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AQUARIUS – Super-LEO Full MOON (Aug 15) – Love & Liberté

14 Aug

Dear Cosmic Friends,

Are you feeling the AQ – LEO dynamic tension – maybe even dilemma of

Friends & Lovers / Loved Ones
Love for Humanity
Creativity & Co-Creation
Self & Society
Love & Freedom?


…all brought out compliments tomorrow’s AQ MOON – LEO SUN / VENUS aka AQ – LEO Full MOON.
As Full Moons do – choices are coming up, and really: the notion to bridge and ‘marry’ what seems polar opposite.
Crystal clear AQ Moon and bright hot LEO Summer Sun – what a pair…!
To bless us with Love & Clarity that leads to, or rather: IS Freedom!


Well, this one’s SO strongly LEO emphasized, with VENUS just having met the SUN in LEO yesterday Aug 13, plus there’s a whole entourage around the VENUS ‘ SUN Goddess’ – incl. MERCURY in early LEO, MARS on the ‘Sphinx Point’ at the end of LEO, and also SIRIUS (just risen again on 08/08) with the North Node in mid-CANCER and came out strongly at the Eclipses of July.
Big Solar spotlight there – reflected on the Moonlight – plus AQ is rather a witness / observer.

Angel of Revelation – Painting by William Blake

It’s been a super charged, ‘electric’ build-up time for this FULL MOON, due to the URANUS (Ruler of AQ) turnaround on Aug 11, and MERCURY in LEO about to square URANUS on Aug 16 (see chart).
URANUS brings breakthroughs and liberation, and the Full MOON in AQ can be a ‘transmitter’.


All about Liberation, with URANUS / AQ.

Freedom FROM the low vibrational expressions of the LEO – AQ energies

  • LEO Drama & Dominance
  • AQ Isolation and Alienation

And Freedom FOR…

  • Authentic Self Expression. Shining Our Light (LEO)
  • Living Life Lovingly and Creatively (LEO)
  • Connecting with Like-Spirited and Like-Hearted Friends and Community (AQ)
  • Co-Creating in Freedom, and with Synergistic Innovation (AQ)

Reminds me of the spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti who was born with AQ AC – looked up his birth chart with his late AQ where tonight’s FULL MOON will be! We could use his ‘Freedom from the Known’ teaching – on so many levels. Last year I was with a friend on a personal retreat in the beautiful K-Ctre outside of Victoria. We picked ‘randomly’ some videos to watch, and in one of them Krishnamurti talks about ‘Freedom that has no opposite’ – since as long as there is an opposite (even freedom from… or freedom for) it’s not ultimate Freedom.
A liberating paradigm shift. Back to the ‘hub of the wheel’.

Same goes for Love – only Love without opposite is real Love.


Late AQ is in your chart shows the area of life where Lunar Liberation and Co-Creation is ‘full & ripe’ now:

1st House:
How You show up –

BE Liberated!

2nd House:
What you have and value –

Own Your Freedom!

3rd House:
Your Environment –

Co-Create in the City, and with ‘Relatives’ in Humanity!

4th House:
Your Home & Origin –

A Place for Friends!

5th House:
Your Creativity –

You’re a Free-spirited Innovator!

6th House:
Your Work, Health, and Lifestyle –

Cooperation is the Future!

7th House:
Your significant Others –

Liberated Partnerships, and: Is Your Partner Your Friend?!

8th House:
Your deep Involvement and Transformations –

From Loneliness and Distance to Sharing in Humanity?

9th House:
Your Travels and Worldviews –

Meet Like-Spirited Friends in the World – maybe as you Travel or Study?!

10th House: Your calling and Purpose –

11th House:
Your Community –

True Friends and Co-Creators.

12th House:
Your Oneness with ALL –

Always FREE…


And AQ – LEO reminds me also of one of my all time favourite quotes:
“We are All Stars in the Constellation of Love!”



The FULL MOON Map – a Fuller Picture…

Voila – the ‘birth chart’ for the exact FULL MOON tomorrow Aug 15 at 5:29 am PDT, viewed from Victoria BC:

SO much FIRE in the energy field!

Mainly via LEO but also via CHIRON in ARIES (until 2026) – awakening Authenticity Medicine, and via JUPITER in SAG (until Dec 2) – having just turned from retro to direct on Aug 11 – igniting our YES for the Journey of the Heart that elevates our vibration and is a clear YES.

And YES – LEO Rules!

With the message to live from Love, and from radiant Heart energy.
What ignites your Heart?

Cosmic Mother Goddess – Artist unknown

At the Full Moon time, just before Sunrise, LEO is even the Rising Sign, so the LEO SUN rules the chart, and is in the 1st House with VENUS – A Rising SoUlar Goddess – while the AQ MOON is setting in the West.

Reminds me of the fact that the warm and life giving Sun has ‘female gender’ in German – Die Sonne, while the Moon has a ‘male gender’ attributed – Der Mond.
While in the Romance languages The Moon is of course female – La Lune, La Luna while the Sun is male – Le Soleil / El Sol, Il Sole – as Solar energy has been attributed to the Yang-Masculine, and Lunar to the Yin-Feminine – with the Moon cycle being tied to the menstrual cycle – which seems to make more sense – or could be simply conditioned?!

With the AQ – LEO Full MOON dyna-mix – how about experimenting (so URANIAN) with reversing &integrating the polarity, esp, since the Solar (VENUS – SUN) Goddess is rising at the time of the Full Moon?!
Freedom is beyond opposites!


SO much fixed energy these days

SUN / MOON / Planets  mostly in fixed signs TAU – LEO – SCO – AQ.
Things can get a bit / a lot! stuck and locked.
Watch for compulsive / controlling behaviour,and instead channel the energy into Love and Passion. The crystal clear AQ Moon helps us find our Love (again?).


Sphinx on the Giza Plateau – Photo by Melanie, Epic Egypt Journey Nov 2010…

MARS being initiated by the Sphinx

The Warrior is now at the end of LEO on the ‘Sphinx Point’ – and up for a grounding Initiation as ‘he’ enters VIRGO on Aug 17.

Full fruition of LEO passion and strength –
To be harvested, ‘tamed’, and applied into the VIRGO gifts of skillfulness, awareness & helpfulness.
MARS in VIRGO loves to make things work – cosmic handyman energy.
How’s that for you?

Do those themes show up in the area of life related to your astrological house with LEO – VIRGO in it?

More about MARS in VIRGO (Aug 17 – Oct 2) in the freshly released Astro~News article.

In the ‘Earth department’ there’s of course still the SATURN retro – South Node – PLUTO retro, with the on-going theme

No Time for the Old Empire

SATURN retro in mid CAP travels slowly but surely next to the Lunar South Node (all Spring and Summer 2019).
This ‘smells’ so much like endings, closures, esp. of the shadow / low and heavy vibration of CAP:
Doing things the hard way, resisting and judging (others and self), wasting time and energy (on exactly that, or other rock-solid ineffective / damaging patterns), being the martyr and taking too much on, or a scapegoat, being stuck in pretend security that has a high price, being in guilt or scarcity mode… and getting drained by it all – you get the picture! 

Feels prob heavy even just reading…

This really is the year (the PSE New MOON in CAP next to SATURN on Jan 5 set the tone) to let the ‘Old Empire’ expire. Whatever your inner / outer ‘Old Empire’ is that had its time.
Good to check in with shadows / blind spots…
Find a way of honouring the Old for the purpose it has had, and give it a conscious farewell,  a ceremony perhaps even. And / or notice how symptoms of it / people and experiences that represent simply fall away. 

Energy is freed up for the CANCER-LEO creativity.

The Universe and Nature are infinitely creative.
A Goddess thing ❤


EmBodying Freedom

Our friend URANUS the Awakener, still newly in TAURUS – a cosmic focus in turnaround ‘station’ throughout August (went retro on Aug 11), a.k.a. the ‘higher octave’ of MERCURY – wakes up & shakes up MERCURY in early LEO this week, showing us that mental things can shift quickly, and what we ’loved’ and tried to hold on to yesterday is already passé today.
What remains – best way to be anyway – is to Live in the NOW – and to Live from and in LOVE, says LEO.
EmBodied Freedom.


I leave it with this now, thought you might appreciate an shorter Astro~News.

Quick tip:
AQUARIUS rules Crystals…
The AQ – LEO Full MOON is the purrrrfect time for a SoLunar Crystal Bath – under the Sunlight, and under the Full Moonlight! 💜

SoLunar Crystal Bath under the AQ – LEO Full Moon – Photo by Melanie, Crystals by Mother Earth


With SoLunar Blessings for LOVE & LIBERTÉ! ❤ 


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger


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