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MARS in LIBRA (Oct 3 – Nov 18): Passion for Peace, Balance, Fairness, Justice, and Synergistic Partnerships

28 Sep

What’s UP, Astro Friends?

After 6 1/2 weeks in VIRGO since Aug 17 (phew, soo many issues and problems since then, so much to do, to fix and get in order!!!), MARS crosses over the Equinox Point into LIBRA on OCT 3 to activate and stir up the sign of Balance, Fairness, Harmony, and wise Choices, until Nov 18.

What a day!
Oct 3 is also when PLUTO – ‘higher octave’ / transpersonal dimension of MARS – as in: Higher / Deeper / Inner Power – goes from retro to direct, and when MERCURY goes into PLUTO ruled SCORPIO for a looong time!

What has become imbalanced for you? 
MARS can motivate you to pursue activities that bring more Balance, Harmony, Relatedness, Art and Culture into your Life.

About time!
MARS was the last time in LIBRA 2 years ago (Oct 22 – Dec 9, 2017) – in its 2-year cycle through the Zodiac.

Perhaps your life is too stagnant, boring, and indecisive?
Then MARS’s job would be to get you off the fence to make a brave decision.

Or to pro-actively approach others with whom there could be a good synergistic partnership – in which both of you can be authentic.

Of course, MARS in LIBRA is also about action & activism for Justice, Fairness, and Balance – as we see in the current full-on Climate Action Movement’s events.
Interesting & very timely, how MARS in LIBRA also funnels into the Canadian Fed. Elections on Oct 21, calling us to make a bold choice.


If you have your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets in LIBRA, these inner Archetypes get an energy boost in the coming weeks, yet you might also want to watch not to get too ego driven in their expression. Channel the energy into active, physical outlets which a la LIBRA would be dance and pursuit of art and culture.


Even if you don’t have ‘Inner LIBRAN ‘Players’ there’s a House or two where LIBRA is in your chart. And that gets now activated through MARS.
Do you want to take initiative with people related to that house?

3rd House: People in your environment, and your extended family.
5th House: Children and creative partners, incl. lovers.
9th House: People from abroad, and people with whom you study together…
More about MARS in your LIBRA House/s below.


In its journey through LIBRA, MARS will go 

  • on Oct 8 into opposition with CHIRON retro now in (MARS ruled) ARIES – what does a well-weighed yet bold choice look like that honours authenticity as the Medicine?
  • on Oct 27 into square with the South Node & SATURN – close to the Canadian Fed. Elections – calling for bold choices to assert integrity in leadership and being done with top-down old school authority.
  • and on Nov 5 into square with PLUTO in CAP which can be a time of conflict between personal assertion of ego forces and Higher Power that follows Natural Laws, esp. when it comes to decision making, and in relationships. 


Let’s check out all the 

Cosmic Contacts of MARS in LIBRA (Oct 3 – Nov 18) with other Planets

…to make sure their Relationships are well balanced.
Highlight times are Oct 8 – 12, Oct 27/28, Nov 5 and 12.


MARS goes into LIBRA (until Nov 18).
Make sure you take care of your own inner balance first before negotiating / asserting fairness and balance with others and in the world.


MARS freshly in LIBRA opposes CHIRON retro in (MARS Ruled) ARIES.
What does a well-weighed bold choice look like that honours authenticity as the Medicine?
Choices might present themselves as urgent but there’s also time to weigh.


OCT 12
MARS in LIBRA in quincunx with URANUS retro in TAURUS.
While being passionate and pro-active about Balance, Peace, and right Relationships integrate liberation from attachment, and find unconditional Freedom within.


OCT 27 – Day of the SCO New MOON
MARS in LIBRA forms a T-square with the South Node & SATURN in CAP and the North Node in CAN.
Taking a stand for fairness, equality, justice, and overall balance calls for bold choices. Asserting integrity in leadership means being done with top-down old school authority while showing up as our best Self and with compassion & care. 


OCT 28
MARS in LIBRA in quincunx with LILITH & NEPTUNE retro in PISCES.
All is ONE, in this wild & connected world.
How does this influence your choices and your relatedness?


MARS in LIBRA in square with PLUTO in CAP.
Showing up for balance and right relationship to restore natural laws and regenerate natural power.


NOV 12 – Day of the TAU – SCO Full MOON
MARS end of LIBRA in sextile with JUPITER end of SAG. One day after the ‘New Mercury’ / half-way point in the M-r Journey in SCO.
YES! to a balanced and trusting direction forward, now as a lot of old sabotaging messages have been processed. A ‘happy end’ for MARS in LIBRA and for JUPITER in SAG (until Dec 2).


NOV 18
MARS goes over the ‘Tipping Point’ from LIBRA to SCORPIO (until Jan 3).
Intense Stirring, Clearing, and Spiritual Mobilization.



Beautifully Tiled Staircase in San Francisco – Model for MARS in LIBRA in combo with SATURN & PLUTO in CAP – walking UP in Harmony.


How does MARS in LIBRA affect you, and how can you show up best in dynamic partnership with this energy?

Your SUN, MOON or Planets in LIBRA get a boost of energy – to stand up and show up for harmony, peace, balance, and right relationship!


And for all of us, whichever House/s LIBRA inhabits in our birth chart this is the area of Life to make a choice and partner up with:

1st House
How you show up –
Choose YOU, and be in good relationship with yourself. What action is calling?

2nd House
What you have and value –
A sense of balance, the fine art of relatedness and synergistic negotiation – ready to be stimulated (or provoked so that you can assert what’s important to you).

3rd House
Your Environment –
Art & Culture in the City – nice time of year to show up in it.

4th House
Your Home –
A cultured haven of Peace & Harmony. Maybe time for Feng Shui projects? And to be social and invite friends or bring a partner into your private life.

5th House
Your Creativity –
Get going with new artistic projects.

6th House
Your Work, Health, and Lifestyle –
A good time to bring balance (back?) into your World. If you don’t do it who will?

7th House
Your significant Others –
Are your relationships with important people in your life in synergy, reciprocity and balance?
If not you gotta assert it.

8th House
Your deep Involvement and Transformations –
Parting in peace and being civilized is your thing – maybe it’s time to be pro-active esp. when things have gotten wayyy imbalanced and you’ve addressed that a few times…

9th House
Your Travels and Worldviews –
Traveling shows you how in other cultures people relate and what they create together.
Time for an (even short-term) inspiration & freedom trip?

10th House
Your Calling and Purpose –
To show the World what it’s like to be in Harmony, Balance, and Right Relationship.

11th House
Your Community & Friends –
Art & Culture are keys. Time to take initiative and action to actually see them, and to assert Balance with them as needed.

12th House
Your Oneness with ALL –
There’s no Comparison – by Nature.
Hidden ‘Conflict’ just shows something’s stirring to be born soon.


Blessings for a balanced & balancing phase of MARS in LIBRA!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




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