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Cuspy VIRGO – PISCES SuperMOON (Feb 19): Wholeness in Oneness

17 Feb

Dear Astro~News Reader,

Full Moon over the Mountains during the Sochi Winter Olympics on Feb 13, 2014. Credit: Odd Andersen /AFP/Getty Images)


Feeling the energy building?
She’s coming!
Special in so many ways:


  • The Biggest SuperMOON of the year is ‘on the horizon’ – literally:
    Hope we can see her in her glory in the morning hours before MOONset on Tue Feb 19, here from the West Coast perspective.
    The BIG Full Moon will be exact at 7:54 am PST (after Moonset / Sunrise).


  • It’s also quite unique astronomically since the MOON will appear throughout the night very close to Regulus, the Royal Star, and brightest one in the constellation LEO.


  • Astrologically, LUNA will be just over the ‘Sphinx Point’ cusp, on the 1st degree of VIRGO while the SUN will be on the first degree / day of PISCES:
    A Lunar Call to be in Self Awareness (LEO / VIR) –
    Who am I, what works for me, and how can I be of service to the whole, let AQ / PI Solar Consciousness shed on Community / Humanity, and bridge ‘both sides’ Me and Us All.


  • CHIRON the Centaur turned Warrior.

    The SuperSuper FULL MOON on Feb 19 ‘delivers’ and catalyzes CHIRON into ARIES, on the eve of the FM, Feb 18:

    …which brings themes for the next 8 years, such as:
    * Healing through showing up for ourselves, with bold, courageous action, or ‘simply’: Through emerging from the collective cocoon, and being fully present as ourselves.
    * Emergence of new Movements, societally and spiritually, for Waking up & Showing up!
    * Emergency to step into action, re: Climate and other urgent issues.
    A very cuspy & mutable Full Moon (see FM chart below): 

    So much in flux, and lots of shifts happening (incl. CHIRON entering ARIES, and URANUS going into TAURUS) – we better adapt and renew too.


  • The last Full Moon in WINTER 2018 / 19 (after the Winter Solstice FM on Dec 22, and the Total Lunar Eclipse FM on Jan 20 / 21) – the next Full Moon on March 20 will be just 4 hrs after the Spring Equinox!


  • The last Full Moon in the retro-free zone – no Planets retrograde between Jan 6 when URANUS went direct, and March 5 when MERCURY goes retro.


As with every Full Moon, and esp. with this SuperSuperMOON, it can be a very emotional phase, as things come to Fruition (think: Full Moon – Harvest Moon, and VIRGO), to be released (a la PISCES via the SUN plus MERCURY – soon retro – now close to NEPTUNE!).
Let’s allow it to BE (PI), and keep doing the practice (VIR) that keeps us healthy, whole, and connected, from which right action ‘in the world’ emerges naturally.


Neptune Rules Pisces
Painting by Johfra Bosschart


There’s a lot of planetary energy in PISCES in the Astro Weather – showing up for the Full Moon on Feb 19, and being led over into ARIES via CHIRON: Spring and New Life in Becoming!


The Full Moon in VIRGO on Feb 19 (see chart below) receives the reflection of the SUN freshly in PISCES, (the SUN will enter PI on Feb 18 at 3:04 pm PST), and MERCURY next to NEPTUNE in mid-PI, plus liberating LILITH in AQ surround the SUN.
What a cosmic tidal wave this can be, esp. mentally!
One thing leads to another, and all is interconnected.
Intensity and vulnerability through overwhelm and feeling lost….?

MERCURY in ‘exile’ in PI (ruling its opposite, organized VIR) can easily get overwhelmed and confused, since… all is connected.
And maybe ‘gone fishing’, meditating, or taking extra naps is the best way of allowing things to run their course and fall into place…


  • What’s the Medicine that PISCES offers, at this ‘grand finale’ and transition of CHIRON from PI to ARIES?
  • What’s the Practice that the VIRGO FULL MOON prescribes?


If you’re been feeling so much, and being sensitive to the collective energy, you’re not alone.
‘Their stuff?’ / Not yours?

Yes and no:
On a personal level, we don’t need to take in everyone’s woes, or critique their behaviour that we can’t change, and a healthy membrane is a good thing, like a well-functioning immune system. Good to take care of our own body-mind-spirit Temple, says VIRGO.

Yet energetically we’re all / all IS interwoven, connected, and ONE, in the flow of Life, shows PISCES – w
e’re spiritual Beings having a human experience. Something to take in and attune even more to, with MERCURY already and for a long time in in PI, plus soon to go retro (March 5 – 28).


You prob. heard the quote before: “Don’t sweat the small stuff – it’s all small stuff” (Very apropos VIRGO).
I disagree with the latter part. But it’s worth checking in whether a situation that upset us is actually ‘small stuff’ in the bigger context of things, and yet, why we feel it in such a BIG way? What’s the need behind it?

A spiritual teacher said:
“Do you experience the suffering (as a phenomenon that comes and goes) with compassion, or do you (as in: you personally) suffer the experience?”
And: “The Person has / is the Problem. Presence just IS.”

VIRGO represents the individualized Self, in that sense ‘the Person’ while PISCES represents Presence with / in / as Energy.
The VIRGO SuperSuper Moon calls us to be aware of what makes us feel / take things so personally even though it might be ‘just random’ / accidental / part of the human condition.
Not to over-analyze and re-affirm ‘the problem’, rather to simply be with it and watch it run its course…


Waves are coming in… – Photo by Melanie, Jan 2019


On the PISCES ‘side’ (which is an oxymoron, since PI is all-encompassing), some of us sentient and sensitive ones are very attuned to the ‘psychic weather’ / oceanic atmosphere around us.

Maybe we came with this gift (which can sometimes feel like a curse – a la CHIRON in PI over the last 8-9 years), or it was evoked early in life.


  • Can you, the empathic Person, avoid being drawn into everyone’s emotional field, and experiencing it as your own?
  • And what of that IS actually a reflection of you?
    The Sphinx Point Self Awareness and VIRGO discernment sure help.
  • Can you let go, release the need to do something with what happened, and allow things to be as they are?
  • Can you let people be who they are, rather than trying to do something about it? 
  • Have you noticed how your (PISCEAN) vibration actually changes them / the situation in a better way than your (VIR) need to ‘fix’ or ‘reform’ them?
  • How do you bring yourself, and what brings you back into alignment (VIR) with your true Soul Nature?

Things flow so much easier (PI), and the Universe ‘has our back’ when we’re true to ourselves.
Magic and synchronicities are our companions, life is more fun and joy, and we’re naturally led to do what we’re best at, and meet people on the way whom we resonate and co-create with.

Versus trying to be everything to everybody, bending over backwards, protecting your image and social status, and building up a fake persona, not wanting to loose face in the eyes of others, and being more perfect than you are, etc.
All of that takes so much energy, comes from the ego, and actually goes against what nature intended for us:
To be authentically ourselves.
HA – seems like CHIRON going into ARIES on the eve of the FM agrees wholeheartedly.

In this sense, more BEING in natural alignment, and less ego directed DOING (as a compensation mode) is what the Astro Doc prescribes, always, and esp. brought out by this VIRGO – PISCES Super FULL MOON.
Noticing and being aware (a VIRGO specialty) of what’s going on are the first steps to nature-ally re-align.


How does the VIRGO ‘Priestess’ and ‘Earth Angel’ in us show up in this?


Virgo and Mercury Painting by Johfra Bosschart


Let’s be aware (VIR) and in a loving, open, neutral place (PI), with the washing up and out of old emotions, thoughts and vibrations.

Maybe even residues of the whole PISCES Age era, our connection with / in it and conditioning by it,  showing up via MERCURY (soon retro), in triple contact with NEPTUNE (Feb 18, March 24, Apr 2).
Hints: The Victim – Perpetrator – Saviour – Martyr dynamic…

HOW to (a VIRGO approach) release all THAT?
I hear VIRGO getting concerned…

Impossible to resolve it all with a ‘strategy’, ‘method’, or ‘fix’, or by analysis…

We can’t keep these collective-connective waves from coming.
But we can learn and practice surfing and navigating them skillfully
 (that’s where VIRGO comes in) and, rather than judging and resisting, BE with it all (PISCES) in a good vibration, and loving, heart-ful way.


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.” (Jon Kabat-Zinn)


What are these themes are for You that are getting washed up – to be released?
They can be also seen in your chart – esp. where the VIRGO – PISCES axis is (houses, planets…).

Triple Goddess

Triple Goddess Maiden, Mother, Crone, with Waxing, Full, and Waning Moon, representing the stages of Womanhood

We can expose ourselves to the cosmic, universal,  unified and unifying PISCEAN Field, transmitted by the SUN, MERCURY & NEPTUNE.
And channel the energy into this human dimension, by tuning into the
 grounding gifts of Grandmother MOON in VIRGO, sign of the Sacred Feminine and Triple Goddess.

How can Your cosmic gifts be actualized, put into service, and help You be in alignment with Your cosmic assignment?



The VIRGO – PISCES Full Moon Chart

The VIR – PI Full Moon will be exact at 7:54 am PST on Feb 19 – first full day in PISCES 2019.

Immediately obvious:

We’re in a VERY PISCEAN realm, from our West Coast perspective – balanced by the VIRGO MOON.


PISCES Rising, with its Ruler NEPTUNE on the AC, together with MERCURY (which conversely is the Ruler of VIRGO).
The ‘Messenger’ is for a very long time in the PISCEAN oceanic realm this year: Since Feb 10, until Apr 16, and shall go retro there too (March 5 – 28)!
MERCURY in PI is attuning us to openness, connectedness, and fluidity of the Mind.

The SUN freshly in PI (from Feb 18 on), will have just risen at the exact Full Moon time, and therefore be also in the Piscean 12th House – nice natural alignment! –, not far from liberating LILITH in AQ. Being in the vaster Energy Field and tuning into Oneness of / as All-That-Is…
The SUN on the AQ – PI ‘Coherence Point’ invites us as ‘We’re all in This Together’ to tune into shared vibrations with other Human Beings (rather than separation).
Spiritual gatherings where joined group vibrations are being offered would be very welcomed (always, and esp. for this Full Moon).


The essence of timeless Tao Wisdom:
Yin-Yang Balance is always dynamic and interwoven.

The SUN /  NEPTUNE / MERCURY ‘field’ in PI show us:

All is unified and ONE.

Letting go of mental hooks and hang-ups (MERCURY in PI), or of being caught in the collective web would be so healing.
Perhaps through sound, music, dance, and vibrational medicine.

MERCURY in PI responds to those ‘messages’, rather than being more inundated, confused, and hypnotized by ‘news’.
Not a suggestion to put the head into the sand.
Rather an opport-Unity to let go, and tune into deeper messages.


Big Wave Surfer Maya Gabeira


As we immerse fully into the PISCEAN field there is just energy, a ‘quantum soup’.
Which can be overwhelming and chaotic, for the individualized, ‘separate’ human personal self. Examples are everywhere, incl. the constant influx / inundation of media (also ruled by PISCES), paradoxically creating FOMO (fear of missing out) – when we experience ourselves as separate from ‘them’.
I guess you’re getting the picture…. 

Interconnectedness of ALL can, for our separate identity, be overwhelming, confusing, make us vulnerable – or make us want to escape, be ‘addicted’ to ‘the state of bliss and union’, etc.
The invitation is to experience and merge in the field of Oneness.

The SUN now entering PISCES (Feb 18 – March 20) also brings Solar Consciousness to the bigger, longer, and more transpersonal influences of NEPTUNE in PISCES 2012 – 2026, and CHIRON in PISCES 2010 – 2019 – which leaves PI literally on the same day as the SUN enters PI, Feb 18 – – the eve of the Super Full Moon.

So much is coming together now…

Allow it, and allow yourself to BE.
Maybe that means letting go of, forgiving, releasing something, some ‘disappointment’, ‘illusion’, etc. (chances are in the area of life related to PI in your chart).

CHIRON now leaving PISCES has shown over the last decade how old, early, time-transcending wounds came up in this process (esp. for those of us born in the 1960’s under CHIRON in PI, and anyone with PI placements).
As James Hillman summed it up in a Jungian seminar in Victoria a few years ago:
There are two basic early childhood wounds: Abandonment and overwhelm (invasion, abuse). We might have experienced one more than the other, or both in combination. We might have experienced one more than the other, or both in combination.
They often lead to addiction – as an escape, and / or substitute for genuine connection…
Real connection is Healing.


A Review of the effects of CHIRON in PISCES over the last decade would be quite helpful and integrative.
In our CHIRON into ARIES Parlour – 3 groups on Feb 20 & 28 we shall also in the circle review CHIRON in PISCES, and the Medicine it has brought to everyone.



Crystal activated Voyager card XVII – Star, showing Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion – Photo and crystal activation by Melanie

I call the AQ – PI cusp also ‘Kuan Yin Point’ – This female Buddha offers Compassion for Humanity and All Life Forms.


Often we have to feel what’s now ripe to be healed. There may be catalysts that bring out the old wounds – to be also healing agents.

Rather than spiritually bypassing the wounds, or indulging in them, or escaping into addictive behaviour, how can we do our part in letting go and healing (NEPTUNE, CHIRON, and MOON in VIR)?


The Full MOON in VIR – PISCES, together with the North Node now (until June 2020) in CANCER invites us to invoke Divine Mother / Goddess energy that is always available to support us and all sentient Beings. Like Kuan Yin, Mother Mary…

We can’t ‘do it all’ but we can ask for assistance from Higher dimensions… See how your energy shifts…!

Maybe it helps us with dropping resistance and separation, and, rather than trying to armour ourselves against the ‘tsunami of energy’ (since as sensitive souls we tend to take things in, and they sit and stick there, and possibly contaminate our inner environment) we can ask and allow the energy to gently leave us.

NEPTUNE in PI’s need for Connection and Oneness with the Great Mother, the Universe, the All, can lead to ‘looking for Love at the wrong places’, going on a compensation course via addictions of all sorts that promise to let the ‘me’ go away for a while, but hey, it does come back each time, which can turn into a painful vicious cycle.

These ‘depleting’ tendencies can be met by our awareness of wholeness (Full Moon in VIR) from which healing and renewed Consciousness that-IS (PI SUN) can come.
Practices that lead us to a physical, sensate awareness of wholeness, like mindfulness meditation, Yoga, walks in Nature help, ideally integrated into our life as a healthy routine (VIR).

What are other concrete practices, maybe healthy rituals you can DO (VIRGO) that help us come back into Oneness with / in Life?


VIRGO is the energy of the Harvest Goddess,  Priestess, and Sacred Feminine who is whole and complete, clear and aligned with her sacred Self which keeps her / us in Integrity.

VIRGO practices self-awareness, and tends to ‘her’ body-mind-spirit Temple through clearing, discernment, sacred and spiritual practice, such as ceremony and ritual.

Which means in our practical daily life:
A body / health / wellness / nutrition practice and lifestyle.
A healthy body in a healthy spirit.
Honouring ourselves and our body-temple.
Practice Is Perfect.

  • Is there a practice you can adopt right now that would benefit your well being? Something simple and self-sufficient, like – cell phone free walks, Yoga, exercise, getting more regularly fresh air? 
  • Which ‘recipes, remedies, and rituals’ would your inner Mentor prescribe? Like: adding / removing something from your diet, sleep, work style and hours, certain practices that make you overall happier and healthier, a morning ritual? 
  • Is there something is ripe and ready now to be harvested, as in: let go of? 
  • Would a ceremony help release something old and outlived, and / or help invite beneficial cosmic energies?



Other Cosmic Energies in the SuperMOON ‘Field’


Call of the Mountain
Photo by Melanie, Dec 2018


Mountain Medicine

Yes, still a lot of CAPRICORN energy too, activated by VENUS:

VENUS now in CAP (Feb 3 – March 1), on the ‘Integrity Point’ – a magnet to attract what’s ‘real’ and in integrity / really works for us, while ‘in the meantime’ it’s also a ‘match’ & mirror for where we’re at, with our self value and self love.

VENUS will have just met SATURN (once a year) on Feb 18:
What are you ready to commit to, from your Heart, and because it’s Time?
And what’s done & complete (even though you used to love it)?

On Feb 22 – 24, VENUS will meet PLUTO and the South Node in CAP:
Deep and karmic Soul Connections and Attractions are showing up, with the South Node, rather ‘of the past’, ancient and timeless, yet also to release (South Node) old patterns that don’t serve anymore (end of CAP has also VIR undertone, just as early VIR has CAP undertone, a mutually activated theme).
Be in Your Integrity NOW. Mountain Medicine.




Tune into Your Heart Gifts!

JUPITER has come a long way in its own domain of SAGITTARIUS (since Nov 8, 2018, until Dec 2, 2019).
It’s starting to slow down now, to go retro for 4 months, from Apr 10 on.

MERCURY while for a long time in PI (incl. its retro phase in March) will go 3 times (before, during, and after retro) into square with JUPITER in SAG: Feb 22, March 15, and Apr 11.
Which is also a reflection of the triple square between JUPITER and NEPTUNE in PI this year (1st one was JAN 13).

Let’s tune into Messages beyond our rational thinking, and receive the gifts of their Wisdom, showing us about the interwoven Fabric of Life.
Let’s allow things to be fluid and easy, offer and receive messages-as-gifts, tap into abundance mode, rather than feeling overwhelmed. Letting the Heart direction & connections unfold…


Awakening (through) the Body, and EmBodying Awakeness

Lastly, another cuspy activation, on the ‘Settling / Embodiment Point’ from ARIES to TAURUS…

…via URANUS, at the very end of ARIES – to move into TAURUS with the next New Moon, on March 6, and MARS which recently ‘settled’ in TAU (Feb 14 – March 30).

MARS in TAURUS followed by URANUS helps us with grounding and embodying Spirit-in-Matter, while Awakening (through) the Body, and EmBodying Awakeness.

More about URANUS into TAURUS coming up soon, in ASTRO~NEWS!


Cosmic Blessings for Wholeness in Oneness, with the VIRGO – PISCES SuperSuperMOON, and her ‘Entourage’ – and beyond!



© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger






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I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with yourself in the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified with them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with the ancient and timeless gift of Astrology!



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