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FREYA’s Day the 13th

13 Mar
FEB 13 – FRIDAY is one of the 3 Fridays the 13th in 2015, after February, and next one in November:
Did you know? It’s a Sacred Feminine Day. 
Friday is related to Venus – and her Norse equivalent Freya. FREYA’s DAY.
On a side note:
The 7 days of the week are named after Gods and Goddesses in the Greco-Roman and Norse Pantheon:
TYR’sday (Mardi, Martes)
THOR’sday (Jeudi, Jueves)
FREYA’sday (Vendredi, Viernes)
Hence, we are on VENUSday today.

The number 13 is often associated with the 13 New Moons per Solar year.
In 2012, the Mayan Calendar discussion came up on a broader scale. What do you think about a 13 Moon calendar? 
Big discussion re: Calendar here: 

Seems to me Catholics were a wee bit afraid of this double whammy feminine day (Venus and Moon related), and all sorts of other stories revolve around it, to the effect of a scary movie beliefs.

SATURN now in SAG, going RETRO tomorrow March 14 says: Let’s examine what’s an old story, collectively and personally. And maybe drop some of those, or put them into a museum only. Synchronistically also, yesterday, and TODAY, Fri 13th, the MOON in SAG (our need for freedom and truth to be told) will be in GRAND FIRE TRINE (only burn with enthusiasm and in-spirited!) with

– URANUS and MARS in ARIES (exact yesterday eve): radical renewal – do something out of the ‘ordinary’, surprise yourself and others!
– JUPITER retro in LEO (also exact yesterday eve): Let your light shine, show up with heart!
– VENUS in ARIES – exact at 4:11 pm PDT!

Sacred Feminine. always REborn, vibrantly!


Birth of Venus
Birth of Venus, by Botticelli, Uffici, Firenze