Friday the 13th, with Libra pre-Full Moon: Divine Feminine Calling…

11 May

Dear Ones,

OMGoddess, the one and only Friday the 13th of 2022 is coming!

Expecting a dramatic spooky story, apropos Friday the 13th?

No way!
I’d rather say (and so does the South Node since Dec 23 in SCO – activating the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 15, and North Node in VENUS ruled TAU):
It’s time to disengage from getting hooked & spooked by disempowering stuff, and to enjoy Nature & honour Mother Earth!

Friday the 13th is not what the superstitious or programming world would want us believe…

How do you hold Friday the 13th?

What’s your sense about its reputation as a ‘bad luck’ or even scary day?
What’s considered ‘scary’ might actually be sacred!

Birth of Venus – painting by S. Botticelli

Did you know that the Norse Goddess Freya gave Friday its name?
She is the equivalent of 
VENUS / Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, attraction, erotic pleasures, and art.

The Romans called the 6th day of the week ‘De Veneris’ (belonging to VENUS) which became Venerdi in Italian, Viernes in Spanish, and Vendredi in French.

So here’s the case for VENUS and Friday.

Here are all the 7 days of the week and their associations with Planets, Sun, and Moon



MARSday (Mardi, Martedi) – Tuesday relates to Tyr / Tew (Norse god of war and law – equivalent of Mars)

MERCURYday (Mercredi, Miercoles)

JUPITERday (Jeudi, Jueves) – Thursday relates to Thor (Norse good of thunder – similar to Jupiter / Zeus)

VENUSday (Vendredi, Viernes) – Friday relates to Freya


And now, what’s with the 13?

Uhh, there are a lot of scary stories around the number 13…

The sacred number 13 may have been purposely hijacked vilified by the founders of patriarchal religions in the early days of Western civilization because it represented femininity. 

Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess – artist unknown

Thirteen is said to have been revered in prehistoric goddess-worshiping cultures because it corresponded to the number of lunar (menstrual) cycles in a year (13 x 28 = 364 days).

Zodiac years have 12 – 13 New Moons and / or Full Moons.

As the solar calendar triumphed over the lunar with the rise of male-dominated civilization, so did the “perfect” number 12 over the “imperfect” number 13.

Clearly, the association of 13 with the feminine and lunar cycle is the lunar side of Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th is about Celebrating the Divine Feminine – via VENUS and the MOON

Those who sowed the seeds of superstition must have been very afraid of the power of the Feminine…

This year, we even have the pre-Full MOON (TLE!) in LIBRA (ruled by VENUS) on Fri May 13.
And it’s TAU season, also ruled by VENUS!
Can it get more Friday the 13th in its original sense than that?

Let’s celebrate, and live the Divine and Sacred Feminine!

© 2022 by Melanie Lichtinger

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