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Cuspy Full Moon in GEM – SAG (Nov 22 / 23): Voice Your Heart Truth, and Move with it!

21 Nov

Dear Astro~News Friend in Spirit Connection,

Horse Hug – Photo by my Friend Otto Heitzer


That’s BIG and Exciting – and many of us have been already tuning into this Massive Energy Field:
Tomorrow Thu Nov 22, the SUN follows JUPITER over the PHOENIX Point into SAG.
Thu is JupiterDay, and it’s U.S. Thanksgiving – both SO SAG / JUPITER.
The SUN / JUPITER union will follow shortly, on Sun-Day the 25th!
Gotta LOVE the Heavens-as-on-Earth alignments….!

JUPITER since (Thu!) Nov 8 in its own realm of SAG invites us to find our Heart Truth, and generously share our Spirit and Gifts with the World.

That’s not all, because the reason for the season of the ASTRO~NEWS is the FULL MOON, happening 20 hrs after the SUN’s entry into SAG.
I.o.w., the MOON will be on the first degree of GEM when exactly full.

Both SUN and MOON will be cuspy.
Plus, 5 more Zodiac cusps are activated through the Nodes, VENUS, CHIRON, and URANUS – see below, in and under the Full Moon chart.
And, we’re moving out of the fixed holding pattern, into very mutable Zodiac field across the board – as the Full Moon chart also shows:

The Nodes are freshly out of fixed AQ – LEO, and now in CAP – CAN, MARS left AQ, and is now in PI, JUPITER came out of SCO on Nov 5, after 13 months in it, the SUN follows tomorrow, and the MOON will be out of TAU in GEM just shortly before the FULL MOON.

Bottom line, lots can get unstuck now, shifting and moving, onward and upward!

…just after this almost-Full Moon that’s been very strongly fixed in TAU yesterday and today Nov 20 / 21 – bringing the deep SCO season to a ‘harvesting’ completion.
And showing us where our desires or aversions can turn into attachment that causes suffering to ourselves and others (as the Buddha teaches too…) and needs to be processed for the sake of all.

The MOON will be still in TAU for most of tomorrow Nov 22 before she ‘grows wings’ in GEM at 8:10 pm PST, just 1 1/2 hrs before the FULL MOON at 9:39 pm PST.

The early GEMINI energy has also an Alchemy flavour:

  • How does the (TAUREAN) ‘food’ (intake on all levels) ‘taste and smell’, and what’s been ‘cooking’?
  • Which fragrances do we move toward now?
  • What’s the ‘fragrance’ and what are the ‘sounds’ (literally / symbolically) that are being released through the process we’ve been in?
  • Making sounds and breathing into what’s been going on, perhaps breathing new life into what’s been stagnant and stuck can be helpful instinctual bodily and symbolic movements.
  • What are the messages and signals (GEM) of the body (TAU) we’re receiving and giving off?
  • What’s been stagnant and stuck, or ‘fermenting’ and come to fruition to find a voice now?
  • What’s growing wings now, and ready to take flight?


Here’s the Yin-Yang Phoenix – on top of the allegoric Gemini painting by Johfra Bosschart. 
You’ve seen it before – maybe in a new light now (under MERCURY in SAG, and in the context of the GEM – SAG Full Moon).

More and more people have found their Twin (GEM) Flame (SAG) – a theme that’s also related to this Full Moon – which may heighten the chances to connect – or re-connect (under MERCURY – ruler of GEM – now retro in SAG), if the flame is (re-)ignited through certain signals (or maybe a secret Soul Code).


Time to FREE things up – and see them in a new LIGHT.

  • Maybe by rising above the ‘creepy-crawly’ dimension we’ve been stuck in, burning off what doesn’t serve anymore and has fulfilled its purpose – esp. when we look at it clearly, and notice the space between us and ‘it’.
  • Maybe by honouring the dark, ‘hiding’, and holding places we’ve been in, taking us deeper than we might have chosen, but importantly so.

What helps us shift from ‘being in the dark’ to moving forward, and trusting the Journey that Life is?
What is it that ignites the Heart and Spirit in these seasonably darkest times (in our Northern hemisphere)? 
What can we trust, and move forward and through the dark days with?


Jupiter Rules Sagittarius –Painting by Johfra Bosschart

The SAG Hermit carries his Soul light lantern – always shedding light on the path right in front of him…
Reminds me of a quote:

“Qu: How do I know whether I’m on the right path?
A: Just look down where your feet are.”
(must have been coined by a SAG – CAP person…. ).

The SAG Centaur (according to a mythological story the transcended ‘Wounded Healer’ CHIRON) is the embodied connection of Animal (an animal with a Big Heart that-is!) with Conscious Human, shooting the arrow ignited / fueled by Zeus’s (JUPITER’s) thunderbolt to the Heavens. 
Animal – Human – Divine, in ONE.

A simple formula / reminder for the SAG Spirit.
The inner Heart Fire is the Divine Ignition, that carries us forward, and our Spirit into the World….
Maybe – quite often actually – the result / in the context of what’s called a ‘Healing Journey’
(which may continue… it doesn’t need to have a destination).


Let’s take a look at the FULL MOON chart!

The MOON will be culminating in her Fullness at 9:39 pm PST tomorrow Nov 22 (12:39 am EST on Nov 23).

See the SUN / JUPITER alignment on the ‘Phoenix Point’ in early SAG? 
The two biggest bodies of the Solar System aligned in that area of the heavens – what a gravitation! Where you see the SUN these days is also JUPITER.

It’ll takes the SUN 3 days after the Full Moon to catch up with and pass JUPITER (on Nov 25 / 26). 
From then on JUPITER will rise again before the SUN (call it ‘New JUPITER‘). We won’t see JUPITER in the early morning for a while yet, though.
Yet, it’s a Solar initiation of JUPITER into SAG – in case you haven’t noticed the ‘Phoenix’ / SAG energy so strongly yet in the last weeks.
May we rise in Spirit, Heart guided and with clear seeing!

Not far from SUN / JUPITER:
MERCURY, now retro a bit further in early SAG, is being in this first half of M-r ‘lassoed in’, to meet and go behind the SUN next Tue Nov 27 = ‘Day of Enlightened Insight’ aka ‘New MERCURY‘.

The first half of M-r (since Nov 16) a.k.a. Epimethean phase can (esp. in SAG) bring out ‘old and told stories and beliefs’ which are coming to the forefront of the mind – only for us to acknowledge them for what they’ve meant, and how they might have made sense in the context of the past.
But we’re outgrowing them, inevitably, as we’re finding deep Inner Truth and Freedom.

I.o.w., so much Phoenix Rebirth Energy nowadays… 
When you feel stuck in the ‘Labour’ or ‘Birth Canal’ of it trust the process. This too shall move!
And with the consciousness of the Old we can’t quite perceive of the new and lighter yet. It’ll look differently on the other side.


What’s with all the Zodiac Cusps being activated?


  • The PHOENIX Point – as of tomorrow on the SAG side! – , with the SUN (enters SAG on Nov 22 at 1:01 am PST), JUPITER, and MERCURY retro.
    Shifts with the ‘New JUPITER’ and ‘New MERCURY’ over the next week, as in:
    Rebirth of Spirit, and of a clear seeing Heart-Mind.

    MERCURY retro will go again over the ‘Phoenix Point’ into late SCO from Dec 1 – 12, to dive into deeper motives and magical zones (SCO) that inspire us (SAG).


  • The South Node is now at the end of CAP, while the North Node is at the end of CAN. 

    The Nodal Axis shifted recently, on Nov 16
    , with the Lunar South Node (SN) on the CAP / AQ ‘Society/ System / Witnessing Point’ (aka ‘Prometheus Point’= the Rebel / Innovator bringing the Fire of Freedom to Humanity, another story….) and Lunar North Node (NN) on the ‘Creativity Point’ (CAN / LEO).

    The ‘air can get thin’, and it can get icy, cold, and lonely, on top of the mountain where we understand and witness…

    We’ve reached an imbalance of overly ‘watching / witnessing’ (AQ / CAP) – perhaps immature narcissistic ‘drama queens and drama kings’ playing out their unresolved childhood stuff (CAN / LEO), and giving them / this stuff energy through attention while getting drained – and it gets old. This imbalance needs to shift.
    Otherwise not-so-great CAP effects
    (feeling heavy, burdened, depressed, judgmental, resentful…) can easily kick in – symptoms showing something’s out of balance.

    How about stepping away, and unplugging from this position (should you have put yourself into it), incl. the over-engagement with watching other people in a way that’s ‘sensationally’ tempting but drains your energy?
    Social media doesn’t help / is part of the problem, esp. if it’s a substitute that replaces social engagement with real people in a lonely ‘plugged-in modern world’ that just reinforces the system.

    And how about instead – with the freed-up energy – playing and being creative (CAN – LEO NN) like / with the Inner Child?!
    And dancing as if nobody or everybody watches (what’s the difference – if you’re childlike?)?
    Because you can, and because you care. Because taking care of your needs gives you new energy you can bring into the picture with others.
    Yep, a fresh cuspy shift right there.


  • MARS is now freshly in early PISCES (Nov 15 – Dec 31) encourages us to go with the flow, surf the cosmic waves, adapt to the energies that come up, ride them out, and channel ‘action’ into release, relax, and letting go….
    Ha, esp. in the Holiday craze – excellent antidote to otherwise Piscean ‘Tsunami’ overwhelm – beware of that one, take it easy, and be in the flow.


  • CHIRON presently retro is in late PISCES – moved back over the ‘Emergence Point’ from ARIES where it’s been since mid-April until end of Sept, and is now back in late PI until Feb 18, 2019. A ‘CHIRON-ic Immersion’ for its last phase in PI (where it’s been since 2010 / 2011).
    CHIRON will go out of retro on Dec 8 – a stationary focal point in the first half of Dec, pointing us to what the oceanic immersive, reconnective, and regenerative ‘Medicine’ is for / in us that changes our vibration and helps with a fresh genuine presence.
    Remember, CHIRON in ARIES offers the Medicine of being the Authentic YOU.


  • URANUS retro is also backtracking nowadays, for one more phase at the end of ARIES where it’s been since 2011.
    URANUS has already ‘shaken up’ and awakened TAURUS (doing its job as the Archetype of the Awakener) as in: Us Earthlings, in relation to Mother Earth, and to our sensate body, mid-2018.
    URANUS on the TAU side of the ‘Settling Point’ has been obviously rather un-settling, yet helping us be free from dullness, stagnation, comfort traps, attachment, complacency, and for a new way of embodying Spirit.
    Now back in ARIES, URANUS brings fresh Spirit of experimentation to how we show up.
    Just do it, says ARIES, and be alive, new, and in the NOW.
    URANUS will go out of retro = direct again on Jan 6, the day after the CAP New MOON / a Partial Solar Eclipse, on Jan 5.
    Hence end of Dec to mid-Jan will be quite Uranian, bringing wake-up calls and paradigm shifts.


  • VENUS in late LIBRA – post her retro journey in Fall, and now re-newed as the ‘Morning Star’ Goddess / Divine Feminine – helps us choose, and engage relationally (LIBRA), based on our intrinsic values.
    VENUS will once again on Dec 2
     (already happened this Fall, due to her retro journey) dive over the ‘Tipping Point’ cusp into SCO where she’ll dwell until Jan 7 / 8.
    So yeah, make a choice that’s a good match and don’t be afraid of the magic and change it brings.
    VENUS on the ‘Tipping Point’ will oppose URANUS on the ‘Settling Point’ once again (# 3 of 3) on Fri (VenusDay!) Nov 30.
    The freedom of choice…


  • The FULL MOON on the TAU – GEM cusp which I call ‘BodyTalk Point’ or ‘Voice Point’ calls us to respond to the messages and signals of the body, and give a voice to what’s been ‘sitting there’.
    Asking good questions helps….
    As does following the Path of the Heart that SAG points us to so strongly now…



Sending Love, Light, and Joy – on your Path, and in the Cosmic Dance!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




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