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ARIES NEW MOON (Apr 5) – It All Starts with YOU!

4 Apr

Happy Spring-ing, dear ASTRO~NEWS Fan!

The ARIES NEW MOON (manana Apr 5) IS in the starters, and YES:
Birth the New YOU! It All starts with YOU!


View from the Sacred Space where EmBody Astrology happens – next one on April 20. 


What are you starting – what’s beginning in your life now – sprouting from the inside-out?
Be inspired and in-spirit-ed by Nature and Your authentic Nature…, says also CHIRON freshly in ARIES.

Springy energy is quickening and arising, from the ground-UP and from the branches down, while cosmic energies support fresh starts, new approaches, and taking initiative, via

  •  The NEW MOON in ARIES tomorrow Apr 5!

  • A retro-FREE window, technically since MERCURY went out of retro on March 28 (but post-r slow moving ‘storm’ only settling on the weekend), and until JUPITER goes retro on Apr 10 (yes, next week).
    So yeah, basically the NEW MOON weekend opens a window of fresh beginnings – for you personally in the area of life related to mid-ARIES in your chart.
    Check it out, or ask me.

  • MARS the ruler of ARIES now having moved out of slow and grounded TAURUS into swift GEMINI (March 30 – May 15) helps speed up things too – starts with thoughts and dialogue.



…is exact tomorrow Apr 5 at 1:50 am PDT. Here’s ‘her Birth Chart’:


Mid-ARIES which the NEW MOON activates has a LEO undertone:
Live Life from the Inside-Out. 
Love Yourself.
Live Life Lovingly.
You ARE Life!


Check this out:
The mid-ARIES (15°17′) NEW MOON is the midpoint (almost exactly between) CHIRON freshly in ARIES, and URANUS freshly in TAURUS!
So, the NEW MOON is pulling together the themes of

  • The Medicine of being Authentically YOU (CHIRON now in ARIES) – read more about it here, and
  • Waking UP, and Embodying Freedom (URANUS now in TAURUS) – see full article here.

Being Heart-fully Loving, and Self-Loving First actually takes care of being Authentic, Awake, and Free!
Simple – even though not always easy…

Why not?
Mostly because of old / societal conditioning and internalized expectations…
…showing up now big time, powerfully and insidiously manifesting from within and all around (SATURN / PLUTO in CAP) while also being ‘on their way OUT’ (South Node in CAP).
The time around the Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon on Jan 5 – Let the ‘Old Empire’ Expire! has shown us a big deal about it. What’s your ‘Old Empire’?


What to lead with instead?
The CANCER North Node keeps reminding us of being gentle, caring, and compassionate, with ourselves as with others and in the World.
The CANCER North Node will be hugely activated by the Total Solar Eclipse in CAN on July 2, 2019 – Finding our Way Home!


Crystal activated Voyager Tarot Card 0 – Fool & Child

The ARIES NEW MOON tomorrow is the central NEW MOON between these two cardinal / crucial / karmic / Ecliptic NEW MOONs of the Year!

It forms a not-exact (yet in effect) cardinal T-Square to the Nodal Axis –
A karmic pressure to birth the new YOU!

So there’s another almost-hidden yet feel-able hinge effect of the ARIES NEW MOON – calling us so strongly to start with Ourselves, and take Baby Steps forward.

Be the ‘Hero of the Day’ (as my grandma used to say – and call me from time to time, endearingly-teasingly)!

Actually YES, if we could be more as little children again – with the wisdom (the ‘wise fool’) and experience gained in life, we could see the World with fresh eyes every day, and be in the NOW.

Which in turn helps an authentic CAP expression: 
Bringing out OUR Best!



Also in the NEW MOON ‘womb’:
JUPITER in U-Turn in the Galactic Centre –
Being Guided by Deep inner Wisdom.

JUPITER has reached the furthest point in the Zodiac (24°21′ SAG) this Spring from which the Giant goes retro on April 10 (until Aug 11).
Guess where the late SAG (25 – 28°) ‘pointer’ directs us to from Earth perspective? To the Galactic Centre – cosmic womb of our Milky Way Galaxy – and a super Black Hole.
The Big Unknown.
The Ultimate Questions –
Why are we here? Where are we going? What’s Creation all about?
The Big Existential Awe.

Drawing guidance from this ultimate place…

…which brings us also quite radically into the NOW.


The NEW MOON in your… House energizes and activates these areas of your Life:

1st House:
Your Presence and Sense of Self

2nd House:
Your Values, what you own, literally & metaphorically, your Business

3rd House:
You in Your Local Environment

4th House:
You and Your Home, Origin, Ancestry

5th House:
Your Creative, Playful, Inner Child and Lover

6th House:
Your Work, Wellness, Lifestyle

7th House:
Your Partners & Significant Others

8th House:
Your Involvement and Sharing with Others, Your Transformations

9th House:
What gives you Meaning, Your Wisdom, Inspiration, Path and Travels

10th House:
Your Purpose incl Career, Your Public Self

11th House:
Your Social Side – Engagement with Society, Groups and Friends

12th House:
Your Transcendent and Spiritual Self and Union with All-that-Is.


Wishing you a fresh Start from the Heart with the ARIES NEW MOON, and Ever New NOW!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger






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I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

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