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Happy CHINESE NEW YEAR of the Yin Earth PIG, Starting Feb 5!

31 Jan

Dear Astro~News blog Reader,

Are you ‘into’ Chinese Astrology?
Using it for Feng Shui?
‘Simply’ curious?

Here’s my East-West honouring of the Chinese New Year.
Happy New Year of the Yin Earth PIG!

The Upcoming New Moon on MoOnday Feb 4 at 1:04 pm PST at 15º45’ AQ initiates the CHINESE NEW YEAR of the Yin EARTH PIG, starting on the following day, Feb 5.


In BC, with strong Chinese communities, we have quite an awareness of Chinese Astrology and year cycles.
Did you know? Victoria has the oldest Chinatown in Canada!


Dragon Guardians in Chinatown – Photo by Melanie, Feb 5, 2018


And even though, the Chinese population is about only 3300 (4%), Chinese New Year Celebrations are alive and well – a well-loved tradition in the City. The Chinese New Year will be celebrated in Chinatown on Sunday, Feb 10 – always on the Sunday after the CNY – with traditional Lion’s Dance, fun performances, before Lions walk through the streets of Chinatown to visit the shops, bring blessings, eat the lettuce, and snatch the bills and red envelopes – for the Chinese Benevolent Society.

The BIG Vancouver CNY Parade will be also on Feb 10. Metro Vancouver has a large Chinese population of about 475 000 (about 20%)!


EARTH PIG Year on the Horizon…

Spring is already in the air, and shows up from the ground up, here on the West Coast (even though the weather report says frost and flurries over the next week…).

And the air gets cleared for this year’s So(u)lar union / New MOON in airy AQ, on Feb 4.
Feb 5, the day after the 2nd New Moon after Winter Solstice, is the start of the CHINESE NEW YEAR in China, all over South-East Asia, and in Chinese communities worldwide.

The Yang Earth DOG Year (since Feb 16, 2018) having called us to ‘walk the talk’ is now walking out. Combined  with SATURN freshly in CAP, it’s been a grounding year, showing us where our Integrity, Loyalty and Values are.

With these qualities (hopefully!) established, let’s invite the Yin EARTH PIG’s promise of Joy and Abundance – together with JUPITER this year in SAG…!
There’s of course more to the Earth PIG… we shall see.

Check out my perspectives below.


Dragon’s Dance at the CNY Celebrations last year in Victoria’s Chinatown


Chinese ‘Astrology’ – Basic Intro

The Chinese calendar is Lunar based (as in Islamic, Mayan, Native American cultures), and therefore the New Year varies every year. It traditionally starts with the day following the 2nd New Moon after Winter Solstice.

Yes, there is also a Chinese Astrology based on the planetary movements in relation to the star constellations of the Zodiac, like our Western Astrology system.
But that’s not what’s being addressed here… (ha – wayyy too complex).


The more popular Chinese system is based on two interlocking ‘wheels’ of cycles:

The Cycle of the 12 Animals = 12 earthly branches.
These are in sequence:
Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

The cycle of the 5 Elements = 5 heavenly stems:
Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.

Therefore, there are 60 possible Animal & Element combinations, and they repeat every 60 years.
The Elements are ‘on’ for 2 years, with alternating Yang and Yin polarity.

For instance, after a Yin Fire Rooster year (Jan 28, 2017 – Feb 15, 2018) came a Yang Earth Dog year (Feb 16, 2018 – Feb 4, 2019).

As mentioned, the Chinese cycles aren’t directly based on planetary cycles or related to star constellations.
But the 12-year Animal cycle corresponds roughly with the 12-year JUPITER transit cycle. So, when you have your JUPITER Return you also have the Return of your Chinese Year Animal.
Makes sense?

So these are the cycles of yearly Animals who come with changing Elements, and the Yin / Yang association of each Animal.

Yet, the Chinese cyclical system has more combinations than just the yearly ones – the so-called Four Pillars:

  • The Yin-Yang Animal / Element of the YEAR – the ‘Outer Animal’.
    …which would in Western Astrology compare with the sign JUPITER was in at the year of birth.
  • The Yin-Yang Animal / Element of the MONTH of birth – a.k.a. ‘Inner Animal’.
    …which would compare with the 12 Zodiac SUN sign cycle.
  • The  Yin-Yang Animal / Element of the DAY of the week – a.k.a. ‘Private Animal’.
    …which would roughly compare with the MOON sign.
  • The Yin-Yang Animal / Element of the HOUR of birth – a.k.a. ‘Secret Animal’ – only people who know your birth time would know it. With a 2-hour range per Animal.
    …comparable with AC signs in he Western system.

As you see, the system is much more differentiated and complex in its combinations and variables than at first glance, with just the ‘Year of the…’.
12 x 5 Year combinations, 12 x 5 Month combinations, 12 x 5 Day combinations, and 12 x 5 Hour combinations = total 12,960,000 combinations are possible!

In Your 4 Pillars, you can have either of the Animals and Elements, with 12 Animals x 5 Elements = 60 possible combinations in each pillar. In the 4 Pillars 60 x 60 x 60 x 60 different variations are possible = 12,960 000!
This much for the statement: “I’m a Rooster!” If that’s the (outer) animal of the YEAR for you, check out which of the 5 Elements it belongs to, and also what’s in your other 3 Pillars!
In our East-West Parlour on Feb 4, I’ll provide you with a calculation of YOUR 4 Pillars!


And now for the PIG!

The PIG is the last of the 12 Chinese Animals.

According to the myths, the PIG was the last to arrive when the Jade Emperor called for the great meeting. Other sources said that Buddha called for a great meeting when he was about to leave the Earth. The PIG came in last.
Legend has it that just as the emperor was about to call it a day, an oink and squeal was heard from a little Pig. The Pig had gotten hungry during the race, promptly stopped for a feast then fell asleep. After the nap, the Pig continued the race and was named the 12th and last animal of the Zodiac cycle.
Or hey, maybe it was a Yin Piggy momma looking getting her piglets on board… (my comment).

The PIG is considered Yin by nature, and its Element is Water.
Thus, it is commonly associated with emotions and intuitions – fitting its association with the Western Zodiac sign of SCORPIO.

So let’s see how – despite the fact that JUPITER is out of SCO since Nov 2018 – there’ll be also a scorpionic tone to the PIG Year.


Yet, this Year’s PIG is an EARTHy One.
We’re in two (Yang & Yin) EARTH Element Years now which started with the Yang Earth Dog Year, followed by the Yin Earth PIG.

2018 / 19 has been also in the Western Astrology very Earthy:
SATURN entered (just before the Yang Earth Dog Year started) its own mountainous domain of rock-solid CAPRICORN (Dec 2017 – Dec 2020), requiring from us to ‘walk the talk / dog’, live in Integrity, from our best and highest Self, prioritize what matters most, and get the work done (yet not the hard way).
Revolutionary URANUS will shake up, and liberate Earthy TAURUS from March 6, 2019 on
(comes with the next NEW MOON!) for the next 7 years, until Apr 26, 2026.
A wake-up call of Mother Earth?
An economic / monetary / food revolution???
A radical change of values?
A new way of being in our Senses and EmBodied?
Rising of the Goddess!


Chinese Character Zhū – Pig

The last Yin EARTH PIG Year was Feb 8, 1959 – Jan 27, 1960.

If you’re about 60 years old, you have this year your Chinese Element / Animal Return (together with the Western Astrology 2nd SATURN and 5th JUPITER Return).
In case you have grandchildren 60 years younger than you, you share your Animal / Element combo with them.

The last PIG Years (with different Element combinations) were (Jan / Feb until Jan / Feb the following year) 1935-36, 1947-48, 1959-60, 1971-72, 1983-84, 1995-96, 2007-08. Please find specific dates, and a more detailed intro to the Chinese Elements and Animal Cycles here.

For the PIG Years, check out this table:

Start date End date Heavenly Branch
16 February 1923 5 February 1924 Water PIG
4 February 1935 23 January 1936 Wood PIG
22 January 1947 9 February 1948 Fire PIG
8 February 1959 27 January 1960 Earth PIG
27 January 1971 14 February 1972 Metal PIG
13 February 1983 1 February 1984 Water PIG
31 January 1995 18 February 1996 Wood PIG
18 February 2007 6 February 2008 Fire PIG
5 February 2019 24 January 2020 Earth PIG
23 January 2031 10 February 2032 Metal PIG
10 February 2043 29 January 2044 Water PIG


Yang Earth DOG Year Review

The DOG started 2 Years in the EARTH Element (Yang DOG and Yin PIG) – the Element of the Centre. 

With the EARTH Element, a grounding, stabilizing, and balancing energy is offered, and required(!). 

Simultaneously, SATURN entered its own earthy sign of CAP in Dec 2017, until Dec 2020, encompassing the EARTH Dog & Pig Years, and going into the Metal Rat Year.
PLUTO is also in CAP (until 2023), and JUPITER will follow, on Dec 2, 2019.
As URANUS will also shift into earthy TAU this year
(from March 6 on), a lot of unsettling energy can wake & shake us up from old habits and attachments, and for new freedom.

EARTH is in the Chinese system associated with 

  • The Centre (also in Feng Shui / the BaGua)
  • The Change of Seasons (rather than ONE season)
  • The Planet SATURN – corresponds with SATURN being in earthy CAP now.
  • The Colour Yellow.
  • The Yellow Dragon.
  • The digestive system, spleen, and stomach.

Good to strengthen / be supported by all those attributes, always, and esp. in these two EARTH years.

Do these DOG Characteristics relate to YOUR last year (and to the DOG in your natal 4 Pillars, in case you have one there)?

Of all the Chinese Animals the DOG is the friendliest and kindest.
DOGs like to serve and being of use. They are the epitome of loyalty and faithfulness.
DOG has an association with the Western Zodiac sign LIBRA.
Known to be very relational, loyal, reserved, quiet, helpful, practical, unpretentious (after Rooster), calm in a crisis, keeping equilibrium in chaos, yet always ready to respond.
They thrive on team work and have a strong sense of duty in the community.
DOGs are eager to please. They seek companionship, and friend-ly relationship, and can go out of their way to be praised and approved of. DOGs are also very outgoing and social, love to be seen and loved, and thrive on contact and company / their pack – otherwise they become a lone wolf… (a theme that came up just recently, with the Total Lunar Eclipse ‘Wolf Moon’ on Jan 20 / 21, on  the LEO / AQ cusp).
They’re honest, intelligent, with a sense of justice, fairness, and integrity, affectionate and sociable, trustworthy, yet hard to forgive if the trust they’ve offered is being abused.
Rather an expert in certain things than a ‘jack of all trades’. They don’t need much, yet when in need hey’re very resourceful. They need purpose, be motivated and acknowledged, otherwise they’re unfulfilled.
Having high standards, they can easily become judgmental, cynical (a word derived from Latin canis = dog) and pessimistic.

Many of these traits are also very apropos SATURN over the last year in CAP where we’ve experienced this spectrum of experience.
DOGs can do everything for others (LIBRA), even to a degree of martyrdom, or being taken advantage of (CAP).
Being dogged and fatalistic are shadow expressions of the DOG.
Success is a result of consistent effort. They can make a sound adviser and good leader  – who demands loyalty, and dedication to the work (again very apropos SATURN in CAP).

These characteristics of a DOG year / month / day / hour born person
 (or dog!) can be translated into the Earth DOG year we’re just coming out of:

Very Earthy Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog (Creative Commons photo)

  • A year where the call for justice, integrity, and true leadership became stronger and stronger.
  • With JUPITER in SCO, in combo with PLUTO in CAP also an impulse for transformation of structures and leadership.
  • Loyalty to a ‘pack’, and defending integrity and principles could have become a big theme. Hopefully not to a degree where loyal ‘serfs’ are conditioned to to ‘do everything’ for their master.
  • Well, yeah, check in who or what might turn into your master, and how to take Authority back.

This is to Integrity DOGs and Protectors who stand up in Loyalty for Mother EARTH, and all her Life Forms!


The Yin Earth PIG, and its Year

PIGs love pleasure, and for them as watery Zodiac beings, this includes the pleasures of delving into their emotional turmoil and depths (fits the SCORPIO association of the PIG) – even though this might appear to the outside world as self-indulgence, and ‘rolling in the mud’.

Their Yin Nature makes them rather withdrawn, enjoying the quiet and peaceful of a private setting. They’re dedicated to home, family, and children, and known to make the best out of every situation.

They’re sociable, trusting, passionate, intelligent, and endowed with a good instinct and common sense, hence sought-after caring and empathetic friends, mentors and advisers.
Since they love enjoyment and the good things in life they’re great hosts who love to entertain their friends, yet can tend towards indulgence and materialism – reflected in the shadow of JUPITER this year in SAG – “more is better”. Good to channel the energy into true Happiness from within.

PIGs seek beauty and sensual love, yet also need a partner who gives them space to explore their own emotional life.
Their shadow is to be overly trusting and naive (just because it’s enjoyable doesn’t mean it’s good for you), which may have them flip into its polar opposite (like SCORPIO can do) of setting high standards, being suspicious and pessimistic.

Seems like the PIG has qualities of SCO but also TAURUS – when it comes to the enjoyment / indulgence side.


What do these characteristics of a PIG year / month / day / hour person add up to, for the Yin EARTH PIG YEAR to come?

  • We already did the JUPITER in SCO delving in the depth last year – maybe less of that PIG trait to be seen this year.
  • So yeah, a year of ‘legit’ pleasure – perhaps through having learned from the DOG year and SATURN in CAP, rather than doing things hard way it’s better and more pleasurable to do them the smart and still effective way.
  • With URANUS going into TAU on March 6, we might discover new ways of living that are surprisingly enjoyable, incl. finding a new turf where we’re happy as a PIG in mud 🙂 without breaking the piggy bank. 🙂


On that note, yes, new ways of feeding the Piggy bank is always nice, and extra supported in the Earth Piggy Year.

Plus, let’s invite what the German saying: Schwein haben promises = literally to ‘have Pig’ means having good luck.
JUPITER this year in SAG likes and supports that too. 


Curious for more, and more personal Piggy Year themes, and ready to invoke the Yin EARTH PIG in a conscious & fun circle?

In our East-West CNY & Feng Shui Parlour on Mon Feb 4,
(day of the New Moon, and eve of the CNY!) we’ll consciously co-invite the New Year of the Yin Earth PIG, plus co-explore these themes further and deeper, and how they relate to what’s going on for YOU, applied to everybody in the circle.



If you were born in the Year of the PIG this coming year opens a personal new 12-year cycle for you, AND you likely also have your JUPITER Return Year (JUPITER is in the same sign in the Zodiac where it was when you were born). Generally speaking, a good time for travel, and expansion of your business and life. And yep, there’s a special PIG Rate to join the Parlour.

In the East-West Parlour, we’ll also explore what the energy of the AQ NEW MOON on FEB 4 brings, and how you can naturally align with its cosmic ‘weather’.

And, timely for the CHINESE NEW YEAR, we’ll discuss 
helpful & fun Feng Shui Tips. Plus, you’ll receive a 14-p. Feng Shui Companion E-Booklet which I compiled from several Feng Shui courses I took to dive deeper.

FENG SHUI helps with organizing and streamlining our environment – which makes life simpler, easier, more enjoyable, and directs the energy flow in optimal and naturally aligned ways.

If you don’t come to our CNY Parlour you can still order the 14-p. Feng Shui Tips E-Booklet for $8.88 (8 is the luckiest Chinese number), via e-transfer, or PayPal.
I email it to you upon payment.


Happy New Year of the Yin EARTH PIG!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger





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