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VENUS enters LEO (July 27 – Aug 21): Love Yourself & Show Your Love!

16 Jul

Boom – here comes the not-to-be-missed Summer Glory of VENUS in LEO!

Quite the fiery end-of-July week – no boredom:

  • The SUN enters its glow-rious LEO domain on July 22 – Bring on the Summer heat!
  • MARS in fiery LEO goes into Fire Trine with JUPITER retro / stationary in SAG, on July 25 – Lots of energy for passion and adventure – caramba!
  • And: Lady VENUS enters the LEO domain on July 27 – meowy roarrr!

Celebrate, Let your Hair down, Show your Mane, and most of all: 
Live Life Lovingly!


What’d got to show us?
Your LEOnine side will be quite the radiant magnet these weeks!

Don’t be shy, SHINE!

Show Time, Glow & Glamour Time… and foremost: Show your LOVE!


Rather than… being in the low vibrationall compensations of: being too self enamored, narcissistic, a high maintenance / spoiled brat / diva (the shadow sides of LEO that everyone else BUT the LEO sees, hilarious actually…).

VENUS will be in LEO until Aug 21, adding to the Summer Radiance, and a good balance to the otherwise quite retro & introspective Summer (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto are all already / soon retro). 


What’s ‘she’ up to, during her ‘cat walk’?
Whom / which other Archetypes does ‘she’ go into contact with, sizzlingly so, while in LEO?


VENUS enters LEO (until Aug 21).
Warm Summer Radiance from the Heart Attracts!


The almost-New MOON (6 1/2 hrs before the New Moon) in LEO meets VENUS ‘Morning Star’.
Sweet and sparkling Celebration of Life & Love.


VENUS in Fire Trine with CHIRON retro in AR.
A New Love?
A fresh way of being authentically present from the inside-out (CHIRON retro in ARIES), self-loving / life-loving (VENUS in LEO), naturally brilliant and magnetic.


No room for old sticky attachments.
Set yourself free, and love yourself. Set your Heart on Fire!


VENUS in Fire Trine with JUPITER retro / stationary in SAG.
Go all out, and radiate generously. What a time to en-joy Life and be on a Summer adventure!
Yet you know it’s all a reflection of Self Love.


VENUS quincunx SATURN retro / the South Node in CAP.
Can you be done with working so hard to be acknowledged and loved, and start with a healthy dose of Self Love? It’s your life. Live the Love!
The radiant, creative, loving Divine Feminine and Inner Goddess attracts without needing to prove anything!


AUG 11 
VENUS quincunx with (‘her’ higher octave) NEPTUNE retro in PI:
A Love Affair with the Universe. Don’t take things too purrrsonally. Love is letting go, and letting BE. Tune into the Divine Feminine & Universal Love.


AUG 13
VENUS meets the SUN in LEO, and goes quincunx PLUTO retro in CAP:
Dedicate your Love to the Well-Being of All. Find Soul Love that never gets old, and isn’t even time-bound. You are the One Love. Yours to radiate.


AUG 21
VENUS crosses over the ‘Sphinx Point’ into VIR (there until Sept 14):
From the Queen to the Priestess. Bringing our Love into Service and Alignment.



VENUS in LEO attracts and magnetizes what relates to Self Expression. 
Which you can access most easily via the area of life related to LEO in your chart:


1st House:
How you show up. Show your Colours and BE Yourself!
You attract reflections of your radiant Nature.

2nd House:
What you have and value – Your creativity, warmth and confidence are attractive gifts!

3rd House:
Your environment – Your Pride is nearby!

4th House:
Your home – The Heart and Inner Child call you Home!

5th House:
Your creativity – You’re the HEART-ist!

6th House:
Your work and health – Being in good shape and creative is a good health insurance, and good for your business too.

7th House:
Your significant others – Artists and actors? Narcissists? Big kids? Truly creative and naturally confident ones? Check out what types of people you attract.

8th House:
Your deep involvement and transformations – perhaps from emotional attachment into pure Love?

9th House:
Your travels and worldviews – Travel in style – or ‘simply’ where you can play and have fun! Learn about the nature of Self.

10th House:
Your calling and purpose – is Love & Being Loved!

11th House:
Your community – Not afraid to show themselves.

12th House:
Your oneness with ALL – the Real Love of he Self-in-All


This is to a Heart-fully passionate and creative month with VENUS in LEO!


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  • Astro~Archetypes Summer Immersion, starts AUG 1, right after the LEO New Moon!
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  • EmBody Astrology in Nature wants to be created and shared again in August. Here’s a link to the recent meeting on July 11 as a model.
  • Jupiter Journaling Journey, planned for August / Sept too –
    I keep you posted on my FB page.

You’re welcome to join us!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




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MERCURY in CANCER (June 4 – 26 & July 19 – Aug 11) – Memories & Reflections, Inner Landscape of the Mind…

4 Jun

Dear Astro~News Blog Reader,
noticing a shift in the mental landscape?

Today, one day after the New MOON (ruling CANCER) in GEMINI (which is ruled by MERCURY), MERCURY moves into CANCER!
Can you see the cosmic Moon-Gemini-Mercury-Cancer dance in this theme?
Lots of mental-emotional stimulation on this day – offering us the opportunity if not necessity to be extra mindful.

I call the GEM – CAN cusp that MERCURY moves over and which links MERCURY and the MOON the ‘MIND / Rapport Point’.
Once I attended a Buddhist talk where I learned for Buddhists the intellectual mind and the emotions are in one continuum of ‘Mind’. Makes perfect sense to me, since thoughts evoke emotions and emotions have their voices, and lead to thoughts… A lot going on in this realm these days, and Astrology reflects this.
I call GEM – CAN also the Rapport Point since to built rapport we need to have a mental and emotional connection, getting each other mentally, and sharing from a loving, nurturing place.
Let’s make a point of being in good rapport with the world – not just, but maybe esp. reminded of – these days.

So here we go: Winged Messenger entering the Cancerian Waters today!


MERCURY in CANCER (June 4 – 26 & July 19 – Aug 11; due to  M-r July 7 – 31):
Memories & Reflections, Inner Landscape of the Mind…


Crab Perspective… and Family Time…

MERCURY’s move into CANCER invites us into playful, creative imagination, after the intellectual, information driven MERCURY in GEM over the last weeks.

MERCURY in CAN (until June 26, and again, during & post M-r July 7 – 31) brings out memories and reflections, and is rather inward-backward oriented.
This mercurial energy can be also well channeled into communicating from a caring, nurturing, compassionate, gentle place, with and on behalf of the family, tribe, children, the human family, and the family of all sentient Beings

I.o.w.: Talk to your Tribe! And talk to ‘others’ as if they were in your Tribe – because we ultimately are.

The shadow / pitfall of MERCURY in CANCER is an emotional ‘overlay’ of information processing, and lack of objectivity. Information is filtered through feelings which can be a moody (CANCER is ruled by the MOON and ebb – tides like: “Today it seems like this, but who knows how I read / hear it tomorrow, and what it reminds me of”.
CANCER’s got the best memory of them all which is where the mind (MERCURY) can be pulled into now, for better: bring on the stories and throwbacks! or worse: these ghosts from the past have a life of their own, and in hindsight it can me always be nostalgic or…haunting. 

MERCURY is this time in CANCER for 3 + more than 3 = more than 6 weeks altogether – a substantial window to look into the inner landscape, and ask: 
How does this and that information make me FEEL?
Where do these feelings originate?

Dreams can be very enhanced now too (of course even more so closer to the Full Moon on June 17, and at the PLE on July 16) can be brought to consciousness (I’m already noticing that lately – you too?).
Which reminds me of one of Carl G. Jung’s famous works Memories, Dreams, and Reflections
The Swiss psychologist C.G.J. * July 26, 1875, was born under a LEO SUN / URANUS (ruler of his AQ Rising – a brilliant man indeed!), and VENUS / MERCURY in CAN.
“I can understand myself only in the light of inner happenings.” – very apropos his MERCURY in CAN.


Quite the activated first MERCURY in CANCER weeks to come, esp. on June 7, and around the next Full Moon (June 16-19):

MERCURY in CAN triggers almost all planetary Archetypes (ha, Jung – the ‘grandfather’ of Archetype awareness in the modern world – would love this), and their patterns with one another.

Chronologically in this sequence:
I.o.w., the whole Zeitgeist and its Archetypes can be seen through the lens of the mind, reflected in our emotional field, and communicated back ‘out’ again.
Since it all happens in a such concentrated time window, the themes below can be activated almost at once, and you might feel yourself be expressing all of them simultaneously / interchangably:


  • June 4
    MERCURY enters CAN:
    Building Rapport. Offering nurturing messages from / for the ‘Inner Landscape’.
    Talk with your Tribe, and create a Tribe atmosphere.


  • June 7
    MERCURY in CAN in Water trine with LILITH in PI, in sextile with URANUS in TAU, and in square with CHIRON in AR:

    Follow natural instinct that leads you to the flow of life, messages of the body and grounded intuition. Speak in authentic, maybe raw and vulnerable ways that touch the Heart.


  • June 16 – also the day of the JUPITER – NEPTUNE square
    MERCURY in Water trine with stationary NEPTUNE in PI, quincunx JUPITER retro in SAG opposite SATURN retro & the South Node in CAP:
    Facing ‘old world’ authorities with cold, rigid, heavy, righteous, separative agendas (incl. the inner one)? Don’t take the blame / don’t take things on that aren’t yours. What matters in the long run, and at ‘the end of the day’? Can you let go of the rest? What would the Inner Authority / Inner Elder, and the bigger picture / a wider outlook on the situation say?
    Meditation and perhaps mediation are indicated, speaking with Elders and tuning into traditions is a healthy expression of this ‘polarity’.


  • June 18
    MERCURY meets MARS in CAN:
    Watch angry thoughts and the sharp tongue, and don’t let them get the better of you.  No need to let them out on your friends. Feelings can get easily hurt on a day like this. Tomorrow you might already feel and think differently about it all. The energy is well channeled into passionately co-advocating FOR something, and bravely tracing the origin of your feelings, thoughts, anger, and passion.


  • June 19
    MERCURY (and MARS) oppose PLUTO retro in CAP:
    Speaking on behalf of our human family, in the face of where the world seems to go:
    How can this lifestyle be sustainable, for the next Seven (or less?) Generations to come? 

    Also, a good time to reconnect and communicate with Family and Ancestors (alive or in other realms, Spirit Ancestors, as well as the Inner Spirit Elder). And to go into dialogue with your Inner ‘Wild’ True Nature that shows you where you’re respected and regenerated.


  • June 21 – The SUN enters CANCER – Summer Solstice!
    Light on Warmth, Compassion and Kindness


  • June 26
    MERCURY enters LEO – for the time being, until July 19 when it re-enters CAN in its next retro phase – more about that one in an upcoming blog post.Speaking from a heart- and soulful place, and in the LEO name of Living Life Lovingly!


Blessings for a gentle & mindful first phase of MERCURY retro in CANCER!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.

My Invitation

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LILITH Passed SATURN on AUG 22: Outgrowing ‘Obstacles’ on the Path, with Our True Authentic NATURE!

24 Aug

Besides the Total Solar ECLIPSE, this is also a LILITH shift week and month, as ‘she’ takes flight, out of SATURN’s ring /cage.


Ancient Sumerian Lilith Relief, with Owls & Lionesses – ‘her’ Entourage. ‘She’s a clawed and winged one herself, strong and wise – feared by those whom she ‘triggers’.

The ECLIPSE that gets all the attention (SO LEO), yet it’also a strong LILITH – SATURN week and month: 

LILITH just met and passed SATURN on AUG 22!
…which is a major ‘game changer’ (compounding with the Eclipse), and only happens every 12 1/2 years – last time was in FEB 2005 in CANCER.

A ‘wildly Feminine’, or rather Instinctual Energy on its Fly-bye (and perhaps waves bye-bye) to the Archetype of Authority.

In its SAG shadow (one of SATURN’s jobs is to reveal the shadow, and have us work through it) SATURN shows up as a saboteur of inspiration, a linear, judgmental, righteous, dogmatic ‘boss’ / patriarch that takes the FUN out of SAG, and replaces it with FEAR.

Yep, the inner and outer SATURN gets also symbolically ‘eclipsed’, or at least passed, in ‘Wild SAG Flight / Ride’ by LILITH who will from now on take the lead for quite a while, while SATURN follows.

A new 12 1/2 year LILITH / SATURN cycle started – now in late SAG – the realm of the Nature-Ally Wise Ones. May they / WE speak UP and lead ON, from the HEART!

Time to go beyond being blocked, caged in, and held back by old stories, paradigms, labels, dogmas, and beliefs that have (even historically) produced patterns of fear from moving forward, and fear of ‘the foreign’ / ‘the other’.

Perhaps we’ve over-compensated, by living a narrow trajectory of expectations, judgments, and projections of negativity, coming up with ‘game plans’ to control (and prevent) what SAG is really about: Trusting in the journey, the adventure of LIFE itself, and to follow our Heart.

Well, SATURN has definitely taught us a lot about all this, in the last 2 years since it’s been in SAG (until Dec 19, 2017) and recently retro, pushing us to be ‘done with inner obstacles on the journey’, such as old limiting beliefs, or at least to unburden ourselves from a big part of it.


Owl Freeing

  • Where and how have we let ourselves be kept small, caged in, and prevented from growing, and living in the fullness of our truth and our path?


SATURN is also having a ‘Change of Heart’ or at least, a change of direction, from inward-retro to outward-direct (on Aug 25) – but can’t catch up with LILITH who’s leading now.

Hopefully (and likely painfully so) we would have experienced in the SATURN retro phase since early APRIL how Fear can hold us back.
A Yoga teacher this week mentioned these two acronyms for F.E.A.R.:
Fear Everything And Run.
Face Everything And Rise.
Both very apropos SATURN in SAG.
And there’s always:
False Evidence Appearing Real (perhaps my favourite one).

SATURN reto would have also shown us how it’s legit to trust intuition and inner guidance, and not move forward if appropriate.
SATURN retro to direct is an inner ‘wrap-up’ of walking around with blinders on (either too focused on something that’s just not realistic, or not seeing what’s possible / lacking perspective). Now we hopefully know more. Yet, don’t let your knowing turn into dogma.

With LILITH moving past SATURN, things are shifting, and our ‘Inner Wildness’, i.o.w.:


Our intrinsically Free and Happy (no ‘pursuit of happiness’ needed) True Nature leads us onward, on the Path, with heartful inspiration and radical inner trust.

The Grand FIRE Trine theme in the LILITH / SATURN in late SAG (the ‘Integrity Point’ of the Zodiac) says: Claim Intrinsic AUTHORITY.
See my blog post re: Grand Fire Trine activations.

Can’t hurt to invoke their Archetypes. Hint: SATURN likes ritual (putting intention into form).

“The Truth Shall set You FREE” is another LILITH – SATURN in SAG theme.
Truth about what???
Clues can be found in late SAG in your, or in a relationship’s / organization’s / city’s / country’s chart.

For the U.S., that’s in the country’s first house of identity.
LILITH / SATURN at 21° SAG exactly oppose the U.S. MARS at 21°22 GEM in their 7th house of ‘significant others’, i.o.w. other countries and individuals the country is partners or opponents with – who face them, and whom the country dialogues with.

“Why are there all these enemies to the State/s and within the State/s now?”
“In whom or what can we / they trust?” (SAG)?!


Welcome to the LILITH LIBERATION AstroParlour, next WED AUG 30! (in person or online participation possible)

As we INVOKE and EVOKE the ARCHETYPES we set them FREE, and invite their gifts, in group synergy.

Naturally, we explore where the LILITH / SATURN passage shows up for YOU personally, and how YOU can ride this wave of FREEDOM.

Come if you hear the CALL of the WILD!

Blessings to You and ALL, for the Change!

Let’s stay HEARTful, and well guided on our Path!


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I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’ those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘HUB OF THE WHEEL’where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified WITH them, and they don’t have to run your life.

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