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VENUS passes MARS (Oct 5), just before the ARIES – LIBRA Full Moon: Conscious Cooperation!

4 Oct

On Oct 3, VENUS in VIR, just ‘behind’ MARS, went into Earth trine with PLUTO in CAP: 

With all the violence and aggression in this world: 
Love is THE SuperPower! ❤


Tomorrow Oct 5, VENUS will catch up, unite with, and finally pass MARS in VIRGO!

Greek Vase with Ares (Mars) on one side…


MARS has been ahead of VENUS since Spring 2016, and we’ve seen the effects of a MARS driven world….

VENUS in (MARS ruled) ARIES almost passed MARS early March this year (when a lot of Women Warriors stepped up against chauvinism, esp. in and inspired by the U.S.
But then, VENUS  went retro to RE-new herself and her inner values in spiritual and unifying PISCES, while some of the peace loving energy might have gone passive and giving up and feeling powerless facing ‘what is’.
Yet there’s been a powerful movement and there are forces that have been holding space energetically for Peace and Love in the ‘invisible realm’ all along, emerging in us and through us when we act with the Power of Love.

In the meantime the ‘Warrior Planet’ MARS stormed ahead… and we’ve seen a lot of evidence for its presence. Not much evidence for the fine art of diplomacy…

…and Aphrodite (Venus) on the other side.


VENUS is coming though… in the sign of the Sacred Feminine, VIRGO, where ‘she’ meets and passes MARS – tomorrow.

Leaving behind outmoded and destructive confrontation (MARS).

May the world, humanity, and everyone of us come back into integrity and alignment (VIR), with right relationship/s and in cooperation (VENUS)!


VENUS goes into square with SATURN on Oct 8, and MARS on Oct 9:
Specifics and ‘details’ can make things complicated and create conflict and stagnation – or just need to be ‘ironed out’ to open the path for the YES.

VENUS will go into opposition with CHIRON in PISCES on Oct 10, and MARS on Oct 15:
Integrity in adaptive Fluidity can be the Medicine.


Let’s see what the SABIAN SYMBOL for the VENUS / MARS conjunction tells us:

VIRGO 20°:

The need of cooperative effort in reaching any “New World” of experience.

It is difficult to know, from the original formulation of the clairvoyant’s vision, the type of caravan of cars that was visualized; what seems to be clearly implied is a process in which a group of persons are journeying together — thus linking their consciousnesses and energies (the “car” symbol) — in order to safely reach the goal of destiny. Here there is no longer any sense of competition, but an ordered and structured endeavor.

At this last stage of the five-fold sequence the past is entirely left behind; humans cooperate in the great “adventure in consciousness” in a TOTALIZATION OF PURPOSE AND EFFORT.”


Tomorrow Oct 5 will be also the day of the ARIES (ruled by MARS) – LIBRA (ruled by VENUS) Full Moon!
Balance (FM) and Union (VENUS / MARS) of Feminine and Masculine.

Calling us to show up as the Warriors of LOVE, in Conscious Cooperation!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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