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MERCURY into CAP (Jan 4 – 23): Communication from Integrity & Planning with Priorities

31 Dec

Dear Astro~News Reader,

the MERCUR-ial Messenger as SAGittarian Visionary turns into a Planner – great alignment with the start into the calendar year.
MERCURY moves over the Integrity Point into CAP on JAN 4.

Voyager Tarot Card IX of Wands – Integrity. Crystal activation and photo by Melanie

Communicating from Integrity comes up now – also in connection with the Partial Solar Eclipse in CAP on JAN 5.

No more putting up with BS, disrespect, ‘takers’, abusers, and thoughts / communication that drain or waste our time and energy.
Being clear and stating simply what’s in Integrity for you and what isn’t. Plus, walking away from a situation can speak louder than 1000 words. Walk, instead of talking / trying to educate them about what they’re not cap-able of…

CAP rules Time, and working wisely with Time and Resources.
Yet, with PLUTO now in CAP (2009 – 2023) our experience of Time is changing, and we tapping into Deep Time, and multi-dimensional time lines. Plus, Resources have a big priority.


MERCURY being now far away from retro (next phase only in March) helps with staying on track, and doing the mental part, when it comes to timing, planning, resources, and priorities.
Plus, from JAN 6 on, NO Planets will be retro until early March
(energetically from mid-Jan to end of Feb).

All good to go, moving forward and building what matters most, in early 2019?

MERCURY will be in CAP from JAN 4 – 23, just behind the CAP SUN.
The Messenger-Planner will meet other VIP CAP ‘Players’ and connect with other Planets from different Zodiac realms – which of course informs the planning process…


What Time is it? The Sun dial in Beacon Hill Park IS pretty exact. On a walk last Summer with  my Swiss friend I asked him to check his watch, and indeed, with Daylight Savings Time considered (4:15 pm on the watch, 3:15 pm on the Sun dial) it matched up…


With MERCURY in CAP in the New Year it’s an excellent Time to:


  • Do a realistic Inventory of the Old Year.
    What worked well?
    What were the lessons?
    What was worth putting energy into?
    What takes up too much of your time and energy?
    What would you do in a better way next time?
    Where’s the ‘been there, done that’ factor?
    What needs cropping and pruning, to free up resources and time?


  • Turn your SAG Visions into Goals & Priorities.
    What’s possible with the CAPacities and resources you already have?
    What can you manifest this year?
    What might be a challenge but rewarding when you stay committed and consistent?
    Where to you need to carve out time to make sure this goal becomes a priority?


  • Don’t do the Planning the ‘Old Way’.
    Find your own Authority, Agency, and Freedom.
    MERCURY will connect with the Partial Solar Release Eclipse in CAP on JAN 5 / 6, pass SATURN (JAN 13), PLUTO  (JAN 18) and the Lunar South Node (JAN 22), plus square MARS (JAN 8), and URANUS in ARIES (JAN 23) – hence:

    Forget about old style ‘resolutions’ that are usually short lived and not sustaining.
    Be realistic (MERCURY – SATURN) about your patterns and CAPacities.
    Access Your your true Agency (MERCURY – MARS – SATURN), and Inner Power to change patterns of giving energy to the Old & Told into living from what YOU’re best at (MERCURY – PLUTO – South Node) – which inevitably leads to Freedom (MERCURY – URANUS)!



Image: Caduceus Staff of Hermes / Mercury (photographer and location unknown) – very apropos MERCURY in CAP – classic / neo classic architecture… and needs to be in structural integrity.


Schedule of Planetary Alignments with MERCURY in CAP

MERCURY freshly in CAP squares MARS freshly in AR (DEC 31 – FEB 14).
Angry words and arguments can be ignited, frustration about what doesn’t work can come up.
Channeling the energy into clearly, responsibly stating what you do want and what works for you, and not making it about others is a purer and cleaner way of going effectively with that combo.

JAN 13
More frustration with authority? What’s your authority and responsibility? Invoke the Inner Elder / Master / Teacher to find the right words from a centred and calm place that is being respected and has beneficial effects. Also an excellent time (once a year, but these 3 years with SATURN in CAP extra boosted) to make a commitment to build / give due energy to what has priority at the end of the day – and every day.

JAN 14
MERCURY in CAP sextile NEPTUNE in PI (SATURN and NEPTUNE are in sextile in 2018).
Yes, there’s the correct and right approach a la CAP, and yet it helps to be also compassionate and sensitive – which helps smooth out what might become to rigid otherwise and with staying connected. How would the Buddha respond?
An excellent time to strengthen our commitment to spiritual practice.

JAN 18
Let Mind drop to a much deeper place – call it Core or Soul or Essence or Inner Void.
See what happens to qualities of fear and control or power issues in your mental field and motivation… see what they transforms into.

JAN 22 / 23
MERCURY at the end of CAP conj. the Lunar South Node, and square URANUS in ARIES.
Old mental & communicative patterns (esp. with fear / control conditioning) have to go.
Beyond that heavy world is Freedom!

JAN 24
MERCURY enters AQ (until Feb 10)…
…where the ‘Messenger’ turns out of the box Free Thinker / Innovator / Paradigm Shifter, and will meet the SUN on JAN 29 (Superior Conjunction) – Freedom of Mind, Freedom of Consciousness.


Call of the Mountain – Photo by Melanie


MERCURY in CAP in Your Chart & Life…

…can ‘coach’ your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planetary Archetypes in CAP and the area/s of life relating to the House/s where CAP is in your birth (and local) chart/s to be clear and committed to what matters most, about…

1st House:
Your Presence and Sense of Self

2nd House:
Your Values, what you own, literally & metaphorically, your Business

3rd House:
Your Environment

4th House:
Your Home, Origin, Ancestry

5th House:
Your Creative, Playful, Inner Child and Lover

6th House:
Your Work, Wellness, Lifestyle

7th House:
Your Partners & Significant Others

8th House:
Your Involvement and Sharing with Others, Your Transformations

9th House:
What gives you Meaning, Your Wisdom, Inspiration, Path and Travels

10th House:
Your Purpose incl Career, Your Public Self

11th House:
Your Social Side – Engagement with Society, Groups and Friends

12th House:
Your Transcendent and Spiritual Self and Union with All-that-Is.



For a good head start into the New Year, chances are it’s a good time to consciously explore the massive CAP activation via MERCURY, SATURN, New MOON, South Node, and PLUTO in your own chart and life. To stay on track with what matters, and un-prioritize / drop the rest.

Come over for a private session!
I still have the Treat Time Offer on – extended to Epiphany (JAN 6) – see below.


All the Best for a crystal clear Start into / as the NEW!



© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger





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I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified with them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with the ancient and timeless gift of Astrology!


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From the Galactic Centre to the WINTER SOLSTICE 2017: Light Returning…

18 Dec

Solsticey Greetings, Cosmic Friend!


These days, Dec 17 – 19, is the yearly time when (in the Northern Hemisphere) the SUN in late SAG points to the Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy – the Galactic Centre, a dark rift, ‘black hole’, AND a birthing place out of stillness, energetically honoured by indigenous cultures as the Womb of Creation.

All of us with our birthday these days, or other planets in our birth chart at 26 – 28° SAG, are strongly called to align from our loving Heart, with the Heart of Hearts, to follow ultimate Truth, inner Guidance, and trust the inner Soul Light on our Path.


Star Cluster in the Galactic Centre (NASA) – Heart of our Milky Way, at the end of SAG where from Earth perspective the SUN travels just before the WINTER SOLSTICE Point – this year also SATURN!

On the Winter Solstice intersection of SAG / CAP, we are also at the Space-Time cross(roads). (SAG rules Space, and CAP rules Time).

Showing up at the right place at the right time matters, and meets the mark…

What does it take, to show up simply and ‘magically’ at the right Time at the right Place? To ‘attract synchronicities’?

We increase the odds, as it seems, when we are in resonance with the Universe, in other words: when we follow inner Guidance, the inner teacher that is connected to the bigger sphere, or even ‘simpler’: when we are in egoless alignment with Integrity as-Nature, and move with LOVE.

 Winter SoUlstice Point is also the Space-Time Point, Integrity Point, or Inner Guru Point – where we can find the Teacher and Guiding Light within. 

SATURN, the ‘obstacle bringer’ that teaches us via ‘what’s in the way’ (hint: old patterns and conditionings, fears and limitations, ego contraction, sense of separateness, and need for control) to drop that excess ‘baggage’ of these heavy duty engagements, is this Solstice also crossing over the Space-Time / SAG-CAP Point – on Dec 19 / 20.
See fresh Astro~News blog post for SATURN in CAPRICORN.

  • Where is the Inner Sage that shows the way, and whom we can trust? 
  • What is the Ground of all Being?
  • When all is still and dark, what is undying?
  • Living by ancient, timeless teachings can be very beneficial – always, esp. in times like these.


Ganesha – Elephant headed Hindu god, known as the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ on the path, and Guru that takes us from the darkness (of not seeing what the obstacles is / was) to the Light.




Blessings for the Galactic RE-Birthday to all of us NOW!

The energy to align with essential deep Truth (the ultimate Gift that comes ‘down the chimney’) so that we can actually WALK the Vision, and BE the Truth, the Light, the Love!


‘After’ the Galactic Centre New Moon (Dec 17 / 18), see blog post,  the SUN will reach the sacred SAG-to-CAP transition, at WINTER SOLSTICE 2017 – this year on Dec 21 at 8:30 am PST.


Voila – here is the Winter Solstice Chart:

What a potent cosmic Winter SoUlstice Sunrise energy!
Here on the West Coast, it’ll happen just after sunrise, with CAP Rising, and with CAP SUN / SATURN on the Solstice Point united (exact alignment  4 1/2 hrs later, at 1:08 pm PST!!!).
LILITH in CAP is exactly on the horizon, and PLUTO is in the 1st house, coming up on the horizon within an hour after Solstice sunrise.

  • How can visions and ideals (SAG) be brought into reality (CAP)?
  • What’s the Soul Force (PLUTO) that drives your ‘purpose’?
  • What does it always ‘come down to’, have us get up in the morning and ‘do the work’?
  • What’s intrinsically rewarding?


Celtic Wheel of the Year, with the cardinal Turning Points of the Equinoxes and Solstices, incl. YULE – Winter Solstice, and the fixed ‘Gates of Power’.

Let’s link up with that potent energy that’s available, at this time of year.

And honour ancient traditions – in our Time and Place.

Speaking of Space-Time:
Space as we knew it changed massively and  irreversibly (Internet, globalization, worldwide travel boom etc.), during the period when PLUTO was in SAG (1995 – 2008). 

Time as we know it is changing now, with PLUTO in CAP (2008 – 2023).
Time is VERY relative, in fact it’s just a dimension that can be also molded, and transcended:
We energetically ‘run out of it’ when we race around in scarcity mode, and, with consumer mentality (ha, esp. before Christmas…), want more of what we don’t seem to ‘have’. Like a ‘hungry ghost’. The shadow of CAP (never satisfied materialist). 

In contrast, we ‘have all the time in the world’ when we slow down, and tune into ‘Kairos’ (time-as-quality) rather than ‘Chronos’ (time-as-quantity).

When we tap into ‘Deep Time’, and tune into Heart Time… One of the best gifts we can give others, to ourselves, and to the World.
A theme that’s up now big time 🙂 and to REflect upon, under MERCURY retro (Dec 2 – 22, now into retro-to-direct ‘storm’)!



December Sun (round 2 pm) – Photo by Melanie Dec 16. 2016 (retro because of rainy conditions – would be on the same height now too if we saw it…)


Heart Blessings for this Sacred and Deep Time of Year!




© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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