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* PISCEAN Immersion (Lunar South Node, VENUS, NEPTUNE, MARS, CHIRON) in January: Connectivity without Co-Dependency

15 Jan

You can see it in the Full Moon chart (blog post from Jan 11), and I bet you sense it nowadays: We’re swimming in – or rather: AS a collective and universal field of energy – all connective and vibrational, atmospheric and boundary-less. 
Well, solid form is an illusion anyway.



Oceanic Evening Glow – Photo by Melanie, January 2017


The slow moving planets NEPTUNE (2012 – 2026) and CHIRON (2010 – 2018) are in PISCES now, the Lunar South Node too (Oct 2015 – late Apr 2017 – it always goes retro, and will move into AQ thereafter), while the Lunar North Node (always opposite the SN) is in VIRGO, and met by the VIRGO MOON today and tomorrow – a good and healthy counter balance for so much PISCES. Also VENUS (Jan 3 – Feb 3) and MARS (Dec 19 – Jan 27) are presently in PISCES.
VENUS has just connected with NEPTUNE on the Full Moon day Jan 12, and tomorrow Jan 16, MARS meets and passes CHIRON, which can stir up wounds and vulnerability through co-dependency, but also activates healing via inter-dependency. With CHIRON and PISCES, the timeless mantra: Heal Like with Like (of a high vibration) is the key for release, let-go, and connect in the All-Love.

There’s a flood of influences and confluences, maybe overwhelming (NEPTUNE), and weakening / or we might feel vulnerable (CHIRON) in our individual (which is of course an illusion) identity that experiences him/herself separate, and yet has a need to feel connected.
What ‘to do with this mess’? asks VIRGO.

From the North Node’s perspective certainly a healthy practical approach would be for example to boost our immune system, rather than expose ourselves to unhealthy substances of all sorts (be it in the environment, addictive substance abuse, media overwhelm and delusion….).
And a good idea is also to release toxic energy on all levels, esp. as we approach the PISCES NEW MOON / South Node Solar Eclipse, on Feb 26 (with soo much PI energy).

Release energetically – re-connect with universe-ALL energy – let LOVE do its thing…


So, what’s with codependency?

PISCEAN energy is about connection. It’s a transpersonal, universal energy though. When ‘drawn into’ personal realms, there can be a need to connect into a no-bourndary, ‘endless’ way that’s quite unhealthy and doesn’t allow for breathing space or closure, often based on various early life experiences (often neglect, confusing bonding, or overwhelm / abuse) that the PISCEAN ‘person’ unconsciously tries to compensate for, to ‘get the loving connection’, yet s/he might re-attract similar situations as s/he looks for love at the wrong places with the same vibration.

Our Piscean Age that humanity is just about to outgrow has compounded such patterns and tendencies with, simplistically put, the classic co-dependent triad of victim – perpetrator – martyr / saviour.

With PISCES, the approach is paradoxical (“Let go, relax, and it comes to you, you can’t ‘get’… (LOVE?) what you already have or rather: are….”), and transpersonal (“Don’t take it personally!” Is that possible?)

A while ago, I saw a video based on the experiences and teachings of Gabor Mate that showed how addiction is a misdirected need for connection (both so Piscean!). “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for…”. In German, the words for seeking (Suche) and addiction (Sucht) have the same root.

I’m sure there’ll be more downloads and releases for the PISCES Solar Eclipse New Moon, end of Feb.
May the Universe-All Love (VENUS / NEPTUNE in PI this week) show us: All is connected. May we relax into this, breathe out and let go, and let the inbreath come naturally…


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger



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* CAN – CAP Full Moon / Cardinal Grand Cross Jan 12 Meeting Deep Needs. Making Powerful Choices. Birthing the Change.

11 Jan

2017’s first Full Moon (see chart below), in CANCER, and with soo much energy in the Water element comes with a BANG – the Cardinal Grand Cross super charge –, in a powerful Earth-Motherly way, like Water breaking, initiating the Birthing of new consciousness, a new way of Being on and relating to Planet Earth!



Anima Mundi – A Pagan Manger Painting by my friend Forrest Boden  http://www.plantingyogistudios.com/


All our Ancestors and Elders (biological, Ancestors of the Land, Spirit Ancestors and Elders), the ancient, timeless, perhaps shamanic (if we relate) Spirit of humans, animals or in other life forms, perhaps even ‘our’ embodiments in other time lines (SUN / PLUTO in CAP) are with us, and hold space, in this deep structural transformation, and evolutionary change of consciousness.

No, we can’t and don’t have to ‘move mountains’. But we are supported in transforming and ‘re-purposing’ what we’ve been identified with, and what we’ve carried so long: Old conditioning, useful perhaps for a previous purpose, but now outlived, burdensome, and redundant (PLUTO in CAP).

Did you feel a shift of energy last weekend, when the SUN in CAP passed PLUTO? Happens once a year. In the FM chart you can see the SUN still very close to PLUTO (and you can picture PLUTO in the sky in the direction close to where you the SUN these days).


Do you notice the immense freeing up of energy, maybe spontaneously or otherwise through paradigm shifts and breakthroughs (URANUS in AR turned direct on Dec 29) in the new year? Even in a way that creates new balance (like of your inner Masculine and Feminine, or literally in relationships) and spacious, life enhancing relatedness (JUPITER in LIBRA)?

How about asking a question like the following when sooo many choices are presented (JUPITER in LIBRA – so in the atmosphere these days, for many clients myself included):

  • What’s the most powerful, sustainable (PLUTO in CAP), life enhancing choice (LIBRA) from the core of me, as it allows for transformation (PLUTO) and breakthrough (URANUS), while knowing I’m cared for, and deeply sustained (CAN – CAP) by Life itself?


Can you trust the journey, or do old patterns, stories and beliefs, stand in the way (SATURN in SAG) and show you the blocks can be seen (SAG) now that call to be released (squared by MARS / CHIRON, later this month VENUS / CHIRON) and ‘washed away’, perhaps through a forgiveness process, maybe purely energetically – we don’t need to ‘know’ and ‘understand’ (SAG) what exactly it is, letting go and being connected is what matters most, so that things stay fluid – as Life IS, and a whole new energy and consciousness (URANUS in ARIES) can be birthed.



* The CAN – CAP Full Moon Chart

The CAN – CAP Full Moon is exactly tomorrow Jan 12 at 3:34 am PST / 6:34 am EST:

Yeah, here’s the picture of the Grand Cross in cardinal signs:



The Full MOON at 22° 27’ CAN – opposite the SUN which has just passed PLUTO on Jan 7. The Full Moon Axis is in EXACT square with, and activates the (longer lasting) opposition of JUPITER stationary in LIBRA opposite URANUS in ARIES (their opposition was exact on Dec 26, and again on March 3, and Sept 27).

A Grand Cross can create tremendous tension and pressure from all sides IF we experience them as conflicting with one another…

Like this: CAP which is about building what lasts, completing, and ARIES which is about fresh starts, and is adventurous and raw which might be threatening to CANCER which needs safety. The CANCERian cyclical fluctuation can be irritating to the need for balance and equilibrium in LIBRA. And LIBRAN relatedness can annoy CAP which doesn’t have time to waste on wondering what others think or say, and wants to get on with things.


If you have planets / AC / Sun / Moon in 2 or more cardinal signs in aspect you probably resonate. And this goes also – generally speaking – for interpersonal dynamics between people with ‘conflicting’ cardinal signs emphasized. But hey, they often attract each other in relationships to work things out…


So, what’s the solution with a Cardinal Cross like this?

Rather than being pulled into 4 directions in a stressful way, or attempting to ‘square the circle’ and reconcile all these apparently conflicting sides – a challenge that you probably experienced over the last while building up to the Full Moon – the ‘way out’ is the ‘way IN’, in other words:
The best way is to go deep inside, and center ourselves (like in the meeting point of the axes / our inner ‘axis mundi’, and take centred action from there,  physically from our navel / power centre – the Solar Plexus.


Where the Full Moon and planets in the Cardinal Cross fall in your chart (on your Planets, AC / Sun / Moon, into your houses) that’s where you can experience conflict and dilemma that calls for centred action which can be very empowering (SUN / PLUTO) and liberating (URANUS).


Maya Gabeira in Hawaii

Big Wave Surfer Maya Gabeira


As you see in the chart, there’s also a LOT of energy in PISCES (South Node of the Moon, VENUS / NEPTUNE – conjunct tomorrow!, MARS / CHIRON – conjunct on Jan 16), in square with SATURN in SAG which brings back reflections of the SATURN – NEPTUNE square in 2015 / 16, with collective, societal and personal themes of

With SATURN in SAG squaring CHIRON  in PI now (first exact alignment was on Dec 28, again on Apr 30 and Nov 2): Can we trust, let go and let God? / allow things to fall off and come together in a natural way?

This month of January, with MARS, and then VENUS activating CHIRON in PI and squaring SATURN in SAG it is an initiation in the ‘flow’, surfing energy waves, and realizing that the vibration we’re in attracts (VENUS / NEPTUNE in PI), even if we don’t like what we see (SATURN in SAG).
See what  happens when you exude a different vibe! And check out what you’re attracted too / what you surround yourself with like water, and what that says about the state you’re in. It’s sort of a chicken and egg question 🙂
The point in this mutable square is to allow the energy to move, and maybe literally walk in the outdoors, by the water, dance, do Yoga, stay in the flow.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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Super-PISCEAN Day and Times

3 Jan
Enjoy the super fluid, super flexible PISCEAN Day (Jan 3) and time!
Let’s go with the flow, immerse ourselves in the adventure of life with LOVE, and surf the waves in ONEness!
Maya Gabeira in Hawaii

Big Wave Surfer Maya Gabeira

~~~ VENUS just entered PISCES last night / this morning (until Feb 3, and back in April – you guessed it: ‘she’ will go retro this Spring!) , for her journey in the most sublime energy showing us our connectivity, no matter what our relationship to one another is… humans, animals, minerals, all our relations in the energy fabric of what IS ~~~
~~~ The MOON is still for another day in PISCES (did you see the beautiful MOON over VENUS blessing in the evening sky?) – evoking feelings of compassion (don’t get overwhelmed though, and breath out love to the ALL) ~~~
Lunar South Node

Lunar South Node Glyph

~~~ The South NODE of the MOON is also in PI (until end of April) – letting go isn’t the same as giving up and drowning, numbing, wanting to disappear or escape. Back to the breath, and to releasing what pulls us into victimhood, low empath vibrations, com-passion as in: suffering together with the other person. Good medicine to release and let go – with LOVE (see my post from Dec 31) ~~~
~~~ MARS is also in PI these weeks (until Jan 27), for an extra sense of adventure in the surrender (adventure IS surrender, isn’t it?) ~~~




Neptune Rules Pisces. Painting by Johfra Bosschart

~~~ NEPTUNE has been in its own oceanic realm of PI since 2012, and we’re only 1/3 into the collective, connective Sea Journey until 2026: We’re truly ALL in THIS, and there’s only ONE of us here. ~~~
~~~ CHIRON in PISCES since 2010 until 2018: Finding our Medicine in surrender, forgiveness, release, connecting in the LOVE. ~~~

A ‘retro’ piece that an old friend gave me years ago ‘fell into my hands’ today – very Mercury retro in CAP, and so apropos all the PISCEAN energies:

(The author is unknown to me)

To “let” go” does not mean to stop caring. It means I can’t do it for someone else.

To “let go” is not to cut myself off. It is the realization I cannot control another.

To “let go” is not to enable but to allow learning from natural consequences.

To “let go” is to admit powerlessness which means the outcome is not in my hands.

To “let go” is not to try to change or blame another. It is to make the most of myself.

To “let go” is not to care for but to care about.

To “let go” is not to judge but to allow another to be a human being.

To “let go” is not to be in the middle arranging all the outcomes but to allow others to affect their own destinies.

To “let go” is not to be protective. It is to permit another to face reality.

To “let go” is not to deny but to accept.

To “let go” is not to nag, scold, or argue, but, instead, to search out my own shortcomings and to correct them.

To “Let go” is not to adjust everything to my desires but to take each day as it comes, and to cherish myself in it.

To “let go” is not to criticize and regulate anybody but to become what I dream I can be.

To “let go” is not to regret the past, but to grow in the moment and live for the future.

To “Let go” is to fear less and love more.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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SUN, MOON, and PLANETS in Motion 2017 – Overview for ‘Initiates’

26 Dec

Holiday Greetings, dear Astro~News Friends!

As 2017 is nearing, and MERCURY retro in CAP gives an incentive to be organized – here’s the no-frills overview of DATES for Eclipses, New Moons, and significant motions, by planet.
For a more ‘fleshed out’ version, check out the New Year’s blog, or come to the 2017 Parlour on Dec 29 where we check out significant 2017 transits for all participants. 🙂

Maybe you’d like to learn the Foundations of Astrology in 2017? We have space for you in our 5-week class that starts on Jan 5 (participation in person or via skype / messenger)!



Light on the Wintry Path – Photo by Melanie, Dec 6, 2016


Voila – the Calendar:

SUN, MOON, and PLANETS in Motion 2017


SUN / MOON – New Moon Dates

Jan 27: AQ (Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster starts on Jan 28)

Feb 26: PI

March 27: AR

Apr 26: TAU

May 25: GEM

June 23: CAN

July 23: LEO

Aug 21: LEO / Solar Eclipse – 2 New Moons in LEO this year, flipping from early to late.

Sept 19 / 20: VIR

Oct 19: LI

Nov 18: SCO

Dec 17: SAG


Eclipses and Nodes

Feb 10: Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in LEO / AQ (Nodes in early PI / VIR)

Feb 26: New Moon / Solar Eclipse in early PI (with SN)

Nodes shift from PI / VIR to AQ / LEO on Apr 29 (until Nov 17, 2018)

Aug 7: Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in AQ / LEO

Aug 21: New Moon / Solar Eclipse in late LEO (with NN)


MERCURY Retrograde (3 times a year for 3 weeks, this year in Earth / Fire signs):

Dec 19, 2016 – Jan 8, 2017 in CAP – SAG

Apr 9 – May 3 in TAU – AR

Aug 12 – Sept 5 in VIR – LEO

Dec 2 – 22 in SAG


VENUS Retrograde in AR – PI (about every 1 ½ years, last one in Summer 2015):

March 2 – Apr 15 (‘New VENUS’ on March 25, close to the New Moon on March 27)


MARS travels from PI to SCO in 2017 (not in retro until June – Oct 2018).


JUPITER in LI (since Sept 9, 2016 to Oct 10, 2017 when it enters SCO).

JUPITER retro on Feb 5, and direct on June 9 – Full Moon.

JUPITER opposes URANUS in AR on Dec 26, 2016, March 3, and Sept 27, 2017.

JUPITER squares PLUTO in CAP on March 30 and Aug 4.


SATURN in SAG until Dec 19, 2017 when it enters its ruled sign CAP.

SATURN retro on Apr 6, and direct on Aug 25.

SATURN squares CHIRON in PI on Apr 30 and Nov 2.

SATURN trines URANUS in AR on Dec 24, 2016, May 18, and Nov 11, 2017.


CHIRON end of PI (enters AR for the first time in Apr 2018).

CHIRON retro on July 1, and direct on Dec 5.


URANUS end of AR (enters TAU for the first time in May 2018).

URANUS direct on Dec 29, 2016, retro on Aug 2, 2017, and direct on Jan 3, 2018.


NEPTUNE in PI (until 2026).

NEPTUNE retro on June 16, and direct on Nov 22.


PLUTO in CAP (until 2023).

PLUTO retro on Apr 20, and direct on Sept 28.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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* GEM – SAG Super Full Moon 2016 (Dec 13 / 14), in T-square with CHIRON in PI, and Mystic Rectangle :: Heart Connection is Lighting the Way!

13 Dec

What’s the GEMINI – SAG  Full Moon all about astrologically, in a nutshell, and what are other cosmic catalyst energies that the Full Moon is highlighting?  


SuperMoon Lighting for the Gemini Reader


OH yes, here’s another  SuperMoon (#3 in a series of 3), after the AR – LI SuperMoon on Oct 15 /16, and the TAU – SCO SuperSuperMoon on Nov 14. I bet you remember that with the last SuperSuperMoon supercharged emotions came to full fruition that to be released with the waning Moon cycle after fullness. What a difference a lunar cycle makes!

We’re in a similar phase now with the Full Moon release energy as in mid Oct and mid Nov, yet wayyy less fierce and raw (AR) or intense (TAU – SCO).


What can come up with the GEM Full Moon is distraction and scatteredness through inner and outer dialogues, curiosity and interest in the ‘10000 things’, and the challenge to focus (SATURN in SAG) – a big ‘issue’ these years actually, given the social media influx… What’s the way-out?

Before going into the ‘Full Menu’ of the Full Moon Picture let’s start with a little 101 Intro (and RE-visit, if you’re familiar with the ‘puzzle pieces’) for some key Astro ‘Ingredients’ of the Full Moon:

  • GEM – SAG – the Full Moon Zodiac energies, are in contrast and polarity. Both mutable / adaptable / flexible in different ways:
  • GEM deals with asking, questioning, being curious, absorbing information, learning, studying, reading and writing, and engaging in dialogue. GEM energy can be a good word smith, and lives to learn. GEM rules the bi-hemispheric brain. Dualities come up, to be alchemized so that they not only ‘speak to each other’ but for the opposites to be married. As in: thesis – antithesis – synthesis. The shadow / challenge of GEM is being scattered, distracted, centrifugal with soo many interests, listening to many ‘channels’ and ‘voices’.

GEM is ruled by MERCURY, the Archetype of Mind. And MERCURY will go retro in mid CAP (next to PLUTO) very soon – Dec 19 – Jan 8, and into slooow, stationary ‘storm’ right after the Full Moon, on Dec 15.
Here’s my Astro~News Blog for MERCURY retro – don’t get distracted, and come back here.  

With the GEM – SAG Full Moon, AND MERCURY about to go retro there’s definitely a lot going on, on the mental plane presently. However, never mind: The mind that got wayyy ahead of the game, and running the show will be ‘lassoed in’ again in the MERCURY retro journey, to be it it’s place of an ‘agent’ for consciousness and creativity (the SUN).

  • SAG – in contrast to GEM – is the explorer, needs to follow his / her Heart, and put their Heart into what they’re doing, be focused and on ‘the Path’, get the ‘big picture’, and connect with their Truth. S/He can be an inspired story teller and sage. The shadow / challenge of SAG shows up when s/he turns into a ‘know-it-all’ and ‘know-it-better’, and that’s where judgment and beliefs come in. With the tendency to expand and a ‘more is better’ attitude SAG can over-extend his / herself, or promise more than s/he can deliver.

As SATURN is presently in SAG (Sept 2015 – Dec 2017), there’s an incentive and necessity to ‘downsize’ the excessiveness of SAG, to be done with old stories and limiting beliefs, to stay focused and heart centred. SATURN was just (on Dec 10) passed by the SUN, and is a big player in the Full Moon theme. For more depth, and tips re: SATURN Return, check out the SUN / SATURN blog from the weekend.

  • PISCES – represented by CHIRON in the Full Moon ‘matrix’ (the Full Moon is in a 90 degree T-square angle with CHIRON) – is also a mutable sign like GEM (MOON) and SAG (SUN / SATURN), yet ‘ultra flexible’, surrendered, and connected in oneness. We live in times where it becomes more and more obvious  and evident that everything is connected with everything else, in the fabric of life. That’s what Astrology is also about…. The Cosmos is ‘in’ us, and weaves through us. When we flow (PI) with our soul dharma we are aligned (VIR), and let go (PI) what’s gone.


Remember when people were talking about the theory of ‘six degrees of separation’ ? But hey – since NEPTUNE moved into PISCES  (2012 – still there until 2026) the experience of separation through time and space has more and more morphed into interconnectedness – one degree of connection is more apt these days. Internet and media allow (or hook?) us to be continuously plugged in and connected (at least to and through technology). ‘Wounded Healer’ CHIRON in PISCES (2011 – 2018) adds to the picture of oneness, by showing us our vulnerability through ‘entanglement’ and interdependency. Yet the ‘wound’ carries also its medicine: If all is connected (and YES, Water IS Life…!) our healing vibrations, our prayers, and our compassionate ‘being with’ have an influence that transcends time – space. Also, showing up with our vulnerability really IS connective. 

PISCES is one of the SoUlutions of the Full Moon ‘dilemma’….


A rare ‘Mystic Rectangle’ shows up as well, in the Full Moon energy – a ‘closed envelope’ shape (see chart below). What’s in it??? A note to self? A love letter? An invitation? Maybe Messenger MERCURY, gearing up for the next retro phase (Dec 19 – Jan 8) which starts out from PLUTO in CAP will help us decipher the mystery?

URANUS in ARIES (2011 – 2018) is quite the Archetypal ‘Player’ in Dec / Jan too: Paradigm shifts and breakthroughs, fresh approaches and initiatives get quite a boost.


The exploration continues… under the ASTRO~WEATHER & ASTRO~MEDICINE below.

When I saw the mutable T-Square from the GEMINI – SAG Full Moon to CHIRON in PI, and the ‘Mystic Rectangle’ aspect figure, this famous quote by Rumi came to my awareness:


Rumi Let the Beauty of what you Love be what you Do

Rumi: Let the Beauty of what you Love be what you Do


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
There is a field. I will meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
The world is too full to talk about
Language, ideas, even the phrase each other
Doesn’t make any sense.”

By Rumi

Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi (جلال‌الدین محمد رومی) (Sept 30, 1207 – Dec 17, 1273), was a Persian philosopher, poet, teacher, and founder of the Mevlevi (or Mawlawi) order of Sufism; also known as Mevlana (Our Guide), Jalaluddin Rumi, or simply Rumi.

This page features an overview and introduction to the mystical, timeless poetry by Rumi.

Read ON, for the SUN / SATURN in SAG Gifts for the Full Moon in GEM – SAG, and for your SATURN Return (if you were born 1956 – 59, or 1985 – 88)!

With references to ZEN, Ganesh, the ‘Remover of Obstacles’, and some themes to check in on, under SAT in SAG for all of us, esp. for those of you born with SAT in SAG.


Under the Mutable FULL MOON T-Square (see 101 Intro for some key Astro ‘Ingredients’ above, and chart below), we can feel pulled into different directions, maybe like a flag in the wind, maybe feeling aimless, maybe free and unbound.

The GEMINI Full MOON energy is curious, questions things, loves diversity, variety, likes to talk and learn, is hungry for information and communication, can jump around from topic to topic, and also be easily distracted / distracting. Sooo many ideas and questions. Very cerebral.

Have you found yourself pulled into the realm of information and ideas (“They say this, he says that, to which I said….”, and what about this article and interview?)?
Trapped in the tentacles of the seamless (and sometimes senseless) information stream? Hooked on the information high-way? The notion to know…

Does more knowledge (GEM) make us happier (SAG)?
And (old SAG adage): Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

The U.S. election battle and results and the GEM / SAG storm of posts and communication (hmmm, not so many dialogues and inquiries, mostly SAG type statements) showed us ‘knowing’ doesn’t equate with happiness, nor with vision. Who knows where this is going… Interestingly, Donald Trump (born June 14, 1946) has the GEM – SAG axis emphasized in reverse: GEM SUN / URANUS (does that surprise you?!) / North Node and SAG MOON / South Node…born on the day of a Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse! I’m not going into analysis here. Wondering what your intuition says, and we can talk if you like. Here’s a blog I posted last month, for the U.S. chart with transits (wow, lots coming up there) – scroll back to part 1 -, as well as my take on the charts of Donald, Hillary, and Bernie to get the Astro ball rolling.


Back to the GEM – SAG Full Moon chart:

Natural happiness comes when we feel connected. Now that’s the Medicine of CHIRON in PI which (thankfully) releases the tension between SUN / SATURN in SAG and the MOON in GEMINI.

Heart connection (SAG – PI) makes us drop the arrows, and perhaps even words (as wise as they may sound).



Heart connection lights the way to Winter SoUlstice, and the Return of the outer Light.


Uh, and from the Heart connection it’s so much easier – and natural, actually – to act authentically in the NOW.

URANUS in ARIES (stationary mid Dec to mid Jan) gives us a big boost to break through and free us from the Old, and for… THIS.

The Mystic Rectangle (check it out on the chart below), with URANUS, MOON, JUPITER, and SUN / SATURN shows how apparently opposing forces want to be bridged and reconciled, mainly revolving round: Head and Heart, Radical New Self and Growth in Relatedness. Hmmm, what’s in the ‘closed envelope’? What’s the letter you write? What’s the message you receive there?


* GEM – SAG Full Moon Chart

A Fuller Picture

Here’s the Full Moon chart, for you visually inclined readers and Astro initiates:



HA! Here’s the evidence (SATURN in SAG): The MOON was already exactly FULL at 4:06 pm PST = Moonrise on the West Coast.


That’s when our Chakras & Astro group (with 2 GEM SUN and 1 GEM Moon, and 1 SAG SUN ladies in it) was in an inspired sharing journey that showed (CHIRON in PI ‘overseeing’ the FM) that when we come together intentionally (SAG) and open up (PI) in trusted communication (SAG – GEM) it turns out ‘we’re all in this together’ and have so much in common. Resonance heals. Showing up with vulnerability (CHIRON in PI), and honouring the journey (SATURN in SAG), without re-gurgitating the ‘story’ invokes the collective (PI) Healer / Teacher. Great grounding finale of our journey!


So here’s also the ‘Mystic Rectangle’ between the MOON in GEM, JUPITER in LI, SUN / SATURN in SAG, and URANUS in AR. Can you see it in the chart? Bridging, reconciling, and creatively balancing the polar opposites is the call of (not only) the Day, and actually quite stimulating. The point is that the opposite sides can be stronger when they cooperate in synergy, like a good partnership. (Aspect ‘technically’ speaking: each opposition point has also a trine and sextile attached, for opportunities):

  • There’s the Full Moon opposition with its Head & Heart / Knowledge & Knowing / Dialogue & Intuition themes.
  • And there’s the JUPITER – URANUS opposition (exact on Dec 26, and again on March 3 and Sept 27, 2017):

A BIG emphasis on URANUS is building up, since URANUS is in Dec / Jan also stationary, as it goes from retro to direct (kaboooom!) on Dec 29 = the day after the CAP New Moon, and ‘Day of Enlightening Insight’ in the MERCURY retro cycle!!!

URANUS in ARIES (2011 – 2018) is the signature of the ‘Zeitgeist’ (literally: Spirit of the Time) that shows up as accelerated awakening of consciousness, yet also the quickening of everything, and revolutionary notions to break free from repressive old structures (PLUTO in CAP). We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

If people are truly liberated in themselves (UR in AR) that’s a great starting point for growth in relationships (JU in LI), and there’s less need for a tug of war between independence (UR in AR) and the benefits / compromises in relationships (JU in LI).


  • Also visible in the Full Moon chart: MERCURY next to PLUTO in CAP, about to go into pre-retro ‘storm’ on Dec 15 and retro Dec 19 – Jan 8. See: the epic special feature Astro~News Blog on the upcoming MERCURY retro phase.


  • VENUS has entered AQ recently, on Dec 7, and will travel through the ‘coolest sign of the Zodiac’ until Jan 3. Being cool, free-spirited, nerdy, a mad scientist even, and definitely: a good and original friend (and astrologer) is attractive. Ha-ha.
    VENUS will make some real nice aspects on Christmas Day Dec 25: Trine JUPITER, sextile her URANUS friend in AR, and ‘even’ sextile SATURN in SAG, linking the SATURN – URANUS trine (which will be exact on Dec 24 – and again in May and Nov 2017). The common denominator of SAG, JUPITER and URANUS is: FREEDOM. Which comes in so many ways… to be explored in the next Astro~News (from Winter SoUlstice to CAP New Moon Dec 28 / 29).


  • MARS is about to leave AQ and will be ‘gone fishing’ in PI, from Dec 19 on (until Jan 27). Time to ‘get your surf gear out’? To disappear? More about it below, in a n upcoming Astro~News blog.


For now: Blessings for the GEM – SAG Full Moon and the bridges and connections it encourages us to build!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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* CHIRON in PI goes direct (Dec 1), in trine with LILITH in SCO (Nov / Dec) Unifying Medicine Emerges. Our Wild and True Nature Takes Us Deeper.

30 Nov



Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystal Cards, representing the crystals water forms when exposed to groups of people focusing on the energy of (cards I chose and photographed): Respect, Harmony, Peace, Earth



Our human bodies are composed of approx. 60% Water.

The Earth Body even contains 71% Water.



Water Crystals Truth, Wisdom, Prayer, Love for Humanity


The SAG New Moon catalyzes this year’s ‘Wounded Healer’ CHIRON’s turnaround from retro (since June 27) to direct / forward from Earth perspective, on Dec 1.

The stationary CHIRON energy makes mid Nov to mid Dec if not all Nov & Dec quite the CHIRON themed time. What has been latent, ‘introverted’, and dealing with re-current themes (CHIRON retro) is now being more overtly expressed again (CHIRON direct).


What’s that all about, with CHIRON in PISCES (2010 – 2018)? Collectively and personally, the ‘Wound’ that connects us, and carries its intrinsic Medicine is that all IS connected in the eco-logic Fabric of Life, and we ARE ALL in this together.

A vulnerable scenario, yet also it carries the potential that when we connect in resonance and coherence (PI) the ‘field’ is healing.

  • Which ‘old wounds’ have shown up in you over the last months?
  • How did it help you to feel connected?
  • What is your inner Medicine?

The CHIRON direct phase (Dec 1, 16 – July 1, 17) can help us bringing our unifying vibrations together, and heal in Oneness that already IS.


CHIRON in PI is presently also in ‘friendly’ Water trine support with LILITH in SCO was exact Nov 23 while its effect extends throughout Nov and Dec.

LILITH in SCO’s ‘Call of the Wild’ to access our deep, magical, and transformational True Nature goes well together with CHIRON in PI’s Medicine of surrender and Oneness.

What could be scary (SCO)and overwhelming (PI) about this? Probably mostly: The version of ‘truth’ that the voice of the ego is trying to tell us (SATURN in SAG, activated by the SAG New Moon nearby helps us monitor those voices). Check them out, and let them fiercely transform!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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* The Dance of MARS (going out of retro on June 29!) & CHIRON (going retro on June 27): What Moves Us…?

27 Jun

TWO big Astro~News this week, feat. CHIRON, MARS, and their ‘Friendship’.

‘In Order of Appearance’:

* CHIRON in late PISCES goes retro tomorrow June 27 (until Dec 1 – yearly 5 months retro):
Inner Journey with the ‘Medicine of Unity and Flow’.

* MARS in late SCORPIO goes direct (has been retro since Apr  17) on  Wed June 29:
Out of Deep Inner Change – How to Move from (T)Here? 


MARS and CHIRON, both simultaneously in slow ‘stationary’ turnaround mode, have been since early June (and continue to be until end of July) travelling parallel, in beneficial (‘friendship’ like) Water Trine flow with each other:
Opportunities for change from the depth (SCO), as we connect, stay open and flexible, surrender, ask and receive, and tune into the energy field where all is ONE (PI).




You might have felt the retro-active ‘bite’ and ‘sting’ from MARS in SCO over the last while more than the rather subtle CHIRON effect in PI (which has been going on since 2010, and continues to be influential until 2018).

MARS is sharper, more distinct and direct, and a ‘personal planet’, representing the Warrior Archetype. MARS seldomly goes retro (every 2 years, for 2 1/2 months) – a bigger deal than CHIRON retro (yearly).

So, let’s start the journey of planetary awareness with MARS and its shift now, before bringing CHIRON, and then their alignment into the picture…

* MARS in late SCORPIO goes direct (has been retro since Apr  17) on  Wed June 29:
Out of Deep Inner Change – How to Move from Here?


Hubble Mars

Mars – Hubble Space Telescope (NASA)


Believe it or not: MARS actually WILL stop going retro, and turn around again… Count-down’s on – June 29 is the ‘official date’ for the ‘gear shift’.

MARS went retro on Apr 17 – seems ages ago… from early SAG, and over the ‘Phoenix Point’ back ‘into the Ashes’ on May 27a big dose of SCORPIO MARS this year (since Jan 3!).

Lots of scenarios that could have ‘bitten’ us, and showed where the ‘stingers of life’ trigger old hidden wounds.

Maybe when we ‘lashed out’, or when we took it out on ourselves it backfired…?

We had to face all sorts of inner / old ‘demons’, incl. voices of the inner egoic saboteur that is at war with the world and with oneself.



J / H


  • May the Inner and Outer Masculine be naturally RE-empowered so that over-compensation with violence and aggression decreases!
  • May we uncover what we’ve been hiding (out of shame or need for control)!
  • May the forces that keep us in the dark, separate, and even self destructive, be unmasked, and met with the bright light of Truth and Love!
  • May separative and aggressive behavior AGAINST something or others turn into natural passion FOR something!
  • May the Scorpionic Alchemy do its Work in the depth!
  • And may we enter July with a regenerated and transformed sense of Self!


Let’s look at the SABIAN SYMBOL of the MARS turnaround degree (23° 03′ SCO), for more synchronistic divination insight. I’d intuitively and logically (almost back to 23° SCO) suggest here to take a look at both 23° and 24° SCO:


23° SCO:

DSC01873 - Copy

Rabbit Epiphany (first one I ever saw in the park – in 16 years) – Photo by Melanie, June 2016

Keynote: The raising of animal drives to a higher level.

The rabbit is traditionally a symbol of overabundance of progeny, thus a great stress on procreative and sexual processes. “Nature spirits,” on the other hand, represent the higher aspect of life energies, as they are said to guide those normally invisible forces controlling the growth of all living organisms, particularly in the vegetable kingdom. Thus the symbol refers to the transmutation of the generative power into a more ethereal and subtle form of potency.
This… symbol brings a new dimension to the preceding two. Whether it is the sexual desire for a progeny, or aggressiveness, the instinctual urge can be raised to a new level. The course can become subtle through a process of TRANSSUBSTANTIATON.”


24° SCO:


Arunachala, Southern India (Tamil Nadu). The Sacred Mountain to Shiva the Transformer

Keynote: The need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday living.

Today we hear a great deal about ‘peak experiences’ (Maslow). The great problem facing everyone who has had such experiences is how to assimilate what has been felt, seen, or heard, and how to let it transform his / her everyday consciousness and behaviour. If this is not done the experience may turn confusing or toxic, and perhaps destructive of the integrity of the person.
This… symbol suggests to us what has to be done, or how to do it. The ‘return home’ from the high mountain, or from any ‘upper chamber’ of the consciousness, may lead to a sense of oppression by the normal realities of existence, or else the soul that has been illuminated may retain enough of that light to transfigure every daily situation. This is the great CHALLENGE TO TRANSFORMATION.”


Wow, deep guidance in both symbols, and even more so, combined…

In my understanding, applied to the MARS retro-to-direct phase:
Yes, Martian primal drives and clear direction (“This is what I want and where I’m going!”) have been withdrawn and redirected, actions sabotaged,  derailed, delayed and postponed, which could have been very frustrating for the ego side that wants what it wants. Which could have produced a kind of ‘shadow boxing’ scenario. Not so ‘sexy’ on the surface… but maybe something else has been more important…:




  • Meeting the ‘inner demons and dragons’, repressed, ‘dark’ qualities that have us fight with ourselves, often sabotage and disempower ourselves. Once purged and transformed, these energies turn into powerful allies.
  • Inner, old battles, repressed anger couldn’t stay ‘in the closet’ any longer. They had to be met, head-on, purged and transformed, maybe cathartically so.
  • Uncovering and re-discovering our deeper motivations and passions. The Magic Within.
  • Maybe some of these inner, rather psychological, forces have had us project onto the outside world, become externally aggressive, or we channeled them unconsciously into our sexual desires and actions (MARS on an outer level). MARS retro had us go inward, meet them for what they are, and have the inner transformational process be done by the ‘Spirit of (our inner) Nature‘.

This much for my take on the RABBIT Metamorphosis Symbol…


And what’s with the second Symbol about ‘Coming HOME from the Mountain’?

This ‘Martian Mountain’ was rather a deep inner cave, or perhaps a PLUTOnic ‘Shiva Mountain‘ like Arunachala.
After the deep, intimate process with the inner ‘Guru’ (which literally means: The One who guides from the Darkness to the Light) this Spring, the Martian challenge is now to bring the benefits of this ‘fermenting process’ out into ‘our world’,  into our actions.


Morpho rhetenor rhetenor MHNT

Morpho rhetenor rhetenor MHNT


You can most likely access the MARS Retro and Direct theme in the area of life related to late SCO to early SAG in your chart (Which house? Any planets there?).
In doubt, ask me. Happy to determine it for / with you if I already have your chart.
We can do a short (20 – 30 min) MARS Review and Outlook session too.


In the meantime…

* CHIRON in late PISCES goes retro tomorrow June 27 (until Dec 1 – yearly 5 months retro):
Inner Journey with the ‘Medicine of Unity and Flow’.


Maya Gabeira in Hawaii

Big Wave Surfer Maya Gabeira – Adventurous Example of the PI and VIR Balance


Ahhh, ultimately we are and it IS all ONE.
When we’re feeling separate, and out of the natural oceanic Unity Consciousness the ‘Wound‘ of CHIRON in PI these years (2010 – 2018!) can be sensed as overwhelm, chaos, ‘going under’, in the wave of all these converging influences. Everything is coming together – and falling apart. Nothing is ‘solid’ and ‘reliable’ anymore.
All IS interconnected, interdependent, fluid, and impermanent. 
Buddhist and other timeless wisdom teachings have always pointed that out.
Now we’re in a collective Oneness Initiation, in the multi-dimensional ‘Field’, esp. since NEPTUNE is also in PI (2012 – 2026!).

  • How can the ‘Wound’ (that we experience when we identify with our ‘separate identity’) show us where the ‘Medicine’ lays?
  • When we have been about to ‘give up’ could / can we ask for help, on all dimensions – and accept it?
  • What helps us re-connect with and surrender into Unity, Oneness, and: Deeper, vaster LOVE that IS…., and naturally ‘ride the waves’?

Where late PI is in your chart you might feel the ‘wound’ but that’s also your access to tune into the Medicine of Flow and Unity, Surrender and Acceptance (also of help from all dimensions).


MARS and CHIRON, both simultaneously in slow ‘stationary’ turnaround mode, have been since early June (and continue to be until end of July) travelling parallel, in beneficial (‘friendship’ like) Water Trine flow with each other:
Opportunities for change from the depth (SCO), as we connect, stay open and flexible, surrender, ask and receive, and tune into the energy field where all is ONE (PI).



Random Rose Blessing – Photo by Melanie, June 2016


What a gift, to see and experience how the inward dive into the depth of our Scorpionic ‘corners’ has been supported by the Medicine of Unity!
Big Gratitude!

Love and Blessings on the Journey! ❤


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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