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LIBRA Super New Moon (Sept 28) opp. CHIRON – Seeds of Peace, Balance, and Healing

28 Sep

Dear Astro~News Friends,

Firstly, a reason to celebrate the 5th ASTRO~NEWS Anniversary – my very first post was for the Fall Equinox LIBRA New Moon on Sept 24, 2014 – with the theme Balance Your Life, and Live in Balance
A good motto also for the Astro~News…

This is the 470th post – yay!


As I’m writing to you the dark-to-NEW MOON is already in LIBRA – uniting with the LIBRA SUN at 11:26 am PDT.
So you’ll read this post after the New Moon Initiation which I trust will nature-ally occur in you. 

Lots / most of people associate a New Moon with ‘setting a new intention’ but that’s giving half of the story all the weight – not very balanced in a LIBRA sense. Intention setting is very yang-masculine. 
The other, receptive yin-feminine side is openness and conception.

So how about, in combination: Aligning with the New Moon by Planting new Seeds – trusting them to sprout, and watching them growing. The Full Moon represents the time of Fruition – with the Harvest Moon – which was the last Full Moon on Sept 13 – the most obvious example.

And as it happens, even when we haven’t set a conscious personal intention, Seeds are being planted by the Universe / God / the Higher Self when the Soul is ready.

Speaking of Soul Seeds – that’s also very apropos PLUTO’s Turnaround on Oct 3 – catalyzed by today’s New Moon.
So let’s trust Soul Seeds are being planted with this and other New Moons!

Seed Germination – Pixabay Graphic by M. Machova


Today’s New Moon in LIBRA is the last in a series of 3 SuperMoons – in her orbit very close to Earth.
The closest, ‘most’ SuperMoon was the central one in VIRGO on Aug 30.
The emotional tide is high under the SuperMoon – let’s be gentle with ourselves and others.

We’re closing the VIRGO SuperMoon cycle now as I’m writing.
And what a cycle it’s been – SOOO much VIRGO energy transmitted, via SUN, MOON, MERCURY, VENUS, and MARS (still in VIRGO until Oct 3).

So, well worth reviewing, integrating, and ‘digesting’ that phase. In support, you might want to check the useful table in the Astro~News VIRGO Super New Moon article re:

Lower Vibration of VIRGO – to RE-lease Higher Vibration of VIRGO – to RE-set and Embrace

Yes – with MARS still in VIRGO – for 6 weeks now, since Aug 17 there’ve been soo many issues and problems since then, so much to do, to fix and get in order…
MARS crosses over the Equinox Point into LIBRA on Oct 3 to activate and stir up the sign of Balance, Fairness, and Harmony, until Nov 18.
You can find more about the Martian move in the blog article MARS in LIBRA (Oct 3 – Nov 18): Passion for Peace, Balance, Fairness, Justice, and Synergistic Partnerships.

What a day! Oct 3 is also when PLUTO – ‘higher octave’ / transpersonal dimension of MARS – as in: Higher / Deeper / Inner Power – goes from retro to direct, and when MERCURY goes into PLUTO ruled SCORPIO for a looong time!


What kinds of Soul Seeds may be planted?

The Cosmic Map shows us what’s being activated.

The exact New MOON – first one in Fall 2019 – was today Sat SEPT 27 at 11:26 am PDT.


As you can see the SuperVIRGO energy of the last month has shifted into SuperLIBRA – and will even more so when MARS joins next week.
All about Balance, Harmony, Fairness, Justice, and Right Relationship. 

A good occasion to debunk another Astro myth which I come across so often:
That doesn’t mean it’s all fine and dandy in the LIBRA zone, with so much LIBRA.
Rather: LIBRAn affairs are a theme, a big part of the story, and likely that’s where the issues are that are brought to light and conscious awareness, via the SUN, we feel them via the MOON, we learn, talk, and understand about them via MERCURY, we’re attracted to them via VENUS, and we’re called to take action, via MARS.

Just look at what’s going on these days with Climate Action – pointing to VIRGO problems of misalignment and unawareness, and to LIBRAn lack of balance, fairness, and social justice.

If you have a concentration of heavenly bodies in a certain Zodiac field the same goes for your world – those themes are important for you, and you process them in your life.
Would you agree?

Ha – and just to make a point – have you noticed that the LIBRA New Moon chart shows up a bit tilted and out of Balance above?


The early LIBRA New Moon is almost exactly opposite (less than 2° off) CHIRON (presently retro) in early ARIES!
Goes to show – the new Seeds of Peace & Balance are sown by the young and brave (in Age and at Heart) Warriors showing up now authentically for their right (LIBRA) to survive (ARIES) and for the survival of other species on Planet Earth.

CHIRON now in ARIES is about the Medicine of Showing up, Starting New, and being Authentic.

On a personal level, you probably also feel a lot is at stake now that needs to come back into Balance. Choices need to be made, Harmony and Right Relationship needs to be restored.

After all – as LILITH / NEPTUNE – united in PISCES on Oct 1 (every 9 years only, with this being their only PISCES union) – show us now everywhere: All is Related, Interwoven, and ONE, in the Web of Life.
With their square to JUPITER in SAG – Heart Connection & Intention are the Keys to ‘resolve the mess’ and allow for Release and Reunion, in the Waves of Life.


The NEW MOON in LIBRA also goes into T-square with SATURN and the Nodal Axis. I.o.w., the MOON will T-square SATURN & the South Node in (Saturn Ruled) CAP and the North Node in (Moon Ruled) CANCER tomorrow Sept 29!
The 29th is also a SATURN / MOON Day – since 29 is the SATURN # with its 29-year cycle and from New Moon to New Moon it takes 29 days – wow, so much LIBRAN Symmetry!

What’s a New Choice that brings balance, perhaps new relatedness, and is just the right thing to do, while being gentle and compassionate?

The SUN will T-square SATURN and the Nodal Axis a week later, on Oct 7.
Conscious Harmony restored…


Time to gain Perspective (yeah, one of my key words this year, and JUPITER in SAG loves it), via the


Since the New Moon is at 5°19 LIBRA – closer to 5° but moving towards 6° and the tradition is to go to the subsequent symbol – let’s look at both (very LIBRAn also…). 
I also gender neutralized the original gender biased language.

Amma, the ‘Hugging Saint’ and Spiritual Teacher to millions, embracing and healing as she embodies the Divine Mother energy.



KEYNOTE: The necessity for the youthful spirits to learn from a Teacher who through his / her long experience has been able to reach solid and illuminating truths, i.e. “Seed Ideas.”

An old saying is just as valid today as ever: When the Student is ready, the Master appears.
But s/he may appear in many disguises. What matters is not the Master, but the Mastery s/he re-veals. It is veiled in his / her person. It has to be contacted through his person, rather than in his person.
Devotion to a guru may be the way, but sooner or later it should be transmuted into reverence: The truth within the disciple saluting in true humility the truth in the Teacher.

This is the last stage of the thirty-seventh five-fold sequence and it marks the culmination of the four preceding stages. What is evoked by the symbol is the essential, withal rather mysterious, process of TRANSMISSION. What is transmitted, if the situation is really adequate and understood (at least tentatively) by all participants, is not merely knowledge. It is actually Being-ness.”


Wow! This one is so powerful and clear!

I added a picture of Truth Shower Amma whose birthday was yesterday, who embodies Motherly Love & Compassion in Action and is loved and revered by millions, revered as a Guru but despite being put on a pedestal (literally) always humbly points to the Truth of Being.

Truth Teachers & Truth Transmitters come in so many guides.
Old / mature and very young yet wise souls who show up so much now.

Of course also as Wounded Healers a la CHIRON, not necessarily as the ‘Perfect Ones’.
The LIBRAn Art is to recognize the Truth Partner.
And SCORPIO where MERCURY (on Oct 3) and VENUS (on Oct 8) go into helps to find them behind / underneath the guise….

The Truth Teacher & Transmitter walks their Talk and shows what can be built together (very SATURN / PLUTO in CAP).


More gender neutralization of the original gender biased language in this one:

Vision – Pixabay Photo by Pete Linforth



KEYNOTE: The need to visualize clearly one’s dreams or ideals in order to make them truly effectual.

According to a French proverb, “What is well conceived can easily be formulated.”
The process of interior visualization can be quite essential, except in the case of a creative individual who has become a totally pure channel for the descent of spiritual Power, and a clear lens through which the Archetype in the Divine Mind can be projected without distortion wherever needed. In other cases the creative act is less direct: a wo/man projects into the world what s/he has “seen” reflected on the screen of his/ her individualized consciousness.

This is the first stage of the thirty-eighth five-fold sequence of symbolized phases in the process of individualized existence. It is a phase of INTERIOR FORMULATION in preparation for a creative projection of one’s ideals or concepts.”


Loving the wisdom in this one too. 
Also related to and clarifying the process of the New Moon element of ‘intention setting’ – and in the context of LIBRA the Artist the formulation of a vision so that it can take creative form.
Life is Art, says LIBRA. 
Which brings AIRY levity to sometimes (actually a lot these days of the SATURN Turnaround month of Sept) heavy hard-to-move CAP energy. A welcome contrast – also a good expression of the LIBRA T-Square.
And JUPITER in SAG this year, and presently in dynamic square with NEPTUNE loves Vision!


Wishing you an inspired and en-lightened LIBRA Super New MOON and new phase!

Where early LIBRA is in your chart via Planets or House (maybe your MOON is even in LIBRA – had a few new LIBRA MOON clients lately who weren’t aware of it yet! Even more magical!) that’s where the Seeds of Peace, Balance, and Healing are being planted!
May they sprout and grow happily!

Keep watering them with the Cancerian Care! ❤ 



© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger





Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to Your ‘Inner Cosmic Compass’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

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If you have any ‘cosmic placements’ (SUN, MOON, AC, Planets) in LIBRA… the themes of those Archetypes / Inner ‘Players’ will more likely be on your mind, with MERCURY in LIBRA.
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