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Illuminating GEMINI – SAG Full Moon (Dec 3) with Neptune: Heart Language Connects in the ONE.

2 Dec

The last FULL MOON of 2017 it is – the New Year’s Full Moon will be exactly on Jan 1 in the Americas / on Jan 2 in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia!
And a SUPER Moon it is – the only one of 2017, appearing (if we see her) 14% larger and 30% brighter than a ‘regular’ Full Moon – and activating our emotional body much stronger too. 
Super Moon happens when a Full Moon approximately coincides with the Moon’s perigee – the point in her orbit at which the Moon is closest to Earth.

Just to clarify – MERCURY retro coming up…. as it says in the Space.com article above, the Full Moon will be in the astronomical constellation of TAURUS – occulting / ‘eclipsing’ even the ‘Eye of the Bull’ Star Aldebaran.

Silvery Eye in the Sky – Photo by Melanie Dec 2, 2017

Here’s a beautiful description of the esoteric meaning of Aldebaran, from Souled-Out:

“In the sign of Taurus, when desire is transmuted into aspiration, darkness gives place to light and illumination. The eye of the Bull, the spiritual Third Eye, or the “single eye” of the New Testament, is opened.
“If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light,” said the Christ (Matthew 6:22). This single eye takes the place of the two eyes of the personal self. As the attention of humanity becomes focused upon spiritual attainment, we tread the Way of Revelation.

Life is filled with revelation. The entire evolutionary process is essentially nothing but a growing revelation. The two concepts Evolution and Revelation go together. As we evolve, we perceive more than we ever knew was existent or perceptible, yet we are only perceiving what has always been there. The Way of Revelation is through the discovering and discarding of our own limitations.

Revelation, as defined by The Dictionary of Scripture and Myth, is a “symbolic communication from the higher nature to the lower, imparting truths of the invisible universe and the soul. As revelation does not and can not arise from the lower nature, it is self-evident that the lower or objective mind of man does not compose the revelation, but is merely the receptive vessel into which the Divine message is poured.”

Me, Melanie, coming in again:
What Souled-Out describes is so beautifully apropos the T-Square of the FULL MOON in GEM – SAG, square NEPTUNE in PISCES (see chart below)
Just to clarify again: Yes, astrologically (with the tropical Zodiac) the Full Moon is at 11°40′ GEMINI – SAG (the Sun is in SAG the solar month before Winter Solstice).

While the rather scientific GEMINI side of the Full Moon ‘equation’ is interested in facts and figures of the SuperMoon, and why it occults the Eye of the Bull yet is in Gemini, the SAG side wonders:
What does this Full Moon mean?
And NEPTUNE in PISCES shows our awe and mesmerizing wonder at the inconceivably miraculous, and points to the ONE, beyond this and that, polarization and controversy – the field beyond right and wrong-doing, as the much-loved Sufi poet Rumi would call it.

With the SUN now in fiery SAG – the Inner Light has been (re)ignited, after our deep scorpionic Journey, and moves forward / upward-onward, in trust and anticipated gratitude for the outer daylight returning after Winter Solstice.

May the GEMINI Super-Full MOON with the SAG SUN, and NEPTUNE in PISCES help us being single-Eye focused, and speak the Heart (SAG) Language (GEM) that transcends duality, and brings us back into the Truth of ONEness!


Once again, I was inspired to create a

Voyager Tarot Spread over the Full Moon Chart 

…as it happens also in private consultations – which always brings enriching and illustrative pointers, this time also enhanced by a Goddess card (Susan Boulet deck) for the SuperMOON Goddess.


Super Full Moon in GEM – SAG Chart,  with Voyager & Goddess Spread – Photo by Melanie


Amazing what showed up:

  • For the SUN in SAG (close to VENUS – just entered SAG yesterday Dec 2, and MERCURY about to go retro Dec 2/3 – 22, plus SATURN, still in SAG) the card Nine of Cups – Fulfillment:  Celebrating the harvest, symbolized by wine from grapes, nectar from fruit, and flowers from seeds, and realizing the inner riches (pearls), with a feeling of abundance – time to enjoy the fruits of our work, honour our success, and be in an attitude of gratitude. Perspective matters, as SAG knows: The glasses are more than half-full – when we SEE it that way. And an inner sense of abundance makes for Heart-generosity.
  • For the MOON in GEM the Woman of Crystals – Guardian made her appearance:
    Again very apropos, not only since it’s a feminine quality but also since Crystals relate to the Mind – as GEMINI does, and MERCURY its ruling Planet, which goes retro on this eve of the Full Moon!
    This Priestess-Woman with the blue Sapphire Third Eye
    (see esoteric meaning of Aldebaran above!!!) and the calm, meditative gaze isn’t distracted (which MERCURY / GEMINI easily can be, given the insatiable interest in the ’10 000 things’ as Buddhists would call it, esp. in our information age!) by all the ‘shiny objects’, crystals,  and glitter around her. She focuses on the one diamond held in the hand-mudra, hence guards and protects her mind, and her priestess-intention. A beautiful blend of GEMINI MOON and  focused, intentional SAG SUN!
  •  More pointers for the Full Moon come from the Goddess card with the mask – it’s HEL.
    A Norse underworld / otherworld mother goddess. Northern shamans visit her realm, they put on a helkappe – a magical mask (sometimes hel-met) that renders them invisible. Hel is an embodiment of the divine mystery, a challenge to look behind the mask of appearances – to see things as they really are.
    So apropos the SuperMOON square NEPTUNE in PISCES!
    And reminds me also of a German fairy-tale I grew up with: The heavenly Frau Holle – when she shakes out the beds it snows on Earth…
  • And lastly – for NEPTUNE in PISCES: The Ace of Wands – Illumination!
    Flashes of insight – touching upon the Truth. So related to the illuminating Third Eye / Bull’s Eye – which also relates to late SAG where SATURN / MERCURY are: The Galactic Centre.
    SEEing beyond surface reality. Breakthrough revelations that create transformation. 
    NEPTUNE on PISCES shows where our illusions are – once the veil is lifted the Unifying Truth is being revealed.

The card spread itself is unifying, since the cards all relate almost interchangeably to each others; themes and to the whole, bringing the Illuminating Full Moon ‘field’ together.


Here is the chart of the Full Moon again

…without the cards – showing the planetary ‘players’ / Archetypes:


Here on the West Coast, the Full Moon will be exact at 8:47 am PST = Moonset / Sunrise!
Such a strong polarity – good to hold the balance, here on Planet Earth, right between SUN and MOON.

Maybe you’d like to go out into nature (so SAG) for a Sunrise / Moonset walk / celebration / ceremony?

Both SUN and MOON are at 11°40′ (SAG – GEM). Interesting that the symbol of GEM also looks like a double 1:
From duality to ONEness, maybe transcending polarized dimensions…

NEPTUNE, in exact T-Square to SUN and MOON, at 11° PISCES is also a unifier, of course – from controversial right-wrong debates into ‘the field’.

NEPTUNE is also in exact Water Trine with JUPITER (at 11°36′ SCO), inviting us to surf the currents and waves of Life, the Good, and the Intense and Challenging that calls for processing, rather than judging or by-passing.


We’re (thankfully) coming out of the opposition between MARS in LIBRA and URANUS retro in ARIES (which was building up like a Full Moon, to be exact on Dec 1).
While in the geo-political scene the atmosphere has been heated up, and no lack of thrill / suspense occurred, hopefully you found ways of channeling the energy into balance between authenticity and cooperation, and win-win’s!
Always good to feed higher-vibrational expressions of the patterns into the ‘field’.


MARS will cross over the ‘Tipping Point’ from LIBRA to SCO on Dec 9, and will be in SCO until Jan 26.
MARS is actually better placed in SCO than in LI (since Oct 22) where aiming for negotiation would have been often frustrated, since the negotiators could have been too much ‘in for themselves’, or, on a personal level, the ego would have been too involved in decision making and choosing, or in an inner dilemma between self assertion. vs. doing it ‘for them’.

With MARS in SCO what’s coming out and up now for processing (SO much, with JUPITER in SCO, since Oct 10!) gets moving!

Which can be somewhat a roller coaster of grief, anger, deep love that turns out to be obsession, attachment and control, jealousy, resentment, regret, shame… all those feelings that are otherwise hidden and ‘under wraps’ –
Uhhh, MARS in SCO is one of the parcels under the astrological Christmas Tree!

Just like in a good fairy-tale, and inner psychological processes, they all have their place, no-one is banned from the party…

SCORPIO stirs up and scrubs the bottom of the pot, can bring us to our knees, and into deep psychological layers that we usually avoid.
The Soul has its way with us…
Likewise, MARS in SCO can be a spiritual mobilization.
Way to (let?) go, and transform the aggressive and separative ego.
On Jan 6, MARS will pass JUPITER in SCO – hopefully lots of inner clearing and societal transformation for the better by then!



VENUS has just entered SAG yesterday Dec 1 (until Dec 24):
Turn on the Heart-Light, and share your Love generously!

More isn’t always better…
Under VENUS in SAG, we can be over the top with acquisitions, esp. with all the commercial Christmas craze around.
Since MERCURY is freshly retro now, also in SAG, chances are we might RE-gret indulging into too many shiny objects, at the expense of the credit card – and maybe even Planet Earth.
Whereas cultivating a loving generous spirit never goes out of style.

CHIRON in late PISCES is going from retro to direct on Dec 5, so the first half of Dec is also a CHIRON themed time:
Connection in Unity (hey, dance, song, and music help) is healing!


Lastly, our friend MERCURY (ruling planet of the GEMINI Full Moon) is going retro (YEP) tonight, Dec 2 / 3.
This time, the whole retro journey will be in SAG, from the very end, the ‘Integrity Point’ on the cusp to CAP, to mid-SAG, on Dec 22.
For a cosmic relief and tool kit, check out this blog article.


And guess what?
Not only will the MERCURY retro journey super relevant for the U.S. (it starts on Trump’s Eclipse Full Moon / South Node in late SAG, and ends almost exactly on the U.S. AC which is at 12°12′ SAG).


The Full Moon itself activates a lot for the United States:

It’s right on the U.S. AC – DC axis (representing the country in its own identity, and other countries it is in dialogue – or conflict – with), with the SuperMOON in GEM sitting between the U.S. URANUS and MARS (remember,  these two planets were just in opposition – which happens only every 2 years).
May NEPTUNE in PISCES help with turning polarities and ‘divided states’ in so many ways into unification, and dissolving of what had its time, incl. collective deception and delusion – esp. re: all sorts of agenda (SAG). 

Check this out:


A Grand Cardinal Cross actually forms, between the Full Moon ‘matrix’ of present and the U.S. chart:

MARS in late LIBRA and URANUS in late ARIES square the U.S. PLUTO in late CAP – the latter an epochal influence, showing how much is stirred up that doesn’t agree with the power structures and their shadow expression anymore, and calls for radical change and renewal.

As mentioned before, the U.S. will have their 1st PLUTO Return in history (a 248 year cycle) 2020 – 2022. A big turnover and regeneration – hopefully based on the original core spirit of the Constitution, Natural Law, and to honour the Ancestors of the Land.

MARS and URANUS also square the U.S. MERCURY retro in late CANCER – what do the voices of history say to what happens nowadays???
Hopefully, this MERCURY retro in SAG brings out the Truth, and many important truths, so that the country can start to find itself again.


Blessings to all of us for an Illuminating, Heart Focused Full Moon and Finale of 2017!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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