ARIES New MOON (March 24) with CHIRON & LILITH – Show up with the Medicine of Spring!

24 Mar

Dear Cosmic Friends,

Blossoming Aliveness – Photo by Melanie, March 2020


Spring is here (Day 4 it is) – and Nature is fiercely alive!
Continued Spring Equinox Blessings!

Here’s my Equinox blog post again for you.

Well, what a fierce time it’s been for Humanity also, in the last few weeks!
Hope you’re not in emergency / survival mode (one of the low vibrations of the PISCES – ARIES cusp: “Am I making it, or am I going under?”) but blessed to be well, and ready to let something new and alive emerge – just as Nature does, on-goingly, especially NOW.

And if you or your loved ones are affected by the virus I’m sending heartfelt blessings for a good regeneration of body, mind, spirit, and emotions to you!

Yes, it can be super stressful to even ‘just’ get caught in the Corona scare through the exposure in all the media, but hey, that vibration doesn’t help the immune system.
Better to be directly in healthy self preservation says ARIES, and in responsible mode with each other and in society, since we’re all inter-dependent, says SATURN now freshly in AQ – also catalyzed by the ARIES New Moon.

It IS a new LIFE, for the time being. Let’s show up in our Best!


What a Powerhouse of a shift, after, and still influenced by, the heavy duty end of CAP concentration, where MARS, the ruler of ARIES, crossed JUPITER & PLUTO just in the last days, March 20 – 22.
Manifested as governments (CAP) around the globe pulled together the countries’ resources (CAP) and exerted their power (PLUTO) to declare States of Emergency and Disaster, act (MARS) in unprecedented ways, by installing massive (JUPITER) restrictive regulations re: freedom of movement, gatherings and socializing of people – SO apropos SATURN now freshly in AQ, to protect everyone (esp. of course the Elders and vulnerable people) from the Corona virus.

Really unheard-of what’s going on around the world, and how virtually everyone’s daily life in affected countries is impacted.
Wondering whether ‘normal life’ and Society will ever be the same, after going through this…
Well, maybe societies need a full-on transformation and rebuilding.
In any case, the crisis is an opportunity to reinvent community, as we need to stay connected in innovative ways.

One day and moment at a time, says ARIES.
Every day a new situation.
Just deal with what’s present NOW.


So, it’s a super rare CHIRON & LILITH Equinox New Moon!
Yes, the health emergency is spreading like wildfire (CHIRON / LILITH in early ARIES).
As this is happening let’s be present with it, and send our loving blessings to all affected patients and their families, all health care workers and other social heroes!!!

Yet, at the same time it’s important for us not to get infected by the overall primal survival mode responses / reactions (also an ARIES phenomenon – fight or flight mode), influenza’d by the media bombardment – which weakens our own immune system and doesn’t help anybody.

What would be another, helpful vibration this energy combo can be experienced as?


Chestnut Re-Emergence – photo by Melanie, March 2020

Shamanic CHIRON & Wild LILITH are here for us in this.

We can learn so much from wild Nature – when we’re IN it, witnessing and being blessed by her re-Emergence (ARIES).
What a resilience to show up again, after the cold of Winter!
It’s a whole interconnected (AQ) system / network that comes alive now.

Well, doesn’t have to be wilderness, can be a deep connection with a tree or other plant, its life force and spirit.
Even with our house / balcony plants 🙂

It takes us to our own vital existence, and our connectedness in the Web of Life (AQ – PISCES). She’s such a good Medicine for us, bringing Healing on all levels, always, and esp. in times like these.

I’ve found it so helpful for body and spirit to be in Nature – responsibly of course – over the last time, and am in immense gratitude for this gift.
Let’s take her ‘Wild Medicine’ (CHIRON – LILITH).
And show up with the fresh & vibrant Spirit of Spring!


Voila – here is the 

‘Birth Chart’ of the ARIES New MOON with CHIRON & LILITH

The New Moon will be exactly at 2:28 am PDT, today March 24.
Hopefully, you’re in restful, regenerative sleep at that time!


As you see in the chart, the first New Moon in SPRING – at 4º12′ ARIES – will ‘birth’ & activate  CHIRON & LILITH nearby (only 1-2 degrees away (they were exactly united on March 4 – every 10 years only).
The SUN will meet CHIRON & LILITH on March 25 / 26.

So yes, now it’s here: We’re in a whole new situation. Raw & wild.
Let’s not go ‘rogue’ and into survival / full-on emergency mode with it (which is a possibility to experience this) but let something new and wild and healing in us emerge and come to Life!

The LILITH theme has evolved in my life – esp since PLUTO opposed my LILITH.
‘She’ is now for me pointing us to Be in our Original Nature, which is always ‘wild’ and unconditioned.
LILITH is now, since Jan 27, in ARIES – calling us to show up in our True Nature,
in the moment, being here, being authentic and raw. Letting Life show up in and through us.

And CHIRON now also since more than a year fully in ARIES shows how a new situation can make us vulnerable (even bring up prior / early wounds). Yet also: The Medicine emerges with being direct and authentically ourselves. It’s our life. No fakeness, pretending, hiding. And what shows up in front of us is the Medicine. Goes both ways…

The ARIES New Moon pulls it together and brings it to the point.

It all starts here, and only happens here.
Spring – and Life! – only knows the NOW.


Another charged theme, catalyzed through the early ARIES New MOON is: 
It T-squares the Nodal Axis, i.o.w., forms a square to the South Node of the Moon(!) in early CAP and to the Lunar North Node in early CANCER. 
All of this is happening very close to the Spring Equinox (NM) – Summer Solstice (NN) – Winter Solstice (SN) Points.

As you prob know, the Nodes are being activated through Eclipses.

We had a ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon with the South Node in early CAP on Dec 25 / 26 – calling us to release excessive / exhausted CAP energies.
Hmmm, all that Boxing Day craze as an excessive expression of how materialism & capitalism has completely hijacked the Spirit of Solstice & Christmas. This is ending now.

The Old Empire expires, as I keep saying…

And we’ll have a ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon with the North Node on June 21 – exactly on Summer Solstice (b.t.w. exactly over China) on the cusp from CANCER back to GEMINI (which I call the ‘Nesting Point’.
Well, here we go, Humanity is ordered – CAP – to stay in their safe nest.

The ARIES New Moon today is exactly in-between the Lunar Nodes.
So yes, as the old production machine of the World as we know it (SN in CAP) is probably not just at a temporary stand-still but undergoing a big transformation, we’re at home, and showing up a-New, day to day, as we’re co-reinventing community.
And we really need to watch not to get isolated, and check in on each other, esp. the Elders – connectedness matters, says also SATURN freshly in AQ.


I penciled a few other Astro shifts & happenings on the outside of the chart.
The most striking ones are, in timely order of appearance:


  • MARS will enter AQ, and immediately meet & pass SATURN (March 30 / 31), and square URANUS (Ruler of AQ) in TAU (Apr 6).
    Pro-active CoInnovation in Community.
    Social unrest and conflict? Issues round society & economy?
    With MARS, another Planet
    (after SATURN) enters an AIR sign – after several weeks without AIR activation.
    Well, literally respiratory issues have been MAJOR. I called it initially a ‘somewhat suffocating’ / claustrophobic situation… 

    A fresh breeze will blow through the system. I suspect also into the communication / news scene.
    More about MARS in AQ in a separate ASTRO~News blog post in the next few days.


  • MERCURY in PISCES will meet NEPTUNE (Apr 3).
    Rather than being still / again completely mentally-emotionally overwhelmed & confused, which is a possibility:  
    Connecting and communing – there’s only ONE of us here….!
    Also a beautiful energy for a retreat from the mental realm, meditation, connection with Nature.


  • VENUS enters GEMINI (Apr 3 – until Aug 7! Since ‘she’ll go retro May 12 – June 24).
    Springy / Summery De-Light and REturn of the Goddess?
    VENUS adds to the activation of the AIR Element – after SATURN and MARS – ahhh!
    More about VENUS in GEMINI in separate ASTRO~News blog post in the next while.



Now, lastly, let’s see what the 

Sabian Symbol for the New Moon 

wants to show us.
The New MOON will be at 4º 12′ ARIES.


Morpho Rhetenor Butterfly


KEYNOTE: The capacity for self-transcending.

This is the symbol of the desire to reach a higher level of existence, of pure aspiration or devotion, of bhakti.
What has emerged in the first phase of the process of differentiation is becoming aware of the possibility of further up-reachings. The principle of “levitation” is seen as one of the two essential factors in evolution. The emergent being glorifies and deifies it, but it is still only an ideal. At this stage, nevertheless, the whole being experiences a childlike longing for its eventual realization.

At this point the last and synthesizing stage of the first five-fold unit in the cyclic process is reached.
A New Dimension of Being is envisioned, mobilizing creative endeavors.”


Taking the fresh ARIES Emergence Energy into the on-going aspiration and possibility of Self Transcendence.
Our childlike innocence (ARIES) is our best ally – and points us right to our ‘Wild’ True Nature that’s the Medicine (CHIRON / LILITH together with the New MOON) from which original creativity comes.

In my spontaneous nature walks I tap into this beautiful creative presence and aliveness, and the photos are an expression of it.
Hope you find your access & outlet too!


Loving Blessings for the fresh ARIES New Moon – helping you with birthing your New & True YOU!




© 2020 by Melanie Lichtinger 





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  1. Grandtrines March 24, 2020 at 3:28 am #

    Reblogged this on Weekly Forecasts.

  2. Miranda Lemon March 24, 2020 at 2:54 pm #

    Fascinating 🙂 I like this, it makes me feel connected to the universe. I agree that positive thinking and not getting swept into panic is very important.

    • Melanie Lichtinger March 30, 2020 at 1:34 pm #

      Ah cool – thank you Miranda for being on the same page – spread the Spirit! ❤

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