengthening in the class, and Fiji’s firm and clear guidance and modelling (SATURN) took me so much further than I ‘thought’  I could go (GEMINI – SAG).
Sometimes we need to experience it again: Don’t believe everything you think – could be a GEMINI – SAG mantra 🙂 !
And yes, SAG pulls the arrow back to the HEART before aiming high, or actually, beore going anywhere: where do you come from? Find the WHY in your HEART.
This class had it ALL.
Woohoo – Big Gratitude for synchronistic Yoga Gifts, and all the opportUnities of moving from the HEART!


Pluto Heartjpg

Pluto Reveals…

Paradigm Shifts with PLUTO

The ‘background program’ is PLUTO, now in SATURN’s sign CAP:
We are the evolution, and our ancestors-in-spirit are with us, to support the process. Are you up for invoking them? They can help us to change history, and not relive their patterns. 
I know there is a LOT to this. Explorations with clients in private sessions are rich and deep. I’m here to support you if you could use help / if this speaks to you.

Being plugged into supportive ancestral connection is powerful.

And get this – here’s more background info for where the trend goes:
LILITH in SAG will soon pass SATURN – actually right on the DAY of the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse – Aug 21! A big opportunity to release the shackles of fear rooted in old stories and limiting beliefs that hold us back, and keep us separate and isolated. The energy is building for that…

With PLUTO the transformer in CAP which rules Time, we can tune into the effect of these planetary transit activations at the time when we are ready (have you noticed?) – not just when they are ‘collectively due’, i.o.w. any time – don’t let the ‘cosmic schedule’ hold you back! 🙂

That’s actually a Big Game Changer for ASTROLOGY – and I see lots of clients for whom this divine timing with the inner evolutionary clockwork is now very potent.
Astrology can describe the themes, the transformation, the ‘what’ and ‘why’, yet the ‘when’ can be sooner than ‘scheduled’.


Time to take a look at the SAG – GEMINI Full Moon chart!

SAG - GEM FM 2017

As you see, the MOON in SAG sits between LILITH and SATURN:
Truth and Freedom are highlighted now – the HEART has the answer, and takes us to our true Nature, beyond right- and wrong-doing, judgment, fear based ‘old stories’ and beliefs, dogma and karma.

The GEMINI SUN, rather than giving excess energy to more information, questioning, doubting, can be best activated through conscious spiritual inquiry: What is the Truth about YOU?


This Full Moon activates the AC – DC in the U.S. chart!
How the U.S. show up, and relate to others.

The United States have a mid-SAG Rising where the Full Moon with LILITH sits – on the point where SATURN was just after the Elections last Nov.
And the Full Moon activates Trump’s SAG – GEM Full Moon – yes, he was born under not just a Full Moon but a Lunar Eclipse.
I wouldn’t be surprised if significant news and (perhaps old) stories (SATURN retro in SAG) came out in the next while that have an important effect on the U.S.

The Grand Fire Trine of URANUS in ARIES, North Node in LEO, and SATURN (with the MOON and LILITH nearby) in SAG is ‘well and alive’: Lots of inspiration, innovation, creativity, and outspoken people on a ‘mission’ (for better or worse) – heartfulness makes a difference!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




If you feel the resonance with the themes above,  and you could use support in your journey drop me a line, and we can set up a private Astrology consult session, or initial 20-min orientation talk, to find out what would be the best course of action.
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* SATURN in mid SAG goes direct (Aug 13) * Committed to our Heart Intentions.

12 Aug

About time… / just in time:

SATURN makes its yearly retro-to-direct ‘U-turn’ this month, exact tomorrow, SaturNday Aug 13.

Which means: August is a stationary SATURN Themes month. Have you noticed?!?


Saturn Pop

Saturn Infrared (Hubble Space Telescope)


Many of us have been sitting in the starters, to head out on an intentional path, mission, journey, yet felt held back, tested, presented with ‘obstacles’ and ‘delays’…


SATURN energy is not ‘mean’, it actually represents a necessary reality check. It keeps us grounded to make sure the bases are covered, we are in our authority, and not buying into fear, or doing things for the wrong reasons. A maturing, sobering energy. The ring of commitment and self-responsibility is a magic key to be in good terms with SATURN (and to experience its positive effects). Less is more is also always a good mantra to go by, under the SATURN influence. So it would be good to unburden ourselves, on all levels, so that we ‘travel lighter’.


Many clients over the last year (since SATURN’s been fully in SAG – Sept 2015) have been wondering: “Where am I going?” – either literally, “Where in the world?”, or
“Where to focus on in my life’s journey? In my career?”
“Hard to aim on something, with so much uncertainty and distraction!”,
“Can I trust, or does fear win?”,
“What makes me happy?”
…Given the ‘reality’ and socio-economic context.

I often reflected those concerns back with the question: “Where are you coming from?”
Perhaps historically, through your conditioning (‘old stories’ and limiting beliefs that are now ‘ripe’ to be seen for what they are, and ‘reaped’ by SATURN), and from there:
Spiritually, motivationally. The SAG / Zen Archer/ess has to pull the arrow back first (a good SATURN retro in SAG image), towards the chest & HEART, aim clearly, and release in relaxed one-pointedness.


Jupiter Rules Sagittarius. Painting by Johfra Bosschart


Similarly, in the now turning SATURN retro phase which has been on since end of March, we had to ‘pull back’ our initial intentions that we might have formed before SATURN went retro, to make sure we come from the right & LIGHT place, as we move forward with what we ‘put out there’, or as we take ourselves on an intentional journey.

As SATURN goes direct on Aug 13 (which has been already activated through the MOON in SAG Aug 11 – 13, and will be catalyzed through the next Full Moon on Aug 18) we’ll have a much clearer sense of our Heart motivation, how and what we can really trust (a key theme in SAG), while moving forward and upward. Maybe we have received signs of ‘evidence’ that showed us what the path is inviting us to. What in you KNOWS?


MARS has been for a long time ‘behind’ SATURN in the Zodiac (hope you had a chance to see the beautiful triangular alignment in the early night sky, of (‘right to left’) MARS, Antares (brightest star in SCORPIO) and SATURN, just ‘below’ the MOON these days.

Some of us in our Houses group this Spring went out on a clear night after class, to see them through my friend Stephen’s telescope. Quite spectacular to see SATURN’s ring. Perhaps a heavenly ‘initiation’…


Soon after SATURN goes direct, MARS (also in SAG now!) will pass SATURN, on Aug 24.

Another phase that gives way for gaining energy and momentum for moving past the inner and perceived outer ‘obstacles’, and to ‘go for it’, not from an ego place but from the Heart!

More blessings for the Journey!


Voyager VII Chariot

Voyager Tarot card VII – Chariot, Law of Movement. What is your vehicle? Stay centered and calm in the body…


Quick guideline for the areas in your life SATURN stationary in SAG is pointing you to, to be in your truth and on your path, as mid SAG is in your…

1st house: How you show up.

2nd house: What you have and value.

3rd house: Your environment.

4th house: Your home and history.

5th house: Your creativity.

6th house: Your work, health, lifestyle.

7th house: Your significant others.

8th house: Your deep involvement and ‘contracts’.

9th house: Your travels and worldviews.

10th house: Your calling and purpose.

11th house: Your community.

12th house: Your oneness with ALL.


If you have planets, SUN / MOON/ AC in mid SAG, GEMINI, VIRGO, or PISCES these sides of you will be strongly affected by the SATURN station in August.

In a private session, we can explore and focus on the exact alignments and a good way of clearing your path which can be very timely, healing, releasing, and rewarding now, under SATURN in SAG, and NEPTUNE / CHIRON in PISCES.

August would be a great time to come if you’d like to take me up on my ASTRO CLIENT APPRECIATION MONTH OFFER

Aug 1 – 31. See below, under Astro~Offers, and on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/218787475184858/



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