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Astrological Leap into 2019!

31 Dec

…with MARS into ARIES, MERCURY into CAP, SN Partial Solar Eclipse in CAP, and URANUS going direct again – all within Dec 31 – Jan 6!


Unidentified Exquisite Nebula / Dark Matter (Hubble Space Telescope)


Happy NEW Calendar Year, Dear ASTRO~NEWS Reader!


The first week of JAN 2019 starts with a Wave of COSMIC FIREWORKS!
For us to wake us up, leave the old and heavy Worlds behind, get into action, step up into our Authority, and be FREE!

The line-up itself is worth dedicating a Special ASTRO~NEWS to it.
This is to a great head start into the New Year!


The links lead to ASTRO~NEWS Blog posts that expand on the themes. 

DEC 31 / JAN 1
MARS enters ARIES –
Let your Inner Activist / Activator / Super Hero/ine Emerge and come into gears.


JAN 1 / 2
The (now ‘climbing’) CAP SUN passes SATURN –
Beyond fear and other ‘hindrances’ and ‘obstacles’, step UP into your Conscious Authority, and lead YOUR Life.


JAN 3 / 4
MERCURY at the very end of SAG in square with CHIRON at the very end of PISCES, and in Spirited Fire Trine with URANUS retro / stat. at the very end of ARIES –
Wisdom and Perspective, Compassion and Connection are the Medicine for Freedom to be authentic.


JAN 4 – 23
Plan with Priorities – from your own Authority & Agency.


JAN 5 / 6
NEW MOON / Partial Solar Eclipse (on the Lunar South Node) in mid-CAP, with SATURN and PLUTO –
Let the ‘Old Empire’ Expire!
The end of an Old restricting and controlling Era, making room for the New.
More about it in the next ASTRO~NEWS.


URANUS in late ARIES goes from retro (since Aug 7) to direct – starting a RETRO FREE phase until early March!
BE the Revolution & Liberation. Experimentation, no Expectation.


VENUS comes out of SCO, crosses over the ‘Phoenix Point’, and rises in SAG (flying there until FEB 3) –
Cultivate & Attract Inspiration and Abundance!


MERCURY in CAP squares MARS in ARIES –
Instead of fighting with the ‘old & told’, matter-of-factly state what you DO want, move forward, and go for it.


…more cosmic no boredom dynamics to come…

I leave it here, with this brief intro for the Start into 2019.
You’re welcome to read up about MARS in ARIES and MERCURY in CAP in my ASTRO~NEWS Blog.
In the next few days, I also add posts for the CAP NEW MOON / PSE on JAN 5, for URANUS direct (on JAN 6), and for VENUS into SAG (from JAN 7 on).
Stay tuned.


As these energies support (or rather: make evident and inevitable) a release of the ‘Old Empire’ (can you identify it within?) it’s also wise to find closure by honouring what it represented and has shown us.
Stepping into our Authority, Agency, and Authenticity is the natural, liberating consequence.

The year starts with the call to be consistently in our conscious authority – basically the grown-ups (SUN / SATURN) which implies dropping judgment, excuses, blame, etc. and taking responsibility for our Life.
Not always easy but simpler and clearly rewarding.

NEPTUNE in PI and SATURN in CAP (both Planets in their natural Zodiac signs) will be in mutually supportive sextile in 2019 (with 3 exact alignments), which adds Compassion and being open to receive (rather than doing it ‘the hard way’ – which would be more of the same of the Old) – a cosmic Blessing to continuously release, receive, re-orient.


All the Best for a fresh & free Start into / as the NEW!



© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger





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Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
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