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Ring of Fire Super CAP Annular Solar Eclipse (Dec 25 / 26) – Out of the Old Paradigm. Into New Ways of Being.

23 Dec

Solstice Blessings, dear Cosmic Friends on this Sacred Earth!

The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere has brought back the – ever so slowly but surely – returning Light, as the daylight is getting longer, second by second, and minute by minute.

Hope you and yours have been also celebrating in Joy of the Light Returning!


And now – right on Christmas Day / Boxing Day:

The ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar Eclipse is coming!

On Dec 25 / 26 –  and the path of the ‘Ring of Fire’ will go over the Arabian Peninsula, Indian Ocean, Southern and South-East Asia.



It sets the tone for a Super CAP season, culminating on Jan 12, 2020, with the epic and much anticipated (yet already gradually building up) SATURN – PLUTO conjunction which comes only every 38 years, and occurred in CAP the last time several hundreds of years ago.
It is also amplified by JUPITER, freshly in CAP, and right ‘next to’ the Eclipse New Moon. See chart below.

Obviously a Big and important one.


Celtic Wheel of the Year, with the cardinal Turning Points of the Equinoxes and Solstices: Ostara, LITHA (Summer Solstice), Mabon, YULE (Winter Solstice)

And it will be one of the TWO major ecliptic Solstice New Moons of the Year:
The Dec 25 / 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse in CAP (with SO much CAP) just after the Winter Solstice.
The June 20 / 21, 2020 Annular Solar Eclipse at 0º21 CAN just 9 hrs after the Summer Solstice.

Both are catalyzing karmic pathways, collectively and for us personally, esp. if we have CAPRICORN and CANCER energies in our charts.

They are super significant Eclipses, as they happen on the cardinal Solstice Points of the year, where energy takes a turn and a new lead.


In 2019 / 2020, seven Eclipses in CAP / CAN are on!


Four CAP / CAN Eclipses in 2019:


Three CAP – CAN Eclipses in 2020 (the new year will see six Eclipses altogether!):

  • Jan 10 Full Moon / PLE in CAN / CAP, with Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in CAP.
  • June 21 / 22 New Moon Annular SE (Seed Eclipse) in CAN.
  • July 4 / 5 Full Moon PLE in CAP / CAN, with Jupiter / Pluto in CAP.


Have you been feeling the Eclipse effects (usually building up the month before)?

The Christmas ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar ECLIPSE in early CAP helps us with releasing and ‘recycling’ the old ‘business as usual’. The Old Empire is expiring, as it’s unsustainable (a critical CAP question) and has shown ample evidence (Saturn) for its (self)destructive (Pluto) potential.

As an Annular Solar Eclipse, the MOON almost completely covers the SUN disk, reduced to a fiery ring ‘behind’ the MOON.
Symbolically, the Yin / Female / Lunar quality steps in front of the Yang / Masculine / Solar to create a temporary darkening effect.
A light switch in consciousness. 


Lunar South Node Glyph

Every New Moon closes a lunar month cycle and initiates a new one.
A Solar Eclipse is an exact New Moon – a clear threshold and ‘re-set’ of Solar Consciousness, aligned with the ‘karmic pathways’ of the Lunar Nodes:
Lights off / on!

Lunar North Node Glyph

The South Node of the Moon has been since Nov 2018 in CAPRICORN and the North Node in CANCER.
More about this phase (until June 2020) in this blog post

The ‘cosmic outbreath’ / switch-off button is on the CAP side these days / months / years, and the cosmic ‘inbreath’ / incentive / switch on button comes from the CANCER side:

We’re called to breathe out / be done with cruel, oppressive, abusive, exploiting, wasteful top-down linear structures.
And take in fresh energy of caring and belonging in the Human Family. We are in the Circle of Life.

The Lunar Nodes are about Balance (rather than old-school dualistic: do this, avoid the opposite) – after all, breathing is cyclical too:
How about:
Remembering the Ancient EarthMother (CAP-CAN), and the ways of our Ancestors – translated into this time… What would help us move forward in a Life sustaining and nurturing ways?

If we ‘jump’ through the Ring of Fire of the old CAP modus operandi we find ourselves in a different way of Being.
Maybe the old Ring has simply become to small and tight, and it’s time to take it off. Expansive JUPITER in CAP now – showing up right by the Eclipse – magnifies the Old, and says: “There’s more than that.”
I bet you sense what that means in your life (and pointers would show up in the area of life relating to early CAP in your chart).
Below I expand on outgrowing (or jumping out of) the Old.


Two CAP New Moon Eclipses frame 2019 (Jan 5 / 6 and Jan 25 / 26)!

Such a year to take stock / inventory.
Which is revealing & naturally empowering.

  • Remember the early Jan Partial Solar Eclipse (with Saturn) in CAP?
  • What has been your inner and societal ‘Old Empire’ that had its expiry year in 2019?

  • And – since energy doesn’t just disappear unless we’re talking Black Hole – what have the endings of an era turned into?

  • Do you see evidence of regeneration from ‘compost’ into new growth already?


Maybe you’ve been super frustrated with generic, conditioned, ingrained ‘operating systems’ and structures esp. in socio-economic realms, with lacking leadership & poor modelling of integrity (SATURN in CAP).
Ok – we know now what doesn’t work in the status quo.
Common sense / Natural Law would do things differently.
Question is, do we still engage with the old, in the hope to help change the system from within?

Or is this futile for various reasons, and time & energy are better invested in creatively (hey, CANCER represents  creative Mother Goddess energy) building (CAP) the New – in organic co-creative ways, modeled by Nature – as eco systems & biospheres do?!




Yet – helpful to call it out – so that we catch ourselves when being tempted to buy into it / feeling trapped,  and to disengage.
Acknowledgment helps with closure.


The old linear & hierarchical paradigm is based on misconceptions / limiting lies of scarcity, separation, and superiority.


Limiting Lie 1:
Scarcity of resources.

False. Resources are not limited. They need to be allocated in a different way.
Gandhi’s words sum it up: “The world has enough for the human need, but not enough for the human greed.”
Well, and competition fits well with scarcity.
Innovation / creativity / cooperation as an unlimited resource is not (yet) enough supported (since some if not most innovations would make established profit producing activities redundant).
The Bigger Truth (JUPITER) is: Nature is abundant.


Limiting Lie 2:

When people buy into it they can be easily divided and ruled.
Applies also to apparent self sufficiency via ‘convenient’ (for whom really?) tech gadgets that seem to connect yet also de facto separate us. And they need our attention and create psychological checking-checking dependency / addiction (hey, also because it’s never the ‘real thing, always a simulation) as well as economic dependency (upgrades, newest models, compatibility).
Separation is an artificial / untrue concept.
The Bigger Truth is interrelatedness & oneness. Spiritually & scientifically obvious by now.
The era with NEPTUNE in PISCES (2012 – 2026) has shown it to us, on all levels…


Limiting Lie 3:
Based on Separation – some are on top aka bosses, elite; others ‘beneath’.
Applies to structured relationships between humans, and came with patriarchal hierarchies.
And applies to relationships between humans and other sentient beings. A disastrous mistranslation / interpretation of the Bible in Genesis 1:28, “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over / reign / govern over… every living thing”?!
Well, the Bible itself is quite a patriarchal document, and in that sense it’s sadly consistent.
Sad (convenient) justification for abuse / slavery / colonization. The shadow of CAP.
The Bigger Truth is: Interdependence of Life. Nobody’s entitled to put themselves on top of other Beings. And hey, we’re all in a process of decolonization.
A new foundation for co-creation, community building, and collaboration in equality is on the horizon, as SATURN & JUPITER enter AQ in 2020, and align at 0º28’AQ at Winter Solstice 2020.


The economic ‘business as usual’ paradigm whose operating system is based on the 3 Lies and striving to maximize production & profit – often at the expense of ‘externalities’ = impacts on ‘third parties’ (another Orwellian newspeak way of masking / hiding the simple truth of damage been done) –has failed.
B.t.w., paradigm in its original sense means: A model, pattern, precedent, even: exhibit.
Hence, not a given, and up for change if it doesn’t work.
Yet, sadly, so many parties are invested in the destructive & dysfunctional old.
Mostly to maintain status and privileges. Or out of fear / feeling trapped & unimagination stick with the ‘old devil’.


What helps – what doesn’t?

‘Just’ reacting to, resisting, blaming, and fighting external authority and power structures (SATURN / PLUTO) is not the way forward. It still feeds their energy field by giving them attention, acknowledging them energetically, in an adolescent & victim manner.

Time to take self-responsibility, claim self-authority (SATURN in CAP), and to ‘outgrow’ (JUPITER  in CAP, next to the Eclipse) the Old. By co-building new and better, more compassionate and humane structures that take care of needs more directly and on an equal level, rather than the  fossilized top-down institutionalized world?!


Snowy Stone Circles on Beacon Hill – timeless / ‘retro’ photo from 5 years ago, Dec 2014 (before they were fenced in!)


The natural ways flow with and the Natural Law respects the Web of Life:
All is Connected. All is ONE.
Abundance is an expression of continuous creation & creativity.
Our Ancestors (CAP) knew it and the Elders (CAP) teach it. 

So simple.

How can we consistently, step by step like the Solstice light / early CAP SUN, implement the new and growing energy of integrity, resourcefulness, less-is-more contentment, and calm simplicity?
JUPITER now in CAP since Dec 2 and for almost all of 2020 helps us with outgrowing the Old and expired, bringing our Best to the World, and working with Time & Resources for the highest Good.

This is the last Solar Eclipse in CAP for a while.

In about 19 years will be the next ones.
Big time endings of old unsustainable and / or outlived / expired structures.

Eclipses come back to the same point in the Zodiac every 19 years.
There was a CAP New Moon / PSE Solar Eclipse over North & Central America on Dec 25, 2000!
An invitation to reflect upon that cycle:

  • What did you build (CAP) since then, and what’s now coming to an assessment / inventory?

  • CAP refers to success / failure as an important criterion. Yet it’s not so ‘obvious’, since even ‘defeat’ on an outer / ego level can lead to spiritual advancement.

  • Where do you stand in relation to society and its structures (CAP)?

  • What have you contributed, and what are your best qualities (CAP) that are being called for now?

  • What are / have become (CAP) priorities (from an empowered and evolutionary place)?

  • What’s super timely (CAP) now for you?

  • How can you be in deep time / Soul time?


The 19-year early CAP Solar Eclipse cycle (2000 – 2019) is almost congruent with the 20-year JUPITER – SATURN cycle (2000 – 2020)!

Wall St. Bronze Bull

Uhhh – another confirmation of what the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse announces:
A socio-political-economic JUPITER-SATURN cycle is ending, and a new one is beginning, in 2020.
Well, 2020 will be such a historic year.

The now ending 20-year cycle we’re in started on May 28, 2000, as JUPITER & SATURN aligned in TAURUS, initiating two decades of Taurean consumerism, conservatism, and territorialism.
Of course, money – a prime Taurean factor – has played a big role, if not: Ruled the game.

On an evolutionary level, the value of Nature and of protecting Mother Earth (TAU) became more prominent too.

End of 2020, JUPITER & SATURN will align on the AQ side of the CAP-AQ ‘Community Building / Humanity Collaboration’ cusp – after a year of big CAP transformations.
We’re stepping into a new Era.


Well, and what’s with the Christmas Spirit?

Not an ‘accident’ (what is?) that the Eclipse falls on Christmas Day / Boxing Day.
Simple message right there:
With all the CAP shadow of busy production mode, FOMO (so much to do, so little time to take it all in), being ueber scheduled, buying into externalized conditioning of expectations, showing up where you don’t feel authentically called to, getting ‘obli-gifts’, pretending, compensating via materialism, crazy consumerism (incl. Boxing Day rush), the true Christmas Spirit is vastly ‘lost in translation’.

SO – Time to jump through all the falsity and into what’s true and essential about Christmas and all the celebrations of Light & Love at this Sacred Time. 


A Release Ceremony

…on the day before the Eclipse New Moon (= tomorrow Dec 24 / Dec 25 daytime) would be in perfect alignment with the energies, and supported by the Universe.
Maybe you’d love to bring a gift to Mother Earth to a place by the water for a release-with-love, while asking for transformation?

I like the model of the Despacho which I was honoured to be part of at Winter Solstice 2012.
Creating a beautiful gift (also for release, like in a letter) with decoration according to your intuitive guidance, on an Earth friendly biodegradable cloth, wrapping it up like a parcel, and offering it to Mother Earth as a gift and for transformation. Maybe bringing it to a flowing Water body.


And, as always with the Eclipses (twice a year, a pair of Lunar and Solar Eclipse occur), the Annular Solar Eclipse catalyzes what’s going on in the Astro sphere otherwise.

SO – let’s take a good look at the

Birth Chart of the Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse

The CAP New Moon will occur at 9:13 pm PST on Dec 25 / 12:13 am EST on Dec 26.
The maximum Eclipse will be at 9:17 pm PST.
So it really is energetically a Total Solar Eclipse.



And SO much CAP indeed!

Right next to the Eclipse New Moon is JUPITER (met by the MOON just 2 hrs after the NM / Eclipse, and by the SUN on Dec 27). Also super close-by: the South Node Release Point, and SATURN approaching PLUTO (their exact union will be on Jan 12).
What a strong gravitational cluster!

An Old World / Old Empire comes to an end. 
Traditionally / symbolically, an Eclipse has been considered ‘the Death of a Ruler / King’ as the SUN is overshadowed by the MOON. Lights off.
The death of the shadow of what rules and governs us, in the hierarchical CAP world – see above…
How do you relate to that?
And what can the old shadow world / empire transform into?

With SATURN – PLUTO (they were already close to each other and to the South Node in CAP for an extended time this Spring and early Summer) it’s helpful to tap into our deepest / core fears.
MARS now in SCO (until Jan 3) helps with diving into what’s usually hidden and covered.
Accessing and acknowledging deep fears and perhaps THE core fear can be SO key for moving to empowering change.
It’s the first step for letting transformation, healing
(CHIRON in ARIES in square with the Eclipse), and liberation from the inside-out (URANUS retro in TAU in trine with the Eclipse) happen, which can turn into truly-naturally emBodying Freedom.

SATURN – PLUTO will help us with transforming externalized authority & power / control into letting Soul / Higher Power take the lead, and doing the Soul work. 


Star Cluster in the Galactic Centre (NASA) – Heart of our Milky Way, in the direction to end of SAG where the SUN travels just before the Winter Solstice

MERCURY is now end of SAG – pointing to the direction of the Galactic Centre – the Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy, where ultimate Raison d’Etre, Why and Truth are always unfathomable (definitely for the mind) and a Matter of Heart. The Galactic Centre at the end of SAG – close to the ‘Integrity Point’ to CAP is about the ultimate Unknown that points us to the Wisdom and Knowing of the Spiritual Heart, and to ultimate Trust in the Journey. Let the Heart Speak, and follow the Heart Light!
On Dec 28, MERCURY will enter CAP
– reminding us / them to walk the talk.


VENUS is now in AQ (Dec 19 – Jan 13)- the one Planet offering a breath of fresh AIR into the otherwise super earthy cosmic Alchemy.
VENUS heralds the shift of SATURN & JUPITER into AQ in 2020, and evokes our Love for Humanity and its Future.
‘She’ likes to
bring people together to collaborate, be visionary – perhaps Utopian, and innovative.


Lastly, let’s see what the 

Sabian Symbol of the Eclipse New Moon

…wants to show us.
The New Moon will be at 4º06′ CAP.


Songhees Nation Christmas / Solstice / Eagle Tree – Canoe Paddles included – as seen last week


4º CAP:


KEYNOTE: The ability to use natural resources and basic skills in order to achieve a group-purpose.

As this scene was recorded in the original version only in imprecise terms, it seems merely to indicate the start of a journey undertaken by a cohesive group of people, who perhaps together have built this large canoe. Thus we see here a common enterprise which may be an answer to the need for a change of locality. A social group more strongly than ever reveals its homogeneity and common will when it decides to move away from its familiar habitat. The zodiacal sign Capricorn brings this common will to a focus in concrete actions. It does so in terms of socio-political expediency and under a definite type of executive direction, even though the decisions are arrived at by common consent.

As this is the fourth symbol in the fifty-fifth five-fold sequence, we find in it a hint of how to do something concrete. The “canoe” may also have a special technical meaning, as it uses water in order to move. A common feeling-response to a specific situation may be implied. The main emphasis is nevertheless on GROUP-ACTIVITY in circumstances implying a need for change.”


The Symbol brings the solution to moving out of the (recent) Old World paradigm, and points to where it’s going next year and in the years to come.
The canoe / boat and journey by water are CANCER symbols (as is the tribe and the human family) – where the North Node is now.
Big Gratitude for the confirmation!


Blessings for the Ring of Fire SoUlar Eclipse!
Let’s jump through / outgrow the old Ring with Heart Power.
And start building vehicles of Change together!



© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger



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The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life. I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified with them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

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Experiment with the New YOU! URANUS retro re-enters ARIES (Nov 6 – March 6, 2019)

4 Nov

Prometheus, the Greek hero associated with the Planet URANUS, capturing the fire of spirit and creative inventiveness from the Gods for Humanity.

One last phase of URANUS in ARIES is coming up over the Winter, before it finally ‘lands’ in TAURUS next March – until 2026!

Experimental URANUS has tried on TAU this year for exactly 6 lunar months, since the DAY of the the New Moon in TAU (May 15), and on the day before SCO New Moon (Nov 7) it will retract from the Taurean realm.
What an amazing alignment – ‘just like that’…!

URANUS has been in ARIES since March 2011 – and is usually 7 1/2 years in a Zodiac sign.
This ARIES ‘wrap-up phase’ at the very end of the fiery ‘initiator’ / ‘instigator’ Archetype can stimulate accelerated newness, esp. technology and start-ups
(yep, we’ve already seen so much of that during UR in AR), innovative experimentation, and a bold ‘get the ball rolling’ initiatives, as well as unprecedented momentum to think and live outside the box / Matrix.

BE fresh and new and in the Awake NOW that has no comparison.
The New YOU is where it’s at.


Next UP for URANUS retro in ARIES this season:


  • On Nov 30, VENUS, freshly out of retro (from Nov 16 on) at the end of LIBRA (on the ‘Tipping Point’) will oppose URANUS (for the 3rd time that-is, since it already happened (# 1) on Sept 12 when ‘she’ had barely entered SCO, and again (# 2) just last week, on Oct 31, with VENUS retro, again from early SCO.
    Wow, triple VENUS – URANUS activation on the ‘Tipping Point’ (VENUS) & ‘Settling Point’ (URANUS) – that sounds like there’s been unfinished business between the Love Goddess and the Liberator.
    When we truly love ourselves and come from the Consciousness of Love (SUN – VENUS / ‘New VENUS’ being activated via VENUS retro) we don’t need to ‘rebel’ / run away / split / oppose ourselves to others to be free.
    Freedom arises through the Love that IS – and it (re)arranges relationships as needed.


  • URANUS retro in late ARIES squares the Lunar Nodes in late CAP (SN) – late CAN (NN) from mid-Nov to mid-Dec, exact Dec 2 / 3.
    A rare triple cuspy T-square, with URANUS on the ‘Settling Point’, the South Node on the ‘Collaboration / Systems / Society Point’, and the North Node on the ‘Creativity / Inner Child / Playfulness Point’.
    What can this add up to?
    Tension between a (perhaps old pattern of) investing too much energy into group efforts that aren’t really ‘cutting it’ (perhaps you’re taking too much on, or are with groups or part of a society run by on old ‘operating systems’
    ) – while fresh energy is coming in and welcoming you to be creative, loving, playful, and (self) caring in new ways.
    Sometimes it takes a liberating paradigm shift…
    JUPITER from the SAG side of the ‘Phoenix Point’ trining the North Node supports you in being on your uplifting path and in your Truth.


  • On Feb 3, 2019, VENUS at the end of SAG goes into Fire Trine with URANUS (by then direct again) in ARIES, and on Feb 13, MARS at the end of ARIES meets and passes URANUS.
    Very adventurous and uplifting energies.
    The MARS / URANUS connection in MARS’s ruled sign can unleash quite erratic and unpredictable, at best liberating breakthrough energies. Viva la Revolution!


Wishing you a liberating, rebirthing Uranian season!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to Your ‘Inner Cosmic Compass’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified with them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.


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MARS Retro 2018 in the making (June 26 – Aug 27): RE-calibrating the Inner Masculine. RE-activating Community and Cooperation.

9 Jun

Mars (Hubble Telescope picture)

MARS goes retro every two years, for 2 months.
It’s ON again: June 26 – Aug 27, 2018 and now in the making, a.k.a. MARS is ‘stationary’ (moving very slowly before the ‘U-Turn’)
Noticing it?

The process / prep has already started when MARS moved from CAP into AQ (which URANUS rules), and immediately into square with URANUS (May 15 / 16).|

Quite cathartic and catalytically, it brought out acutely:
Wake up, Earthlings!
What’s with Cooperation and Community?!
Who are your Friends? 

How can we move (rather than backwards into the hierarchical / subordinating / even abusive ‘Old Regime’ / shadow of CAP) into a brighter, freer Future together (AQ)?
As MARS will be in retro motion from Earth perspective from early AQ back to late CAP, and forward again (AQ-CAP-AQ) it crosses 3 times over the Community Building Point a.k.a. Prometheus Point (the revolutionary & enlightening Spirit brings Freedom to ALL) it will have significant effects on:

* RE-encountering Men ‘from the Past’
Like, literally running into men from our personal ‘history’, or being in an environment where men behave in a ‘retro’ way (for better or worse), and how that affects us.
Maybe we have ‘unfinished business’ with these men / with that modus operandi. Here’s the chance to clear karma (retro movement has this karma clearing effect too).

* RE-calibrating the Inner Masculine
Coming in touch with the Inner Masculine (whether we’re in a male or female body) who asserts what we want in a direct, straight-forward way.
Accessing hidden anger and resentment for not being more assertive.
MARS Retro gives us the chance to shift this.

* RE-conciling the traditional (CAP) and modern (AQ) Masculine – to bring out the Best of Both Worlds
MARS Retro asks us to check in:
What gives us and what takes energy / creates competition and conflict, in hierarchical / traditional structures (CAP), and in circles / with friends (AQ), and how to take it from there – rather than taking it out on each other or on ourselves.
Powerful Group Effects in Cooperation (CAP – AQ) can come from this, when we bring our energies synergistically together (AQ) for a cause and purpose (CAP), rather than – ego driven – exerting them against each other or top-down / bottom-up.

* RE-purposing & Freeing up RE-sources 
MARS retro from AQ back to CAP and forward to AQ again calls us to actively gain freedom from what uses up our time and resources (CAP) that can be re-purposed into what we really want (MARS).
Where have you enslaved yourself / let yourself be enslaved by something you own / that ‘owns’ and occupies you, your time, your energy / money / resources? What’s ready to be freed-up now?

Those of us you born with SUN, MOON, AC, MC, Nodes, or Planets in in (esp. late) CAP and (esp. early) AQ will be / are already most affected by this 2-months Martian Summer action.

And if you have Astro energies on the other 3 cusps end of AR / early TAU, end of CAN / early LEO, end of LI / early SCO that MARS squares or opposes a lot is stirred up for you too, to bring you back into a healthy energy expression and cooperation.


Let’s explore how this shows up for YOU, and in the World, in our 

Special ASTRO Parlour
MARS Retro 2018

7:18 – 10:18 PM PDT
Afternoon group can be opened as well.
Join us in person or online.


MARS is in AQ for a looong time this year: 5 months!

May 15 – Aug 12, and again Sept 10 – Nov 15, due to the retro phase (June 26 – Aug 27).

We humans get an energy boost to show up and do the work that’s required in Community with  everybody contributing with their resources and what they’re best at (CAP), and where nobody’s the boss in old-consciousness ways. A circle of equals, beyond the linear / hierarchical authority model.

And what’s with the retro part of it?
It represents a re-calibration of how we pursue things, and of the ‘traditional Masculine’ as MARS goes back to CAP:
Ideally: Backing off from old school top-down ruling over. Moving to contributing our best qualities instead, and bringing them into community and humanity. ‘Seems like’ (no-brainer) there’s ‘unfinished business’ (CAP) around this, and even though it’s been brought up many times in history, we need to re-visit it now, to affect change.


Community of Wisdom Elders & Circle of Leaders – also CAP-AQ

The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers with the Prayer Scarves, gifted to them by HH the 14th Dalai Lama.


Here are a few markers of the MARS journey pre-, during, and post-retro:

As MARS goes forth and back and forth into AQ – CAP – AQ it squares URANUS that’s freshly in TAU now THREE times:
The initial square was May 16, again (under MARS retro) on Aug 1, and lastly (in Martian forward-direct mode) on Sept 18.

More liberating shifts obviously required, and on the horizon.
This can really shake things up when it comes to provocative, experimental, if not shocking, even traumatic, yet hopefully liberating and awakening breakthroughs and break-frees. Sounds like more social unrest and social movement to protection of Mother Earth.


Retro note:
Initiating (MARS) things from an Ego place (the Ego likes to hijack MARS the Warrior to get you what it wants, be pushy, bully, put people off, go into “my way or the highway” mode….) isn’t so cool in any case, and can esp. backfire under MARS retro.

There are even Astrologers who categorically use the formula for MARS retro “who initiates loses / needs to back off”.
I’d say it’s mostly an ego issue (MARS is the ego planet – and our ego hijacks our ‘Inner Warrior’ to get what it wants – and under MARS retro, the ego can be better seen for what it is, and put back into its place.
Initiating from the Heart might be exactly what’s required / needs to be come in more.
So, if there’s controversy and ego battles best to be the detached AQ and the Wise CAP Elder, and hold space for things to run their course and disintegrate in retro mode. Use the energy you save from disengaging for joining in community – to Build the New together.


Can become quite ‘interesting’ this Summer….

Here’s the U.S. chart for a reason:
MARS starts its retro journey 9°13 AQ after just having passed the Lunar South Node that station happens to be super close to the U.S. South Node at 7°35′ AQ. Themes around AQ shadow (cold technocratic, inhumane treatment) vs the LEO North Node (warm loving heart connection, celebration and welcome) is already UP these days and weeks and months, big time.
Plus, when MARS will be furthest back in CAP (28°37′, on Aug 27 – basically stationary mid-Aug – mid-Sept) it will ‘hit on’ the U.S. PLUTO (at 27°33 CAP) – its ‘Essential Point of Power’ – and just barely miss it.

That doesn’t sound very comfortable for the (PLUTO in CAP) establishment.

Chances are deep power agenda comes out (yay, JUPITER still in SCO this year helps!), AND people with integrity will make a stand – because they have to, are propelled to, and might have an irrefutable case and resources to do so.
So that the original constitutional and humane culture can return to the ‘Land of the FREE’.


Let’s see which Planets MARS meets in its AQ mode:

Ok, ok, just did a time line overview of the most important contacts of MARS in its journey into AQ, back to CAP, and then through AQ until Nov 15 – and that covers 2 pages.  
So, let’s keep it short and sweet, to the ones that stand out in the Martian itinerary:


  • As I said, MARS forms 3 squares from early AQ to URANUS (ruler of AQ) newly in TAU:
    May 15, then in retro Aug 1, and again in forward mode, Sept 18.
    At the very last day of its journey through AQ, Nov 15, MARS will go into sextile with URANUS which by then will be in retro, and back at the very end of AR (ruled by MARS).

    This ‘double’ (MARS – AQ – URANUS – AR) whammy is a very rare phenomenon that definitely gets our attention.
    New Earth Consciousness. One Earth, One People.
    Express it in in your life in liberating ways – wake up and be FREE!


  • MARS also forms 3 sextiles from AQ with CHIRON now freshly on the ‘Birthing Point’ in AR (which in turn is ruled by MARS): May 19, under MARS retro Aug 3, and in Martian forward mode Sept 13.
    Maybe more of us are being called to stand up for causes that we’re passionate about, and show up in authentic, vulnerable ways to let the world know why this matters – a new movement of Earth Warriors and Healers!
    Together with the MARS square to URANUS, there can be quantum leaps and domino effects.


  • A big Martian phase will be end of July, half-way through its retro period when MARS retro in early AQ will be tied exactly into the AQ – LEO Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27 – and MARS will be closest to the Earth on that day too!
    A strong polarity if not confrontation between We the People, We the independent Scientists, and We the synergistic and systemic Forward-Thinkers (AQ) meeting ‘Royalty’ / old privileges.
    How can bridges be built, to motivate (MARS) all to be Humanity conscious and Earth conscious (the Eclipse will be also in T-square with URANUS in early TAU)?


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My simple blessing in closing:
May MARS in AQ and on its Retro trip help us all to act in ways conscious and mature humans do!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger



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VENUS and the SUN enter AQUARIUS (Jan 17 & 19), and MERCURY follows on Jan 31: Prometheans & Light Leaders, Unite, in Cooperation!

15 Jan

AQUARIAN Times Ahead!

Right after the late CAPRICORN New Moon (Jan 16 at 6:17 pm PST), first VENUS (on Jan 17 at 5:54 PST), and then the SUN (on Jan 19 at 7:09 pm PST) cross over the ‘Prometheus Point’, and enter AQUARIUS!

VENUS will be in AQ not quite a month, until Feb 10.
The SUN will be in AQ as ‘usual’ from Jan 19 – Feb 18.

This year, the AQ season will see also AQ Eclipses, as the South Node is in AQ – until Nov.
There’ll be a Total Lunar (Jan 31) and a Partial Solar Eclipse (Feb 15 – also the eve of the Chinese New Year).

After a phase with SO much EARTH, and NO AIR (except for the MOON) since mid-Dec(!), in the Astro-elemental realm, AQ is a welcome and uplifting energy, as the most solid & rocky Earth of CAP turns into Aquarian AIR.


Up on the Rocks, liberating fresh Air. Photo by Melanie, Jan 15, 2018

A Swiss client of mine who was born on this CAP – AQ cusp literally climbs up mountains, with his parachute / flying device, to glide around and down. He describes this as his ultimate Freedom.

On this cusp, we might have ‘done the work’ / accomplished our purpose (if that’s ever possible), and feel FREE.

Prometheus – the Archetype of Uranus – Bringing the Fire of the Gods to Humanity

Mythological Prometheus climbed up Mount Olympus, seat of the gods / the elite, to bring the fire of illumination to humanity (was punished though by the gods, and only an encounter with  Wounded Healer Chiron who acknowledged that everyone should have access to ‘the fire’ set him free).

So yeah, if you have Planets / AC / Nodes on that cusp you might identify with this story, and also be here to dedicate ‘your work’ to the liberation of humanity.
Esoterically it’s called Light (AQ) Worker (CAP).
I like Light Leader better – leading by example (CAP), rather than doing the work ‘for them’.

And here we realize that our own work and achievements only go this far.
Cooperation in Community of Light Leaders is key.
VENUS, and then the SUN in AQ help us attract others who’re also doing their work, and would be good matches for us, for cooperation, community building, and  convergence of communities.

Maybe some of these contacts have already been activated… happened for me lately where I was asked by 3 community leaders to engage in cooperation with them – yay!

The AIR is thin, in those great and established heights, and it’s cool out there.
I.o.w., in the old (!) world hierarchical, patriarchal paradigm – which thankfully is changing, complements PLUTO in CAP – it’s been an ‘elite’ place that’s a) hard to access, and b) there might not be many good matching people out there, and c) they’ve already established their system, and their circles.
Hope you don’t buy into this anymore, because: The times, they are a-changing. 

With VENUS leading on, and the SUN following into AQ this week, it would be good to expose yourself to groups and networks that you’re genuinely interested in cooperating with, to increase the odds for meeting ‘them’.
So much easier nowadays with the Aquarian online web world! 


Painting by Johfra Bosschart

By the way, I’m being asked quite often, and you might wonder too:

Is the AQUARIUS AGE already here? Or when does it start?

No clear-cut ‘correct’ answer for this.
Yes, according to the astronomical calculations the AQ Age starts when the Spring Equinox point will move (always backwards, and very, very gradually) out of PISCES and into AQ – apparently in the year 2597 – faaaar ahead.

But for one thing, there are ‘overlaps’ in the constellations.
And there are other indications, besides the ‘mere’ calculations.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen a ‘preview’ of what the AQ age could be about:

  • URANUS and NEPTUNE were united in AQ in the late 1990’s – they have 84- and 165-year cycle, and a conjunction in AQ is super rare.
    What happened then?
    Personal computers became accessible for everyone, and the Internet took off, and changed our social, communicative, and work world forever. In the meantime, the Internet is omnipresent, in any area of life!
  • PLUTO (with its 248-year cycle) will go into AQ in 2023 / 24.
    There’s a big time AQ Evolution coming up. 

    Looks like Humanity really gotta and can cooperate much more than ever. Since things get intense and extreme with PLUTO, we can also see a lot of alienation and encapsulation, social awkwardness, and other side effects of the technological self-sufficiency…
    Endeavours of replacing humans with robots will increase, and perhaps a massive ‘Space Age’ will break out, with settlements on other Planets, if Earth becomes uninhabitable – whoooaah!

Let’s already / any time work and create with the AQ energy optimally, be innovative (Uranus / Prometheus, the AQ related Planetary Archetype loves that), connect with like-spirited others in high-level integrity, and cooperate in community to co-create into the future, a future ON Planet Earth, I’d propose.


Next UP, this Year and Month:

MERCURY will also pay AQ a visit, between Jan 31 and Feb 17 – when, as a grand finale, it aligns with the SUN, just before both enter PISCES.

MERCURY is ‘exalted’ in AQ – the energy it can operate best in:
Our thinking can be more systemic and out-of-the-box, crystal clear and detached, concerned with the greater good, forward-thinking, team-mind, brain storming, aiming at cooperative, innovative solutions.


MARS will be this year for a very long time in AQ this year:
May 15 – Aug 15, and Sept 10 – Nov 15!

Why so long?
Because of the MARS retro phase from June 26 – Aug 27 (back into end of CAP).

What are endeavours that really serve the system, the greater good, and humanity???
More about this major transit of 2018 closer to the date.


Blessings for the AQ Times!
Needless to say (I do it anyway):

Astrology is an Aquarian Art.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2018



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* SUN into AQ on Jan 19 – Community Building and Sharing.

18 Jan

The zodiacal season shifts this week from rock-solid CAPRICORN to airy AQUARIUS (yearly on Jan 19 / 20, dependent on your location). This year exactly tomorrow Jan 19 at 1:24 pm PST.
I like to call the cusp energy ‘Prometheus Point’ (Prometheus is the mythological Archetype for the planet URANUS which rules AQ), or, in plain English: ‘Community Builder Point’. 

What comes after attaining mastery, and ‘making it’ – when, let’s say: CAP is complete and content with its accomplishment (hmmm, is s/he ever? Always dealing with that notion!)? Well, up on the summit of the mountain, literally, or symbolically: of the career, the mastery, the air is thin, and it can get a bit lonely. But, hey, there are others too on the same, or on ‘their mountain’, and we can connect with them as a team, or like-spirited friends.



Mountain Joy in Switzerland – Visit in 2010


And if  the ones ‘on top’ are ruling and running the show, the Promethean aspect of CAP – AQ kicks in: Prometheus in Greek mythology claimed the fire of the ‘elite gods’ for humanity, and after an ordeal of punishment for his ‘hybris’ was eventually ‘unbound’: Fire, divine inspiration, and enlightenment are available to everyone!



Prometheus, capturing the fire of spirit and creative inventiveness from the Gods for Humanity (and you probably know the continuation of the story, with his punishment and liberation).

Prometheus is as an astrological Archetype associated with the Planet URANUS, which also rules AQ. URANUS is presently (2011 – 2018) in ARIES, and has just changed direction from Earth perspective on Dec 29, and goes now direct again. Lots of impulses for rebellion, but also true liberation from within, are in the collective field nowadays, and you probably notice them in your life too, esp. if you have AC / MC, SUN, MOON, or Planets in late AR, CAN, LI, or CAP. The Full Moon on Jan 12 in CAN – CAP (see post) catalyzed with its Cardinal Grand Cross also URANian liberation and renewal – into 2017.

Let’s connect! The social factor comes in again (as with AIR signs), and we realize we need one another and can’t build ‘an empire’ or a community by ourselves. Hence, social networks, groups, circles of like-spirited humans come together, in a network, either physically, or through the ether-net 🙂

Speaking of www (which almost looks like the AQ symbol  – the font doesn’t show up here but you probably know what I mean 🙂


Co-building in liberated, egalitarian community is actually rather: Sharing of energy, like the AQ ‘water / energy bearer’ – incl. FREE energy that’s available to everyone.

I love how in the symbolic painting below the ‘Water Bearer’ / ‘Energy Provider’ pours prana over the 7 Lotus blossoms – perhaps also a theme of Chakra activation, which opens us up to cosmic energies, and naturally liberates and empowers us.


Johfra Bosschart Aquarius

URANUS Rules AQUARIUS, Painting by Johfra Bosschart


In that spirit, let’s do our work, bring it into community, and connect in groups and with friends, intentionally, and ‘randomly’, in syn-ergy.

And if you feel called come join our ASTRO~EXPERIENCES in our circles – live in person in Victoria, or via Skype / fb Messenger on camera from your home or holiday!

Astrology groups are double Aquarian, since Astrology is ruled by AQ – does that surprise you? Take your pick – and find description on the fb Event pages:

* 5-week ASTRO~FOUNDATIONS: Rising Sign, and Planets in the 12 Houses. Continues with the 2nd meeting (Houses 1 – 3) tomorrow Thu Jan 19 – drop-in welcome.

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* 7-week Astrological Chakra Journey: From Your Root Chakra / Saturn to Your Crown Chakra / The Sun. From Wed Feb 1 on.


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