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VENUS in PISCES (March 26 – Apr 20) ~ Love IS.

19 Mar

Dear Astro Friends in the Human ‘Field’, and Web of Connectedness,

VENUS in AQ (since March 1) has brought out our Love for Humanity and its Future.
Which brings people together to collaborate, be visionary – perhaps utopian, and innovative.

Well – massively demonstrated through the climate emergency school walkouts that took off / went ‘viral’ last Fri March 15.
Initiated by amazingly outspoken 16-year young activist Greta Thunberg (born under the mid-CAP New Moon – this year transited by SATURN, after a life-changing PLUTO impact), in her serious, moving, urgent appeal to students, and to humanity. She cuts right into the Heart of the issue in her TED Talk.
Please watch, and do what you feel called to!


The main theme for AQ is Freedom.
The Archetype VENUS will meet in AQ (on March 22) is LILITH – representing our ‘Wild & Free’ Nature – a double dose of Freedom in relationships, and initiated via the Feminine is ON, for the VENUSian Magnet.

With URANUS, the Ruler of AQ, since March 6 in TAURUS, the Zodiac sign ruled by VENUS, while VENUS has been in AQ  (ruled by URANUS) there’s recently a (‘double whammy’) mutual reception between them reinforcing their shared themes.
Very conducive to come together in circles of like-spirit beyond the ‘boundaries’ of convention and predictability.


On March 26, the VENUSian Wave rolls over into PISCES – Sail in the Waters of Love – All is ONE.

VENUS will cruise & connect in ‘her’ Zodiac energy of exaltation until Apr 20.

Ocean Bliss – Photo by Melanie


The most exquisite, undefined, ‘je ne sais quoi’ energy – call it ‘unconditional love’ / All IS Love – All IS Love’.  

With MERCURY presently retro, rolling out until early April, and also in PISCES, connecting with NEPTUNE twice more on March 24 / Apr 2 this vibration can lead us mere mortals also into disillusionment, confusion, disappointment, or unrequited scenarios, linked into victim consciousness / projections / putting the ‘adored one’ on a pedestal / having to take ourselves off the pedestal another puts us on.
An intertwined, entangled, enmeshed world… 

Or, we mentally-emotionally create self sabotaging victim scenarios.

All of this Mercurial mesh of PISCES can ‘inform’ VENUS’s entry into PI. Yet hopefully, conscious clearing and RE-lease has happened in the meantime (see M-r segment above) – the opportunity with M-r.

VENUS in PI is an energy of love and attraction that’s best expressed without attachment, and instead all-encompassing unconditional Love… 

Ideally (VENUS in PI is such an idealist, I should say…) this goes for any attractions and relationships, not just ‘special sweethearts’.


Preview for VENUS’s ‘Dates’ & ‘Dances’ with other Planetary Archetypes while ‘she’s in PISCES 

VENUS freshly in PI in sextile with URANUS in TAU
Openness and non-attachment – flow with what IS and be Free!


VENUS in PI is met by the PI MOON.
Can it be sweeter than this… (except in the 7th Heaven)?
Yet, don’t mix up the movie with a real person.
And swim away from confusing / overwhelming / toxic ‘media showers’.


VENUS in PI meets (her ‘higher octave’) NEPTUNE.
Love comes in so many ways – and waves. Love IS.


VENUS in PI in sextile with SATURN in CAP.
Wow, the ‘Ringed’ One meets VENUS – a commitment through connection – not to be taken lightly, says SATURN. Could be the ‘real deal’, yet without attachment (otherwise ‘she’ swims away…).


VENUS in PI in sextile with PLUTO in CAP.
Connection beyond Time and ‘Death’.


VENUS in PI squares JUPITER freshly retro (from Apr 11 on) in SAG.
Adventure calling – go with the flow, raise your vibration (hint: Love & Gratitude focus always helps…), and attract abundance from that space.


The Day the SUN goes out of ARIES, and enters TAURUS:

Emergence of the Warrior Goddess


Rumi: Let the Beauty of what you Love be what you Do

VENUS in PISCES in Your Chart & Life…

…can help your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planetary Archetypes in PISCES and the area/s of life relating to the House/s where PISCES is in your birth (and local) chart/s – to be a magnet for attracting partners and choices that are a good match through easy flow, resonance, and connectedness.

In the meantime / as always, there’s also a ‘match’ & mirror game going on, with VENUS showing you where you’re at, with Your Self Value and Self Love.
As in: How loving and compassionate are you with yourself?
Your attractions tend to mirror it.
You’re a vibrational match for what / whom you attract – which can be literally a mirror, or ‘the missing piece’.

VENUS at the end of AQ (meeting LILITH) and in PI (meeting NEPTUNE) transiting your… House in the next weeks is a Love & Value Magnet for you in these areas of your Life:

1st House:
Your Presence and Sense of Self

2nd House:
Your Values, what you own, literally & metaphorically, your Business

3rd House:
Your Environment

4th House:
Your Home, Origin, Ancestry

5th House:
Your Creative, Playful, Inner Child and Lover

6th House:
Your Work, Wellness, Lifestyle

7th House:
Your Partners & Significant Others

8th House:
Your Involvement and Sharing with Others, Your Transformations

9th House:
What gives you Meaning, Your Wisdom, Inspiration, Path and Travels

10th House:
Your Purpose incl Career, Your Public Self

11th House:
Your Social Side – Engagement with Society, Groups and Friends

12th House:
Your Transcendent and Spiritual Self and Union with All-that-Is.


Wishing You the Gifts of Love that Connects, with VENUS in PISCES!



© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger






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Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

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