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Ring of Fire Super CAP Annular Solar Eclipse (Dec 25 / 26) – Out of the Old Paradigm. Into New Ways of Being.

23 Dec

Solstice Blessings, dear Cosmic Friends on this Sacred Earth!

The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere has brought back the – ever so slowly but surely – returning Light, as the daylight is getting longer, second by second, and minute by minute.

Hope you and yours have been also celebrating in Joy of the Light Returning!


And now – right on Christmas Day / Boxing Day:

The ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar Eclipse is coming!

On Dec 25 / 26 –  and the path of the ‘Ring of Fire’ will go over the Arabian Peninsula, Indian Ocean, Southern and South-East Asia.



It sets the tone for a Super CAP season, culminating on Jan 12, 2020, with the epic and much anticipated (yet already gradually building up) SATURN – PLUTO conjunction which comes only every 38 years, and occurred in CAP the last time several hundreds of years ago.
It is also amplified by JUPITER, freshly in CAP, and right ‘next to’ the Eclipse New Moon. See chart below.

Obviously a Big and important one.


Celtic Wheel of the Year, with the cardinal Turning Points of the Equinoxes and Solstices: Ostara, LITHA (Summer Solstice), Mabon, YULE (Winter Solstice)

And it will be one of the TWO major ecliptic Solstice New Moons of the Year:
The Dec 25 / 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse in CAP (with SO much CAP) just after the Winter Solstice.
The June 20 / 21, 2020 Annular Solar Eclipse at 0º21 CAN just 9 hrs after the Summer Solstice.

Both are catalyzing karmic pathways, collectively and for us personally, esp. if we have CAPRICORN and CANCER energies in our charts.

They are super significant Eclipses, as they happen on the cardinal Solstice Points of the year, where energy takes a turn and a new lead.


In 2019 / 2020, seven Eclipses in CAP / CAN are on!


Four CAP / CAN Eclipses in 2019:


Three CAP – CAN Eclipses in 2020 (the new year will see six Eclipses altogether!):

  • Jan 10 Full Moon / PLE in CAN / CAP, with Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in CAP.
  • June 21 / 22 New Moon Annular SE (Seed Eclipse) in CAN.
  • July 4 / 5 Full Moon PLE in CAP / CAN, with Jupiter / Pluto in CAP.


Have you been feeling the Eclipse effects (usually building up the month before)?

The Christmas ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar ECLIPSE in early CAP helps us with releasing and ‘recycling’ the old ‘business as usual’. The Old Empire is expiring, as it’s unsustainable (a critical CAP question) and has shown ample evidence (Saturn) for its (self)destructive (Pluto) potential.

As an Annular Solar Eclipse, the MOON almost completely covers the SUN disk, reduced to a fiery ring ‘behind’ the MOON.
Symbolically, the Yin / Female / Lunar quality steps in front of the Yang / Masculine / Solar to create a temporary darkening effect.
A light switch in consciousness. 


Lunar South Node Glyph

Every New Moon closes a lunar month cycle and initiates a new one.
A Solar Eclipse is an exact New Moon – a clear threshold and ‘re-set’ of Solar Consciousness, aligned with the ‘karmic pathways’ of the Lunar Nodes:
Lights off / on!

Lunar North Node Glyph

The South Node of the Moon has been since Nov 2018 in CAPRICORN and the North Node in CANCER.
More about this phase (until June 2020) in this blog post

The ‘cosmic outbreath’ / switch-off button is on the CAP side these days / months / years, and the cosmic ‘inbreath’ / incentive / switch on button comes from the CANCER side:

We’re called to breathe out / be done with cruel, oppressive, abusive, exploiting, wasteful top-down linear structures.
And take in fresh energy of caring and belonging in the Human Family. We are in the Circle of Life.

The Lunar Nodes are about Balance (rather than old-school dualistic: do this, avoid the opposite) – after all, breathing is cyclical too:
How about:
Remembering the Ancient EarthMother (CAP-CAN), and the ways of our Ancestors – translated into this time… What would help us move forward in a Life sustaining and nurturing ways?

If we ‘jump’ through the Ring of Fire of the old CAP modus operandi we find ourselves in a different way of Being.
Maybe the old Ring has simply become to small and tight, and it’s time to take it off. Expansive JUPITER in CAP now – showing up right by the Eclipse – magnifies the Old, and says: “There’s more than that.”
I bet you sense what that means in your life (and pointers would show up in the area of life relating to early CAP in your chart).
Below I expand on outgrowing (or jumping out of) the Old.


Two CAP New Moon Eclipses frame 2019 (Jan 5 / 6 and Jan 25 / 26)!

Such a year to take stock / inventory.
Which is revealing & naturally empowering.

  • Remember the early Jan Partial Solar Eclipse (with Saturn) in CAP?
  • What has been your inner and societal ‘Old Empire’ that had its expiry year in 2019?

  • And – since energy doesn’t just disappear unless we’re talking Black Hole – what have the endings of an era turned into?

  • Do you see evidence of regeneration from ‘compost’ into new growth already?


Maybe you’ve been super frustrated with generic, conditioned, ingrained ‘operating systems’ and structures esp. in socio-economic realms, with lacking leadership & poor modelling of integrity (SATURN in CAP).
Ok – we know now what doesn’t work in the status quo.
Common sense / Natural Law would do things differently.
Question is, do we still engage with the old, in the hope to help change the system from within?

Or is this futile for various reasons, and time & energy are better invested in creatively (hey, CANCER represents  creative Mother Goddess energy) building (CAP) the New – in organic co-creative ways, modeled by Nature – as eco systems & biospheres do?!




Yet – helpful to call it out – so that we catch ourselves when being tempted to buy into it / feeling trapped,  and to disengage.
Acknowledgment helps with closure.


The old linear & hierarchical paradigm is based on misconceptions / limiting lies of scarcity, separation, and superiority.


Limiting Lie 1:
Scarcity of resources.

False. Resources are not limited. They need to be allocated in a different way.
Gandhi’s words sum it up: “The world has enough for the human need, but not enough for the human greed.”
Well, and competition fits well with scarcity.
Innovation / creativity / cooperation as an unlimited resource is not (yet) enough supported (since some if not most innovations would make established profit producing activities redundant).
The Bigger Truth (JUPITER) is: Nature is abundant.


Limiting Lie 2:

When people buy into it they can be easily divided and ruled.
Applies also to apparent self sufficiency via ‘convenient’ (for whom really?) tech gadgets that seem to connect yet also de facto separate us. And they need our attention and create psychological checking-checking dependency / addiction (hey, also because it’s never the ‘real thing, always a simulation) as well as economic dependency (upgrades, newest models, compatibility).
Separation is an artificial / untrue concept.
The Bigger Truth is interrelatedness & oneness. Spiritually & scientifically obvious by now.
The era with NEPTUNE in PISCES (2012 – 2026) has shown it to us, on all levels…


Limiting Lie 3:
Based on Separation – some are on top aka bosses, elite; others ‘beneath’.
Applies to structured relationships between humans, and came with patriarchal hierarchies.
And applies to relationships between humans and other sentient beings. A disastrous mistranslation / interpretation of the Bible in Genesis 1:28, “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over / reign / govern over… every living thing”?!
Well, the Bible itself is quite a patriarchal document, and in that sense it’s sadly consistent.
Sad (convenient) justification for abuse / slavery / colonization. The shadow of CAP.
The Bigger Truth is: Interdependence of Life. Nobody’s entitled to put themselves on top of other Beings. And hey, we’re all in a process of decolonization.
A new foundation for co-creation, community building, and collaboration in equality is on the horizon, as SATURN & JUPITER enter AQ in 2020, and align at 0º28’AQ at Winter Solstice 2020.


The economic ‘business as usual’ paradigm whose operating system is based on the 3 Lies and striving to maximize production & profit – often at the expense of ‘externalities’ = impacts on ‘third parties’ (another Orwellian newspeak way of masking / hiding the simple truth of damage been done) –has failed.
B.t.w., paradigm in its original sense means: A model, pattern, precedent, even: exhibit.
Hence, not a given, and up for change if it doesn’t work.
Yet, sadly, so many parties are invested in the destructive & dysfunctional old.
Mostly to maintain status and privileges. Or out of fear / feeling trapped & unimagination stick with the ‘old devil’.


What helps – what doesn’t?

‘Just’ reacting to, resisting, blaming, and fighting external authority and power structures (SATURN / PLUTO) is not the way forward. It still feeds their energy field by giving them attention, acknowledging them energetically, in an adolescent & victim manner.

Time to take self-responsibility, claim self-authority (SATURN in CAP), and to ‘outgrow’ (JUPITER  in CAP, next to the Eclipse) the Old. By co-building new and better, more compassionate and humane structures that take care of needs more directly and on an equal level, rather than the  fossilized top-down institutionalized world?!


Snowy Stone Circles on Beacon Hill – timeless / ‘retro’ photo from 5 years ago, Dec 2014 (before they were fenced in!)


The natural ways flow with and the Natural Law respects the Web of Life:
All is Connected. All is ONE.
Abundance is an expression of continuous creation & creativity.
Our Ancestors (CAP) knew it and the Elders (CAP) teach it. 

So simple.

How can we consistently, step by step like the Solstice light / early CAP SUN, implement the new and growing energy of integrity, resourcefulness, less-is-more contentment, and calm simplicity?
JUPITER now in CAP since Dec 2 and for almost all of 2020 helps us with outgrowing the Old and expired, bringing our Best to the World, and working with Time & Resources for the highest Good.

This is the last Solar Eclipse in CAP for a while.

In about 19 years will be the next ones.
Big time endings of old unsustainable and / or outlived / expired structures.

Eclipses come back to the same point in the Zodiac every 19 years.
There was a CAP New Moon / PSE Solar Eclipse over North & Central America on Dec 25, 2000!
An invitation to reflect upon that cycle:

  • What did you build (CAP) since then, and what’s now coming to an assessment / inventory?

  • CAP refers to success / failure as an important criterion. Yet it’s not so ‘obvious’, since even ‘defeat’ on an outer / ego level can lead to spiritual advancement.

  • Where do you stand in relation to society and its structures (CAP)?

  • What have you contributed, and what are your best qualities (CAP) that are being called for now?

  • What are / have become (CAP) priorities (from an empowered and evolutionary place)?

  • What’s super timely (CAP) now for you?

  • How can you be in deep time / Soul time?


The 19-year early CAP Solar Eclipse cycle (2000 – 2019) is almost congruent with the 20-year JUPITER – SATURN cycle (2000 – 2020)!

Wall St. Bronze Bull

Uhhh – another confirmation of what the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse announces:
A socio-political-economic JUPITER-SATURN cycle is ending, and a new one is beginning, in 2020.
Well, 2020 will be such a historic year.

The now ending 20-year cycle we’re in started on May 28, 2000, as JUPITER & SATURN aligned in TAURUS, initiating two decades of Taurean consumerism, conservatism, and territorialism.
Of course, money – a prime Taurean factor – has played a big role, if not: Ruled the game.

On an evolutionary level, the value of Nature and of protecting Mother Earth (TAU) became more prominent too.

End of 2020, JUPITER & SATURN will align on the AQ side of the CAP-AQ ‘Community Building / Humanity Collaboration’ cusp – after a year of big CAP transformations.
We’re stepping into a new Era.


Well, and what’s with the Christmas Spirit?

Not an ‘accident’ (what is?) that the Eclipse falls on Christmas Day / Boxing Day.
Simple message right there:
With all the CAP shadow of busy production mode, FOMO (so much to do, so little time to take it all in), being ueber scheduled, buying into externalized conditioning of expectations, showing up where you don’t feel authentically called to, getting ‘obli-gifts’, pretending, compensating via materialism, crazy consumerism (incl. Boxing Day rush), the true Christmas Spirit is vastly ‘lost in translation’.

SO – Time to jump through all the falsity and into what’s true and essential about Christmas and all the celebrations of Light & Love at this Sacred Time. 


A Release Ceremony

…on the day before the Eclipse New Moon (= tomorrow Dec 24 / Dec 25 daytime) would be in perfect alignment with the energies, and supported by the Universe.
Maybe you’d love to bring a gift to Mother Earth to a place by the water for a release-with-love, while asking for transformation?

I like the model of the Despacho which I was honoured to be part of at Winter Solstice 2012.
Creating a beautiful gift (also for release, like in a letter) with decoration according to your intuitive guidance, on an Earth friendly biodegradable cloth, wrapping it up like a parcel, and offering it to Mother Earth as a gift and for transformation. Maybe bringing it to a flowing Water body.


And, as always with the Eclipses (twice a year, a pair of Lunar and Solar Eclipse occur), the Annular Solar Eclipse catalyzes what’s going on in the Astro sphere otherwise.

SO – let’s take a good look at the

Birth Chart of the Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse

The CAP New Moon will occur at 9:13 pm PST on Dec 25 / 12:13 am EST on Dec 26.
The maximum Eclipse will be at 9:17 pm PST.
So it really is energetically a Total Solar Eclipse.



And SO much CAP indeed!

Right next to the Eclipse New Moon is JUPITER (met by the MOON just 2 hrs after the NM / Eclipse, and by the SUN on Dec 27). Also super close-by: the South Node Release Point, and SATURN approaching PLUTO (their exact union will be on Jan 12).
What a strong gravitational cluster!

An Old World / Old Empire comes to an end. 
Traditionally / symbolically, an Eclipse has been considered ‘the Death of a Ruler / King’ as the SUN is overshadowed by the MOON. Lights off.
The death of the shadow of what rules and governs us, in the hierarchical CAP world – see above…
How do you relate to that?
And what can the old shadow world / empire transform into?

With SATURN – PLUTO (they were already close to each other and to the South Node in CAP for an extended time this Spring and early Summer) it’s helpful to tap into our deepest / core fears.
MARS now in SCO (until Jan 3) helps with diving into what’s usually hidden and covered.
Accessing and acknowledging deep fears and perhaps THE core fear can be SO key for moving to empowering change.
It’s the first step for letting transformation, healing
(CHIRON in ARIES in square with the Eclipse), and liberation from the inside-out (URANUS retro in TAU in trine with the Eclipse) happen, which can turn into truly-naturally emBodying Freedom.

SATURN – PLUTO will help us with transforming externalized authority & power / control into letting Soul / Higher Power take the lead, and doing the Soul work. 


Star Cluster in the Galactic Centre (NASA) – Heart of our Milky Way, in the direction to end of SAG where the SUN travels just before the Winter Solstice

MERCURY is now end of SAG – pointing to the direction of the Galactic Centre – the Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy, where ultimate Raison d’Etre, Why and Truth are always unfathomable (definitely for the mind) and a Matter of Heart. The Galactic Centre at the end of SAG – close to the ‘Integrity Point’ to CAP is about the ultimate Unknown that points us to the Wisdom and Knowing of the Spiritual Heart, and to ultimate Trust in the Journey. Let the Heart Speak, and follow the Heart Light!
On Dec 28, MERCURY will enter CAP
– reminding us / them to walk the talk.


VENUS is now in AQ (Dec 19 – Jan 13)- the one Planet offering a breath of fresh AIR into the otherwise super earthy cosmic Alchemy.
VENUS heralds the shift of SATURN & JUPITER into AQ in 2020, and evokes our Love for Humanity and its Future.
‘She’ likes to
bring people together to collaborate, be visionary – perhaps Utopian, and innovative.


Lastly, let’s see what the 

Sabian Symbol of the Eclipse New Moon

…wants to show us.
The New Moon will be at 4º06′ CAP.


Songhees Nation Christmas / Solstice / Eagle Tree – Canoe Paddles included – as seen last week


4º CAP:


KEYNOTE: The ability to use natural resources and basic skills in order to achieve a group-purpose.

As this scene was recorded in the original version only in imprecise terms, it seems merely to indicate the start of a journey undertaken by a cohesive group of people, who perhaps together have built this large canoe. Thus we see here a common enterprise which may be an answer to the need for a change of locality. A social group more strongly than ever reveals its homogeneity and common will when it decides to move away from its familiar habitat. The zodiacal sign Capricorn brings this common will to a focus in concrete actions. It does so in terms of socio-political expediency and under a definite type of executive direction, even though the decisions are arrived at by common consent.

As this is the fourth symbol in the fifty-fifth five-fold sequence, we find in it a hint of how to do something concrete. The “canoe” may also have a special technical meaning, as it uses water in order to move. A common feeling-response to a specific situation may be implied. The main emphasis is nevertheless on GROUP-ACTIVITY in circumstances implying a need for change.”


The Symbol brings the solution to moving out of the (recent) Old World paradigm, and points to where it’s going next year and in the years to come.
The canoe / boat and journey by water are CANCER symbols (as is the tribe and the human family) – where the North Node is now.
Big Gratitude for the confirmation!


Blessings for the Ring of Fire SoUlar Eclipse!
Let’s jump through / outgrow the old Ring with Heart Power.
And start building vehicles of Change together!



© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger



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Astrological Leap into 2019!

31 Dec

…with MARS into ARIES, MERCURY into CAP, SN Partial Solar Eclipse in CAP, and URANUS going direct again – all within Dec 31 – Jan 6!


Unidentified Exquisite Nebula / Dark Matter (Hubble Space Telescope)


Happy NEW Calendar Year, Dear ASTRO~NEWS Reader!


The first week of JAN 2019 starts with a Wave of COSMIC FIREWORKS!
For us to wake us up, leave the old and heavy Worlds behind, get into action, step up into our Authority, and be FREE!

The line-up itself is worth dedicating a Special ASTRO~NEWS to it.
This is to a great head start into the New Year!


The links lead to ASTRO~NEWS Blog posts that expand on the themes. 

DEC 31 / JAN 1
MARS enters ARIES –
Let your Inner Activist / Activator / Super Hero/ine Emerge and come into gears.


JAN 1 / 2
The (now ‘climbing’) CAP SUN passes SATURN –
Beyond fear and other ‘hindrances’ and ‘obstacles’, step UP into your Conscious Authority, and lead YOUR Life.


JAN 3 / 4
MERCURY at the very end of SAG in square with CHIRON at the very end of PISCES, and in Spirited Fire Trine with URANUS retro / stat. at the very end of ARIES –
Wisdom and Perspective, Compassion and Connection are the Medicine for Freedom to be authentic.


JAN 4 – 23
Plan with Priorities – from your own Authority & Agency.


JAN 5 / 6
NEW MOON / Partial Solar Eclipse (on the Lunar South Node) in mid-CAP, with SATURN and PLUTO –
Let the ‘Old Empire’ Expire!
The end of an Old restricting and controlling Era, making room for the New.
More about it in the next ASTRO~NEWS.


URANUS in late ARIES goes from retro (since Aug 7) to direct – starting a RETRO FREE phase until early March!
BE the Revolution & Liberation. Experimentation, no Expectation.


VENUS comes out of SCO, crosses over the ‘Phoenix Point’, and rises in SAG (flying there until FEB 3) –
Cultivate & Attract Inspiration and Abundance!


MERCURY in CAP squares MARS in ARIES –
Instead of fighting with the ‘old & told’, matter-of-factly state what you DO want, move forward, and go for it.


…more cosmic no boredom dynamics to come…

I leave it here, with this brief intro for the Start into 2019.
You’re welcome to read up about MARS in ARIES and MERCURY in CAP in my ASTRO~NEWS Blog.
In the next few days, I also add posts for the CAP NEW MOON / PSE on JAN 5, for URANUS direct (on JAN 6), and for VENUS into SAG (from JAN 7 on).
Stay tuned.


As these energies support (or rather: make evident and inevitable) a release of the ‘Old Empire’ (can you identify it within?) it’s also wise to find closure by honouring what it represented and has shown us.
Stepping into our Authority, Agency, and Authenticity is the natural, liberating consequence.

The year starts with the call to be consistently in our conscious authority – basically the grown-ups (SUN / SATURN) which implies dropping judgment, excuses, blame, etc. and taking responsibility for our Life.
Not always easy but simpler and clearly rewarding.

NEPTUNE in PI and SATURN in CAP (both Planets in their natural Zodiac signs) will be in mutually supportive sextile in 2019 (with 3 exact alignments), which adds Compassion and being open to receive (rather than doing it ‘the hard way’ – which would be more of the same of the Old) – a cosmic Blessing to continuously release, receive, re-orient.


All the Best for a fresh & free Start into / as the NEW!



© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger





Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to Your ‘Inner Cosmic Compass’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified with them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

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Next up:
Astro New Year’s Parlour on JAN 9



Group of SEVEN in CAPRICORN – into the NEW MOON (Jan 16 / 17): Integrity from the Ground UP

14 Jan

Hey, dear Astro~News Friends,

SEVEN Celestial Bodies now in CAPRICORN?

Yep, that’s it – as much as it gets – pretty much until 2020.
Who are the ‘Players’?
SUN (the ‘season’, until Jan 19 / 20), MOON (since today Jan 14, until just after the CAP New Moon on Jan 16 / 17), MERCURY (Jan 10 – 31), VENUS (Dec 24 – Jan 17), LILITH (Nov 8, 2017 – Aug 5, 2018), SATURN (Dec 19 / 20, 2017 – Dec 17, 2020), and PLUTO (2008 /09 – 2023 / 24)!

Looks like a Big Call for Integrity from the Ground-UP.

Rock-Solid Green Ground – Photo by Melanie Jan 14, 2018

How has your New Year started?
Maybe still with a lots of residual energy from 2017?
Maybe with clearing some of the ‘Holiday effects’?
You’re not alone.

Yes, it’s true, the SuperSuper FULL MOON in CAN / CAP aligned so beautifully with the Gregorian New Year of January 1. 
However, Full Moon energy isn’t about Newness but about ‘Fruition’ – esp. this one:
A Super build-up of the weeks round Christmas, and perhaps of the whole year 2017 – which has taken so many of us, personally, in relationships, as nations (the U.S.), countries (catastrophes!) through the ‘fire’ / ‘storm’.

Pluto Reveals… One of the first pictures New Horizons transmitted from the close fly-by in July 2015.

The CANCER Full Moon belly was such a womb energy.
The waning phase over the last 2 weeks, after such a big time build-up, and with the help of the PLUTO in CAP ‘midwife’, has ‘delivered’ deep stuff through the ‘birth canal’ of transformation. It’s been quite the purge too, with PLUTO ‘in charge’. 

Since PLUTO is the key & core ‘Player’ and in CAP the longest (2008 – 2024), pointing to the deeper evolution that’s going on on Planet Earth and in us internally.
So, what’s the effect of each other planetary body passing PLUTO?


So let’s first do an Astro Inventory (very Capricornian anyway) about the Planetary Players and their Transformation through PLUTO.

VENUS and the SUN in CAP passed PLUTO on Jan 9, and just 15 hrs before the New Moon, on Jan 16, the CAP MOON will pass PLUTO too. 
It’s an initiation process with PLUTO in CAP.
And yep, it gets intense as / so that it changes…

While (because?) the Shadow and all sort of ‘old gunk’ gets cleared and purified (PLUTO), the Best of these Inner Archetypes in their Integrity (CAP) can come out:

SUN – Spirit, Consciousness, Vital Energy:

  • What does it takes for your energy to operate best?
  • What’s ‘counterproductive’ and (hopefully) on the way out?
  • What brings you energy?
  • What brings you closer to Essence?

VENUS – Attraction, Magnetism, Reflection in Relationships:

  • Do you attract / do they show you your Best, or your Shadow?
  • How can you bring Love, the Big Transformer, into the picture?

MOON – Sensitivity, Somatic Cycles, Emotions, Needs:

  • How do you honour (CAP) our emotions and needs?
  • How do you align with the energy of the month, nurture (MOON) and sustain (CAP) yourself?
  • It is a low energy before / round the New Moon – maybe you need lots of Rest & Regeneration…?
  • The one New Moon in CAP of the year: The world seems to resonate with, or at least emotionally reflect your CAP themes (like: need for integrity, simplicity, building a good foundation, being in tune with the Spirit of the Time / Zeitgeist, working with Nature – rather than against it….).
  • PLUTO as an ‘Initiation Chamber’ for the NEW MOON (with VENUS) helps us get aligned with what truly, simply, essentially matters, and ‘works best’.
    Call it Being as Nature, call it the The Power of Love.

MERCURY  – Mind, Thought Forms, Communication:
MERCURY in CAP will pass PLUTO on Jan 24: 

  • Mental ‘clutter’ of the CAP kind (abusive / self abusive, judgmental, fear / control mechanisms…) can come ‘up and out’ to process.
  • Hidden agenda in govern-mental structures can come out (more? oh yeah…).
  • An excellent time to practice deep inquiry into the core of your being – and live from there, one step / breath / minute at a time.

The SUN, MERCURY, and VENUS pass PLUTO yearly, the MOON monthly.
Yet, nowadays / now-a-years, there’s more going on in CAP where PLUTO sits:

LILITH – ‘Wild Woman’, actually: Being in our True ‘Wild Nature’.
LILITH is now also in CAP (until Aug 2018), and will pass PLUTO in mid-May (only every 10 years). The themes are already building up:

  • Being as-Nature is so simple. We don’t need all the ‘stuff’ (materialism, status symbols…) that’s been ‘sold’ to us by those who benefit from the consumer society and ‘ego system’.
  • Less is more is empowering. Less to buy / more to create / grow, re-purpose, up-cycle, share brings more Life and Soul into the World.
  • Rather than resisting / protesting against authorities (and thereby feeding them energy and still being the ‘adolescent’), how about letting the Inner Adult and Mature Wise One (CAP) step up and coach us into a transformation from within which can spread like wildfire?!

MARS – Warrior: Assertion. MARS is in CAP exalted (strongest sign for MARS): Strength, Stamina, Endurance, Persistence, Perseverance.
MARS will be in CAP this year too, March 17 to May 15, and again (due to retro) Aug 15 to Sept 10).
MARS will pass PLUTO (every about 2 years) on Apr 26 – while PLUTO will be stationary (going retro on Apr 22). Quite the intense transit.

  • When we need to get through things we also have energy and resources (we don’t have to ‘do it alone’) that are required, step by step.
  • An excellent time for a big project that requires perseverance, and builds character.

Eventually in 2020, SATURN and JUPITER, both in CAP (SATURN just entered, JUPITER in 2020), will pass PLUTO:
Deep & huge societal / structural / economic ‘make-over’.

The energy is building towards this, esp. with SATURN now in CAP. Being in our own mastery, authority and responsibility, having good boundaries, and not taking too much on – all this helps moving things forward to where evolution goes anyway.
Check out my SATURN into CAP blog post from Dec 16!


To be in natural alignment with these PLUTO Initiation Processes, you might also want to check out my ASTRO~WEATHER & MEDICINE video for Jan 8 – 16 (also featuring JUPITER / MARS in SCO).


I’d say the NEW YEAR energetically only begins with the CAPRICORN NEW MOON, this coming week. 
The New Moon will be exactly on Tue Jan 16 at 6:17 pm PST / Wed Jan 17 at 2:17 am GMT.
Into the NEW YEAR, from the Ground UP!


Here’s the CAPRICORN NEW MOON Chart:


The NEW MOON will be exactly on TUE JAN 16 at 6:17 pm PST / Wed Jan 17 at 2:17 am GMT.

Yep, see? 
The Group of SEVEN in CAP?!

VENUS is about to leave CAP for AQ the day after the New Moon Work Party, i.o.w., on Jan 17.
And so does the SUN, on Jan 19.

That’s the ‘Prometheus Point’ a.k.a. Community Building Point as I like to call the CAP – AQ cusp.
I.o.w., how can our energy and consciousness (SUN) go to the next level, from the CAP world of Leading from Integrity to attracting (VENUS), cooperating, and Co-creating in Community (AQ)?
A few things to keep in mind:

  • We are magnets (VENUS) for the energy we give off.
    Our habits create patterns and structures that build up (CAP).
  • How does life and how do relationships that you attract reflect back what you are, and engage in? 
  • How committed are you to taking responsibility (SATURN) for your relationship attractions (VENUS), and to recognizing when they are complete, and the lessons learned (SATURN)? 
  • How can you transform everything you attract into Love (PLUTO – VENUS), and see its Higher / Deeper Purpose (PLUTO in CAP)? 
  • Big Things require Cooperation (AQ) of good and competent people (CAP) who are complementary (VENUS).
    What are communities you are engaging in more now?

The main tension / stress / action inducing aspect of the CAP NEW MOON is a square from the NEW MOON and VENUS to URANUS in late ARIES.
It was already exact for the SUN and VENUS last weekend (Jan 13 / 14), and for the MOON it will be exact on the 16th.

So yeah, more shocks and awe in relation to govern-mentals, and others in responsible positions acting a wee bit, or very, cuckoo?
Could well be. Could we have imagined a year ago how much public craziness can be out and up there???
And, a more constructive question: 
Can the energy be expressed in a better way? That’s always my notion with understanding the astrological, archetypal messages in their symbolism and language….

Yay, sure, if we emancipate (URANUS) ourselves more from ‘the big boss/es’ (CAP), are innovative (UR in AR), and in self sufficient authority (CAP).
The Times they are a-changing, says PLUTO and now also SATURN in CAPRICORN.

Right NOW, the square can also be expressed by ‘giving birth’ to experimenting (UR in AR) with new, more productive, and sustaining (CAP) ways of Being and Living. Let’s be creative!


Prometheus at the Rockefeller Centre NYC, surrounded by the Zodiac belt. The Archetype of Prometheus the Awakener is related to the Planet URANUS! And VENUS and the SUN will cross the ‘Prometheus Point’ on Jan 17 / 19. So I better bring that ‘golden boy’ into the picture!

By the way, have you noticed?
We’re in a Retro Free Zone NOW!

Since URANUS went direct (technically on Jan 2, more noticeable now, as it’s coming into gear), until March 8 when JUPITER goes retro – well, let’s say, because of the stationary phase, until end of Feb!
What’s that good for (asks the CAP voice, ha-ha)?

Well, things move forward now, and can manifest more easily.
A student asked me in an Astrology course meeting last week, “Does that mean things go well now?”
Good point. And important to clarify:
Forward-motion doesn’t necessarily mean things go ‘well’. When the ‘catalyst’ planets URANUS, NEPTUNE, and PLUTO show up, things can get ‘messed up’, esp. when we act ‘against the cosmic grain’, yet it leads to much needed change.
That’s why it’s good to be aware of what these archetypal energies that the planets represent ‘want’, and how to be ‘on better terms’ with them…

For example:
URANUS in ARIES says: Just try it out, and see what happens. There are no mistakes, showing up, esp. for yourself is what matters. CAP makes sure it all stays ethical.

In the forward course of things now, whatever has been held you back, can you see the deeper dynamics of it (JUPITER in SCO)?

Can you take even just baby goat steps (CAP Planets and New Moon), and try out a new and perhaps surprising approach (URANUS in ARIES)?


Arunachala, Southern India (Tamil Nadu). The Sacred Mountain to Shiva the Transformer – related to the PLUTO Archetype.

Are you on Your Transformational Mountain, into (Promethean) Liberation (URANUS in ARIES) from what’s weighing and wearing you down (too much CAPRICORN, experienced as burdensome and depressing)?
And into Liberation, to be the Authentic YOU?!


Much Love for and with it ALL!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2018



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