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ARIES MOON Alert! Igniting the Spirit, for a FIERY Week and Month!

15 Jul
Cornucopia FractalHave you noticed the shift from the super flowy, immersive PISCES MOON mode / mood on July 13 / 14, to a vibrant, exciting, dynamic, energetic, sparkly and spunky vibe, since today (July 15)?
Yep, that’s the ARIES MOON – igniting not only a fiery weekend where we better find creative outlets for all that energy, like: spontaneity and being in the moment – or else…
Since the MOON in ARIES is in ‘mutual reception’ (a double whammy) with MARS (ruler of ARIES) presently in CANCER (the home of the MOON) a lot of emotions can be provoked, evoked, stirred up (which is not a ‘bad thing’, it just could lead to premature reactions, and really, really needing to ‘do your thing’… – yet that might be just something in the moment, don’t break up over it!).
It IS a kind of emergency / alert mode. What’s up NOW? How are you in THIS moment? Maybe something’s calling, to really, really get started with…?
The ARIES MOON already opposed JUPITER in LIBRA this eve, and will go into trine with MERCURY in fiery LEO tonight:
Let’s appreciate every new day (and moment), all our Relations, speak from the Heart, and be authentic!
Tomorrow, July 16, the ARIES MOON will create a square with PLUTO retro in CAP, trine SATURN retro in SAG, square MARS in CANCER, and finally – tatahhhh! – meet its ‘higher octave’, the transpersonal URANUS!
Woohoo, that’s a handful of lunar alignments in one day!
Let’s ignite the Spirit, and create with Life Force!

Butterfly Baby, Photo by Anne Geddess

What excites and inspires you these days?

For me, it’s been my Birthday, and all the wonderful wishes and blessings I received – almost overwhelming! -, and the Art: Seeing lovely friends at the Art Walk, and meeting artists – all so LIBRA – , and appreciating our artistic Victoria.
The MOON / URANUS ‘grand finale’ tomorrow is like fireworks of liberation, inspiration, newness, innovativeness, freshness, and rebirth!
The ARIES MOON gets the ball rolling, for an even more FIERY week, and month to come:
  • MARS will go into LEO on July 20 – and will we ever notice a shift, from the CANCER MARS (since early June) mode that has been rather introverted, recluse, even regressive, sensitive, ‘homey’, self protective, self caring, to a self expressive energy boost: Show your Colours, be YOU!
  • On July 22, the SUN goes into LEO – full Summer glow!
  • And on July 23 will be the early LEO NEW MOON with MARS!
More about all that burst of Colour and Creation… soon.
You already feel it, don’t you?!

© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger





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