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VIRGO New Moon with ‘Nervous Rectangle’, Mutable T-Square Calls for Flexibility in Integrity – and for Setting Butterfly Effects in Motion…

20 Sep

How have you been, in the cosmic and terrestrial storms, over the last weeks???

My heart goes out to every human, animal, and nature being affected by the Caribbean storms, and by the quakes in Mexico!

The intensity and amount of disasters around and since the PISCES – VIRGO Full Moon, and now again, round this VIR New Moon that’s LIKE a Full Moon since it’s got such a strong PI / VIR axis has shaken us up for sure!
YES, the rattler and shaker URANUS in late ARIES on the ‘Settling Point’ (well yeah, very UN-setting effects) has been stationary in August, leading into stationary PLUTO in Sept which shows us the powers of Nature…

The destructive, and the timelessly generative…

The essence of timeless Tao Wisdom:
Yin-Yang Balance is always dynamic and interwoven.

Both transpersonal, collective Archetypes URANUS and PLUTO mirror what’s going on on Planet Earth, when it comes to the deep inevitable (PLUTO) and accelerating (URANUS) change of what we considered as solid and ‘given’ (CAP):
Earth structures, ‘regular’ seasons and weather,  and societal structures in governments, hierarchies, and work.
The CAPricornian patriarchal structures are dying (while trying to assert their powers in the process)… while the new (ARIES) is breaking through (URANUS).

Remember: Change can be for the better, i.o.w., fear not!
Only our attachment to the old makes us fearful. I know, easier said than done. We are very unconsciously, historically, genetically conditioned…
URANUS represents the unexpected (which seems almost the norm nowadays) that shakes and WAKES us up, to be radically in the NOW, and perhaps wake up of a dream consciousness altogether…

URANUS rules AQ – group consciousness beyond hierarchies and structures, and cooperation to build for the future. We, humanity, are all in this together. Nobody is an island indeed…

Yes, things are ‘out of natural order’ in the weather, in the climate, producing a cascade of record breaking hurricanes, fires, and earth quakes. All the elements Fire, Earth, Air, and Water represented, sadly. And Nature has a way of uncharging and re-balancing itself.

The last Full Moon on Sept 6, with the MOON and NEPTUNE closely together in PISCES, and the SUN in VIRGO amplified the PISCEAN atmospheric and literally oceanic impact of ‘chaos’ vs. the need to connect the dots, analyze the situation, and do something about it (VIRGO), IF it’s fixable, that-is…

This NEW MOON yesterday Sept 19 / today Sept 20 (depending on your time zone) activated the VIR – PI axis even more so, with the VIRGO union of SUN and MOON opposing CHIRON in PISCES. And MARS / MERCURY in VIR opposing NEPTUNE in PI.

We’re all affected, and the media (a Piscean phenomenon) allow us to tune in – not for the faint of heart, and lots of us might have felt vicariously traumatized, or re-wounded in relation to something traumatic that might have happened to us before.

No wonder, PISCEAN overwhelm and helplessness has overcome many of us.

What’s your way of responding – rather than reacting?
Giving up?
Escaping / hiding out / numbing by going into addictive substances or behavious?
Or leaning in, feeling with those affected, sending love and prayers?
All these can be PISCEAN ways of being in the Oneness that shows up so strongly now.

Rather than giving up, in hopelessness and overwhelm, or escaping into addictions that takes us out, so that we don’t fully and deeply feel what’s going on, let’s BE with PISCES differently.
A good way of applying the VIR – PI energy would be also through spiritual (PI) practice (VIR), ritual, ceremony, and connecting (PI) with Nature, esp the Ocean (PI).
And to remember:

LOVE is Super-Power!


Monarch Butterfly Colony

Last weekend, I went to the provocative multi-media performance Nomadic Tempest, by The Caravan Stage Company on their Tall Theatre Ship Amara Zee which is presently anchored in the Victoria harbour for a week.
Nomadic Tempest is a mythical saga of monarch migrants (embodied by aerial artists) searching for refuge on a drowned planet, in the year 2040.
The first part, an apocalyptic immersion, was really hard to take in, esp. since it was SO apropos a series of intense storms that happened just weeks and days before. When reality catches up with theatre, and dimensions blend (very PISCEAN).

Monarch Butterfly Swarm

The Butterfly Effect can be a chance to ‘heal like with like’ a la CHIRON in PISCES which the NEW MOON in VIRGO opposes:

Just as destructive domino effects ‘happen’ apparently unrelated yet connected, so too can little actions performed by many people in coherence (esp. when reaching a critical mass) have an impactful positive effect. Monarch Butterflies are super strong because they operate as a team, and they genetically evolve fast and flexibly.

Humanity and Life on Earth have a chance in this global crisis if we cooperate, and evolve fast too, out of outdated consciousness that goes into victim mode, or remains powerless and separate:
Divided we fall. United we stand.
Divided we can be controlled. United we self-govern.
Divided we give power away. United we can have a positive impact.


“How can I be connected with the Quantum Field?” you may ask….
You ARE IN the Quantum Field. That’s like a Dolphin asking, ‘How can I be connected with the ocean?”

The Spirit of the Dolphin has shown up a lot for me, over the last week.

Wanna join me in taking its medicine of joyful intelligent cooperation, i.o.w. raising the vibration, while riding the waves of life…?!


Voila, here’s the chart of the VIR NEW MOON, with ‘her entourage’ of Planetary Archetypes:

Lots of mutable / flexible energy – things are moving and changing a lot – requiring flexibility from us – no kidding.

As you see, the VIR – PI axis is very strong, almost like a Full Moon (two poles with the Earth in the middle). Lots of tension (red oppositions, green quincunxes), incl. a configuration called ‘Nervous Rectangle’ (can you see the elongated green / red rectangle?).
SO much nervousness now in the atmosphere. Collective problems, fears, anxieties… Let’s not turn into nervous wrecks!

How can we, collectively and personally, reconcile these opposing and at-odds factors that are in the field now?

  • CHIRON retro end of PI (which has also a PI undertone, ‘double PI’):
    Overwhelm, chaos, it’s all intertwined, co- and and interdependent, one thing leads to another, we’re all in this together. And bigger oceanic forces show us how vulnerable we are. What’s the healing agent in THIS???
    Retro energy suggests: It’s a recurring issue, and we need to go inwards to connect and surrender.
  • CHIRON opposite the NEW MOON end of VIR (which has also a VIR undertone, ‘double VIR):
    What can we practically DO about this and so much else that needs help now?!
    So much worry and concern, so much need for help. But we can’t be of help if we’re not healthy and capable (physically and emotionally), says VIRGO. Self awareness is required, and it’s important to be in a calm, grounded, and centred place (rather than ‘swept away’ through the Picean destabilization).Additionally, there is a  
  • T-Square of NEW MOON and CHIRON to SATURN / LILITH end of SAG: Who sees the big picture? Who’s in charge? Are leaders just shooting arguments of righteousness at one another that are at best obstacles and setbacks for a positive and wise direction, and leave large groups of people very vulnerable?
    Ultimately, ‘wild’ LILITH now in the Galactic Centre (esp. in Oct) knows that Truth is a Pathless Land (to quote J. Krisnamurti), so there is no right / wrong, n0t even a direction to take. 
    A test (SATURN) of how spiritual teachings and also political and philosophical beliefs (SAG) can be translated into difficult situations like these.
    In fact the call to be DONE with old limiting, separating stories and beliefs (SATURN in SAG)!
    I’d suggest to step into vibrations of healing and release to contribute those to the ‘field’, and stay away from the whole right – wrong debate, and stay focused on what matters most to you, and offer good energy from there.
  • SATURN end of SAG will go into exact square with CHIRON end of PI (not for the first but for the 3rd and last time, after Dec 2016 and Apr 2017) on Nov 2.
    A lot of pressure and ‘labour’ if we come from fear and resistence, from old stories and beliefs, to be on the path of freedom (SAG)and healing (CHIRON). Not easy but so important (SATURN) to let go, forgive (them and ourselves), and let go (PI).
    A lighter path opens up from there… trust is required. 
  • Also in the ‘Nervous Rectangle’:
    The opposition of JUPITER end of LI opposite URANUS retro in AR – which will be exact on Sept 27.
    All the relationships, all the coordination and negotiation going on. …

    What’s (im)balanced, (un)fair and (un)equal is now being seen better, and magnified BIG time, with JUPITER in LIBRA. How can we bring ourselves into balance (rather than always looking for or at ‘the other’), and make wise choices (JU in LI) – from our autonomy (UR in AR)?
    That can mean a sudden, unexpected, or spontaneous and freeing change of ‘plan’ or even agreement or even relationship. URANUS is now retro until early Jan 2018, a time to re-visit inner freedom and authenticity.

    The green quincunxes ‘surrounding’ the oppositions can turn the polarity into an interesting ‘quest’:
  • JUPITER in LI is in quincunx with CHIRON retro in PI (exact on Sept 23):
    Perhaps surrendering into what IS, letting go of making decisions, stepping into the choiceless choice brings peace and ‘tips the scales’…
  • The NEW MOON in VIR is in quincunx with URANUS retro in AR (exact Sept 19 / 20):
    Given the complexity of problems and ‘to do’s’ (end of VIR) how about finding an unexpected way out into freedom?!
    Like: Do you HAVE to do all THIS? What shows up NOW, right in front of you – instead of the big list? Who would you be without ….? Who’s the doer anyway – spiritually speaking?More VIRGO energy – YES!
  • MERCURY / MARS in VIR (they were together last Saturday, to the effect of lots of frustrated and angry talks and thoughts, yet to remember not to sweat the small stuff!!!), in opposition to NEPTUNE in PI this week (exact for MERCURY yesterday Sept 19, and exact for MARS in Sun Sept 24):
    Overwhelm leads to frustration and anger which can spill out (MARS – NEPTUNE). So let’s rather release and let go of the energy, perhaps with physical (MARS) / spiritual (NEPTUNE) like Qi Gong or Hatha Yoga! Good for us anyway…
  • VENUS entered VIRGO too, just yesterday.
    An incentive to be in our Temple of Wellness and Wholeness from which we can serve best.
    See special Astro~News blog, for the journey of VENUS through VIRGO, and the encounters with other Planets ‘she’ will meet.


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