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Epiphanies and Liberation

6 Jan

Hi dear Astro~News Reader!

Have you noticed? Lots of things come into motion these days, and wake-up calls lead to breakthroughs!
Dynamic start-up energies with URANUS going direct again (since Jan 2) in ARIES kick us out of old conditioning.
WAKE UP, People!
Time to give ourselves permission to Break Free from old, heavy, slow, conditioned consciousness, and into liberated initiatives.



Show up authentically, get started, and BE YOU!

With a liberated consciousness Synchronicities and Epiphanies happen!

And since there’s NO Planet retrograde now, until early March it’s an excellent phase for dynamic manifestation, and for building based on vision and integrity (SATURN out of SAG, and now in CAP).

Picture above:
Prometheus bringing the Fire of the Gods to Humanity


Magi Star



Today Jan 6 MERCURY in late SAG (Galactic Ctre) goes into FIRE trine with URANUS stationary in late AR, and squares CHIRON in late PI (#3 of 3 in the retro and post-retro phase):
Gazing into the Eye of the Divine, vast and unfathomable. What can be said???

Deeper understanding of what frees and heals us, and helps release old ‘stories’ and beliefs.

Jan 6 is Epiphany in the Christian calendar – ‘Astrologers’ / Magi Day’ –
Time for all of us to See the Light, and Follow the Star!



© Melanie Lichtinger 2018



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