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ARIES – LIBRA Harvest Moon 2018: In Our Authentic Nature with All Our Relations

23 Sep

Happy Autumn, dear Astro~News Reader!

Just in time with FALL EQUINOX the warm and golden early LIBRA SUN and the crispy-fresh moonlit nights this weekend have been such a beautiful gift of contrast and perfect balance.


DSC06026 - Copy

Balance and Freshness by the Water (and what a way of being a West-Coast child!) – Photo by Melanie

The first FULL MOON in FALL is coming up, just 2 days freshly in the new Season!

It’s the Harvest Moon – the Full Moon closest to the Fall Equinox!

The next FULL MOONs will be all on Zodiac cusps too!
SEPT 24 at 1°59′ AR – LI
OCT 24 at 1°13′ TAU – SCO
NOV 23 at 0°52′ GEM – SAG
DEC 22 – the Winter Solstice FULL MOON at 0°49′ CAN – CAP.

There’s Magic and Alchemy on the Cusps.
I’ve been exploring over many years in my practice (yep, practically applied in our lives) what the flavours of the transitions from one Zodiac sign to the next are.
Only one has an ‘official’ name in Astrology: The Sphinx Point from LEO to VIR.
Suitable (and really cool) names for the other 11 cusps showed up intuitively.
Last year, in the Astro Alchemy of Zodiac Cusps Group Series, we invited Voyager Tarot cards, and Medicine cards as well to illustrate and tell us more about the Cusp Energy.
Happy to offer it again this year:

Zodiac CUSP Alchemy in Your Chart: Phoenix, Sphinx and more –
A 4-Meetings / 8-Week Applied Group Exploration on the Cusps.

Here’s the FB Event link.
You and your friends are warmly welcome to join us (in person or online).


Back to this FULL MOON – on the Cusps from PI – AR (the MOON with CHIRON) and VIR – LI (the SUN with MERCURY)!

The MOON will only enter ARIES at 4:04 pm PDT tomorrow MoOnday Sept 24 – to become exactly FULL at 7:52 pm PDT – rising fully as the Harvest Moon!

Why is the Full Moon closest to the Fall Equinox called Harvest Moon?
And is it really bigger than the other Full MOONs?

Voila – some legendary and astronomical features from EarthSky.

Astrologically, and in the progressions of Seasons, it’s a good time to acknowledge what’s coming to Fruition in this HARVEST Time – from the Summer, and from longer phases!


Ahhhh – we’re out of the Retro Record zone of Summer now – the first theme that comes to mind re: HARVEST.

Re-member? 6 Planets retro in July, and 7 in August!

A phase that offered opportunities galore (yet sometimes in the disguise of challenges) to tie up loose ends, and bring old (perhaps karmic, definitely habitual ) patterns to a conclusion.

Let’s take a look at what’s in the Planetary Harvest Basket of the Season:



The Retro / Harvest ‘SuperStar’ this season was arguably 😉 MARS, the Planet that goes retro the rarest, every 2 years only, plus, MARS was also in close encounter with Planet EARTH.

Definitely a strong Harvest theme, also since MARS rules ARIES where the Full Moon will be in tomorrow.

MARS Retro (June 26 – Aug 27) in AQ – CAP – AQ brought a RE-calibrating of the Inner Masculine. RE-activating of Community and Cooperation.

MARS (Hubble Telescope) How has the effect been for you?

Have you released old anger and battlegrounds in community, systems, society?
Beyond letting the ego (often the hijacker of MARS) take over, have you found Higher Ground / better social engagement from which to operate, and bring the best of your passion and energy into synergy with others?

Now MARS’s Summer craze is settling…. 
Its post-retro ‘storm’ went out with a BOOM last week: MARS in AQ square URANUS retro in TAU one more (# 3 of 3) time on Sept 18.
Beyond being ‘explosive’ and accident prone a chance to break through and break free from what has held us back and kept us stuck – a paradigm shift in action propelling us forward in a liberated way.
ExperiMANtation – no expectation.  
Activating the Inner Inventor.

Speaking of MARS – URANUS breakthroughs, I came to a spontaneous, intuitive, liberating intention / intervention, re: a project I’d been ‘sitting on’: “It’s an experiment” – makes all the difference, and gave me permission to move forward almost pressure free – YAY! 
At the same time, a liberation from old conditioning came with it.

This coming week, culminating on Sept 27, the SUN in LIBRA will go into AIR Trine with MARS in AQ – giving a boost of energy to fly high – and look at the situation from an objective and detached perspective that sees the system and the players / dynamics involved in a newer, freer light…. ahhh!

Other upcoming dynamics of Planets with MARS while moving through AQ (until Nov 15) are:


  • A square from passionate VENUS retro in SCO, exact on Oct 10 – which is building up already since VENUS is slowing down for ‘her’ retro mode (starting on Oct 5), and in ‘pseudo square’ with MARS basically end of Sept to mid-Oct.
    “How deep is your LOVE?” is the theme for VENUS in SCO in her retro journey this Fall.
    While acting in Freedom & Friendship is the contrasting theme for MARS in AQ.
    A dynamic tension of  Intimacy and Freedom. Depth definitely doesn’t mean control / co-dependency. 
    More about VENUS going into ‘her’ upcoming retro Underworld Journey in this blog post.


  • Another, rather short lived, square, from MERCURY in SCO also to MARS in AQ, on Oct 15.
    Maybe it’s time to communicate with clarity and depth what’s up (or rather: going on deep down) in your relationships, how this and that makes you feel (no blame / shame game – own your feelings!) to clear the air, and be in freedom with one another.


  • Early to mid-November bodes well for the remaining MARS Journey through AQ:
    On Nov 9, VENUS end of LIBRA (at the end of ‘her’ retro phase) goes into lovely AIR Trine with MARS.
    On a rather (inter)personal level: Easy sailing’ in reciprocity and freedom.

    Collectively, what would be best choices for humanity, community, cooperation, synergy, and enlightened group consciousness, and to co-create a better future?
    Hmmm, did I say: U.S. mid term elections? Now I did… 
    Well, the cool thing is, on Nov 8, JUPITER comes out of SCO (been there since 10/10/2017), and rises like a Phoenix into SAG.
    Yes, now we know what it’s like in the Dark, understand why these things happen… yet don’t need stay ‘down’ there. The deep and important process can come to a conclusion, giving way to perspective, space, and freedom.
    I’m LOVING November already! ❤


  • Also, on Nov 15, MARS goes (after the 3 squares in May, Aug, and Sept) into Sextile with electric URANUS – which will be by then (from – guess? – Nov 6 on!) back in late ARIES.
    A ‘double whammy’, a.k.a. a mutual reception, since they are in each others’ signs: 

    MARS the ruler of ARIES is in AQ, and URANUS the ruler of AQ is in AR. 
    Plus: this alignment happens literally on the Grand Finale Day of MARS in AQ (which started on May 15 – and it went into the first square with URANUS right the day after, May 16 – what a cosmic symmetry!).
    Expect the unexpected – except beautiful liberating domino effects! 🙂



SATURN (Hubble Telescope)

The game changer in the retro-to-direct shift in September has been good ole SATURN in CAP.
SATURN is known to be the ‘grim reaper’ or even Father Death with the scythe – showing us what IS old and dead and ripe to be cut and pruned.  

The retro effect of SATURN (every year for about 4-5 months, this year Apr 17 – Sept 6) has been a ‘Harvest’ time to complete old karma, old contracts, old giving-authority-away, to step into authority and commitment cleared from those ‘shackles’ and in integrity from the inside-out.

The ‘Ringed One’ went out of retro technically on Sept 6.
When asked, “Would that be a good time to start committing and planning again?” I suggested: Wait at least until the VIRGO NEW MOON on 09/09. Always better to start anew after the New Moon – and to give SATURN at least a few days to shift gear (the ‘slow storm’ goes until Oct….). 

So happy to see in my own life and with friends and clients how commitment in integrity (SATURN-in-CAP) has come to pass in the last while, incl. in 3 weddings over the last week – I was so honoured to be present at one of them just yesterday!
Wished I could have bi-located to the other one as well that took place simultaneously but SATURN reminds us, we’re living in one form-body 😉 .



PLUTO Revealed… One of the first pictures New Horizons transmitted from the close fly-by in July 2015.

The deep down / far out PLUTO – Archetype of transformational Evolution that’s ‘upon’ us – harvests what’s naturally subject to change (often by rolling out its shadow manifestations just as the winds of change are underway).

PLUTO is the transpersonal level of MARS (higher power vs. personal Warrior Archetype assertion and energy expression).

PLUTO these years (2008 – 2023) in CAP shows where the Old Empire is about to expire… and the ‘Old Regime’ / operating system is so due for an upgrade that honours the signs of the time:

A wiser and more respectful working with time, natural resources, and natural laws (so that resources humanity depends upon don’t expire….).
And to bring our best and most powerful essence to the table – because it’s timely – while the Dimension of Time transcends when we ARE in soulful Essence…

As PLUTO has been retro (every year for 5 months, this time Apr 22 – Sept 30) power issues have been ‘harvested’ – to show us where we give power away to others, esp. (with hierarchical CAP): to those UP there in ‘Power’, while truly: The Power and Soul Integrity that can’t be usurped is within.
How does it ‘land’ for you to deeply tune into this?

(Inter)personal Power issues are being ‘harvested’ with PLUTO retro anyway / always:
Ah – there we go again – and see how it’s really an inside game! 
As we connect with / as Source, what happens?

Wherever mid CAP is in your chart you learn these years with the PLUTO effect what Power-to-Change really means to you.

P.S. LOVE is a good candidate for the most powerful change agent that can ‘move mountains’ (a la CAP) – as the New Horizon’s mission to PLUTO revealed in July 2015 (see photo). 🙂


So hey, what’s with the super early (1°59′)

ARIES FULL MOON with CHIRON – on the ‘Emergence Point’? Pointing to our Authentic Nature….

You can see them together, in the Harvest Moon chart below.

CHIRON the Centaur turned Warrior.

Clearly a refreshing new Emergence – yes, something new comes to Life here! – in Partnerships and with all our Relations (LIBRA and the SUN – MOON opposition).

It’s a raw and vulnerable place there (with early AR , plus CHIRON retro so close to the FULL MOON). Yet, baby steps and just showing up authentically as life does is the Medicine.

Since CHIRON has been in ARIES this year (which also started on Apr 17 – the day when SATURN went retro) being authentic and ‘just showing up’ is the Medicine for the ‘Wounded Healer’.

SATURN retro and CHIRON have been squaring each other in July and Aug – a good phase to heal old restricting and fear based consciousness, and step back into Life with a natural impulse that’s not even called courage….

  • How have you set yourself FREE from old conditioning?
  • What’s emerging in you, and how do YOU show up a-NEW?

CHIRON (now retro, until Dec 8) will just one day after the FULL MOON on the PI – AR ‘Emergence Point’ go back into the Ocean of Oneness aka PISCES where it’ll dwell / surf / cruise until the full-on Emergence in AR on Feb 18, 2019. 
The initiation has taken place.
Now we can roll with it, go with the flow, follow synchronicities, be adaptable, open, and take / offer the Medicine of Connection (PI).


Let’s take a look at the SABIAN SYMBOL for the FULL MOON, at 1°59′ AR:

PHASE 2 (ARIES 2°): 

Jim Carrey / Wiki commons

KEYNOTE: The capacity to look objectively at oneself and at others.

While the first phase of the process of emergence is essentially in terms of subjective impulse and the desire to act, the second phase represents the attempt to evolve an objective awareness of existence. Through a sense of contrast, consciousness is gradually being built. 

It is what Teilhard de Chardin calls “reflective consciousness”: the ability to see oneself reflected as in a mirror, and eventually to laugh at the inadequacy of the form one sees; thus “humor,” the triumph of objective consciousness over subjective feeling or moods, or involvement in self. 

This symbol characterizes the second stage in the first five-fold sequence of phases: the stage of OBJECTIVATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.
This second phase complements and polarizes the first, which stresses the subjective desire to become individually conscious.”

So yeah, spontaneous humour and laughing at ourselves / in the mirror of human nature is indeed a Healing Agent, and indeed required when treading ‘new ground’. 
A nice balance to the VIR – PI ‘Design Point’ of ‘Perfect Alignment’ (glitches included, ha-ha).


Which bring us to….

What’s the LIBRA side of the Equation?


A Rose is a Rose (or a Rose Compass) – Photo by Melanie

It offers Conscious (SUN / MERCURY) Reflections, esp in Human Relationships, like:

  • What would be conscious (SUN) choices (LIBRA) that meet the need (MOON) to be authentically, fully YOU (ARIES)?
    Hint – it starts with: Choose Yourself!
  • What’s negotiable (LIBRA) / small stuff, and what’s not a good match / not genuinely compatible (LIBRA) or a deal breaker (URANUS – going back into ARIES over the Winter)?
  • How could a Partnership look like (LIBRA) that brings out the partners’ authentic Beingness (CHIRON in ARIES) where the light is reflected to one another?
  • Baby steps at a time (ARIES) are fine and normal, and a sense of humour is indispensable 😉
  • Too much sitting on the fence, weighing and waiting (for the other to make a move, for ‘something’ to happen and tip the scale) doesn’t do it much longer.
    Good thing that the FULL MOON with CHIRON next to it in ARIES and MARS now direct in AQ remind us: Just go for it (you already know what it’s like to be in limbo), and then the next step will emerge.

Lots of questions to consider, says SUN / MERCURY in LIBRA.
Yet, i.m.o., being truly, spontaneously authentic in the Self naturally supports good choices, and things don’t ‘stick’ so much in relationships that need to be ‘ironed out’ again.
I know, it can be a balancing act to bring one’s true authentic Nature into relationship – but it’s actually more from the perspective of the conditioned Self an ‘issue’ than from the free, authentic Self.


Finally, to bring it all together into the picture, and add more Astro tech based comments esp. for you Astro buffs and hopefully accessible for everyone,

Here’s the chart of the Harvest Moon –

Exact tomorrow Sept 24, 2018 at 7:52 pm PDT.


As you can see, there’s are TWO distinct closed figures in the cosmic pattern:


    from the FULL MOON axis (MOON & CHIRON on the ARIES cusp, and SUN / MERCURY on the LIBRA cusp), both squared by stationary SATURN in early CAP.

    Lots of tension in critical matters that seem to require an outlet of the SATURN kind – a commitment in integrity.
    Yes, there might be issues regarding one’s needs or ‘Inner Child’ (the MOON), esp. (with the square to SATURN) fear of commitment, a stressful sense of scarcity / running out of time and resources. 
    What would be a wise (SATURN) conscious choice (SUN / MERCURY in LI) in your inner authority and responsibility (SATURN now direct again)?The MOON squares stationary SATURN and stationary / retro PLUTO on Sept 24 – 26:
    Showing up for yourself (maybe for the first time in this way) and for ‘coming alive’ brings renewed self agency and is naturally empowering.
    The SUN will also square SATURN (twice a year only) on Sept 25, and stationary (post-retro) PLUTO on Oct 11 / 12:
    Consciously standing in authority and Soul Power is vibrant and a shining example.


    also with the (red) FULL MOON Axis, plus the (red) karmic Nodal Axis of MARS / LILITH / South Node in early AQ and North Node in early LEO
    in its centre, and (blue) trines and sextiles on the ‘outside’.
    A Mystic Rectangle is a relatively rare configuration, and it’s even more unique to have so many (seven) Planetary Archetypes involved on the 4 corners!
    Hence it’s very encompassing – a big theme of the Harvest Moon energy.Even though, on the (blue) outside everything seems quite smooth and cool, and gifts (trines) are abundant, yet there’s tension that may appear as polarities on the inside / in the inner game:
    Between the authentic ‘me’ (AR) and the ‘we’ (LIBRA) – which can be bridged through a shared commitment (T-square to SATURN), and even more so by being done with old modes of separation / polarity consciousness.
    And between ‘self-as-centre’ and ‘group consciousness’ (LEO / AQ).
    The North Node in LEO suggests to self-express, be self loving and as a reflection seen and loved.

    Whereas the South Node suggests to co-create (esp. with MARS post-retro and LILITH there) in group cooperation where everyone contributes from their best and true free nature. 
    In the Balance of the Nodal Axis it’s wise to enhance the North Node and tone down the South Node with its outlived redundancy:
    The model of LEO VIP’s / privileged one/s being watched by the AQ ‘commoners’ – with the effect of giving narcissists wayyy too much attention is a ‘been there, done that’ a not-so-healthy example of ‘show time’ – and we lose energy through ‘just watching / listening’. And watching too many videos can be isolating (AQ SN) too…
    While a healthy LEO – AQ expression would be Community (AQ) holding space for a very special (LEO) ceremony – as was the case at the wonderful and magical wedding I attended on the weekend.

    Everyone’s a Star, and playfulness and creativity come in so many ways, says LEO.
    No need to put a big ‘cat’s meow’ show on and dress to impress (and overdo LEO), nor to binge watch celebrities to have a vicarious sense of importance – which only leaves you more empty, Living Life Lovingly and from the Heart is the core of LEO Consciousness.
    And co-creation makes us all feel playfully involved in the Theatre of Life.
    With the Mystic Rectangle:
    How would the Mystic live the inner ‘dilemma’ with outer calm and grace?


On that note, I’d like to close with one of my favourite LEO – AQ related quotes:
We are all Stars in the Constellation of L*O*V*E!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger





Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to Your ‘Inner Cosmic Compass’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified with them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

…via Courses. Workshops, and Embodied Astrology:

Our experiential and embodied Astrology groups have over time (the 13 years I’ve been facilitating workshops and classes) become quite potent and catalytic.
Come join us, if deep synergy in a circle speaks to you!

This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with the ancient and timeless gift of Astrology!




ARIES – LIBRA Harvest Moon 2017: Wake Up, Be Fully YOU, and Bring Your Authentic Nature into Cooperation and Partnership!

4 Oct

The ARIES MOON is here-now, since 1:40 pm PDT today Oct 4 – opening the scene for her exact Fullness, opposite the LIBRA SUN, tomorrow, Oct 5 at 11:40 am PDT.

The warm and golden early October SUN and the crispy-fresh moonlit nights this week have been such a beautiful gift of contrast and balance.

DSC06026 - Copy

Balance and Freshness by the Water (and what a way of being a West-Coast child!) –               Photo by Melanie, Oct 2017


The first Full Moon in Fall is coming up!
It’s the Harvest Moon – the Full Moon closest to the Fall Equinox!


A good time to check in, what’s coming to Fruition, in this Harvest time – not just from the Summer, but from longer phases!

Soo much has been stirred up and in turmoil in the social and public world, and for many of us privately too in the last weeks, as URANUS the Shake-up / Wake-up Liberator yet also disruptive, shocking, and traumatizing force turned direct / forward at the very end of ARIES, in early August.

  • How have you set yourself FREE from being bombarded with news that could easily re-traumatize something latent in you?
  • What do you DO about moving courageously forward in your life and in this world?
  • What’s waking up in you?


MARS, the ruler of ARIES, has been travelling close to the SUN this Summer which heated up the atmosphere, and it’s been sadly literally a record year for out-of-control wildfires here in the West.
Hope you found positive passionate outlets for MARS / SUN this Summer! 
The SUN is gradually further ahead of MARS now, loosening the heated Yang type combo, plus, the present LIBRA SUN is ruled by VENUS, and more conducive to the dance and negotiation in partnership than than battling with fire and fury.
Additionally, up until tomorrow, Oct 5, MARS has been ahead of VENUS (since Spring 2016!), and we’ve seen the effects of a MARS driven world all too well.
This too is changing, as VENUS will pass MARS, just hours before the Full Moon.
Please find my VENUS / MARS blog post here, for more in-depth info (incl. the Sabian Symbol for their union).

  • What’s cooking for you, in the Conscious Cooperation Caravan?


Also JUPITER is coming to the end of its 11-month journey through LIBRA next week, on Oct 10, when it moves over the ‘Tipping Point’ into SCORPIO (until Nov 9, 2018).
Harvesting the LIBRAN gifts by JUPITER with questions like these can be quite fruitful:

  • What have you seen more clearly about relationships with significant others and yourself IN relatedness, over the last year? 
  • What did you attract in others as a reflection of yourself (missing parts, blind spots, shadow projection)?
  • Which important choices came up for you, and how did you go about choosing wisely?
  • How do you go about restoring inner and outer peace and balance, in a world of turmoil (JUPITER in LI has been opposed by URANUS in ARIES 3 times, in Dec 2016, March and Sept 2017)?

The area of life related to LIBRA in your chart is what has been ‘blown up’ so that there can be more space around it that allows for (mutual) growth.

‘Even’ good ole SATURN comes to the end of the SAG finish line soon – on Dec 19 – where it’s been since Sept 2015, challenging us to focus on the light and on what matters, in a world of distraction and disorientation.

Harvest review:

  • How do you stay on track on your intrinsic path?
  • When challenges and ‘obstacles’ show up, can you recognize them for what they are, adjust the course or our approach, and take the teaching and guidance?
  • How have you been able to not loose heart, with what you see in the world
  • What keeps you moving forward with your vision? Where’s your WHY?
  • Where does the journey go NOW, and what motivated you now, compared to 2 years ago?


We’re in the build-up time for this ARIES Full Moon that’s a ‘fierce midwife to URANUS’, the Awakener and Revolutionary Archetype.

When the BS hits the fan there’s no holding back – so much is bursting out now, as in ARIES – emergence / emergency. Quite the wake-up call, for The Feminine (MOON) and for The People.

In traditional Astrology, the MOON is the Archetype of the People vs. the SUN is the King / Queen / Ruler. I know, this societal model is outdated, and up for evolutionary change, but hey, it’s been symbolically still in effect, and currently again in full force, as seen in places like Catalunya striving for its independence from Spain (see yesterday’s Astro blog about it, with the charts of Barcelona and Spain).
It illustrates what’s going on and shaken up at so many places and in so many ways:
The People (MOON in ARIES) come out and stand up: “Hey, this is US, our Catalan identity can’t be repressed (PLUTO in CAP), our voice must be heard, we’re not in this anymore, and we might pro-actively declare our independence.” Suspense in Spain…

Speaking one’s Truth, and being on the Path is very ‘loaded’ now. The Full Moon will be in the central LEO part of ARIES, and URANUS is in the Sagittarian part of ARIES – linking over in a trine to SATURN in SAG – the end of ‘old stories and beliefs’.
What stories are wanna-be leaders trying to tell us?
We’re not living by ‘old stories and dogmatic laws and beliefs anymore.


Calling for a Revolution?

Angel_of_Revelation _W.Blake

Angel of Revelation, Painting by William Blake

The Inner Revolution and Liberation has begun for so many of us, in fact, is HERE when we wake up from the past, from the dream, from anything that keeps us from living in the NOW.

Since the ARIES FULL MOON is close to URANUS (and will meet URANUS on Oct 6, the door to spiritual awakening is open.

Upon waking up (“What a crazy nightmare was that???” or “Was I dull, not really alive, apathetic, and paralyzed?”), a freedom FOR a conscious new start, a new blossoming, and / or: An alert presence in the I AM can ‘take over’.


What’s LIBRA got to do with it?


It offers questions like:

  • What would be conscious (SUN) choices (LIBRA) that meet the need (MOON) to be authentically, fully YOU (ARIES)? Hint – it starts with: Choose Yourself!
  • What’s negotiable (LIBRA) and what’s a deal breaker (URANUS in ARIES)?
  • How could a partnership look like (LIBRA) that brings out the partners’ liberated beingness (URANUS in ARIES) where the light is reflected to one another?
  • Baby steps at a time (ARIES) are fine and normal.
  • Too much sitting on the fence, weighing and waiting (for the other to make a move, for ‘something’ to happen and tip the scale) doesn’t do it much longer. JUPITER ‘had it’ and crosses over the ‘Tipping Point’ into SCO on Oct 10. Choices create change!

Lots of questions to consider, says SUN / MERCURY, not far from JUPITER in LIBRA, on the other side of the ‘equation’.
Yet, i.m.o., being truly, spontaneously authentic in the Self naturally supports good choices, and things don’t ‘stick’ so much in relationships that need to be ‘ironed out’ again.
I know, it can be a balancing act to bring one’s true authentic Nature into relationship – but it’s actually more from the perspective of the conditioned Self an ‘issue’ than from the free, authentic Self.


And then, what a beautiful cosmic reflection showing up also tomorrow:

YinYang Infinite

The essence of timeless Tao Wisdom: Yin-Yang Balance is always dynamic and interwoven.

On the DAY of the ARIES (ruled by MARS) – LIBRA (ruled by VENUS) Full Moon will be also the union (every 2 years only) of VENUS and MARS (see today’s blog post for this theme)!

May cooperation (VENUS) rather than competition and confrontation (MARS) lead the way now!

May the world, humanity, and everyone of us be more / come back into integrity (VIR), and may right relationship/s in dynamic, ‘juicy’ synergy help us with conscious, creative cooperation!

VENUS goes into square with SATURN on Oct 8, and MARS on Oct 9:
Specifics and ‘details’ can make things complicated and create conflict and stagnation – or just need to be ‘ironed out’ to open the path for the YES.

VENUS will go into opposition with CHIRON in PISCES on Oct 10, and MARS on Oct 15:
Integrity in adaptive Fluidity can be the Medicine.


Voila – here is the chart for the exact ARIES – LIBRA Full Moon tomorrow Oct 5, at 11:40 am PDT, as viewed from Victoria BC:

AR - LI FM 2017

You see the Full Moon Axis of the MOON in mid-ARIES (with LEO undertone – Be Fully and authentically YOU!) not far from URANUS end of ARIES which is in mutually enhancing Fire trine with SATURN / LILITH in late SAG.
LILITH is now in the area pointing to the Galactic Centre where we deeply trust the ultimately Unknown – to reveal our True Nature in the ‘Journey’.

The SUN and MERCURY bring contrasting balance in mid-LIBRA (with an AQ undertone):

  • How can we consciously cooperate for Peace, Justice, Fairness, Equality? It takes a team / group / circle / humanity.
  • What’s a well-suited cooperation and partnership – esp. with others who show up in the area of life where LIBRA is in your chart?
    If they aren’t naturally compatible how can you bring yourself into balance and be at peace with what IS?

MERCURY will go into opposition with URANUS on Oct 15, and the SUN on Oct 19 (the day of the LIBRA New Moon) which can be quite a dilemma between ‘Us’ and ‘Me’ or convention and spontaneous action. It can also resolve the tension from JUPITER opp. URANUS since last Winter. May there be a consciously chosen win-win!

PLUTO, still stationary (went direct on Sept 29) in mid-CAP is the apex (= outlet) of a wide cardinal T-square with the Full Moon axis!

What does PLUTO in CAP point to, where can the change be sourced, and what can the state of things change into?

  • The Power of TIME and Timeliness.
    How do we know when’s the ‘right & ripe time’, esp. when making choices that involve / are dependent on others (LIBRA) while you might want to move forward or it’s not really your gig (ARIES)?
    Astrology helps through showing us the cosmic cycles, and how to align with them. Natural inner knowing and alignment helps too. Don’t let yourself get guilt-tripped (“You should do this for… them”) or pressured (“You should be already…. doing this”) in this ever so 24/7 production mode world (which isn’t really all that productive, if natural cycles of rest and regeneration aren’t honoured.
    So perhaps the Power of TIME means to slow down, smell the Roses, and let things naturally ripen until their Harvest time comes…?
  • Honouring the Elders, and Receiving Guidance.
    Elders may be biological Elders, Spirit Elders, the Spirit of the ‘Old World’…
    Being in (LIBRA) partnership with them, and guided (CAP) by and to them can be very powerful – IF you hear the call (SATURN, the ruler of CAP is now in SAG, testing us to find where the most important YES is).
  • Working Well with Resources. Being Resourceful.
    Which ties into Time and Natural Laws…

    Working respectfully with the cycles of nature, incl. our own nature, the human life cycle, and day-to-day cycles. CAP traditionally works with the Land, and cooperates with Nature. When and where is a good time / place to seed / plant / harvest?
    There’s simplicity and beauty in this. Can we apply it again more into our lives?
    CAP says: I use (I use what’s here and make the best out of it, I’m resourceful).
    The shadow would be to abuse, over-use, and the lack would be to under-use what’s sitting somewhere, and would be a helpful resource.
    Bottom line: Time for an inventory (LIBRA / CAP) / invent-ory (URANUS in ARIES).
  • Wisdom of the Body.
    The most obvious ‘earthly’ resource ‘close to us’ is our body, of course. Mid-CAP where PLUTO is now has also a TAURUS undertone – TAU rules bodily sensation.

    Don’t let yourself get de-stabilized from chaos and imbalance around (low grade experience of UR in AR). Find and stand your ground.
    So yeah, let’s definitely bring the wisdom of the body in, for wise choices, and empowering change, while being in our authentic Self!


JUPITER, on the brink of leaving LIBRA, will enter SCORPIO on Oct 10, to move through the Magical Zodiac zone until Nov 9, 2018.


Johfra Bosschart: VENUS rules LIBRA

The painting to the left by Johfra Bosschart contains a lot of esoteric symbolism.

I chose it to illustrate an important aspect of the transition from LIBRA to SCORPIO (upper part of the picture):

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Ibis-headed Thoth to the left with the double-serpent and Cow-headed Hathor to the right weigh the heart of the deceased (in an urn) against the feather of Ma’at (Goddess of Justice).
May in any significant choice point and transition our heart be unburdened, and as light as a feather!

The transition from LIBRA to SCORPIO is not only the ‘Tipping Point’ (the scales tip, the choice is being made – or it’s a ‘choiceless choice’! – and inevitably leads to change), but also an ‘Alchemy Point’ where ‘ingredients’ are ‘married’, to co-create something bigger than the sum of them.
If the ‘match’ is magical powerful change is afoot!
JUPITER into SCORPIO shows us opportunities to go into magical change – if we trust the Unknown.
Yet it also shows what’s hidden and covered, and makes it worthwhile visiting and digging deeply into our taboo, repressed, or emotionally (apparently) controlled experiences. To bring forth treasures that we might have buried from the world and ourselves. Who knows what comes from that?!
More to come, in a special JUPITER into SCORPIO blog post next week.
I felt called to offer JUPITER in SCORPIO Deep Dive Sessions, for the first month of JUPITER in SCORPIO (10 / 10 – 11 / 11), where we intentionally, and with the astrological map & compass, plus the synchronistic support of Voyager Tarot & Animal Spirit cards, go into, and focus on:
  • What’s being cleared away now, from your ‘inner basement / closet’?
  • Where is deep transformation now possible in your Life, what does it take to go INTO it, and how do you meet the landscape you meet there?
  • What’s the Alchemy that presents itself?
  • What does that mean for your ‘outer’ world, above the surface?

You can find out more about the Deep Dive Sessions at my FB Page Event.
If you’re new to my services I welcome you to get in touch before booking, if you have preliminary questions, and to get to know each other a bit before we ‘dive in’.


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I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, for perspective at a crossroad or dilemma, and for empowered choices.

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