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LIBRA – ARIES Easter Full Moon with ERIS / URANUS, and MARS / SATURN: Liberation and Peace in a Polarized World

30 Mar

Dear Astro~News Readers!

Let’s welcome the LIBRA – ARIES Full Moon!

Not only as the March Blue Moon (second one, after March 1), and First Full Moon in Spring, heralding Easter the day after (yes, Easter is a lunar calendar festival, celebrated on the Sunday after the first Spring Full Moon)!
But also, since it brings lots of liberating shifts!


Young Hare, by Albrecht Duerer (original at Albertina, Vienna)


Surprise – surprise!
An unexpected Archetype’s ‘on board’ of the ARIES activation this month:

Not only URANUS but also ERIS (presently at 23°16’ AR) will be catalyzed by the LI – AR Full Moon (March 31) and by the New Moon in ARIES (Apr 15)!


Eris – Antikensammlung Berlin

A befriended Astro client asked me a few days ago what my take on Eris, Sedna, and other seldomly looked-at and newly discovered Astro Archetypes is.
Which made me realize: 

It’s ERIS season again (yep, not just ARIES season). And, even more so: ERIS has been actually (perhaps overlooked but very effectively) operating for a while in ‘tandem’ with URANUS in ARIES.
Both just come out of that crazy 2 – 3 year alliance mirrored in world events.

Who / what / which Archetype is ERIS, and how does it show up now personally and societally?

ERIS, the most massive and second-largest dwarf planet known in the Solar System, was only discovered in 2005 (one of the reasons why PLUTO was demoted of its Planet status in 2006!), has an eccentric 561(!) year orbit around the SUN (more than twice as long as PLUTO), and has been almost the whole 20th and beginning of the 21st century in ARIES!

Even if you have ‘nothing in ARIES’ you do: ERIS (that’s another – personal – story, showing how you respond to / with that Archetype!)

The unevolved role of the ERIS Archetype – the Greek goddess of discord and strife is seeding separation – which we’ve seen a lot lately in humanity.
“She stirs up jealousy and envy to cause fighting and anger among men. At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, all the gods were invited with the exception of Eris, and, enraged at her exclusion, she spitefully caused a quarrel among the goddesses that led to the Trojan War.”

Here’s where ERIS can evolve, according to Doug Walker in this excellent ERIS intro article:
“If the ERIS Archetype is developed fully, humanity may never have to experience war again. The feminine ERIS will balance the aggression of MARS. A well developed ERIS Archetype could banish all war. The ancient prophesy of swords turned into plowshares could be realized.”

May CHIRON entering ARIES (which is immanent, starting Apr 17 – until Sept 25 2018, and then fully ON from Feb 18, 2019 on until 2026 / 27 when it will meet ERIS) help with healing what makes war possible.

But realistically speaking (says SATURN in CAP now too…), we gotta start from and acknowledge where we’re at.
Has it ever been a period of discord, disruption, and seeding of separation in society over the last 2 years, esp. via the media!
The recently revealed social media scandals of sensitive private data being harvested and exploited to split the population by manipulatively feeding them back ‘news’ and intensifying what they believe in or side with in a way that could have tipped the scales for the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, and the Brexit referendum.
A prime example of large scale collective seeding of discord and separation.
Plus the huge trend of ‘disruptive technology’ which can be abused in so many ways…

As well as the crazy making U. S – North Korea conflict, scandalous school shootings in the U.S. and the heated gun control debate, and the Catalan call for independence (URANUS and ERIS have been on Barcelona’s ARIES SUN and not far from Spain’s MOON in the last years (Check out my astrological Catalunya Independence blog post) are all prime examples of ERIS at work – together with URANUS.


Uranian Liberation & Promethean Mercury Lead ON.

Prometheus – the Archetype of Uranus – Bringing the Fire of the Gods to Humanity

The Archetype of URANUS the Awakener (shocking and rude awakenings, in this case) reflects not only (or at least not always immediately) liberation but also disruption, distortion, trauma, and in combination with ERIS (which happens once in a century only) has been highly explosive and discordant. Esp. since both are also in assertive ARIES.

May the shocking revelations (JUPITER in SCO certainly helps with that) that are coming through now lead to freedom of humanity on a higher and more conscious level!

Good to know: URANUS has now passed ERIS (their ‘hottest’ years were 2016 / 2017).
So, my sense is the shocking discordance producing scenarios might integrate, as (Uranian) Awakening in Humanity continues. People don’t buy into the old ‘divide et impera’ (divide and rule) principle, based on being set up against each other anymore.

ERIS in ARIES is a strong Full Moon (March 31) and New Moon (Apr 15) catalyst.
See the Full Moon chart below.
Bringing the ERIS / URANUS low grade manifestation to the bright light of SOLAR Consciousness (the SUN is very strong in ARIES) IS a game (or rather: out-of-game) changer. Waking Up from being set up to fight / war  against ‘the other’ brings  for true URANIAN Liberation.


MERCURY in ARIES at the retro mid-point, connecting with the SUN on Apr 1 = Day of Enlightened Insight (for more about the whole M-r phase check out the blog post).

This certainly helps also with breakthroughs, aha effects, paradigm shifts, and mental liberation from the agitating ‘war on mind’ / mind at war with itself, and for a fresh approach.
With the MERCURY – SUN Enlightening Insight contact, a ‘New MERCURY’ (like a New Moon) is born, and the SUN (Consciousness, Spirit) is leading now, while the MERCURY (Mind) follows. This is the ‘Promethean’ phase of M-r. Prometheus is the URANUS Archetype. A liberating force. Forward-thinking, out-of the-
mind-matrix, etc.

“What and how do you Choose now newly?” asks the LIBRA FULL MOON, opposite the ARIES frenzy, and: “What brings Balance and PEACE in a Polarized World”?


MARS in CAP Passes Stationary (retro on Apr 17) SATURN:
Overcoming old blocks, obstacles, fears, and patriarchal control.
Moving forward, in Integrity and Inner Authority.

Mars (Hubble Space Telescope)

The LI – AR Full Moon links up in a sharp ‘T-Square’ with stationary SATURN (about to go retro, on Apr 17) and MARS. Now that’s quite the charge!

MARS and SATURN are the ‘outlet’ of that intense dynamic. Both strong in CAP. At best a momentum in Integrity and intrinsic Authority.

With the last New Moon, March 17, MARS, Ruler of ARIES, entered CAP – its ‘best’ position in the Zodiac (lots of energy to ‘move mountains’, and a push to persevere – in integrity), and will be in the Mountain Goat sign for a long time (basically until mid-Sept)
For more details, check out my MARS-in-CAP blog post.

Now MARS will pass SATURN (exact on Apr 2) – that’s big news, and the last massive shift catalyzed by the Full Moon!
Moving past serious authority challenges and obstacles, control, fears and resistances.
May Integrity lead the way!
And as SATURN will go retro on Apr 17 (for the first time since it entered CAP last Dec), we once again learn the lesson that true authority lays within.

Next up for MARS: A contact with LILITH, on Apr 19:
Our True Nature can’t be corrupted or controlled. Let’s move on and up from that place.


Here’s the chart of the LIBRA – ARIES Full Moon with URANUS and ERIS in AR, in T-Square to MARS – SATURN:


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




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Catalan Revolution / Independence? Astrological Perspectives

4 Oct

Wow, so much uprising, turmoil, and so many unsettling news too…
On the Earth, in the human energy field, as in the Heavens.

Catalan Independence Flag

Catalan Independence Flag

URANUS in late ARIES shows (by the way, the Planetary Archetypes don’t ‘produce’ events and trends on Planet Earth in a cause-effect correlation, they rather work synchronistically, and like a hand on the clock: “it’s time for… this!”):

Revolutions, Liberation, Calls for Freedom and Awakening are shaking things up.

Sadly, with a lot of violence involved as well. Just saw news and videos today how Spanish police were actually beating Catalans out of the polling stations for the (apparently unconstitutional) referendum for an independent Catalunya.
Just check out the atmosphere in Barcelona in the last few days, here at this BBC article.

Both Barcelona and Spain as a whole are close to my heart.
I went to Spain many times when I still lived in Europe, before moving to Canada.
Mostly, for Spanish language and culture studies (usually months at a time), and I lived and worked in Barcelona for 3 months in Spring 1991, the year before the Olympics.
So, this is quite moving and upsetting to me personally too.Having lived in and visited Catalunya many times, it was always obvious to me that the region has a natural sense of autonomous identity within Spain that’s omnipresent (the Catalan language, the art and culture, the relatively strong  economy…).

From that perspective, I’m not really surprised that at some point – now! – they want to take it to the next level.
Personally, I’d love to see peaceful negotiations (LIBRA style) yet, what’s out there looks rather like ARIES (where the FULL MOON on Thursday Oct 5 will be, not far from URANUS!).
As one of the interviewed citizens said: “It’s like in a marriage, when one of the spouses wants a divorce, it has to be negotiated” – and the marriage can’t be enforced…


So, let’s see what the Astrology of Barcelona (representative of Catalunya) and of Spain have to say!

Here is Barcelona’s chart (the date has been adjusted from Julian to Gregorian Calendar – source: Horoscopes of Europe, by Marc Penfield, 2006):



What strikes immediately is that Barcelona’s SUN in late ARIES has since 2016 a URANUS transit (once every 84 years!). The last phase will be exact / stationary in Dec 2017 / Jan 2018.  This itself is a clear call for autonomy and independence.
Moreover, URANUS is now (since June 2017) on Barcelona’s Midheaven (the ‘Individuation Point’: “What will you be as a ‘grown-up’?!), which is also her relationship to outer authority – the Spanish State (a Parliamentary Monarchy).
With her LEO Rising, Barcelona is a Queen to herself, by the way – which makes the SUN in late ARIES with its URANUS transit even more prominent.
The karmic North Node in LEO will also reach Barcelona’s AC by May / June 2018, calling her to ‘shine on her own’, rather than be ‘one of many’.
Plus, Barcelona had SATURN on her North Node in early SAG in 2015 already (every 29 years) finding her path and direction (despite tests and challenges).

The Full Moon on Thursday Oct 5 in ARIES, not far from URANUS, reflects Barcelona’s MOON in AQ (ruled by URANUS) – Freedom and Independence written all over it.

Two more factors, believe it or not:
Barcelona’s JUPITER in CAP in her 6th house is in 2016 / 17 being exactly transited by PLUTO (first time in 250 years) – not carrying the economic burden anymore, nor a governmental repression. What’s the spirit of the law that the police and Spanish government claims and enforces?! Power vs. Force! Going to the core of Catalan traditions (CAP) will be very empowering, can ‘change everything’ and seems irreversible.
Conversely, Barcelona’s PLUTO in its own sign SCORPIO and SATURN not far from it, in her 4th house of ‘origin’ / family (incl. Spanish interior affairs), both retrograde (inner power and authority / old issues with power and authority structures) will be transited by JUPITER (every 12 years), the whole time from Dec 2017 to Sept 2018 (very rare for a JUPITER transit to be exact so long, and JUPITER stations both on Barcelona’s PLUTO and SATURN).
PLUTO on JUPITER in CAP, AND JUPITER on PLUTO in its ruled sign SCO, and SATURN (Ruler of CAP) is like a triple / quadruple-whammy:
Issues of Power and Authority through deep transformation will be BIG.

Bottom line:
The astrological picture shows compounding elements that point to independence and transformation from the ground-up.



Here is Espana’s chart from 1469 (the date – when the kingdoms of Aragon and Castilla were united through Royal marriage – has been adjusted from Julian to Gregorian Calendar – source: Horoscopes of Europe, by Marc Penfield, 2006).
There would be also charts for the Second Republic from April 14, 1931 (with SUN / URANUS in ARIES, interestingly), definitely worth looking at.
And the chart of the Parliamentary Monarchy from 1978.

Let’s stick with the original one for now:


If the time is correct (mid-SAG Rising, not surprisingly, given Spain’s ‘global outreach’ via Conquista and crusades over centuries – with chart ruler JUPITER on the 9th house cusp, plus MARS retro in territory hungry TAURUS), Spain would have had a transit from SATURN in SAG (every 29 years) over her AC since 2016.
A re-structuring of the country, and, similarly to the U.S.A. (also with mid-SAG AC), ‘less is more’ when it comes to righteousness and ‘my way or the highway’.
I.o.w., a challenge of its politics and test ‘on ground level’:
Does this direction really work, and is what the state proclaims true for the people?

Spain has an opposition of the MOON in ARIES and URANUS / MERCURY in LIBRA, which will be acutely stimulated by the Full MOON / URANUS in ARIES this week – quite destabilizing, to put it mildly.
In sharp square to the AR – LI Full Moon axis sits Spain’s CHIRON / LILITH in CAP, not far from the North Node on the ‘Collaboration Point’ on the CAP / AQ cusp.
Spanish People and Countries (MOON) that are very independently minded (MOON in ARIES opp. URANUS in LI) to start with, as we see with several already autonomous regions (Basque, Catalunya, Galicia).
Rather than keeping the countries and people under control, and treating them like ‘children’ (South Node in late CAN in her 8th house) an incentive (painful yet healing) for the Spanish State would be to evolve in synergistic collaboration of mature, established, capable regions / countries bringing their best resources together (North Node on the CAP / AQ cusp). Utopian?
The LI – AR axis also points to reconciling both negotiation AND autonomy.

The CAP themes are nowa-years activated by PLUTO in CAP (2017-19 – every 250 years only) which shows the CAP shadow (control and repression through authorities) that needs to be deeply transformed.
PLUTO (this Sept / Oct stationary, now moving forward again, indicating outer change)
is at the same time on Barcelona’s JUPITER in CAP.
To me, this looks like a structural / constitutional clash that leads to deep historic change.

URANUS going through Spain’s 4th house of inner affairs, incl. her ARIES MOON (since about 2013) would have shown how much unrest and uprising is in the country.
Catalunya could easily be a catalyst and precedent for more to come….

Then, also, JUPITER will transit Spain’s SCORPIO SUN / NEPTUNE, and oppose her SATURN in TAU (every 12 years) this Fall (exact end of Oct through Nov), which will reveal how much has been already ‘hiding in the dark’, leading to big and deep transformation. Resistance of the status quo is futile.


Let’s invoke, support, and BE the Powers-to-Change for the Better.
May it lead to more integrity and natural empowerment.
May Natural Law prevail.


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger


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