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Astro Nexus after the Buddha Moon – May 11 – 13

10 May
Heads-up, or rather hands-down – we live in powerful times, which means also: change is afoot, wherever we go (or even where we dwell).



“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn

Finding calm and Buddha Spirit with its Transformer Power within the dark has been the call of the Wesak Full Moon in SCO – TAU (Apr 29).
And the Buddha Moon is rolling its effects and medicine out now like a huge wave – into the TAU New Moon on May 15.
This week we’ve seen reverberations from it as the SUN in TAU moved into opposition with JUPITER retro in SCO (same axis as the Full Moon):
“How can I find peace and calm, in a world / environment / relationship with these buggers and bullies…? – SO Old World UNconsciousness!” Or maybe inner / old ‘sore spots’ and ‘trigger points’ that can sit for a long time in the dark got activated for you…?
Lots of things can throw us off-kilter…
Doing the inner ‘Buddha work’ transforms as it helps finding our ground in the mental / emotional storm, and responding adequately and most powerfully.


Up next in the cosmic nexus, linking back to this theme:
Tomorrow MAY 11
The SUN in TAU in trine with PLUTO (ruler of SCO) retro in CAP.
Plus, VENUS in GEM in quincunx with PLUTO retro in CAP.
Life is ‘patiently’ calling us again to find our Ground in the deep unfathomable and timeless Ground of Being, while we’re embodied in Nature’s multitude of expressions ❤
Another shift tomorrow:
The MOON will emerge from the watery Piscean immersive field into boom-here-I-am ARIES (tomorrow morning 5:40 am PDT – feel the shift from these rather ‘out there – everywhere’ days!), and connect with CHIRON (which carries the medicine of authenticity).
So yeah, this is YOU. The one and only authentic ONE. Show UP!
Later in the eve, the ARIES MOON will bump up against ole no-nonsense SATURN retro in CAP.
I.o.w., old world authority / conditioning (outer / inner, same-same) might judge you or them for this. Only to show you to be later or sooner done with that controller that had its time anyway.
And as the ARIES MOON goes into square with LILITH, PLUTO, and MARS in CAP too, communication can go a bit wild and haywire.
Take it easy on heated discussions and power trips. Take a breath (or walk) before you react, don’t take it personally, take it transpersonally – and don’t take stuff on.
Be free beyond mind attacks (theirs, your inner…).


Yep, and we’ll hear more from MERCURY this weekend too, in its last hurrah days in ARIES, squaring with MARS on Sat May 12, and being catapulted by URANUS into TAU on May 13 early morning.

Sounds dramatic-shocking-controversial-explosive.
Yep, can be, and you prob. already notice it on your mind.
What would be the most liberating, non-reactive, way of being in an authentic mental / verbal expression? Set your mind free!
And use the energy for being inspired by innovative mind-blowing ideas – experiment with implementing them!
The energy wants to land…


just in time for Mother’s Day (5:40 am PDT on May 13), as MERCURY goes into TAURUS (until May 29), and the MOON follows.
Mental / emotional settling after the storm lately and of April, and enjoying our precious birth, in gratitude to our mothers and fore-mothers, and to Mother Earth!


Much Love in and for it ALL!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger


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