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MARS into LEO (July 1 – Aug 17): Play Time – Show Time – Heart Time… a Roaring Summer!

1 Jul

Hey Cosmic Friends,

Feeling like Play Play Play?
And like Roaring too?!

MARS just crossed the ‘Creativity Point’ (as I call it) from CANCER to LEO today, July 1, yayyy!
And guess what?
Fiery LEO is a better playground for MARS than sensitive CANCER in the last weeks since mid-May (see blog post in review) where it might have gotten a bit ‘claustrophobic’ for the Martian journey – the ‘Warrior’ Archetype needed some active outlets in the fields of caring, self care, and perhaps literally indoor / home action / work (rather than anger and home violence even).
Did you do some Spring / early Summer cleaning and purging, and ride the cosmic waves of MARS – SATURN – PLUTO mid-June?
I did, in a big basement clearing project. Feeling literally lighter and relieved now.

YEP, double fiery now, with fiery MARS in fiery LEO, until Aug 17. A sizzling Summer.
Maybe also more dry / drought / wildfire scenarios, sadly…
MERCURY is now also in LEO – to go retro from July 7 on.
More LEO Fire to come soon: The SUN will LEO on July 22, VENUS on July 27, and the New Moon in LEO to follow, on July 31 – definitely a ‘Hot Spot’ time end of July!

First things first:

MARS shift into LEO gives a boost of strength and confidence.
LEO seems like a fun and dynamic place for MARS to be in, and can nicely heat up the Summer with renewed passion. Caramba!

It brings out the macho or macha in us who wants to strut, play, and dance, and show his / her colours. An originally creative impulse is certainly fun, yet it can easily turn into ego gratification drives. Watch out for those.
MERCURY retro helps keep them in check…


Let’s check out the 

Cosmic Contacts of MARS in LEO with other Planetary Players –

…to use the Energy Combos optimally:


MERCURY freshly retro in early LEO meets MARS.
Having fun and showing it is cool. Bragging and beating others over the head with how ‘great’ you are is likely an over-compensation.


MARS in early LEO in Fire Trine with CHIRON freshly retro in ARIES, and in square with URANUS in early TAU.
Bravely showing up and stepping into the New World may sound scary-crazy for our ‘status quo’ yet is also liberating. How about experimentation? You don’t have to stay with it – just try it on!


MARS in LEO in Fire Trine with JUPITER retro / stat in SAG.
Full speed ahead! Go for what your Heart’s desires!


MARS in LEO quincunx SATURN retro in CAP.
Coordinating passion with practical planning 🙂


MARS in LEO in quincunx with NEPTUNE retro in PI.
Know what You want, yet allow the Universe to arrange things for the Highest Good of All!


MARS in LEO in quincunx with PLUTO retro in CAP.
Let your personal will and Higher Power work in unison.
Tap into true Strength.


AUG 17
MARS activates the ‘Sphinx Point’ and goes into VIRGO.
Do what you love, help others with it, and be self sufficient with it.



MARS in LEO until mid-Aug activates for you as part of one of the LEO ‘mini generations’…:

  • PLUTO (for the PLUTO in LEO boomers, born June 1939 – Aug 1957):
    Could get a bit intense if you run into power conflicts with others.
    Rather use the energy to bravely check in what’s going on in deeper, core issues, and why there is such a charge around being important, being seen and loved?

  • SATURN (for the 3 generations with SATURN in LEO, born Aug 1946 – Sept 1948; Sept – Dec 1975 + June 1976 – July 1978; July 2005 – Aug 2007):
    Where you might ‘usually’ experience limitations, reservations, or even fear of expressing yourself freely MARS kicks ass, and says: Just do it!

  • And for all of us with LEO AC, SUN, MOON, or Purrrsonal Planets in LEO, MARS gives a boost of energy, and can make you feel bolder. Put yourself out there!


I trust your creativity sky-rockets, and you are super inspired these days – straight from the Heart. Show your Colours. Be YOU!
Access the strong & solid LEO warmth-of-Heart, and creative Power in the area of life where LEO is in your chart!




1st house:
How you show up. Celebrate and BE Yourself!

2nd house:
What you have and value – Own Your Radiance!

3rd house:
Your environment – Celebrate in the City!

4th house:
Your home – Be the King or Queen – and generous Host/ess!

5th house:
Your creativity – You’re the HEART-ist!

6th house:
Your work and health – A warm Heart is the best health insurance, and good for your business too 🙂

7th house:
Your significant others – they are special, as is your relationship!

8th house:
Your deep involvement and transformations – perhaps from ego investment into the pure heart?

9th house:
Your travels and worldviews – Travel with joy, and put your creations out there!

10th house:
Your calling and purpose – is LOVE!

11th house:
Your community – A Celebration! Where everyone’s a Star.

12th house:
Your oneness with ALL – the ‘Real Gold’…


And remember the overall / all-time LEO Motto:
Live Life Lovingly!


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You’re welcome to join us!


Happy LEO Times to y’all!

© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




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