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SUN, MOON, and PLANETS in Motion 2019 – An Astro Overview of the Year

3 Jan

Dear Astro~News Reader,

SATURN now in CAPRICORN likes things concise and organized.
So I’m offering you an Overview of Planetary Movements, New Moons, Full Moons, and Eclipses for the whole year 2019!

Feel free to print it off as a reference, and share it – while honouring my copyright.

And if you’re specifically interested in getting a sense of one or the other Transit come join our Astro workshops and Parlours!  
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The big News Makers in 2019 are CHIRON and URANUS, both changing signs!

CHIRON has been in PISCES since 2011, and already tried on ARIES from mid-April to end of Sept 2018. From FEB 18, 2019 on, it will finally enter ARIES, for the next 5 years.

URANUS has been in ARIES also since 2011, and provoked early TAURUS mid April to early Nov 2018. On MARCH 6, URANUS will finally go into TAU (until 2025 / 26).

Here’s the whole line-up.
Interpretations of the alignments as they approach.

Or come to our 2019 New Years Outlook Parlour, on Jan 9!
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13 New Moons, 12 Full Moons, and 5 Eclipses

Mystical Moon – Photo by Melanie


As always, NEW MOONS and the days to follow are good times to ‘plant a new seed’.
My understanding is different from ‘old school’ Astrology, suggesting it’s a good time ‘to set an intention’ – since that’s a limiting masculine biased view. Intention is just one (the yang) side of the NEW MOON which has a yin-yang Conception quality. The yin feminine side suggests to also be open to receive and conceive, with the NEW MOON.

FULL MOONs bring cycles to fruition (as the famous ‘Harvest Moon’).

ECLIPSES (this year 5 of them, starting with the one on JAN 5) are exact NEW MOONs and FULL MOONs, aligned with the Lunar Nodes – call it ‘Resets’ or ‘Karmic Pathways’, or (as the Chinese would) ‘Dragon’s Mouth’ = North Node where fresh energy is provided, and ‘Dragon’s Tail’ = South Node, where old energy is released.
ECLIPSES extend their effects beyond the Lunar Phase, over several months, some say even from Eclipse to Eclipse.
The CANCER (North Node) – CAPRICORN (South Node) theme is big this year. See the Blog post from Nov when the Nodes made that shift: Because we Care!


Here’s the

SoLunar NEW MOONs / FULL MOONs / ECLIPSES Line-up of 2019 in Overview

Hope it helps you with your orientation and planning (MERCURY going into CAP on JAN 4 loves it).
Dates in PST / PDT


JAN 5:
Mid-CAP NM with SATURN / PSE (Partial Solar ECLIPSE)

JAN 21:
LEO – AQ cuspy FM / TLE (Total Lunar ECLIPSE)

FEB 4:
Mid-AQ / St. Brigid (Feb 2) NM
Chinese New Year of the Yin Earth Pig starts on FEB 5!

FEB 19:
VIR – PI cuspy FM



APR 5:

APR 19:
LI – AR ‘Blue’ cuspy FM

MAY 4:

MAY 18:
SCO – TAU FM / WESAK Moon of the Buddha


JUNE 17:

CAN NM / TSE (Total Solar ECLIPSE)

JULY 17:
CAP – CAN FM / PLE (Partial Lunar ECLIPSE)

JULY 31:

AUG 15:

AUG 30:

SEPT 13 (Fri):
PI – VIR FM / Harvest Moon

SEPT 28:

OCT 13:

OCT 27:

NOV 12:

NOV 26:

DEC 11:

DEC 25:
CAP / Christmas NM / Annular Solar ECLIPSE


PLANETS in Motion – and in Retro – in 2019

Links in red lead to ASTRO~NEWS Blog posts about these Planetary Transits.

In the 
ASTRO New Year’s Parlour –
Your Cosmic Trends & Gifts in 2019!

on WED JAN 9

…we’ll explore the 2019 Transits that are relevant for those of you who attend – welcome!


MERCURY doing its somersaults again…

MERCURY Retrograde 

3 times a year for 3 weeks, this year in FIRE / WATER signs:

MARCH 5 – 28 in PI

JULY 7 – 31 in LEO / CAN

OCT 31 – NOV 20 in SCO



not retrograde this year.
both were in 2018, every 1½ / 2 years.

MARS just entered ARIES (DEC 31 – FEB 14).
VENUS will go into SAG on JAN 7 – FEB 3.

LILITH in AQ since AUG 6, 2018 until MAY 3, 2019.
Then in PI, until JAN 27, 2020.


JUPITER in SAG – the Zodiac sign it rules! – since NOV 8, 2018. 

JUPITER in SAG since NOV 8, 2018 until DEC 2, 2019
…when it enters CAP.
JUPITER retro on APR 10, and direct on AUG 11, 2019.

JUPITER’s Aspects with other Planets this year:

  • JUPITER in SAG in triple-Square with NEPTUNE in PI, in JAN (exact JAN 13), JUNE, with NEPTUNE stat. (exact JUNE 16), and SEPT (exact SEPT 21).
  • JUPITER in CAP in Square with stat. CHIRON in AR in DEC (exact DEC 8).
  • JUPITER in CAP in Earth Trine with URANUS in TAU in DEC (exact DEC 15).


SATURN in CAPRICORN – the Zodiac Sign it rules! – since DEC 19, 2017.

SATURN Infrared (Hubble Telescope)

SATURN in CAP since DEC 20, 2017 until DEC 17, 2020.

SATURN retro on APR 29, and direct on SEPT 18, 2019.

SATURN’s Aspects with other Planets this year:

  • Lunar SOUTH Node conj. SATURN retro in CAP, MAY – JULY 2019 (both travel the same speed retro!).
  • SATURN in CAP in triple-Sextile with NEPTUNE in PI mid-JAN to mid-FEB (exact JAN 31), JUNE, with NEPTUNE stat. (exact JUNE 18), and NOV (exact NOV 8).
  • SATURN in CAP close to PLUTO in APR / MAY 2019 (but not exact) – their conjunction will be on JAN 12, 2020.


CHIRON will enter ARIES on FEB 18.

CHIRON the Centaur turned Warrior.

presently in PI (since 2011) fully enters ARIES (was for the first time in AR APR 17 – SEPT 25, 2018) on FEB 18, 2019.


CHIRON goes retro on JULY 8, and direct on DEC 12, 2019.



URANUS will enter TAURUS on MARCH 6.


‘Golden Boy’ Prometheus at the Rockefeller Centre NYC, surrounded by the Zodiac belt. Prometheus the Awakener is the Archetype related to the Planet URANUS!


presently in AR (since 2011) fully enters TAU (already MAY 15 – NOV 6, 2018) on MARCH 6, 2019.

URANUS goes direct on JAN 6, retro on AUG 11, 2019, and direct on JAN 10, 2020.


NEPTUNE in PISCES (until 2026).

NEPTUNE retro on JUNE 21, and direct on NOV 27, 2019.


PLUTO in CAPRICORN (until 2023).

PLUTO retro on APR 24, and direct on OCT 2, 2019.


Main ASTEROIDS by Zodiac Signs in 2019:

CERES in SCO – SAG (JAN 25 – NOV 16) – CAP.

PALLAS in LI (until AUG 26) – SCO (until NOV 8) – SAG.

JUNO in TAU (until FEB 11) – GEM (until APR 21) – CAN (until JUNE 21) – LEO (until AUG 24) – VIR (until NOV 5) – LI.

VESTA in AQ (until FEB 2) – PI (until APR 4) – AR (until JUNE 9) – TAU (until rest of 2019).

Details in the Llewellyn Daily Planetary Guide – Ephemeris tables for the year, and at www.astro.com’s Ephemeris.


Stay tuned for Special Occasion Astro Workshops and Parlours in 2019!

Details via Astro~News, and on my FB Astro Page!
Here’s a preliminary itinerary for the first half of 2019:

FEB 5 – Tue
CHINESE NEW YEAR of the YIN EARTH PIG East-West Astro Parlour

FEB 19 – Tue
CHIRON into ARIES Parlour

MARCH 6 – Wed
URANUS into TAURUS Parlour

MARCH 14 – Thu
Happy Birthday, VICTORIA!
Astrology, the City, and YOU Astro Parlour

APR 30 – Tue
LILITH into PISCES Parlour

MAY 17 – Fri
WESAK MOON Astro Attunement

JUNE 28 – Fri
The ECLIPSES of JULY Attunement Parlour


Wishing you a fulfilling New Year 2019!
Guided by Starlight and Heart Light!



© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger





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