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* PLUTO StillPoint & Turnaround, squared by MERCURY retro (Sept 24) :: Soul-ar Power, Grounded Changes and Choices from the Core

22 Sep


Pluto Heartjpg

Remember the first NASA New Horizons pictures of PLUTO?


PLUTO goes direct again today Sept 24, between the FALL EQUINOX (Sept 23) and the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE (Sept 27 / 28)  – what can resist this change?

PLUTO is clearly a stationary focal point catalyst in September and October.

Have you felt the intensification, and Power themes lately?

Are you changing from resisting external powers to finding power from within?

Are you experiencing the connection with Spirit, Source, Power that just IS, and are you BEING the change and the sole / soul-ar power?!

PLUTO has been retrograde since April 16, just 12 days after the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4! Clearly, PLUTO activates the ECLIPSES this year!

PLUTO has been slowing down its retro motion in August and early Sept, to turn direct on Sept 24.

It is time now for us to let the inner change show externally. BE the Change, firmly rooted in the Ground of all BEING!


Grand Fir

Grand Fir, photo by Melanie



–  What is it for you that is ‘simply’ empowering, and powerfully basic?

–  Where / how do you renew your spirit?

–  How can you show up with what YOU can do best?

–  What can you attain, the natural way?

–  What are you modelling?

–  How can your life be sustainable?

–  How can you be satisfied with your accomplishments, without abusing yourself, or others, or natural resources?

–  What is the legacy you are leaving?

–  How can you acknowledge an important completion? Whether it’s perfect (will it ever be?) or not.

–  How can you find empowerment by recognizing and ‘outliving’ dis-empowering expectations and judgements (of self and others)?

–  What is changing now in your life, for the better?


Many of us have gone through intense inner changes in the last months – and years, esp. since 2012, with PLUTO in CAP (ruled by SATURN), and SATURN in SCO (ruled by PLUTO).

Its effects can show outwardly now in our lives, esp. in the areas (relationships, work, creativity, home and family, resources, etc.) related to cap in our charts.

The PLUTO Turnaround is also a Farewell to SATURN out of SCO.

MERCURY retro in LIBRA squares PLUTO on the DAY of the Turnaround.

Mind gets big time RE-calibrated, and we have access to much deeper qualities of mind. And excellent time for retreat, meditation, deep soul searching.


And, on the note of Mercury retro in LI square PLUTO stationary in CAP I was reminded of a quote by HH the XIV. Dalai Lama that a friend gave me, framed. Thank you, dear Heather!

Never Give Up!

No matter what is going on

Never give up

Develop the heart

Too much energy in your country

Is developing the mind

Instead of the heart

Develop the heart

Be compassionate

Work for peace

In your heart and in the world

Work for peace

And I say again

Never give up

No matter what is happening

No matter what is going on

Around you

Never give up.


PLUTO’s turnaround on Sept 24 happens at 13° CAP. Pluto has been stationary at 13 – 14° Capricorn since mid-July already, and will continue to ‘sit there’ until end of November!

The Sabian Symbol for this critical degree shows us what this transformation is all about.

13° CAP:




Keynote: The Subjective Quest for Ultimates Beyond the Interplay of Life and Death Processes.

Beyond cultural enjoyment and the passion for accumulation of often unusable data of sense knowledge stands the willful and determined ‘adventure in consciousness’ of the occultist, the yogi, the mystic. The mystery of fire has always captured our imagination because it is the mystery of all transformations wrapped in the enigma of death. In times when collective, perhaps total, death could be in store for humankind, the process of subjective meditation is fascinating an ever-greater number of people.

This… symbol brings us to a stage beyond life itself. Are we ready to take this step which the masters of yoga claim to have taken: to experience death and return to the same body? Are we ready to demonstrate our WILL TO TRANSCENDENCE?”


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger


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