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MARS in SCORPIO (Nov 18 – Jan 3): Intense Stirring, Clearing, and Spiritual Mobilization

9 Nov

Hi Cosmic & Magical Beings!

Enough fence sitting already – Time to get into THIS!

Misty Beach Creatures – Photo by Melanie


We’re already well into SCORPIO – what’s going on?

Well, MARS is still in LIBRA!

But not for much longer… Feeling it kicking in?

On Nov 18, MARS makes its move from fair & weighing LIBRA into magical-transformational SCORPIO where it’ll stir things up and work them through, until Jan 3.

…while mist & fog is settling in these days, here on the West Coast and it looks like the Scorpionic rain & storm season is on the horizon.

MARS’s crossing over the ‘Tipping Point’ from LIBRA to SCORPIO can be quite the catalyst for shifts and changes we’ve been waiting for, and we’ll get more oomph to go into.

MARS is also better placed in SCORPIO than in LIBRA where it’s been hanging out since Oct 3.
Aiming for negotiation (LIBRA) was often frustrated, since the negotiators could have been too much ‘in for themselves’ (MARS), or, on a personal level, one’s ego (MARS) could have been too involved in decision making and choosing (LIBRA), or one could have invested a lot of energy (MARS) in a dilemma (LIBRA) between self assertion (MARS) vs. doing it ‘for them’ / only if everyone’s on board (LIBRA).

With MARS in SCORPIO we’re more likely to ‘just dive in’, and what’s coming up now for processing can move us deeply, and gets things moving!
Which can be a roller coaster of grief, anger, deep love that turns into obsession, attachment and control, jealousy, betrayal, resentment, regret, shame… all those feelings that are otherwise hidden and ‘under wraps’. 
Yet the point (as typically with SCORPIO) is to not get ‘stuck in the dark’ but move all the way through the swamp and the magic, and come out on the other end, transformed and empowered.


Uhhh, MARS in SCORPIO is one of the parcels under the astrological Christmas Eclipse Tree?!
Yep, there will be an exact New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse ON Dec 25! – Quite the ‘light switch’ & end of an era – no more buying(!) into the old paradigm, and re-set into the core of Light Returning.

Well, just like in a good fairy-tale, and in inner psychological processes, all the characters have their place, no-one is banned from the party (and if they are that sets up an interesting sub-plot)…
SCORPIO stirs up and scrubs the bottom of the pot, can bring us to our knees, and into deep well-covered psychological layers that we usually avoid.
The Soul has its way with us…
I.o.w., MARS in SCORPIO can be a spiritual mobilization. 


Markers in the Martian Journey in SCORPIO 

Right at the beginning, MARS goes into quincunx with CHIRON retro in (MARS ruled) ARIES, and into opposition with URANUS retro in TAU, between Nov 21 – 24.
How can we show up in new raw and somewhat ‘scary’ but healing ways, as we create more intimacy and depth? And how do we welcome & move into breakthroughs that are ‘ripe’ to show up in physical, tangible ways as we embody freedom?

Way to (let?) go, and let separative and (self) destructive ego drives transform into freer ways of being – esp. as MARS contacts NEPTUNE & SATURN, between Dec 13 – 19.

Then on Dec 22, MARS goes into sextile with its ‘higher octave’ / transpersonal version PLUTO (ruler of SCO) nowa-years in CAP, where evolutionary regeneration demands working with time, resources and natural forces in a transformational way – BEING the Change that sustains rather than being on a collective suicide mission. 

That MARS – PLUTO contact right on Winter Solstice – leads over to TONs of CAPRICORN energy kicking / weighing in, and gearing up for the ‘grand day’ of Jan 12 – the epic / epochal conjunction of SATURN & PLUTO in CAP – the energetic expiry date of the ‘Old Empire’.
The released energy transforms into… commitment to be on Soul Purpose, doing deep Soul Work, showing up in Integrity, and deeply, truly bringing our Best to the table.


In its journey through SCORPIO, MARS will not just ‘witness’ / ‘mark’ but give oomph to a whole bunch of significant Cosmic Catalysts that ‘happen to happen’ during that period:

  • Nov 20: MERCURY in SCO goes direct again.
  • Nov 27: NEPTUNE in PISCES goes direct again.
  • Dec 2: JUPITER goes over the ‘Integrity Point’ from SAG into CAP (for 1 year).
  • Dec 11/12: Full Moon in GEM – SAG, with SATURN-VENUS-PLUTO in CAP.
  • Dec 12: CHIRON in (MARS ruled) ARIES goes direct.
  • Dec 25: ‘Christmas Eclipse’ – New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse in CAP.



Now, let’s check out all the 

Cosmic Contacts of MARS in SCORPIO (Nov 18 – Jan 3) with other Planets


Crystal activated Voyager Tarot XV Devil’s Play
This deck features not the ‘Old Devil’ / polarized Evil-doer – but the Archetype that mixes things up, puts up a mask, shows us the shadow and provokes the old order – as the irreverent Goat steps over the Ring of Saturn.
Goes with MARS in SCORPIO in combo with SATURN / PLUTO in CAP.

NOV 21
MARS in early SCO in quincunx with CHIRON retro / stat. in (MARS ruled) ARIES.
How can we show up in new raw and somewhat ‘scary’ but healing ways, as we create more intimacy and depth?

NOV 24
MARS in early SCO opposes URANUS retro in early TAU.
Let’s welcome & move into breakthroughs that are ‘ripe’ to show up in physical, tangible ways as we embody freedom!
And yeah, you might feel the impulse of breaking free from and transform what keeps you stuck.

VENUS in mid-CAP (Nov 25 – Dec 19) in sextile with MARS in SCO.
A Love that never gets old, only goes deeper and more intimate.


DEC 13
MARS in mid-SCO in Water Trine with stationary NEPTUNE (goes direct Nov 27) in PISCES.
Time to process and let go of self-sabotaging ego drives, and dive into connectedness in the All.

DEC 19
MARS in mid- to end of SCO in sextile with SATURN in CAP.
Timely clearing and diving into what matters most.


DEC 22
MARS in late SCO in sextile with PLUTO (Ruler of SCO) in late CAP.
Evolutionary regeneration: Working with time, resources and natural forces in a transformational way – BEING the Change that sustains.

MARS goes over the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SCO into SAG.
Burning off the transformed, and Rising from the Heart.



Where is MARS’s Deep Dive into SCORPIO happening in Your Chart & Life?

As you read this maybe you have your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets in SCORPIO?
Then there’s more to MARS’s visit in SCO, since ‘he’ also activates your Scorpionic Archetypes.
They get a boost of energy – to dive into the Heart of the Matter – where your passion & power might have been ‘under wraps’.

And for all of us, whichever House/s SCORPIO inhabits in our birth chart is the Transformational Cauldron – in the area of Life that can uncover its secrets, hidden agenda & hidden treasures.

(Always, but esp. nowadays) a good time to access Magic and Mystery (without getting ‘lost in the dark’) and process what’s under the surface  – perhaps through pain into power.


Your SCORPIO Houses – we all have one (or two) – and the MARS Effect / Medicine:


1st House
How You show up
Mysterious, magical, magnetic (and scary to some people)
Don’t hide – come out of your closet, and be the provocateur.


2nd House
What you have and Value
The power to affect others deeply and the power to change
Show us your gifts in disguise!


3rd House
Your ‘Relatives’ and Environment
Under cover agents or hard core of Magical Beings – and of course plenty of muggles in the neighbourhood?
Rather than stirring up some s**t, learn some tricks from each other, and be the Warrior of Love who goes where only Angels tread.


4th House
Your Home & Family
A magical place & regenerative Spa (or a skeleton in every closet and drawer)
Time for a brave purge – good to move the energy and give away
Time to pro-actively connect with family. Never mind conflict that might show up – processing material that-is.


5th House
Your Creativity
You’re an alchemist – a juicy time to dig in and put energy and passion into new synergies.


6th House
Your Work, Health, and Lifestyle
Time for a cleanse, and to approach new work connections – it can change you and them.


7th House
Your Significant Others
The Magic of Love and Attraction.
Do you attract ‘opponents’ or sexy ‘oh-so-different’ ones who provoke and intrigue you? In any case they stir things up. Process rather than fight them / it.


8th House
Your deep Involvement and Transformations –
Time to courageously dive in and through.


9th House
Your Path, Travels and Worldviews
Go to deep and magical places…


10th House
Your Calling and ‘Public Self’
Being a catalyst for change – that’s why people are coming to you now.


11th House
Your Community and Friends –
Taboo free & transformational zone. Actively do things together that change the World.


12th House
Your Oneness with ALL –
The Big Mystery.
Stirred up dreams and altered states. Processing what’s going on in the Collective-as-in-You?


Blessings to all of us for a magical and passionately transformational Finale of 2019, with MARS in SCORPIO, and all the other ‘Cosmic Players’!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




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